5th National Record Store Day For US !

Mr. Zero’s “Psychogello” Now welcome to the show …..
“BUZZ Newspaper Article” (36-Jj) April- May 2014
By: RLSchwinden Aka MrZer0

As April is National Record Store Month & Mr. Zero’s 5th Anniversary, I thought I would cover some of my favorite records.
As The Story goes, like this …

My life has been compared to the film “High Fidelity” 2000 Touchstone Starring John Cusack.

In March 2009, myself, Computer Steve, Lamar, Watrous & Crazy Rob, began putting together what was to become Mr. Zero’s Inc. (14 April 2009) I took the name from “The MONKEES” TV episode #52 from 5 Feb 1968, “Devil & Peter Tork” where Peter Tork accidentally sells his soul to “Mr. Zero” (The Devil played by Monte Landis: 20 Apr 1933) at a pawn shop, in return for the ability to play the harp. Our main mascot “Mr. Zero” was drawn by (DC Comic Artist): Jose Delbo (9 Dec 1933 Argentina), who drew The BEATLES: “Yellow Submarine” comic book 1968 Gold Key Comics. At 1st we were an “On-Line” Store, then after a few months I showed my business partners, in order to get quality product we have to open an actual brick & mortar Shop for the customers to bring us the product.

Since we opened the doors in Nov 2009 I have been on local TV-C15 “Tale Of Ten Cities” & Fox 9 Local & National news, involved with 3 local films, a guest on local radio, I have been involved with the local band, “Jesus Chrysler” I am currently in the band MrZERo (the 4 members met here in the shop) & a KISS: Tribute Band “Rock And Roll All Nite” (formed by: Cat Jackson) & recently added as the Bassist to the Local Original Band “Action Go” I have been featured in “Star Tribune” “City Pages” “Vita.Mn” “Metro Magazine” & The “Park Bugle” as well as helping to promote: ”Tommy Bolin Music Fest” “Crypticon” “Northland Toy Show” “SpringCon & FallCon” “Musicians Trade Fair” “VFW RecordShow” Music Expo” & “Sound + Vision Show” I wrote a vintage film column for “Lost My Stub” I have written this music column for “BUZZ Newspaper” since April 2011 & many, other promotions to numerous to list here.

In Feb 2014 I was a guest on the KFAI Radioshow “The Pop Shop” with Liberty Finch & DJ Izzy. So I will go over some of the songs I played on My Radio Show “Mr. Zero’s Psychgello” as a guest of the “The Pop Shop” & what they mean to me.

“Surfin Bird” The Trashmen “Surfin Bird” 1963 Nov Garrett #LPGA-200
When I was a kid my Dad Willis Jr. had a drumset in the basement, a Japanese kit, orange sparkle, & a Trashmen LP, he always used to play along with. Once I asked him “Dad, why do you always play with that old music?” he answered “Because before I went to Viet Nam, I played with this band”

“Glad All Over” Dave Clark Five- “Glad All Over” 1963 Nov Epic #26093
When I was a toddler my Aunt Debby used to play this song on her record player, to get me to dance to it. Somewhere I have 8mm video footage of me dancing with her to this music.

“John Riley” The Byrds “Fifth Dimension” 1966 Jul Columbia #2549
I 1st heard this band in a late 70s documentary on “The 60s” they played 1 of their more popular songs, so I went to Woolco & bought this LP, I heard this song & it took the wind out of me, it’s based on Homer’s “Odyssey” in Oct 2000 I met Joan Baez before her concert @ St. Kate’s & asked if she would sing this song that night, she answered “That’s an old one” after the intermission she came out & said “Before the show I met a young man who reminded me I used to be a folk singer, & asked me to sing this song, I hope he’s out there, because here it goes” & she sang the song. After the show her Road Manger Jim, told me “she has only ever done that for someone twice in the last 20 years … you should feel honored”

“With A Girl Like You” The Troggs “Wild Thing” 1966 Jul Fontana #27556
I heard this song in the Nicole Kidman film “Flirting” 1991 SGC, I think it captures a teenage boy’s dreams of his 1st love. It’s a great coming of age film too, set in Australia.

“You’re Gonna Miss Me” 13th Floor Elevators “Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators”1966 Nov. International Artists. They just played “1st Ave” in Feb. The opening song to the film of my life “High Fidelity”

“Today” Jefferson Airplane 1967 Feb “Surrealistic Pillow” RCA #LPM-3766
I had already liked this band, but a girl I was dating back in the 90′s Grace H. told me this was one of her favorite bands, so I gave them a deeper listen & discovered this gem.

“Fixing A Hole” The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” 1967 Jun. Capitol #SMAS-2653
As a kid this was my all time favorite LP, I would sit & stare at the cover for hours, I always wanted a suit like Ringo’s. It was hard to choose my favorite song from this LP but I did it.

“Words” The MONKEES 1967 Nov “Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.” Colgems #COM-S 104
When I 1st heard this song in the TV episode #51 “Monkee’s Paw” (29 Jan 1968) as a kid on Sat. Morning Reruns. This song really made an impact on me, I spent the whole day singing it over & over I asked my baby-sitter Stacey P. what was this song, the following week she gave me the 45 single of it.

“Twelve Thirty” Mamas & Papas “Papas & Mamas” 1968 May Dunhill #DS-50031
Christmas of ’67 my Mom played thissong over & over, I loved this song, it took me years to figure out it was not called “Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon”

“Goodbye Baby”: Boyce & Hart “Wonder What She’s Doing Tonite” 1968 A&M #SP-4143
When I was young I actually used to read the record labels, as well as the covers, I noticed Boyce & Hart wrote most of The MONKEES songs I liked, then 1 day after school I saw Boyce & Hart on “I Dream Of Jeanie” eventually I became friends of Bobby Hart & Billy Lewis (their Drummer) & acquaintances with Tommy Boyce (& his Widow Caroline). I actually worked on a “Behind The Music” for them in 1996, that never got picked up, however there is currently a Documentary in the works on them due out soon.

“Badge” Cream “Goodbye” 1969 Feb Atco #SD-7001
When I 1st heard this song it sounded like a George Harrison song to me, & then I found out, it was, because Harrison co-wrote it & performed on it. I love the descending picking on this song.

“See” The Rascals “See” 1969 Dec Atlantic SD-8246
In the 90s I was buying up as many 60s Band’s Greatest Hits on Cd as I could get my hands on. I remembered as a kid I loved a song by this band, then I got to this song, this one is really uplifting to me. I was able to meet 3 of the 4 band members.

“Planet Caravan” Black Sabbath “Paranoid” 1970 Sep Warner Bros. #WS-1887
Everyone knows this LP, & when my Uncle John brought it over to our house, to babysit me & my 2 sisters, 1 Sat. afternoon, holy smokes this changed my life, it was way heavier than The Beatles or The Osmonds. However this is the track I love the most off this LP. Occasionally we jam on this tune in practice for the MrZERo band.

“Gypsy Queen” Gypsy 1970 “Gypsy” Metromedia #MD2-1031
I found out about this song when the artist James “Owl” Walsh came to me & asked if our Shop (Mr. Zero’s) would like to carry his CD Boxset. I gave it a listen, oh man … little did I know only a couple weeks later I would meet a lady just like this song describes.

