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“Music History Class 101”

From: Dr. Rox Remember When? (for WDGY)

Jan- 2018: (Article #82- Wrs) 

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0

   In Oct 2012 my friend (Nancy) DJ Liberty Finch asked me to be a guest host on her radio show “The PopShop”with her partner DJ Izzy, on the KFAI radio station. I responded with a resounding “Yes! Only all my life” I asked“What would you like me to do?” she responded “What would you like to do, you have any ideas?” I said “Why, yes I do, I’d like to focus on the Psychedelic years 1965 to 1969 & call my Show “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Radio Show” I appeared 6 times, annually over the next 6 years. until April 2017 Keith, the lead singer of the local “Bad Company” tribute band (turns out I met the Lead Guitarist Kenny R. way back in ’83 in Moorehead, when I was on Tour with “High Fever” Kenny gave me the strap off of KISS’ Paul Stanley’s 1974 Doc Petillo White Flying V with the stars up the neck, Kenny traded Paul a Gibson Tobacco Reverse Firebird for the “V” in Nov ’74) came into Mr. Zero’s 55113 RecordStore & asked if I would be interested in advertising on his WDGY radio show“Groundbreakers”.

After 5 weeks of negotiations, 3 Mr. Zero’s Commercials & a Demo CD (on The Monkees) of my proposed radio show, Keith was kind enough to give me my own “Music History Show”. The idea for this show was one I had developed with my friends John J. & Lew C. way back in 1992 in Des Moines, Iowa for the local station “KIOA”.My original idea was a 1 hour show on a different artist each week, the 1st show I put together back then was on“Boyce & Hart: 1967-69” (Bobby Hart & their Drummer Billy Lewis being new friends of mine at the time & Boyce being an acquaintance). Due to lack of a Producer & Sponsor & the long standing FCC rule of “A DJ may not play more than 3 songs by one artist in a single hour’s time” I could not get this show off the ground untilJune 2017 on WDGY 740 am & 92.1 fm & Streaming 103.7 Sunday’s 10:30am.

In Jun 2017Keith J. & “Groundbreakers” show gave me a 1/2 hour slot on Sunday’s from 10:30am to 11am, with  2 commercial breaks (1 having been written & recorded by me & my Studio Band “PsychoGello” the song being “Nerd is the Word” the other “Mr. Zero’s in St. Paul” by my friends Amy F. Terry & Paul). As I own a RecordStore (since 2009) I decided to call my radio show “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show” both names are taken from The Monkees TV Show, “Mr. Zero’s” from Episode #52 (Feb’68) “Devil & Peter Tork” Mr. Zero ran the pawnshop & “PsychoGello” from Episode #58 “Frodis Caper” (Mar ’68) Nesmith’s spoof on the “60s Psychedelic Movement”. The premise of my show is; 1 artist per week playing 1 song off of each LP release in order from beginning to end, the best I can, as some artists have more than 7 LPs & some only have 2 or 3, or sometimes I might do a part 1 & part 2 later or I may focus on a certain time period. I  usually record  my shows at “Wishing Star Studios” in St. Paul, I have done some post-production at “A440 Studios” in New Hope, my show is sponsored by “Mr. Zero’s 55113” & Jambots; “Railroad Train” for Android & IOS (it’s a train track building game, there is even a “Mr. Zero’s” boxcar in the game). Here is a breakdown of the first 28 shows I have produced & the airing dates.

  1. The Monkees: 25 Jun 2017

The very 1st show I produced, boy, have I come along way & learned so much since this 1st show. According to my Mom I was a fan of The Monkees from the beginning in 1966. I have written many articles on The Monkees over the years, & for a moment in time I was an acquaintance of David Jones. This show I play 1 song from each of their 9 LPs: 1966 -1970.

  1. KISS; Alive: 9 July 2017

Undoubtedly, my 2nd favorite band, as I am in “KISSin Time” a KISS tribute band, we had a huge show coming up at “RockFest” at the time so I played 1 song from each side of “Alive 1 & 2” to help promote the show.

  1. Tommy Bolin; Part 1: 23 July 2017

Being from Sioux City, Iowa it’s somewhat mandatory to be a Tommy Bolin fan, as he was born there too & played in 4 bands in that town; Mirserlou’s, Patch Of Blue, Chateux & Gassers. Tommy played on 11 LPs from 1969-1976, so for this show I played 1 song off of the 1st LP released from the pair he did with each band he was in: Zephyr, Billy Cobham, James Gang, Alphonse Mouzon, Deep Purple & Tommy Bolin Band. 

  1. Harry Nilsson: 6 Aug 2017

My 1st experience with Nilsson was the cartoon TV movie “The Point” in Feb 1971, turns out The Monkees as a band and- or solo recorded some 21 Nilsson songs, so I sought out all of his albums. I played one song off of each of his LPs.

  1. George Harrison: 20 Aug 2017

By the time I really started buying albums the Beatles had been broken up for 3 years, & Harrison was all over the charts. I always loved his voice. I played 1 song off of his solo LPs including the 1st 2 before “All Things Must Pass”, in the 60s.

  1. BYRDS: 3 Sep 2017

Strangely enough I discovered the Byrds from watching a TV Special on remembering the 60s in 1979; my memory is the folks from “Three’s Company” hosted it. I used to correspond with McGuinn back in the 90s. I did the usual format here, 1 song off of each release.

  1. Boyce & Hart: 27 Aug 2017

Now when I was a kid I used to read all of my records, the front cover the back cover the label itself & the inner sleeve, IF they had one, I used to see Boyce & Hart’s name on all of the Monkees record labels, one day after school I saw the Duo on “I Dream Of Jeanie” after that I was on the hunt for B&H records. Eventually I met Tommy & Bobby in Chicago at a Re-Union Concert in 1990, I became friends with Bobby Hart & put together a “Behind The Music” in 1996, on “B&H”, sadly it was never picked up.

  1. Bobby Hart: 3 Sep 2017

I was able to get Bobby Hart to do an extensive interview for Keith J.’s radio show “Groundbreakers” which was cut into 2 episodes, so out of respect I made the “Bobby Hart Solo 45 Show” playing many of Bobby’s solo 45 singles.

  1. YES: Solo: 24 Sep 2017

The Producer at “Wishing Star Studios” & I are huge “YES” fans, since “YES’s” songs are so long, & their solo material, largely ignored, I decided to cover 1974 the year of “YES” solo recordings.

  1. Bad Company: 8 Oct 2017

As Keith (the show’s Producer) is the Lead Singer in the Bad Company Tribute Band “Madd Co.” I thought it only fitting to do a show on Bad Company. I 1st discovered the band on the show “Midnight Special” in 1976.