“Foggy Mental Breakdown” Steppenwolf “7″ 1970 Nov Dunhill #DSX-50090
When I was a kid my Dad had a white VW Beetle with red interior & an 8Track Player & about 3, 8Tracks, this is 1 of them, I love this LP & this is my favorite song from the LP, I just love when John Kay & George Biondo trade off lead vocals, for a short time Journey did the same with Rolie & Perry.

“I’ll Meet You Halfway” Partridge Family “Up To Date” 1971 Bell #6059
The MONKEES had ended when I was really young, but I was just old enough to dig The Partridge Family TV Show, with 60% of the same song writers & musicians involved it was an easy transition for me. This one was written by Goffin who wrote several hits for The Monkees, also it captures my idea of how all relationships should work.

“Hold Her Tight” The Osmonds “Crazy Horses” 1972 MGM #SE-4871
Up until The Beatles this was the heaviest music I was exposed to, again introduced to me by my Uncle John, I loved this LP, yet another LP cover I would sit & look at for hours. I was fortunate enough to meet 3 of the 5 brothers @ Mystic Lake in Mar 2001 where incidentally they recorded their “Back On The Road” Live CD, that night. I was able to meet the other 2 brothers in 2003, so my LP is signed by all 5 brothers.

“Photograph” Ringo Starr “Ringo” 1973 Nov Apple #SWAL-3413
When we live in my favorite house as a kid on W. 17th st. I would sit the hallway listening to our big white & gold 1940s radio & this was my favorite song then. Yet another 1 written with Harrison.

“Got To Choose” KISS 1974 Oct “Hotter Than Hell” Casablanca #NBLP-7006
In the summer of ’76 I discovered KISS. This has to be my favorite song by them. I am in a KISS: Tribute Band “Rock And Roll All Nite” this is song #10 in our set. I also was on the staff that wrote a book about KISS :Alive Forever” 2002 Billboard Books.

“Sweet Burgundy’ Tommy Bolin “Private Eyes” 1976 Aug Columbia
I am from Sioux City, Iowa home of this artist, in fact his family lived across the street from us on Pierce St. this song really sums up Tommy’s music for me. Tommy showed me that “If Bolin from Sioux City can end up in Deep Purple, then surly I can get out of this town” I have been working on a book “Post Toastee” on Tommy for some time.

Ok, fans there’s a Top 20 for you.

*Please remember folks, “National Record Store Day” was designed for you to put down your Cellphone, & Get Off The Intronets, go outside & buy products from your local music store to help keep them open another year.

Another thing to keep in mind fans, until the mid 60s most Artists songs sold on 45 Singles (not LPs) in the 70s LPs & 8Tracks were the biggest selling format, in the 80s Cassettes were the Top format, 1987 was the last year for all 6 Major Labels Vinyl production in the USA, in the 90s almost everything sold on CD (some Cassettes). It wasn’t till the mid 2000s that they really started making Vinyl again.

So like Ace Frehley once sang in 1984: “You better get yourself to the record store”

Until the nest installment… “Nerd Is The Word”

Mr.Zero’s Inc. *Est. 2009
1744 Lexington Ave. N.
Roseville, MN. 55113
651. 489. 0207
RLSchwinden: Owner

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Looking @ U: MC5

The MC5: Looking @ You …
“BUZZ” Newspaper Article Mar 2014 (#35- Ii)
By: RLSchwinden aka MrZERo

When I was a kid in Sioux City, I used to go over to my Grandma’s & sit in my Aunt Cathy’s bedroom & listen to her records as she had so many more than me, & so many different artists than I did. One day I put on an album titled “Heavy Metal” a 1974 WB Various Artist LP, on Side A track #1 was a song that punched me right in the gut … that song was “Kick Out The Jams” (censored version) by the “MC5″ (Motor City Five). Many years later I was listening to “HANOI ROCKS” 1985 LP “Rock & Roll Divorce” & the last track was “Looking At You” by MC5. so I looked into this “Pre-Punk Band” of the late 60s from Detroit & here’s what I found … there are many arguments as to who actually started “Punk Music” The SONICS, BLUE CHEER, The STOOGES or NEW YORK DOLLS or this month’s focus Artist.

> The Rocket Reducer <
It all started with 2 high school buddies Wayne S. Kramer (30 Apr 1948) & Fred "Sonic" Smith (Frederick Dewey Smith: 14 Sep 1949 W. Virginia - 4 Nov 1994 Detroit) were in the band the "Bounty Hunters" in 1962 when they met met one Rob Tyner (Robert W. Derminer: 12 Dec 1944- 17 Sep 1991 Berkley, MI). Tyner became the Bass Player in 1963 but switched to Vocals when he came up with the new name of the band MC5 (Motor City Five) in 1964. There were several others in the band from the early days of the "Bounty Hunters" such as Billy Vargo & Leo LeDuc & then Bob Gaspar & Pat Burrows, before the legendary line-up, then Michael H. Davis (5 Jun 1943– 17 Feb 2012 Chico, CA) joined on Bass in 1964, & Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson (Dennis A. Tomich:7 Sep 1948) solidified the line-up in 1965.

In 1966 the band release their 1st 45 Single on AMG Records "I Can Only Give You Everything b/w One Of The Guys" in early 1968 a 2nd 45 Single followed on A-Square Records "Borderline b/w Looking At You" with a picture sleeve, this 45 sold several thousand copies while a 3rd 45 Single was released in late 1968 on AMG Records the A-Side was re-released, "I Can Only Give You Everything b/w I Just Don't Know". In Jan 1969 the band had a cover story on "ROLLINGSTONE Magazine" from drawing so much attention from the live performances.

>Motor City Is Burning<
In Feb 1969 the band release its 1st LP "Kick Out The Jams" on Electra Records EKS-74072 with the 45 Single of the same name b/w "Motor City Is Burning" which hit #82 on the Billboard Charts. In a strange move especially for the time the album was recorded "live" on 30- 31 Oct 1968 @ the Grande Ballroom in Detroit. Collectors Note: there 3 Versions of this LP. The Original Release with "Kick Out The Jams Mutha F******S" & the words printed inside the cover, the 2nd version with the words inside the cover changed to "Kick out the Jams, Brothers & Sisters" & the 3rd (most common) where the words inside the cover & on the LP are changed to "Brothers & Sisters"

The start of the band being King's of Controversy their one time manager was John Sinclair (2 Oct 1941 Flint, MI)who was involved with the "White Panthers Group" who also booked the MC5 @ the National Democratic Convention in Aug 1968, where they played for some 8 hours straight. Sinclair was later arrested in 1969 for marijuana & incarcerated for 10 years, causing such an uproar John Lennon wrote a song in protest for Sinclair on "Sometime In New York City" in 1972.

>The American Ruse<
Then there was a huge conflict between Hudson's Dept. Store (Detroit based Company) who refused to carry the LP & the band. In a pompous bad move the band ran a print ad that read "F*** Hudson's" the Electra Label dropped the MC5. Then on 26 Feb 1969 Thompson became #10 & Kramer #11th 'members' of the "PLASTER CASTER" Club!
MC5 performed their 1st concert here in Minneapolis 21 Sep 1969 @ The Labor Temple w/ opening Act "COTTONWOOD"

Because of the bands ad stunt against Hudson's they were dropped from Electra & then signed to Atlantic Records their 2nd LP released in Jan 1970 "Back In The USA" is actually their 1st "Studio LP" produced by Jon Landau, who toned the band way down in an attempt to gain public acceptance. There were two 45 Singles released " Tonight b/w Looking At You (2nd Ver) " & "The American Ruse b/w Shakin Street" If one didn't know, you'd think "Shakin Street" is done by the GRATEFUL DEAD.

>Future Now<
In Jul 1971 "High Times" their 3rd LP was released again on Atlantic, this was the final LP released before the band eventually broke up on 1 Jan 1973. While on tour for the 3rd LP the band did play here in the Twin Cities in Jul 1971, as far as I can tell here is the setlist for that concert.

The Minneapolis Armory July 1971 w/ Opening Band "SRC" (another Detroit band)
Ramblin' Rose
Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)
Miss X
Looking at You
I Want You Right Now
Sister Anne
Kick Out the Jams
Black to Comm

In Feb 1972 Bassist Michael Davis was forced out of the band for excessive drug use he was replaced by no less than 3 different Bass players over the next 10 months. In mid Feb the band with UK Bassist Steve "Annapurna" Moorhouse record 3 songs "Gold" "Inside Out" & "Train Music" for the soundtrack to the 1972 film "Gold" these 3 songs are the last recordings of the original MC5. In Mar 1972 the band perform 5 songs on German TV for "Beat Club". In mid Nov 1972 Thompson quits the band & soon after Tyner quits as well. The original 5 reformed for a farewell concert New Year's Eve 1972 held @ the Grande Ballroom where the band started & the momentum of their core fan-base was built. Collector's Note: The vast majority of MC5 sales were in vinyl & some 8Tracks.

>Revolution In Apt. #29<
In the aftermath of all the controversy & drugs here are some things that happened to various members;
Kramer was caught selling drugs to an undercover agent in 1975 sent to prison in Lexington, KY. until 1978, upon his release he moved to NYC where he & former "NEW YORK DOLLS" Johnny Thunders formed a band "GANG WAR". When I asked Kramer about this band his response was "Where'd you get this CD of GANG WAR? (my answer "My Shop Mr. Zero's) Oh, we lasted about 6 months or so til the drugs tore the band apart" I also told him "I love your solo CD from 1997 "Citizen Wayne" who had the revolution in Apt. #29?" Kramer "Yea, that was me, the neighbors kept complaining about"
Davis was also arrested for selling drugs to an agent & sent to the Lexington Federal Prison around 1977 or so, where He & Kramer were reunited once again, under unfortunate circumstances.
Sonic Smith married Punk Singer Patti Smith in 1980, SONIC died of a heart-attack in 1994. The Smith's son Jackson is married to "WHITE STRIPES" Drummer Meg White. In 1983 a Cassette only "Rarities" "Babes In Arms" was released on ROIR

Tyner died in 1991, of a heart-attack, & the 4 surviving members performed a 30 min. set on 22 Feb 1992 in Detroit @ The State Theatre. In 1998 one of my New Favorite Bands "MONSTER MAGNET" covered "Kick Out The Jams" I have a Promo CD Single of this (signed by: Ed Mundell) where a word is bleeped out? In 2004 Davis died of liver failure.

In 2003 the 3 surviving members Davis, Thompson & Kramer formed DTK/MC5 & toured until Feb 2012 when Davis died of liver failure. I was able to see this line-up along w/ Marshall Crenshaw on guitar taking Smith's place on 12 Jun 2004 @ 1st Ave in Minneapolis, I was able to meet & talk with my new found idols, after the show & get some LPs & CDs signed. You could tell all 3 were really grateful to have such loyal fans. A CD Boxset "Purity Accuracy" was released in 2004 as well as from 1994 to 2004 some 8 compilation CDs have been released & 5 different "Live Concert" CDs have been released, these were released on CD, as there was virtually NO Vinyl sold from 1988 to 2003 (despite what everyone would like to believe) .
There you have it a brief history of The White Panthers Activists: MC5.


Dedicated to Sarah RN. (because I couldn’t stop looking at her)
By: RLSchwinden

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Here lies OZZY …

*Here lies Ozzy; the guy who bit the heads off a dove & a bat & peed on the Alamo …

“BUZZ Newspaper” Article (#34- Hh)
By: RLSchwinden/ MrZEro (Feb 2014)

>Birth of a Rebel <
John Michael “OZZY” Osbourne was born 3 Dec 1948 in the Aston section of Birmingham England. He went to grade school with Tony Iommi & was eventually in the band “Rare Breed” with Geezer Butler in 1967. In 1968 Iommi, Bill Ward, Butler & Osbourne formed “Polka Tulk” which became “Earth” in Sep 1968, then eventually “Black Sabbath” in Aug 1969. Osbourne was with “Sabbath” until Jan 1978, Ozzy left “Sabbath” to form what was to be the 1st incarnation of “Blizzard Of OZZ” (his father gave him the name) with 3 members of the band “Necromandus” with “Baz” Barry Dunnery on Guitar Dennis McCarten on Bass & Frank Hall on Drums, they worked on some studio demos until about Mar 1978 when Ozzy was persuaded to go back to “Sabbath” until mid 1979 when Osbourne was fired for his excessive alcohol & drug abuse & unreliable work ethic.

Ozzy formed the 2nd incarnation of “Blizzard Of OZZ” sometime in early 1980 initially christened “The Law” but soon changed to “Blizzard Of Ozz” with 2 former members of “Uriah Heep” Lee Kerslake (16 Apr 1947 Hampshire) on Drums & Bob Daisley (Robert John: 13 Feb 1950 Sydney) on Bass & new comer Randy Rhodes (Randall William: 6 Dec 1956 CA. -19 Mar 1982 FL) on Guitar formerly of “Quiet Riot” in Sep ’80 they release the 1st LP “Blizzard Of OZZ” much like Ozzy’s days in Black Sabbath the music was written mostly by: Rhodes & Daisley with almost all the lyrics being written by: Daisley & the melodies by Ozzy. Ozzy has stated that a few songs were things he had left over from Sabbath, that they would not spend enough time on, ex. Mr. Crowley & Goodbye To Romance. The 45 single of “Crazy Train b/w “You Lookin At Me” & an EP “Mr. Crowley LIve” followed in Dec’80 a picture disc with the Non-LP song “You Said It All”.

>O Fortuna <
The 2nd LP “Diary Of A Madman” was released in Nov 1981, again with the same band as the 1st LP. On 20 Jan 1982 in Des Moines, Iowa Ozzy performed a concert @ Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium. Ozzy had his 2nd biting the head off of an animal indecent, a live bat.

A friend of mine T. was friends with the person who actually captured the bat, it was lethargic & hanging on the wall inside of his father’s garage, he used a mayonnaise jar to capture it & bring it in the show that night. During the Legendary “Meat Fight” at the concert he tossed it from the jar on stage. Ozzy mistakenly took it for a rubber bat & bit the head off & spit it out & tossed the carcass to the side of the stage where Sharon & crew determined the bat was in fact a real animal.