  1. Tommy Bolin: Part 2: 15 Oct 2017

We are planning on doing a “Groundbreakers” show on Johnnie Bolin, who played drums with Tommy in the“Gassers” in ‘75 on Tour in ’76, & discussing his older brother Tommy, so I did a Tommy Bolin Part #2, playing a song off of the 2nd releases of the bands Tommy was with; Zephyr, James Gang, Alphonse Mouzon, Moxy, Deep Purple & Tommy Bolin Band.

  1. New York Dolls: 22 Oct 2017

I read about the New York Dolls in the Robert Duncan paperback book on “KISS” that came out in 1978, my friend Eric showed me the 1st album a few year later, I was hooked, though they only released 2 LPs while they were together, I used post releases to make a whole show. I plan to make a NY Dolls solo (Johansen, Thunders & Sylvain) show later this year.

  1. Black Sabbath: 29 Oct 2017

My Halloween show, my plan here was to give the listeners a side of Black Sabbath they had never heard before, from the feedback I received, I know I succeeded. My Uncle John turned me onto Black Sabbath Summer ’72, this show is dedicated to my Dad, a sub member of “The Trashmen”.

  1. Buddy Miles: 5 Nov 2017

I found out about Buddy from the “Band Of Gypsys” LP, I loved his voice mixed with Hendrix’s voice, many years later I would become friends with one Bobby Berge who was Buddy’s childhood friend in Sioux Falls, SD. I had to skip over many releases for this show as Buddy was also with “Electric Flag” & “The Express” & the fact most of his songs run between 7 to 12 minutes.

  1. Thin Lizzy: 19 Nov 2017

One of the few bands I discovered all on my own, I heard the name on the radio & ended up purchasing several titles from the “Cut-Out Bins” at Woolco in the late 70s, I then found out the hailed from Dublin, Ireland as my Great Grandfather Charles was from Ireland I felt a certain kinship to this band.

  1. Journey: (part #1) 26 Nov 2017

My buddy Greg saw Journey & Van Halen on tour in Mississippi in Jul ’78, he sent me a cassette he recorded with “Journey-Infinity” on one side & “Van Halen 1” on the other side, I was hooked, On BOTH Bands. The Producer & I love Journey so much, we decided to do a 2-parter like the Bolin show.

  1. Journey: (part #2) 26 Nov 2017

On this part 2 show we played a 2nd song off of each album, playing a 45 Single by Robert Flieschman, left off of “Infinity” & visiting “Dream After Dream” (1980) twice.

  1. Partridge Family: 3 Dec 2017

As I am a huge Monkees fan, when the Monkees project came to a close, many of those involved moved over to“The Partridge Family” project, still the same great music, just a new singer & it was on prime time when I was old enough to watch current TV. I included a track from David Cassidy’s 1st solo LP. I plan to do a David Cassidy Solo Show later this year, as he released 16 solo LPs & 24 Singles on his own.

  1. Little Richard: 10 Dec 2017

I went out & bought a Little Richard (at Uncle John) LP after reading how Little Richard inspired Paul McCartney, I wanted to see what he was all about, turns out I love his music, I had to skip around on this show as I covered1951 to 1986, that’s over 4 decades of recordings folks.

  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd: 17 Dec 2017

I lived in the South for several years in the 70s (my youngest sister was born there), this band was huge there & they died in my home state, as my Gal; De Dee, is a huge Southern Rock Fan, I thought I’d let her interview me on this show.

  1. Xmas Show: 24 Dec 2017

So far the only Various Artist Show, I have done, for her Xmas present I let De Dee Co-Host this one with me. We played some of my favorite Pop Rock & Country Xmas songs.

  1. T-Rex: 31 Dec 2017

When I was young (back in ’72) the Glam movement was in full swing, I remember hearing “T-Rex” on the radio, when I opened Mr. Zero’s in 2009, immediately, customers were asking us for “T-Rex” so I thought I better do a show on them, to expose to the world what they are REALLY like …. Surprise !

  1. Michael Nesmith: RCA Years: 7 Jan 2018

I am not a big country fan, but I am a huge Monkees fan, therefore I am a huge Michael Nesmith fan, & he was on tour at this very time, promoting these 6 County-Western releases, so I made my 1st Country show. I plan to do a Part 2-B on Nesmith covering his later years from 1974- 1980, where he had some of his bigger hits like“Rio” & “Crusin”.

  1. Mamas & Papas: 14 Jan 2018

It was my Mom (Carol) who actually turned me onto these folks, as in Dec ’67, she played “Farewell To The First Golden Era” (fall 1967) over & over. I just love this LP.

  1. Queen: Early Years: 21 Jan 2018

I did this one for my old Drummer in “Palace Guard” Pat C. ‘s Bday, he is a huge “QUEEN” fan, as am I but I, wanted to drive home, how different they were for their 1st; 3 LPs. I will be making a Part 2-B: QUEEN: 1975- 1977, show later this year.

  1. David Bowie: 28 Jan 2018

I discovered Bowie on the TV show “In Concert” in 1974 I saw him perform “Time” live, I thought it was magnificent, later I heard the “Bay City Rollers” cover “Rebel Rebel” in 1978, that’s when I sought out  Bowie’s LPs. My (covers) Band “MrZERo” performed “Moonage Daydream” (there’s a video of it on-line somewhere), this show I had to skip over about every other LP to make the show work, I am planning on a “Part 2-B” show later this year to fill in the gaps.

  1. Black Oak Arkansas: 4 Feb 2018

Another band I saw on “Rock Concert” TV Show, in ’73, at the time I thought Jim Dandy (Mangrum) & Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad) were thee coolest looking dudes on Earth. Again living in the South years later, they were a local favorite.

  1. Cheap Trick: 11 Feb 2018

I have my friend “Strat”  (Grandma Marge used to call him “Stuff”) to thank for changing my mind on these guys, I had heard the hits & thought “Wow, what crap” then Brett started playing the Album-Cuts for me, I was hooked, I have seen them at least a dozen times & met all 4 members, going to use this show to promote the next“KISSin Time” gig on 16 Feb 2018 Fri @ Opinion Brewing Co. in Newport, MN. 

Upcoming Shows in 2018: Jimi Hendrix, Ringo Starr, RUSH, Linda Ronstadt, AC/DC, GYPSY, Steppenwolf, PRINCE (Non-LP), ELP, RASCALS, Bay City Rollers, Stevie Wonder, OSMOND Bros, Santana, Hanoi Rocks, Paul Revere & Raiders, Dolly Parton, David Jones (solo), Four Tops … this article is Dedicated to my Grandma Marjorie Ione, who passed away as I was writing this article, I lived with my Grandma many times throughout the years, one of my favorite memories was Xmas-time ’78, it was just she & I home at the time, she was baking Xmas cookies in the kitchen, while I sat in the living room in her rocking chair, we were listening to KSOU on the radio together “Emerson Lake & Palmer” were on, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagine 40 years later I would be on the radio, myself.

As I was writing this article I was contacted by a publication about my Recordstore, & would I do a brief interview. I thought sure why not. So I decided to include the interview with my latest article.