The medical staff wanted to take Ozzy by ambulance however Sharon was able to convince them to take Ozzy by helicopter to Broadlawns Hospital. My friend Steve’s mother was an admitting nurse that night & saw them wheel Ozzy in a gurney, Ozzy was making growling & hissing noises at the medical staff as they rolled him down the hall, she did manage to get Ozzy’s autograph for her son.
On 19 Mar 1982 Rhodes was killed in a plane crash in Leesburg, Fl. Then in Nov 1982 saw the release of “Speak Of The Devil” with Aldridge, Rudy Sarzo (18 Nov 1950 Cuba) & Brad Gillis (Bradley Frank: 15 Jun 1957 Honolulu), a live album of Sabbath covers in response to Black Sabbath releasing “Live Evil” with Dio on vocals. There was a VHS only for this album released in Japan of an entire performance from 12 Jun 1982 @ Irvine Meadows, CA.

>Talk Of The Devil<
The 1st time I saw Ozzy was in March 1983 in Sioux Falls SD @ The Coliseum this was not long after the “Speak Of The Devil” LP came out, Ozzy had recently shaved his head bald, so when he came out he had very short black hair. The band consisted of Jake E. Lee (Jakey Lou Williams 15 Feb 1957 Fairmont, W.VA.), Tommy Aldridge (15 Aug 1950 Jackson/Pearl, MS.) & Don Costa. To the best of my memory here is the setlist for this show

I Don’t Know
Mr. Crowley
Crazy Train
Suicide Solution
Revelation (Mother Earth)
Steal Away (The Night)
Flying High Again
Fairies Wear Boots
War Pigs
Iron Man
Children of the Grave

I remember Ozzy yelling “Don’t throw F******* coins, you could blind me, so don’t throw F****** coins or I’ll stop the show” about 2/3 the way into the show.

>The Silver Moon<
In Dec’83 “Bark At The Moon” was released with a VHS to follow shortly after. This LP was written mainly by Daisley & Lee, though they were not given credit. “Rock N Roll Rebel” was written by Ozzy, with different lyrics according to an interview I read a few months before the LPs release, There were two 45 singles were “Bark At The Moon b/w One Up The B-side” & “So Tired b/w Bark At The Moon: Live” as well as 1 song was left off the LP titled “Spiders”.
The next time I saw Ozzy was @ The Iowa Jam with “Accept, Night Ranger, Ted Nugent (w/ Brian Howe) & Motley Crue” in Des Moines IA. @ the State Fairgrounds on 28 May 1984. The band consisted of Lee, Daisley, Carmine Appice & Don Ariey

In Feb ’86 Ozzy’s 4th studio LP came out “Ultimate Sin” his band was now consisted of Lee, Randy Castillo (Randolpho Francisco Castillo: 18 Dec 1950 Albuquerque, NM – 26 Mar 2002) & John Sinclair (12 Apr 1952 London) of “Uriah Heep” the 3rd member of this band to play with Ozzy’s band & Phil Soussan (23 Jun 1961 London) with a VHS “Ultimate Ozzy” a concert filmed on 1 Apr 1986 in Kansas City’s Kemper Arena. Once again the majority of this LP was written by: Lee & Daisley, with the exception of “Shot In The Dark”

With several bootlegs floating around for years of the Ozzy/Randy era such as 2 May 1981 @ New York Palladium & 28 Jul 1981 Montreal Canada @ St Dennis Theater for the King Biscuit Flower Hour show & 7 Jan 1982 Albuquerque New Mexico Tingley Coliseum. The “Tribute” LP was released in Mar 1987 to commemorate the 5 year passing of Rhodes. This LP was mainly from the11 May 1981 Cleveland, OH. show.

>Crown Of Thorns<
In Feb 1988 Ozzy releases a duet with Lita Ford a 45 Single of “Close My Eyes Forever” oddly enough Iommi & Ford had recently broken off their engagement. In Oct 1988 Ozzy releases his 5th studio LP “No Rest For The Wicked” the band at this time was; Daisley, Castillo, Sinclair & new comer Zakk Wylde (Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt: 14 Jan 1967 Bayonne, NJ) on Guitar. As with the 4 albums before the majority of this record the lyrics were written by Daisley & the music was written by Wylde. Though Geezer Butler appears on the cover he is not on the LP, but did tour with Ozzy. There was a Promo only CD “Crown Of Thorns” released with the Non-CD Track “The Liar”. Later in 1989 there was a VHS released “Wicked Videos” on 12 Aug 1989 Ozzy performed at the “Moscow Peace Festival” an LP came out of this “Stairway To Heaven, Highway To Hell” where Ozzy recorded “Purple Haze”.

Ozzy’s long time friend Bill Ward releases “Ward One: Along The Way” in Jan 1990 with Ozzy, Daisley & Wylde, Ozzy sings lead on “Jack’s Land” & “Bombers”. Then in early 1990 the 1st “Best Of” CD & Cassette was released titled “Ten Commandments” on Priority Records (an independent label primarily known for Rap Releases) a 1 time print, this title vanished almost immediately after it came out, 10 songs from the 1st 4 albums. Then in Mar 1990 the EP “Just Say Ozzy” was released, a 6 song “Live” recording from Nov ’89, there was a Promo CD released from this too titled “Live Pigs”.

>They’re The Ones<
In the ongoing feud between Ozzy & Sabbath, Iommi & Butler release the VHS documentary “History Of Black Sabbath Vol. 1 & 2″ in retaliation Ozzy & Bill Ward release “Don’t Blame Me” their own VHS documentary, this title sold a million copies on VHS, a theme song was recorded for this, but only released as a B-Side to the next single.

Then comes Ozzy’s zenith when he releases “No More Tears” in Sep 1991 again with Daisley, Sinclair, Castillo & Wylde. This time Wylde, Daisley & Lemmy (of: Motorhead) wrote the majority of the songs for Ozzy’s 6th CD. The single for “No More Tears” has the Non-CD track “S.I.N.” And Ozzy scores his 2nd Top 40 Hit with “Mama I’m Coming Home” a #28 hit on the Billboard Chart in Apr ’92.
It’s at this time Ozzy announces his retirement with the “No More Tours Tour” so we wind this down & leave the rest for “Part 2″ … “See You On The Other side”

Note worthy:
Jake E. Lee’s new band “Red Dragon Cartel” will be appearing @ Pickle Park on 22 Mar 2014 Fri in Fridley, MN. I myself with Cat Jackson are part of a new Tribute to Ozzy/Sabbath “The Diary Of Ozzy” covering several Black Sabbath & Ozzy songs deep tracks & hits appearing with “Rock And Roll All Nite: Early KISS Tribute & GIRLS, girls, GirlS: Motley Crue Tribute”


Until The Next Time … check twice before you bite the head off that rubber bat.


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The BEATLES on Vinyl & CD

“Turn left at Greenland” (The BEATLES Records)
Patch Newspaper Article (#33-Gg) By: RLSchwinden

When I was a toddler my Aunt Debby was a teenager & she loved Dave Clark 5 & The BEATLES. She used to play her 45 Records (because back then Most people bought 45 singles not LPs) on her Recordplayer & apparently I would standup & move back & forth (the equivalent of dancing) there’s even 8mm film footage of me doing so. It’s now been 50 years since The BEATLES 1st appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, on Sun 9 Feb 1964, (oddly enough my friend Crazy Rob’s birthday, only a few years later) Davy Jones later of The MONKEES was 1 of the acts on the same bill, he was part of the cast of “Oliver”. The BEATLES performed these songs on this night:
All My Loving
Till There Was You
All My Loving
I Saw Her Standing There
I Want To Hold Your Hand

This time round I thought I would write about The BEATLES as they are Thee Most Collected Band in the Entire World. A useful comparison a beatup BEATLES Record is still worth more than a Sealed Elton John record. In this article I am going to cover just some of the major Vinyl, CD & Film releases by The BEATLES, as it would be Impossible to cover everything by The BEATLES, even if I were to write several articles with several hundred pages.
The 1st thing to keep in mind is The BEATLES UK releases were somewhat different than those released in the USA, as well as some USA releases were not released in the UK at all. There were several songs released Only On 45 Singles & not on any LP whatsoever, until some compilation LP or CD. The 1st BEATLES records to appear in the USA were on the Tollie, Swan & VeeJay labels & then later on Capitol.

45rpm: “Love Me Do b/w P.S. I Love You” 5 Oct 1962 Parlophone UK
45rpm: “Sie Liebt Dich” 5 Mar 1963 Swan #4182
45rpm: “Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand” 5 Mar 1963 Swan #4197
“Please, Please Me” 22 Mar 1963 Parlophone UK
45rpm: “She Loves You b/w I’ll Get You” 16 Sep 1963 Swan 4152 w/ picture sleeve
“With The BEATLES” 22 Nov 1963 Parlophone UK
“Introducing The BEATLES” 10 Jan 1963 VeeJay USA (Revised Feb 1964)

The 1st Capitol releases had a Black Label with a Rainbow around the edge, in the UK they were released on Parlophone Records.

“Meet The BEATLES” 20 Jan 1964 Capitol USA
45rpm: “Twist & Shout b/w There’s A Place” 2 Mar 1964 Tollie
“Second Album” 10 Apr 1964 Capitol USA
45rpm: “Love Me Do b/w P.S. I Love You” 27 Apr 1964 Tollie #9008 w/ picture sleeve

The BEATLES 1st Film was “A Hard Day’s Night” there was a “Soundtrack” LP in the USA & in the UK it was an actual LP by the band.

“A Hard Day’s Night” (soundtrack) 26 Jun 1964 United Artists USA
Film: “A Hard Day’s Night” 6 Jul 1964 United Artists
“A Hard Day’s Night” (album) 10 July 1964 Parlophone
“Something New” 20 July 1964 Capitol USA
“Story” 23 Nov 1964 Capitol USA 2LP interview album
“For Sale” 4 Dec 1964 Parlophone UK
“BEATLES ’65″ 15 Dec 1964 Capitol USA

It is around this time period you can see the the USA & UK releases do not match up.

“BEATLES IV” 14 Jun 1965 Capitol USA
Film: “HELP!” 29 July 1965 United Artists
“HELP” (album) 6 Aug 1965 Parlophone UK
“HELP” (Soundtrack) 13 Aug 1965 Capitol USA

The band did play one concert here in the Twin Cities, my friend Larry S. was in attendance, there has been plenty written about their stay here in town. They did a press conference for radio WDGY, Harrison was presented with a Rickenbacker 12 String from Ron @ B-Sharp Music, & McCartney had a run in with the law, the BEATLES Vowed to never to return to the Twin Cities. (McCartney came back in 1976). Here is the setlist The BEATLES performed that night.

Beatles: Live in Concert
21 August 1965 Saturday @ 7:30pm
Minneapolis, MN. @ Metropolitan Stadium
She’s A Woman (Paul)
I Feel Fine (John)
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (John)
Ticket To Ride (John)
Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (George)
Can’t Buy Me Love (Paul)
Baby’s In Black (John)
I Wanna Be Your Man (Ringo)
A Hard Day’s Night (John & Paul)
Help! (John)
I’m Down (Paul)

It’s interesting to me The BEATLES would put a 45 Single with 1 or 2 songs that would Not be on the follow-up LP. Since The BEATLES stopped touring in Sep 1966 & could not perform everywhere in the USA a Concert Film was made “Shea Stadium” & played in movie theaters & then eventually on TV.

“Rubber Soul” 3 Dec 1965 Parlophone UK
45rpm: “We Can Work It Out b/w Day Tripper” 3 Dec 1965 w/ picture sleeve
“Rubber Soul” 6 Dec 1965 Capitol USA
45rpm: “Paperback Writer b/w Rain” 30 May 1966 w/ picture sleeve
Film: “At Shea Stadium” 1 May 1966 Ed Sullivan Productions
“Yesterday & Today” 15 Jun 1966 Capitol USA

“Y & T” was the 9th LP by Capitol in the USA a sort of “Best Of” culled from 3 previous LPs & a Non-LP Single, some 750,000 copies were manufactured at 4 Capitol locations in Scranton, PA, Winchester, VA, Jacksonville, Il, & Los Angeles Mono copies of this LP outnumber the Stereo about 6 to 1. The original cover was the band’s response to Capitol “Butchering” their work, songs in a certain order on specific albums. Photographer Robert Whitaker took the photos for a session entitled “A Somnambulant Adventure”. The original cover was deemed in poor taste here in the USA so there was a recall of the remaining unsold copies, some retailers pulled the LP off the self after the 1st day, however there could have been as many as 100,000 copies sold with the original cover intact.

Back in the 60s there was not a hard release date therefore retailers put the records out when they received them. Generally the order would be placed by phone on a Monday, processed on a Tuesday, pulled & shipped on Wednesday & arrived on Friday, so in reality the original cover could have been for sale anywhere from 7 to 10 days. Most of the 250,000 copies produced in Jacksonville went to a landfill to be destroyed. An additional 200,000 were repackaged in a new sleeve with the new “Steam Trunk” Cover & the remainder had the new “Steam Trunk” cover pasted over the original “Butcher Cover”. This is by far 1 of the most sought after albums on the planet earth.

“Revolver” 5 Aug 1966 Parlophone UK
“Revolver” 8 Aug 1966 Capitol USA
“A Collection Of BEATLES Oldies” 9 Dec 1966 Parlophone UK
45rpm: “Penny Lane b/w Strawberry Fields Forever” 13 Feb 1967 w/ picture sleeve
“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” 1 Jun 1967
“Magical Mystery Tour” 27 Nov 1967 Capitol USA
Film: “Magical Mystery Tour” 26 Dec 1967 Apple Corps.
45rpm: “Lady Madonna b/w The Inner Light” 15 Mar 1968 w/ picture sleeve

The UK “Sgt. Pepper” had no banding on the vinyl to separate the tracks, & was the 1st LP released with inner sleeve artwork, this was created by “The Fool” & came with a sheet of cutouts to play with, & “Magical Mystery” came with a booklet. In Jan 1968 The BEATLES formed “Apple Corps” to put out their own records & films, as well as other artists like BadFinger, Billy Preston & Mary Hopkin. The 1st record on Apple was the 45 Single “Hey Jude/ Revolution”.