Greetings, Chris Lou of FiveStars in San Francisco

C.L. 1.Why did you start your business?

MZ: I started collecting Vinyl Records in 1969, I started working in the Record Business in 1985, I loved it, I loved working with music & music history. In 1994 Best Buy, made their mission to drive every other CD Store out of business, by 2006 they had succeeded. I worked at a “Used CD Store” in 2006 & I learned the ropes, so to speak. I had a desire to keep Physical Recorded Music, sales alive. So in 2009 myself, with the help of a few other people opened “Mr. Zero’s Inc” in April 2009. We will have our 10th Xmas this year in this very location. 

C.L. 2.What are you most proud of?

MZ: I have been able to keep Mr. Zero’s open for 9 years despite “Cell Phones, Amazon, Craigslist & Ebay”. From Mr. Zero’s I have launched, 3 Bands: “MrZERo”: Cover band, “KISSin Time”: KISS Tribute Band & “Never Say Die”: A Black Sabbath Tribute Band. I have worked on a few Recordings with other local musicians & wrote & recorded my OWN Original Radio commercial for my Store,  which is played on the radio every week since Jun 2017. I have written a Local Music History Column since Apr 2011 for “St. Cloud BUZZ” “Roseville Patch.com” & “Lost My Stub” I have a Local Radio Show “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show” on WDGY going a on a year now & previously it was on KFAI for for 5 years albeit only annually. I have also been on TV several times, including interviewed on the deaths of Monkees: David Jones & Bobby Vee & in a few Local Films. I was able to get famous DC Artist Jose Delbo to create of Mascot in the style of Beatles “Yellow Submarine” which he also worked on.   

C.L. 3.What do your customers find most unique about Mr Zeros ?

MZ: The amazing variety of Inventory we carry, & the unbelievably Rare Items we have for sale. So much Inventory that most Customers have not seen in decades, & how we allow Customers to re-live their childhood. 


So here’s to 10 more years ! 

RLSchwinden: MrZerr0   

Mr. Zero’s *Est. 2009

Classic Music, Retro Toys, Vintage Video Games & Movies too


1744 Lexington Ave. N.

Rosville, MN. 55113

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Christmas Radio Show 2017 on WDGY

Xmas Show 2017 on WDGY (#6)

Sun 24 Dec 2017 @ 10:30am 740am

Dr. Rox Remember When? (Article: Dec 2017 #81-xM)

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerro



When I was a kid growing up in Sioux City, Iowa in the 60s & later in Jackson, MS. in the 70s I loved Christmas, not just because it was the one big time score of toys for the year, (the 2nd big score being my birthday in May) & I love toys I am still selling them decades later (Mr. Zero’s 55113) I loved the snow on the ground, the smell of the furnace turning on for the 1st time of the year, the warmth of the heat coming out of the grates, the Christmas tree & all the decorations & the colored lights, not just on our own tree but all over town, well, to this day I love to hop in the old PT Cruiser put in one of “Dr. Rox Remember When?: Christmas CD Mixes Volumes 1 -10” take a ride around  town & check out the house all decked out with lights & such.


In fact when I was a baby my family used to call the Christmas tree “Ricky’s Babysitter” my family would just set me down in front of the Christmas tree and there I would sit until someone came to pick me up to move me somewhere else (same with the fireplace, the rest of the year). Now on Christmas ’71, I remember going over to my younger sister’s Michelle’s Godmother’s house, & there she sat in a rocking chair drinking hot chocolate & listening to some Christmas music on a recordplayer (which is self contained, a Turn Table is totally different with an Amp & Speakers) , I thought to myself “This is what Christmas is all about” My youngest sister Carrie, will listen to  Christmas music all year long, I remember the 1st time I saw her about age 9, sitting on the floor of her room listening to Christmas music in Aug ’85, & me sweating to extreme Iowa summer humidity laughing hysterically.


Now growing up in Iowa & Mississippi the places to buy Records were limited, & forget about trying to find “Rare” records at all, I vividly remember thinking when I saw certain “Un-Common” records, ”Where can somebody find something that?” Now I know, having worked in the “record Biz in one form or another since 1985, I know they made them, I know they sold them but where? In 1985 my co-worker Kevin, told me about a Monkees Christmas song, I replied “Nonsense, if there was one I would have it” next day he came back with a “Mix Cassette Tape” with the hand written label ” Rock N Roll Christmas Songs” & sure enough, the was a Monkees Christmas song ”Christmas Is My Time Of Year”  so I asked him where he got this, he told his brother Keith, knew a DJ at a Night Club who made, this tape. So I went to the club & met this DJ ”Ace” I asked him about the cassette tape & he told me about it & made me a copy of it. Thus began the Tradition of my own “Dr. Rox Remember When? Christmas Mix Tapes” in 1985.


In 1986 I was hired at “RecordShop” (out of Golden Valley, MN) where my boss Marc, made the same kind of “Christmas Mix Tape” every year, as well, however Marc having been in the Record-Biz a full 10 years before me, he turned me onto an untold amount of “Rare” Rock N Roll Christmas Songs, so from 1985 to 1999 I made an annual “Christmas Mix Tape” in ’95 I worked at BestBuyCo, where I worked with 3 computer techs Serley, Tony & Brian, where the 4 of us worked on a method to transfer Audio Cassettes to CD files, to “Burn” our on CDs, it took us a couple years to figure this out, & by then the “Audio CD Burners” became available for about $1700.oo, so in 1999 I was able to make my Annual “Christmas Mix CD” & I have made one every year. Now working retail can be challenging period & can kinda suck especially at Xmas time, but like Ebeneezer Scrooge in the very end of ”A Christmas Carol” I have vowed to keep Christmas alive & well.


Now in 2017, after 31 years of making “Christmas Mixes”  I have a weekly “Vinyl Radio Show” on WDGY (740am & 92.1fm & Streaming 103.7)  on Sunday’s @ 10:30am  I am able to Broadcast: “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show” & Co-hosted with my gal: De Dee! So in this installment of “Dr. Rox Remember When: Music History Article (#81)” I am going to cover the songs used in my “Christmas Radio Show” & when I 1st heard them;

Let the journey begin …


  1. PsychoGello “Nerd Is The Word” 2017 

A commercial I wrote & recorded for my RecordStore “Mr. Zero’s 55113”.


  1. Beatles “Christmastime Is Here Again” 1967 – 1995 (re-mix) 

I heard this one from my High School friend Mindy B. on a bootleg LP, this version was only released on a CD Single in 1995.


  1. Monkees “Riu Chiu” 1967

I saw his one in the ’67 TV Show of The Monkees, in 1986, there are 2 Versions available, one lifted from the TV Show from a 2 CD “Pisces” boxset from 2005, the other recorded in the Studio, without David Jones, Chip Douglas took his place, oddly enough Chip recorded the version the Monkees used to learn this song from, on the “Missing Links 2” CD in 1990.