Film: “Yellow Submarine” 17 July 1968 UK & 13 Nov 1968 USA: United Artists
45rpm: “Hey Jude b/w Revolution” 26 Aug 1968 w/ picture sleeve
“The Beatles (white album)” 22 Nov 1968 Apple
In 1968 the record industry stopped manufacturing Mono records to sell to the public (they were made for AM Radio until 1980) The “White Album” came with a 2×3 Poster & 4 photos of the individual BEATLES.

“Yellow Submarine” 13 Jan 1969 Apple
45rpm: “Ballad Of John & Yoko b/w Old Brown Shoe” 30 May 1969 w/ picture sleeve
“Abbey Road” 26 Sep 1969 Apple
“Hey Jude (Beatles Again)” 26 Feb 1970 Apple
45rpm: “Let It Be b/w You Know My Name (look up the number)” 6 Mar 1970 w/ picture sleeve

“Let It Be” 8 May 1970 (red) Apple
Film: “Let It Be” 13 May 1970 United Artists
“From Then To You: The BEATLES Christmas Album” 18 Dec 1970 Apple
“1962- 1966 (red)” 19 Apr 1973 Apple
“1967- 1970 (blue)” 19 Apr 1973 Apple

Sometime in 1974 or 1975 “Apple Corps” cease to put out records, The BEATLES catalog was briefly issued on Capitol Records with a Lime Green label & then around 1976 with a Red Label.

“Rock N Roll Music” 7 Jun 1976 (2 lp Best Of)
“Live At The Star Club Hamburg Germany 1962″ 8 April 1977 Lingasong UK

“At The Hollywood Bowl” 4 May 1977
“Love Songs” 21 Oct 1977 (2 lp Best Of)
“Rarities (blue & gold)” 2 Dec 1978 Parlophone Uk (songs from 45s on 1 LP)
About 1980 The BEATLES records were issued with a Maroon Label.

“Rarities” 24 Mar 1980 Capitol USA (rare versions of songs on 1 LP)
“Reel Music” 22 Mar 1982 (songs from the 5 films)
Film: “Complete Beatles” 28 May 1982 MGM (documentary)
“20 Greatest Hits” 11 Oct 1982

In Dec 1985 Michael Jackson out bid McCartney to purchase The BEATLES “Maclen” catalog the 1st thing he announced was to stop production on the current USA version of The BEATLES albums & issue the UK versions of the LPs. This never came to pass, however in 1988 when The BEATLES catalog came out on CD, they were in fact the UK versions. Then contrary to public belief all 6 Major Record Labels BMG, EMI, PGD, Sony, UNI & WEA stopped making & supplying Retail Stores with Vinyl Records in Dec 1987, (although you could Special Order many titles until Oct 1989 & there were some very limited releases on Vinyl in the 90s). Jackson eventually sold a large portion of ownership to Sony ATV music sometime in 1995.

“Past Masters Vol. 1 (black)” 7 Mar 1988 (45s compilation)
“Past Masters Vol. 2 (white)” 7 May 1988 (45s compilation)
“Yellow Submarine Songtrack” 13 Sep 2000
“1 (red & yellow)” 13 Nov 2000 (CD & Cass greatest hits)
“Let It Be…Naked” 17 Nov 2001 (original “Get Back” LP)

John Winston Ono Lennon: 9 Oct 1940 Liverpool – 8 Dec 1980 NYC
James Paul McCartney: 18 Jun 1942 Liverpool
George Harrison: 25 Feb 1943 Liverpool- 29 Nov 2001 L.A. USA
Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr: 7 Jul 1940 Liverpool
Stuart Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe: 23 Jun 1940 Edinburgh, Scotland – 10 April 1962 Hamburg, Germany: Bass
(Randolph Peter) “Pete” Best: 24 Nov 1941 Madras British India: Drums

Well there you are fans I have just scratched the surface, however this gives you something to start a checklist for your collections.
Until the next time … like Ringo said in “HELP!”
“Well I… I thought she was a sandwich, ’til she went spare on me hand”


Mr. Zero aka: RLSchwinden


Of; Mr. Zero’s Inc.
1744Lexington Ave. N.
Roseville, MN. 55113
651. 489. 0207

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What came first the music or the misery

“High Fidelity” 2000 Dogstar/ Touchstone
John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Todd Louiso, Jack Black, Catherine Zeta-Jones

“What came first the music or the misery”

www.LostMyStub.Com Review 23 Nov 2011 (MZ: A-1)

Now as this is my first official film review, I thought I would tackle the “Real Life” Story of Me !!!
“Championship Vinyl” would be ‘Mr. Zero’s’. I would be Rob Gordon. Laura would be someone we shall call “Kay” Charlie would be someone we will refer to as “Naomi” Dick would be a person we will call “Scooter” and Barry would be “Funzie”.

This story takes place in a record-shop as the owner Rob recalls, his Top 5 failed relationships and why they happened. Though the film takes place in Chicago (me: St. Paul) the book was written by a British Novelist: Nick Hornby in 1995. Rob like many people Used To…gets through life, love & pain though music. It’s a very realistic look at the people who work in this environment as well as shop in these now dying breed type shops. Rob likes to make lists and alphabetize and categorize things, music, books, dreams and so forth. I recently showed this film to my now “EX-GF” and explained this is a documentary on “What not to do, not an instructional video on how to do” I don’t think she understood my meaning.

Rob takes us through a musical journey through his life and current goings on. The soundtrack to this film is really good too: stand out tracks are: “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone” ’13th Floor Elevators’ “I’m Wrong about Everything” ‘John Wesley Harding’ & “I Believe” ‘Stevie Wonder’ Many of the events in this film Actually Mirror My Very Own Life, you can ask “Kay” she can verify this. There are some incredibly memorable scenes like what Rob does when her has a 9% chance of getting back with Laura. Rob’s very logical reaction to Charlie when left standing in the rain. When Ray comes to resolve the conflict between he, Laura & Rob (note: watch for the teeth flying) When Dick finds Anna Moss. Rob explaining how to make a great “Mix Tape” for the one you love…

For those of us who were or still are in the business, this is a roller coaster of emotions. Another really cool thing about this film is it’s cool & funny enough for guys yet enough emotion for the ladies too….I have heard one person say it’s about “Fear of commitment” and most recently “About an Audiophile, obsessive compulsive personality” so I find differnet people come away with different things

In my book a must see…..MrZero: aka RLSchwinden

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Butcher Cover Album Trivia

“Patch.Com; Roseville Edition”
7 May 2013

Beatles’ Butcher Album Cover a Trivia Favorite of Roseville Record Shop Owner

Rik Schwinden, owner of Mr. Zero’s, says there are plenty of myths about the Fab Four’s controversial 1966 Butcher album cover.
With National Record Store Day today (Satuday, April 20), classic rock trivia master Rik Schwinden shared with Roseville Patch one of his most favorite pieces of music minutiae-the Beatles Butcher album cover.
Contrary to frequent myth, Capitol Records produced far more than just 100 copies of the Fab Four’s 1966 album that depicted the Beatles’ dressed in butcher smocks surrounded by pieces of meat and decapitated toy baby dolls, said Schwinden, owner of Mr. Zero’s in Roseville.
In fact, Capitol produced some 750,000 copies of the album “The Beatles: Yesterday and Today” with the record jacket depicting the group in butcher smocks, said Schwinden who has been in the retail music industry for more than 30 years.
Also, the album cover was produced over a five- to eight-day period in June, 1966, not the often mistaken one day, Schwinden added.
The Beatles Butcher album is among pop culture treasures that Schwinden has for sale at his shop, which celebrated its fourth anniversary this past Sunday. Schwinden’s price tag on the Beatles’ Butcher album: $679.
Of the original 750,000 copies of the Butcher album cover, some 250,000 copies of the album were disposed of in a Chicago landfill, Capitol Records’ response to public backlash over the cover, Schwinden said.
Schwinden said Capitol Records pasted a new image over the Butcher cover on some 200,000 other copies and repackaged another 200,000 copies.
On National Record Store Day, Schwinden is offering 21 percent discount on merchandise.
To read more about Schwinden and Mr. Zero’s, click on to the links on these Roseville Patch stories:
Unique Shops in Roseville: Mr. Zero’s

28 Aug 2012
When former Monkee Mickey Dolenz and other 1960s pop performers with the Happy Together tour hit the grandstand stage Monday night at the Minnesota State Fair, sponsors of the show included a Roseville shop, Mr. Zero’s.
Although not disclosing financial details, Mr. Zero’s owner Rik Schwinden said the sponsorship is a way of marketing his shop, which carries a huge array of pop culture merchandise. The items range from vintage LPs and 45 single records to video games, posters and board games and other offbeat novelties.
Located at 1744 Lexington Ave. N., Mr. Zero’s has been in business since 2009.

By: Scott Carlson

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MrZERo’s PsychoGello Radio

The Pop Shop: KFAI Radio
9 Oct 2012

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who pledged to the Pop Shop and KFAI during the fall pledge drive! We raised more than $66,000 for the station! This week, Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy welcome Mr. Zero to the Pop Shop. The retail king of pop culture, Mr Zero’s shop in Roseville offers vinyl LPs and 45s, CDs, turntables, toys, games, posters and collectables. Tonight it’s ’60s “Psychogello” featuring Zero’s picks from 1965-1969.

Playlist Tracks:
The Yardbirds – Mr. Zero
Album: Ultimate!; Label: Rhino
The Monkees – Words
Album: Missing Links; Label: Rhino
Boyce & Hart – Strawberry Girl
Album: I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight: the Best of Boyce & Hart; Label: Rev-Ola
The Beatles – I Want to Tell You
Album: Revolver; Label: Parlophone
The Rolling Stones – We Love You
Album: More Hot Rocks; Label: Abkco
The Byrds – John Riley
Album: Fifth Dimension; Label: Columbia
Paul Revere & the Raiders – Ride on My Shoulder
Album: Hard ‘n Heavy (with Marshmallow); Label: Sundazed
The Troggs – With a Girl Like You
Album: Golden Hits; Label: Masters
The Who – Circles
Album: Sing My Generation; Label: MCA
The Kinks – See My Friends
Album: Greatest Hits Vol 2; Label: Castle
Herman’s Hermits – No Milk Today
Album: Their Greatest Hits; Label: Abkco
The Hollies – Yes I Will
Album: Volume 1; Label: Magic Records
Jimi Hendrix – She’s So Fine
Album: Axis: Bold as Love; Label: Reprise
Buddy Miles – Them Changes
Album: The Best of Buddy Miles; Label: Mercury
Billy Stewart – Summertime
Album: Soul Shots: A Collection of Sixties Soul Classics; Label: Rhino
Joe Tex – Show Me
Album: CD-3; Label: Rhino
Larry Williams & Johnny Watson – Two for the Price of One
Album: Two for the Price of One; Label: Okeh
The Rascals – See
Album: The Ultimate Rascals; Label: Warner Special Products
The Mamas & the Papas – Twelve Thirty (You Girls are Coming to the Canyon)
Album: The Mamas & the Papas; Label: MCA
Jefferson Airplane – Today
Album: The Worst of Jefferson Airplane; Label: BMG
Jesus Chrysler – Mr. Zero’s
Album: single; Label: 6 Pack
The Trashmen – Money
Album: Tube City: the Best of the Trashmen; Label: Sundazed
The Sonics – Have Love Will Travel
Album: Here are the Sonics; Label: Norton
Cream – Badge
Album: The Very Best of Cream; Label: Polydor
Gypsy – Gypsy Queen Pt 1
Album: Anthology; Label: Gypsy Family
Steppenwolf – Foggy Mental Breakdown
Album: 7; Label: MCA
The Knickerbockers – Lies
Album: The Very Best of the Knickerbockers; Label: Collectables

By: DJ Liberty Finch

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Stepping Back on to The Music Stage

A Roseville Rocker, Rik Schwinden Stepping Back on to The Music Stage
“Patch.Com; Rosville Edition”
28 June 2013

Roseville retailer Rik Schwinden will take his love of rock n’ roll and step back onto the music stage tonight (Friday) as part of a headliner group for the first time in more than 20 years.
Schwinden, owner of Mr. Zero’s music/pop culture store, will be performing with a band called MrZERo (closely named after his shop) at the Red Sea Lounge, 320 Cedar Ave. S. in Minneapolis’ West Bank district.
The group will play a number of songs from such groups as KISS, Cheap Trick, Night Ranger and Twisted Sister.
Schwinden’s group is scheduled to perform at midnight to close out a show that includes the Twin Cities band Jesus Chrysler, which recently released their fourth CD.
“It’s a comeback,” admitted Schwinden, who sings and plays bass guitar. “I stopped playing (after 1993) because it is very hard to find two, three or four other guys who want to do what you do and without their egos getting in the way.”

Schwinden played and toured in in several rock bands in the 1980s and early 1990s and toured with the band High Fever in 1982-83 in the Midwest. But he gave up rock work about 20 years agi, saying “It’s hard to get along with musicians.”

But over the last couple of years, Schwinden was slowly brought back into the rock fold. The three other members of his new group- drummer Dave Columbus, keyboardist Mitch Anderson and guitar player Zach Plese_ met Schwinden at his shop.
Once they knew that Schwinden had been a rock musician, Columbus and the others began encouraging him to play again.

Schwinden said he reluctantly to jam but was surprised at what happened when he did. “I found three other guys that I liked and respected and got along with.”
he said. “The more I put into it (the music), the more I was getting out of it,”

Originally from Sioux City, Schwnden was asked how he feels about returning to the stage? “I am more nervous than excited,” he said.