  1. The Who “Christmas” 1969

This is an edited version I used from the rock opera “Tommy”.


  1. Bobby Sherman “Yesterday’s Christmas” 1970

As a kid I collected “Cereal Box Records” Bobby Sherman was one of those few artists whoreleased them, he was also on The Monkees & Partridge Family TV Shows.


  1. Partridge Family “Christmas Card To You” 1972

I did not know about this record until my friend Lew gave me an “8-Track” of it for Xmas in 1989, I transferred it to Cassette & played the stuff out of it.


  1. Osmond Family “Silver Bells” 1976

This is from the 2nd of 2 Christmas LPs from the Osmonds, the 1st is insanely rare from 1963, like most of my Christmas Music, I got this one when it was Issued on CD in the 90s.


  1. (Monkees) Dolenz, Jones & Tork:  “Christmas Is My Time Of Year” 1976

In ’75 David & Micky of The Monkees had a re-union with Boyce & Hart & occasionally Tork that lasted until 1977, Chip Douglas was able to get them to record, this 1968 Turtles Christmas song. It was only issued on a 45 Single, then in re-issued in ’84 & then on a Various CD in 1988.


  1. Wishing Star “Mr. Zero’s In St. Paul” 2017

This is a commercial that my Musical Partner Terry wrote & recorded with our friend Amy F. on Lead Vocals.


  1. Elton John “Step Into Christmas” 1973

I found this song while working in Los Angeles in 1993 for “WhereHouse Ent” out of Torrance, CA. we were given CD Samplers as Xmas gifts, I remember listening to the song in ’94 thinking “How many kids are going to know what a ‘Turntable’ is in 1994, as the USA Stopped making Vinyl Record LPs in Dec 1987, almost 8 years earlier.


  1. Energy w/ Tommy Bolin “Miss Christmas” 1972

Being born in Sioux City, it is almost a requirement to be a Tommy Bolin fan as he  was also born in Sioux City.  In the early 2000’s I was looking to collect all of the “Archives Series” CDs (30 in all) on Tommy Bolin. Bolin’s favorite band he was in was “Energy” in ‘72 with Bobby Berge, Jeff Cook, Stanley Sheldon & Tom Stephenson, the band recorded 2 separate Demos, which were combined & released as a “Full Length” Energy CD in 1999.


  1. Jethro Tull “A Christmas Song” 1968

This is one of the Many Songs I heard from my good friend “Ace” the DJ back in 1985, from his (the 1st Mix Tape) Christmas Mix Tape, this originally was only released as a 45 Single.


  1. Queen “Thank God It’s Christmas” 1974

I got this one from my old Drummer, Pat C.  In “Palace Guard” in 1984, released on a 12″ Single, only.


  1. Emerson, Lake, Palmer “Father Christmas” 1977

I found this on my own when Woolco (& the rest of the world) stopped selling “8-Track Tapes” in Dec ’82, there were bargain bins with hundreds of great titles on clearance, probably for.99 cents each, I picked up a lot of titles I had not heard before, like this one & Chris Squire’s “Fish Out Of Water”.


  1. Jesus Chrysler “Mr. Zero’s” 2012

The very 1st “Original” Theme song for my RecordStore, written by my old friend Bakko & his band from St. Paul, MN.


  1. Cheap Trick “Com’on Christmas” 1996

I am a huge Cheap Trick fan! Thanks to my old high school bass player Brett, in ’96 they released a boxset with this hidden gem on it. I will be doing a WDGY Radio Show on them in Jan 2018.


  1. Kinks “Father Christmas” 1977

I got a few KINKS 45s from my Godfather Jim in 1973, I have been a KINKS fan ever since, in ’86 they had a new “Hits” LP, so I bought it, & this song was on it. I loved the song so much I tried to work it into our regular set of my band “Da Rude Boyz” (a New York Dolls rip-off) I will doing a Radio Show on them in May 2018.


  1. Hanoi Rocks “Dead By Xmas”  1981

In 1985, Eric DeW. the guitar player in “Palace Guard” suggested I check this band out, so I bought 3 records by them & LOVED them, I will doing a WDGY Radio Show on them in Feb 2018. I was able to met 2 of the members in  Oct 2011.


  1. Phyl-Tyr “Some People Just Don’t Get It” 2016

This is the band of the son of Mitch A. the Guitar Player: in my “Black Sabbath Tribute Band: Never Say Die” I started writing this song & they finished it up & recorded it for the Store “Mr. Zero’s”


  1. Ray Charles “That Spirit Of Christmas” 1985

I like everyone else on earth, heard this in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” the scene where Chevy Chase is watching an 8mm film from 1959 & his Mother-In-Law opens the attic door & “Sparky” goes tumbling down.


  1. Mavis Staples “Christmas Vacation” 1989

The opening theme from the above film written by Mann & Weil & sung by Mavis, this was ONLY issued as a Promo CD Single from Prince’s Paisley Park Records in 1989. In 1996 the song was included on a Various Artist Xmas CD, I found at B.B.C.


  1. Jackson 5 “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” 1970

When I was a kid before Catechism in ’72, cartoons for the Osmonds & the Jackson 5 were on Saturday mornings, this is where I probably heard this one.


  1. Norell “Mr. Zero’s” 2014

Written & Recorded by my Music Partner Terry & performed by the national touring band “The Band Famous” featuring Norrel F. this was the 5th Anniversary song for my RecordStore Mr. Zero’s 55113


  1. Suzy Bogguss “I Heard The Bells” 1990

When I worked at “RecordShop #67” in W. Des Moines, IA. this was ONLY issued to the local radio stations as a “Promo Only CD Single”, I had hundreds of customers coming in wanting her new Cassette or the Single, ummmm … there wasn’t one! Very frustrating, indeed. Years later I got a hold of one of these “Promo Only” CD Singles, turns out I Loved her version of this song.


  1. Sinead O’Conner “I Believe In You” 1992

Though this is a Bob Dylan song about his religious awaking to Christianity, I heard from my good friend Mary-Lee when she gave me a charity only Various CD (with Micky Dolenz) for Xmas that year.


  1. Sawyer Brown “It Wasn’t Child” 1992

From the same “Various CD” as above, I am not a huge Country Music fan, but this song makes sense to me as my Step- Dad Dr. W. A. Schwinden (R.I.P.) loved me, though I wasn’t his child. I play this one for you, Dad.


  1. Westside Mikey “Mr. Zero’s” 2015

This song was written & recorded for my Store’s 6th Anniversary, by my High School buddy Mike L. who started playing professionally in Nashville at age 10 & he is still doing so. See ……


  1. Clint Black “Looking For Christmas” 1995

I do not like anything else by this artist, but I love this song, my Uncle Tom, works in the hotel industry & worked with Clint, he told me “Clint was  a great guy & never goes anywhere without his dog”, kinda cool huh?


  1. John the Xth “The Goat” 2015 (re-mix 2016)

This is a re-mix of the original for our 8th Xmas Season at Mr. Zero’s 55113, written & recorded by my friend “John the 10th & Snellabration” remixed with me, by DJ Al Neff from “The Goat” in St. Cloud (where I reside).


There you have it folks, starting out with Cassettes in 1985 to CDS in 1999, my 1st annual “Christmas Radio Show” on WDGY 740am & 92.1fm & Streaming 103.7


To be broadcast on Sunday 24 December 2017 at 10:30am. To kick off the New Year catch my Band “KISSin Time” a Tribute to 1974 KISS at Station 57 in Circle Pines, on Sat 30 Dec 2017 @ 10:30pm, we are doing 2 different shows with “GnFnR” to open !!!!


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Dec 1987 USA Halts Vinyl Production

Record Player Rendered useless in 1987

“What Makes An Expert In Vinyl Records?”

WDGY’s Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show

Article #5-vE: Nov 2017 (MZI #80)

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0


I once read an article that stated “Once a person has logged 10,000 hours in their chosen occupation they are then considered an expert”

> My Music History<

I started collecting Vinyl Records back in 1969, I bought my 1st Non-Children’s Record in May 1973 The Beatles “Blue” 1967 -70 LP when it had just came out, I have since worked in many aspects of the “Music Business” I started out in the “Magic Acid Band” a “Beatles Tribute Band” from 1980-81, from there I went to the Punk Band “Palace Guard” from 1982-83, I then worked in Concert Promotions for “Terry Dre Presents” until 1983, from there I toured the Mid-West (IA. MN. NE. SD. ND. MT.) with the Cover & Original Band “High Fever” in 1983. Then I was in the Covers & Original Band “Scepter”.

I then sold Turntables, Cassettes Decks & CD Players, TVs & VCRs & records at Serv. Merch. from 1984-85. I was then hired on with “RecordShop Inc.” out of Golden Valley, MN. from 1986 to 1993. I was a “picker” for “Archives LLC” in Des Moines, IA. from 1987 -1994, I was then hired on by “Wherehouse Ent.” out of Torrance, CA. from 1993-95, as the Retail CD business shrank I went to “Best Buy Co.” in Mpls, MN. from 1996 -98, I left them for “Wax Works Ent.” out of Owensboro, KY. from 1998- 2000, until  “Trans World Ent.” (fye) in Albany, NY. purchased what was left of the retail chains, I was with them from 2001 to 2005, from there I went to “DiscLand” in Bloomington, MN. from 2005 -2009, where I left & then I opened “Mr. Zero’s Inc” in April 2009.

I have contributed to books on the music artists: The Monkees, Michael Nesmith, KISS & U2 & Tommy Bolin (Sioux City, IA.)  I started writing a monthly music column for St. Cloud “BUZZ” in April 2011, then “Roseville Patch.Com” in Feb 2013 both are also available at www.MrZeroS.Com “Blog” section. I have been in 4 local films from 2011-2017 & a Documentary on “VHS” out of NYC “Adjust Your Tracking”. I have performed “Stand-Up Comedy” in 2013, I have been in the bands “MrZERo” a cover band from 2012-2015 & “Action GO!” original band in 2014 &

Black Sabbath Tribute Band “Never Say Die” in 2016 & the KISS Tribute Band “KISSin Time” since 2013. I have appeared on local radio KFAI at least once a year since 2012, & since Jun 2017 I have my own radio show on WDGY Sunday mornings @ 10:30am”Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show”.  This year I started booking bands for a local convention “Crypticon” so since this is my 37th year in the music business I have logged roughly 70,000 hours in the Music Business … I guess that makes me an expert.

While I like records, & my show uses Vinyl Recordings, I am actually a CD guy I LOVE CDs ! now MP3 Downloads are cool in the fact you can hear a Recording there might only be 1 left of, in the entire world, myself, I want to own my own music, I do not want to continue to  re-purchase songs, every time, I am forced to invest in a new digital device Ex. Computer, I-phone, etc.

>Music History 101<

In 1948 the CBS Record Company introduced the full length “LP” running at 33 1/3 RPMs usually containing 6 songs per side. With the Vinyl manufactured from the late 50s to the mid 60s many LPs were made up from the Artists 45 Singles they had released, generally an artist would release 3 to 5 singles and if they had at least 3 Top 40 Hits, the label would put out an LP, which was basically a “Greatest Hits” comprised of their previously released singles. For example Sam Cooke released 37 Singles from 1957 -64 to equal 74 songs total & 12 LPs from 1967 -64, there were still 18 songs that never made onto an LP. Albums released from the mid 60s to the late 70s were referred to as “Catalog Titles” sometimes an artist would release a “Live Concert” LP after a major successful tour, or as a filler between LPs when the artist took time off for whatever reason. Artists rarely released “Greatest Hits” or “Best Of” compilations on Vinyl as it would kill sales of their regular “Catalog Titles”, take Ac/Dc for example they have yet to release a “Hits” or “Best” CD much less an LP. Sometimes when there was a “Hits” LP released, some songs used on the LP, were not “Hits” at all, they just cost less to use for the release take Paul  Revere & Raiders “Greatest Hits” from 1967 one song used was never even a 45 Single, so how could it be a hit, because the criteria for the Billboard Charts, in  order for a song to be on the charts it had to  be a 45 Single, until 1990 when  the “Sound Scan” system went into place & reported sales directly. “Cut-Outs” were when the Record Label, decided to Stop manufacturing an Artists “Catalog” the label would make a 1 time payment to the Artist of about 40% of the standard royalty & then the label would cut the corner or drill a hole in the cover to indicate a store could not return the LP for full cost credit, the store would put the LPs in a bargain section for $2.99, $1.99 or .99 cents. As far as I can tell only WEA, MCA & BMG really sold “Cut-Outs”.

For those seeking the ultimate reproduction open Reel to Reel tapes have all the fidelity of Vinyl, and no pops or skips, however good luck finding many Pop-Rock Artists, as the Reel to Reel’s hey day was from the late 60s to the early 70s & geared towards Classical, Vocal & E-Z listening rather than Pop-Rock & then discontinued by 1984. The 33 1/3 Vinyl LP was the predominate format until about 1984, when the Am/Fm Cassette; Automobile deck became more affordable, you could then carry usually 24 to 36  of your favorite titles with you in your car or take them  to a friend’s house or to a party.