A native of Sioux City, Iowa, Schwinden has had his shop for about four years. It is located at 1744 Lexington Ave., selling eclectic pop culture merchandise, including vintage LPs and 45 single records, video games, posters and board games.
At 1st I was the Lead Vocalist and Guitar Player, but when we realized Mitch & Zach were levels ahead of me, I agreed to go back to playing Bass which I played in 2 or 3 different bands in the mid to late 80s.
26 June 2013
We’re currently performing covers: KISS, Black Sabbath, RATT, Twisted Sister, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Night Ranger, David Bowie & Three Doors Down.
Oz EnterpriZes presents….”Rock Knights”

MR ZERO: 12am
MENACE: 10pm

Friday, 28 June 2013
Time: 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Cover Charge: $6.00
Ages: 18 and Up

@ “The Red Sea”
320 Cedar Ave S:
Minneapolis, MN 55454
West Bank
(612) 333-1644

> JESUS CHRYSLER < is on Tour for Their 4th CD “Make Bold Statements”

By: Scott Carlson

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Still National Release Dates

“Patch.Com; Roseville Edition”
14 Sep 2013
Why “Yes There Are Still National Release Dates”

Ok, most do not realize or want to accept that the Precious Internet has permanently damaged our great country. How? Eliminating entire industries forever, “On-Line” Dealers & Business’ who operate completely “TAX- Free” taking away money from our City & State Governments, eliminating Jobs with no real viable replacements.

Much worse giving everyone the impression Everything, Everywhere Is “FREE” on the Internet.

While the Music Industry, that once was a huge driving force in this great nation is all but in ruins. And the Video Gaming & Movie Film Industry in decline, losing sales year after year.

“Why are concert tickets so high priced ?” Well, when is the last time you actually purchased some music from your favorite artist or their New CD/LP ?

Well, There are still some New Releases Fans desire, with those New Releases come “National Street Dates” weather it be CD, Blu-Ray, Video Games or LP.

Public Service Announcement !!!

“Grand Theft Auto V” All Formats
Release Date:17 September 2013 Tuesday
Nation Wide !!!

*Any Retail Business
Including “Mr. Zero’s”
(We Are A Retail Business That Pays TAXES)
Caught Selling ANY Video Games Before Release Date
Is A Violation and will lose their Ability to receive Any New Release Titles On Time In the Future …

Grand Theft Auto V, Release Date 17 SEP 2013

Sorry, folks … Everything Is Not “Free” on the Internet, it cost our Great Country Billions of Dollars …

By: RLSchwinden aka: Mr. Zero’s Roseville 55113

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Cheap Trick cartoon rock

“You didn’t know what you were looking for”

“BUZZ: Newspaper Article”
May 2011 (2-B)

Cheap Trick, what do you think of when you hear that name ? A magic act, the cartoonish band with the 2 good lookin rock stars to one side and the 2 nerds on the left. Cheap Trick came out at a time when where there was a lot of New Wave Bands (a term seldom used now) and Post Punk Bands, so I kinda feel they got lost in the shuffle. Everybody knows “Surrender” “I Want You To Want Me” & “Dream Police” and later on “The Flame”.

Now I myself was not terribly fond of Cheap Trick when first heard them grace the AM Radio waves in the late 70s. Then one day I went to my High School buddy Brett’s house and he put on the then newest release by Cheap Trick 1979s “Dream Police” and I heard for the very first time the infectious guitar riff of “The House Is Rockin (with domestic problems)” my interest was piqued. Collectors note, the Japanese 45 single of the top 40 hit “Voices” has the middle section cut out of the song completely, b/w the non-lp song “Oh Boy”

I thought “If I like this song maybe there are more that I will like” So I delved into Brett’s Cheap Trick collection and to my pure delight I discovered hidden gems like: “Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace” “You’re All Talk” & “Stiff Competition” from then on I was hooked and lucky enough to get on the Cheap Trick Fan Wagon just in time to experience 1980s “All Shook Up” Produced by Sir George Martin of The Beatles fame, as a brand new release. By far my absolute favorite Cheap Trick album of them all. Stand outs to me: “Baby Loves To Rock” “Love Comes A Tumblin Down” & “I Love You Honey (but I hate your friends)” as well as the top 40 hit “Stop This Game” I saw them on Saturday Night Live that year sing 2 of the just mentioned songs. However with their brand new bass player Pete Comita, more on this later.

In the beginning: Rick Nielsen (22 Dec 1946 Rockford, Il) who briefly replaced Todd Rundgren in “The Nazz” & Tom Petersson (9 May 1950 Rockford, Il) who invented the “12 Sting Bass” began as the band “Fuse” 1969 Epic #26502. About 1972 or so relocated to Philadelphia and changed their name to “Sick Man Of Europe” however things not working out they came back Rockford around 1973 adding Bun E. Carlos (Brad Carlson; 12 June 1951 Rockford, Il) and eventually picking up Robin Zander (23 Jan 1953 Rockford, Il) sometime in 1975.

This line up remained the same until 1980 when Tom Petersson married a singer named Dagmar and left to do a solo LP 1984 Enigma # 1038 titled “Another Language” Enter Cheap Trick’s 2nd bass Player Pete Comita who did the 1981 tour for “Al Shook Up” the “Chicago Festival” was filmed and aired on TV later that year.
Unfortunately, Pete Comita never recorded a full album only 2 songs for the 1981 “Heavy Metal” soundtrack those being “Reach Out” one of my all time favorites & “I Must Be Dreaming” Comita’s leaving is still unclear to me. In 1982 Jon Brandt was hired to be the band’s 3rd bass player and went on to record 4 albums from 1982 to 1986 “One On One” “Next Position Please” “Standing On The Edge” & “The Doctor” .

When an unusual event in rock n’ roll took place Tom Petersson came back into the fold to record Cheap Trick’s 1988 come back album “Lap Of Luxury” this line up has reamined the same ever since recording 8 more albums together. For the 1990 “Busted” album Des Moines, Iowa native Fred Nesbit of the local band “Peter Lorre” (also ‘Saint’) co-wrote the song “Can’t Stop Falling Into Love” Another cool thing about Cheap Trick they are the ‘Soundtrack Kings’ appearing on some 14 different soundtracks or more with songs that are not on Cheap Trick LPs for example 1980s “Roadie” has “Everything Works If You Let It” and 1983s “Spring Break” contains the title track of the same name” .

I got to interview the guys in Cheap Trick back in the late 90s. Here’s some of what I remember:

Robin Zander (to me):
“Hey do you know where this ‘Blues Bar’ is in downtown Omaha ?”
“Do you really want me to sign this album in pencil ?”
“I can not figure out how to set the clock in the dashboard of this rental car”
“Why did I do a Harry Nilsson song on my solo LP, cause I love Harry Nilsson, that’s why”

Tom Petersson (to me):
“Do I have really strong fingers to play my 12 string bass, no, just thick calluses, here feel”
“Am I still married to Dagmar, No, Why? Do you want her?
“This is a nice pen, is it yours?”
“Hey Bun E. come here and sign this for this guy”

Rick Nielson (to me)
“I really love fan art, like this guys home made ‘five neck guitar’ t-shirt, let me sign this for you buddy”
“Sure I’ ll sign that CD, it is part of my job”
“Did you know Tom (Petersson) married a girl from St.Paul

Bun E. Carlos (to me):
“Yea I can sign that for you”
“I have some family here in St. Paul you know”
“No, I only play Ludwig drums, I have a deal with them”

Overview: Cheap Trick has recorded roughly 20 albums since 1977. I myself have seen them about a dozen times almost every tour they pull out a forgotten gem for fans like me and my friends Steve R. & Jeff A. so if you haven’t had the pleasure you can catch them in concert at:

KQRockStock: Styx & Cheap Trick Tickets
05/29/2011 2:00PM
Midway Stadium
Saint Paul, MN

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