When the Compact Disc hit the USA markets in Fall 1985 (1982 in Japan) I had to take a Sales Class on the format since many music artists from the 50s, 60s & 70s had disbanded or died, or their estates tied up in legalities, by 1985, for example the band “Queen”, their catalog was not released until the early 90s, several years after the CD was introduced in the USA. The Compact Disc was geared towards “Greatest Hits” “Best Of” & “Bonus Tracks” as most consumers did not want to re-purchase the band’s entire catalog for a 2nd time (Cassette) or a 3rd time (Vinyl). There is a huge myth about “Liner Notes”’being more extensive in Records vs. CDs, but especially Cassette. True there were usually some kind of liner notes with Vinyl, almost never any “Lyrics” as the was a huge industry selling “Music Song Books” for about the price of an LP, an LP usually sold for about $7.98  & the music book for the same LP was about $5.95. Cassettes did have some liner notes but usually too small to really read, the CD along with bonus tracks, not contained on the original release, usually came with extended liner notes & lyrics.

Interesting retail Note: Vinyl records had an ID code of #1, Cassettes ID code was #4, 8-Tracks ID code was #2, which was later re-assigned to Compact Disc, VHS had the ID code of #3.

I started in 1985 as Cassette was creeping up to 50% of the market by mid 1986 Cassette was 80% of the market sales. So the most popular best selling artist like; Cure, Iron Maiden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N Roses, The Smiths & Metallica: 80% of their titles sold on Cassette, & about 5% on Vinyl & 15% on CD, as the youth market did not want to buy Vinyl because of the mentality “My Dad bought Vinyl, I buy Cassettes” so you see, fans you can pound the beat checking every record store in the area, or scan the Intronetts forever, looking for those late 80s “Metal” titles in hopes you’re going to find them, the simple fact of the matter  is there are not many left 30 years later, simply because most people who purchased that kind of  music  bought it on Cassette, NOT Vinyl, no self-respecting Metal Head, would be caught dead  buying vinyl, how would they play in their vintage muscle car ? Were some records made? Sure. Were some records sold? Sure, but you are talking of every 100 sold 80 of them were on Cassette, 15 on CD & 5 on Vinyls.

By 1991 CD had become 60% of the market by 1996 many stores started dropping the Cassette format, because the youth market’s response was “My Mom bought Cassettes, I buy CDs” until the USA stopped manufacturing Cassettes in Fall 2002, just as in the 2000s the youth said “My Dad had CDs, I use Napster & Lime Wire” now the youth say “My Mom did downloads, I buy ‘Vinyls’ “


> It Was 30 Years Ago Today<

In Fall of 1987  N.A.R.M. National Association of Record Merchants, & the 6 Major Record Labels: WEA: Warner Bros, Electra & Atlantic, CBS: Columbia & Epic, CEMA: Capitol, EMI & Angel, BMG: RCA, A&M & Arista, UNI: MCA, & PGD, decided in their yearly meeting that 1987 would be the last year of Vinyl Records as Cassette had taken over as he leading selling format by 80% in the Summer of 1986 & the Labels had invested so much in the CD format, they would now have to force the hand of the buying  public as Vinyl Records were still about 5%  of the recorded music sold & the new CD format was only selling about 15 to 20% despite the Labels push to make this the chosen format.

In early December 1987 the National Re-Call Memo was sent out, by all 6 Major Labels,  to ALL of the RecordStores across the nation, each store could Return all of their Vinyl Record Inventory for credit towards more Compact Disc Inventory, it worked out to roughly 2 Vinyl LPs (cost $5.25) could be traded in for 1 CD (cost $12.75), back then CDs came in a cardboard box 12″ tall & 6″ wide to fit easily in the Vinyl Record shelves most record-stores still had in their stores.

Some of the Record Labels allowed stores to “Special Order” Vinyl copies of certain Record Titles up until October 1989, as there would be No More Vinyl manufactured in the USA as of Jan 1990. A strange thing some Record Labels did still send out “Promotional Copies” (Ex. CBS had a Gold Stamp, CEMA punched out a corner, WEA used a Sticker) of Vinyl Record LPs to certain RecordStores, until 1989, my guess is, there were sent to the stores that historically sold more Vinyl than some other stores did. Many do not realize or forgot in the early 90s, there was a sense of pride in throwing your vinyl record collection, Into The Garbage … this is why there is such a scarcity of all the Really sought after titles, they were thrown into the trash, I know that’s what my good friend Tom did, he did offer “Who would want them?”

While the USA halted 99% of all Vinyl production in 1991 most Record presses were dismantled or refurbished to CD pressers or sold to Eastern Europe, as the Berlin Wall was torn down in 1990, Eastern bloc countries started to manufacture Vinyl Records, in some countries, for the 1st time ever, bypassing Cassettes altogether moving onto Compact Discs, giving the Illusion that records were manufactured well into the 90s, (in the USA) they sinply were not, these are ALL Foreign pressings from the  UK usually 5000 copies or less GEMA (Germany) a 1000 copies or less & other Eastern European Countries: Russia: (Melodiya was the ONLY Record Label in Russia)Poland, Croatia etc produced up to 1000 pressings or other 3rd world countries who hadn’t even had the Cassette yet. In the USA there were some special editions released on Vinyl: KISS, Nirvana, Neil Young, Guns N Roses & Pearl Jam. Every so often an artist would try to gain so attention by releasing their “New Release” on Vinyl, we like most CD Stores, such as the ones I worked for then, simply asked “What are we suppose to do with this, have a vinyl section of 3 artists of the past 2 years?” oh, and, still, no one bought them.


> Future Has Passed<

I saw the Vinyl resurgence trending in Summer 2008 while managing a RecordStore in MPLS. I urged  the owner we open a 2nd Store “East of the River” he suggested I strike off on my own, so myself & a group of 12 or so others opened Mr. Zero’s in Apr 2009  (sorry folks it’s true). Initially I only wanted to carry Vinyl Records, CDs & Cassettes, but we found out very quickly, the Titles Customers were looking for were in VERY Short Supply: Zappa, Neil Young, Yardbirds, Tom Waits, Stevie Ray Vaughan, T-Rex, Talking Heads, Smiths, Rush, Replacements, Ramones, Pink Floyd, Gram Parsons, New Order, Metallica, Megadeth, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Kinks, Joy Division, Iron Maiden Kiss, Jimi Hendrix, Gypsy, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Dio, Cure, Costello,  Clash, Bowie, Black Sabbath & Beatles, 60s R&B, 60s Blues & Jazz, 70s Reggae, 70s Punk, 80s Metal, so we were forced to expand our inventory to include: Vintage Video Games, Retro Toys & Classic Movies too. Since Mr. Zero’s 55113, we have seen a lot of “RecordStores” come & go some within a year’s time of them opening, I am sure it goes something like this “I love music, I have some records,  I will open the best RecordStore in the area, those other guys do not know what they are doing”

The USA started to manufacture Vinyl on a large scale in April 2012 after the sales of CDs plummeted, & there is no “real” money to be made from “Downloads” (as I understand it the Artist makes .10 per song while Apple makes .50 & the Label who owns the music makes .50)


>Why, is Vinyl making a come-back?<

The bottom line is in 2017 a consumer still cannot make their own vinyl records at home, what do I mean, a person can record a Cassette or VHS, they can Burn a CD or DVD, but you cannot make a “Vinyls” at home. There is a sonic difference between Vinyl Records & Compact Discs & Digital Downloads. As vinyl reproduction is a friction based reproductive system, it offers a sound spectrum not heard on the Compact Disc, however CDs have much higher tones & no “pops’ but they can skip too like vinyl, a Digital Down load is literally only 30% of the original recording, it has been compressed & compressed again so the consumer can fit 10,000 songs on a device the size of a candy bar, same goes for


Last year 10 record presses were made in Germany & 3 were shipped to the USA, & this year Sony opened 1st USA record Press since 1989, more proof records ceased in the 80s, (NO 90s or 2000’s Vinyls folks, there was NO demand)

In closing, Vinyl fans, you need to accept the scientific fact that Vinyl Records came to a close in 1987 & really did not resurface on a large scale until 2012 that’s 25 years of almost No Vinyl production. There were a couple Independent Record Labels putting out re-issues or never issued on Vinyl before, like  Sundazed a really cool record label, however I have to think they production numbers were well under 5000 total. I know when I was interviewed by: Universal & WEA record Companies, about getting some titles issued; I was asked “Can you guarantee you can sell 5000 copies in less than a year? If not, please, understand we do not even fire up the presses for anything less than 5000 copies” 


>Lack of knowledge on History<

Today, the internet can be a wonderful thing because some 14 year kid in Sauk Rapids, MN can discover a rare R&B artist like “Larry Williams & Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson” from 1967 “Two For The Price Of One” on OKEH Records, BUT try to find that record in the real world, back in 1996 I found 1 copy in St. Louis for $70.oo (+Tax), I ended up ordering the CD for $20.oo, instead. A fan or collector needs to consider the “Regional Factor”, in Minnesota, in the 60s the masses were buying “Polka” & “Christmas” Records not obscure R&B records from artists that primarily played what was then called the “Chitlin Circuit” from Chicago through Memphis to New Orleans. For example take the “Chess” record label 1 of their best selling artists sold a whopping 5000 copies in the early 60s, so over 5 decades later, how many of those survived, take into consideration, people moving & taking only necessities & leaving their records behind, because their tastes have changed or they split for that partner who liked that kind of music, or the humidity of the basement, the heat in the attic, the floods in Iowa, the earthquakes in Calif. the sweltering heat of Arizona, the stifling humidity of Florida, all of these factors have made the really rare, & sought after titles that much more expensive, so fans, if & when you see that elusive title, open up your wallet, do not ask if the shop will they take less (they won’t because everyone else is looking for that title too) & buy it, take it home, take care of it & enjoy for decades to come.

One thing “New” collectors should keep in mind, when it comes to “Vintage” vs. “New 180 Gram Pressings” new 180 gram pressings are by & large made from a “Digital File” that was used to create the Compact Disc or Digital Down-Load. Take the undisputed most Popular Artist of all-time “Led Zeppelin” their music was written & recorded from 1968 to 1978 on analog equipment (digital recordings began in 1982), & mixed & transferred on analog equipment for analog re-production, as I understand it new vinyl is not being made from the old original analog master tapes recorded before ‘82. So there will be a huge difference in sound re-production between the “Original Pressings” & New 180 Gram Pressings” in addition too, most new fans are playing their records on new record players, like a Crosley record player (designed to function 1 to 3 years & no place left to repair them)  with a low-grade plastic needle, some are using quality component turntables like a Technics or Kenwood, but using new digital speakers, like Boze which defeats the whole purpose of analog re-production, original vinyl was meant to be played through the old huge analog speakers, folks ….

In closing, I love the music business, I have worked in it literally all of my life, Recorded music provides everything, for people, joy, sadness & memories, I have fought long & hard this past 10 years to bring it to the next generation, as Geddy Lee of “RUSH” once said “There is so much to learn & know about the things we love & are interested in”.

My hope is I reach a few music fans & help them understand what it is, exactly they are looking for. This article, as usual is dedicated to De Dee.


For more info catch my Radio show on WDGY 740am & Streaming 103.7 & read my Articles on RosevillePatch.Com


Happy 9th Thanksgiving from Mr. Zero’s 55113

Stay tuned for my 9th X-Mas Article !!!!



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Iommi: Tragedy To Triumph

“Tragedy To Triumph”

The Story of Tony Iommi & his band Black Sabbath: 1969 – 1978

By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZerr0 for

WDGY Article #4-BS Oct. 2017 (Mr. Zero’s Article #79-TI)


The hero of this story is one; Tony Iommi, he was born Frank Anthony Iommi on 19 Feb 1948 in Birmingham, England Iommi, an Italian Catholic (worth noting because of his incorrect association to the occult) as his mother was born in Palermo Italy. He attended Birchfield Road School where one Johnny Osbourne was a year behind him, in 1957 while attending this school an older boy chased Tony with a giant spider in hand, Tony lost his footing slipped & fell cutting open his upper lip, leaving a huge scar, as a result of, the other kids in the schoolyard started calling him “Scarface”, so when Tony was old enough to, he grew a mustache to cover the scar, Iommi has rarely, not sported a mustache since, soon after, he took up martial arts to defend himself.


> Guitar Player: 1960<

About age 12  (in 1960) Tony acquired a red guitar a Watkins Rapier 22, left handed model (Iommi is a left handed player), his main inspiration at the time he started learning guitar was Hank Marvin (b.1941) of The Shadows. In 1965 at age 17, Iommi was an Arc Welder at a sheet metal factory (in the UK you could graduate School as early as age 14 if you passed the proper exams) on the very last day of this job, in the very final hours of his shift, his foreman asked him to operate a cutting machine, which someone had removed the safety guard from, Iommi not well trained on this particular machine, had the accident that would change his life … a piece of sheet metal bound up in the blade and cut off the tips of his middle & ring fingers of his right hand, his fingering hand. After an attempt to play “Right Handed” Iommi inspired by Django Reinhardt (1910-1953) who had also lost the use of 2 fingers, his ring finger & pinky finger of his fingering hand, re-learned to play guitar mainly using his index & ring fingers, Iommi began an amazing odyssey.


> Craftsman: 1965 <

Tony realized these fingers were too short to continue to play without some sort of aid, so he took a empty plastic bottle of ‘Fairy Liquid Original’ (dish washing soap) melted it down, & used a soldering iron to hallow it out to fit his finger tips & sculpt it to resemble his own finger tips, sanded it down to fit, this closed the gap, but the new tips slid on the strings, so Tony, then used 2 small pieces of well worn leather & glued them to the tip surfaces to grip the strings. While these new editions improved his ability, it was not enough, he could not bend the strings enough to hit the notes he sought out. At the time in the UK the standard string gauge was approximately “.011 to .050” Iommi undaunted, went to his local Guitar Shop & asked for “The lightest gauge strings possible” the Clerk asked “Why are you playing banjo, now?” so Tony took a set of banjo strings & a set of guitar strings & using 3 strings from each set, created quite possibly the 1st set of light gauge guitar strings beginning with a .008 on the High “E” using a standard “A” .032 string for his Low “E” he continued making his own sets until 1970 when Picato Strings began to manufacture a “Light Gauge Strings Set” for Iommi.


*For the guitar players out there reading this. Iommi’s string sets are as follows: “Eb” (root note) tuning, his gauges are .008, .008, .011 (unwound), .018 .024, and .032,now considered “ultra light gauge”  For his “C#”  tuning, Tony uses .009, .010, .012 (unwound), .020, .032 and .042, now considered a “light gauge”.


> Innovator: 1967 <

However this was still not enough for the recuperating Iommi, he had this idea to tune down a 1/2 step to “Eb” to put even less tension on the strings on his guitar, which somewhat compensated for a tone loss of using such light gauge strings. Later in 1971, when in  ‘Black Sabbath’ Iommi had the idea to tune down a 1 & 1/2 steps to “C#” a 3 fold reason: 1. Even less tension on Iommi’s strings for his missing finger tips, 2. This created a deeper, heavier & darker  guitar sound to match the music they were creating 3. To make easier for vocalist Osbourne to sing certain parts.  


Then in 1974 Iommi had the idea to have a 24 fret neck, instead of the standard Gibson 22 fret neck, they said it was not possible so Iommi went to local Birmingham guitar luthier; John Birch (1922 -2000), explained what he was looking for & in 1975 Birch built Tony’s 24 fret neck “Cross Inlay SG Special” (later Iommi purchased the company). You see all of these obstacles that extended from his tragedy lead to the triumph of Iommi creating a new sound & type of music.


> Band Member: 1968 <

Iommi’s 1st band he was part of in 1964 to ’65 was the “Rockin Chevorlets” then he moved onto “The Rest” from 1966 -67 where he met one Bill Ward: (Bill William Thomas Ward 5 May 1948 Birmingham, England) on Drums, which they evolved into “Mythology” until Jul ’68 when they broke up, strangely, roughly at the same time the band “Rare Breed” with Ozzy: (John Michael Osbourne: 3 Dec 1948 Birmingham, England of the Church of England) on Vocals & Geezer:(Terrance Michael Joseph Butler 17 July 1949 Birmingham, England -Irish Catholic worth noting because of his wrongful association with the occult) on Guitar, soon switching to Bass, also broke up. Iommi & Ward answered an ad in the local music shop “OZZ Zig, needs gig (has P.A.)” met with Osbourne, when Tony realized it was the same “Ossie” from school, he told Bill “This guys an idiot, let’s get outta here”. Eventually Iommi, Ward, Osbourne & Butler formed “Polka Tulk” (after a talcum powder Ozzy’s mother used) in Aug 1968, which soon became “Earth” in Sep 1968 they recorded several demos including; “A Song For Jim” “When I Came Down” “The Rebel” & “Early One Morning Blues” (other Black Sabbath demos were recorded in “Eb”) in Nov- Dec ’68, Iommi was offered a spot in  “Jethro Tull” (Blackpool, UK) & was filmed performing “A Song For Jeffery” on the “Rolling Stones Rock N Roll Circus”, shortly after Iommi went back to “Earth” which changed their name To: Black Sabbath (after the  1963 Boris Karloff film) in Sep 1969 (because there was another local band with the same name). Within the band Iommi writes 80% of the Music, Butler writes 80% of the Lyrics, with Ward writing the rest, essentially Osbourne creates the melodies & writes less than 2% of the lyrics.


> What Is This: 1970 <

In Jan 1970 ‘Black Sabbath’ released their first 45 Single, a cover of the Minneapolis Band ‘CROW’ (#19 Hit in Jan ’70) song “Evil Woman b/w Wicked World” soon followed by the 1st LP ‘Black Sabbath’ (recorded in the key of “E”) in Feb 1970, on ‘Vertigo’ in the UK & WB Records in the USA, rises to #23 on the charts, the band appeared on “Beat Club” (Episode #55: Bremen, Germany)in May 1970 performing the songs “Black Sabbath” “N.I.B.” & “Blue Suede Shoes”, it was at this time Iommi began using his trademark Red Gibson SG (which is why I play SGs).The band’s 2nd LP ‘Paranoid’ a #12 on the Billboard Charts, is released in Sep 1970 (initially titled “War Pigs” also in the key of “E”) 2 singles were released  “Paranoid b/w The Wizard” in Aug 1970 which hit #61 on the Billboard Charts followed by: “Iron Man b/w Electric Funeral” in Oct 1971 which rose to #52 on the charts. The band appeared on “Top Of The Pops” (UK) performing “Paranoid” in Sep 1970 & then on & then in Sep 1970 on “Beat Club” (Epi: #59) performing “Paranoid” & “Iron Man”. The band’s 1st televised concert was;


“P-4 Ein Uber Film Festivals” Nov 1970 (aired on French TV)

(recorded Sat 3 Oct 1970 Brussels, Belgium @ Theatre 140)
Hand of Doom
Rat Salad
Iron Man
Black Sabbath
Behind the Wall of Sleep
War Pigs
Fairies Wear Boots


> On Tour:1971 <

The band’s 3rd LP & highest charting at #8, was ‘Master Of Reality’ released in Jul 1971 (recorded in the key of “E”& “C#”) with the 45 Single “After Forever b/w Fairies Wear Boots”. A strange thing I noticed, the band would make recordings in “A” 440, but in concert the band would tune down a 1/2 step to “Eb”.  The band’s 1st Minnesota appearance was:


1 Jul 1971 Thurs in St. Paul at the Civic Ctr.

(1st show for “Master Of Reality” Tour)

War Pigs
Sweet Leaf
Black Sabbath
Iron Man
Children of the Grave
Wicked World
Iommi Solo
Ward Drum Solo
Fairies Wear Boots


> Snowblind: 1972-73 <

The band’s 4th LP was ingeniously titled ‘Vol.4’ as the title “Snowblind” was not going to fly with WB Records released in Sep 1972, a #13 charting LP on the charts, (recorded in the key of “C#”) the 45 Single from this LP was “Tomorrow’s Dream b/w Laguna Sunrise” The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, used the Song “Laguna Sunrise” in their TV commercials in 1978, until they found out it was a song written & recorded by the evil Black Sabbath. This is my personal favorite of all of the bands LPs. The band makes 2 Twin Cites appearances this year on Tues 21 Mar 1972 St. Paul Civic Ctr. & then Mon 28 Aug 1972 Minneapolis Armory.


The 5th LP by the band is ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ released in Dec 1973, their 2nd highest charting LP at #11, (recorded in the key of “C#”) with the 45 Single “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath b/w Changes” released in Jan 1974, accompanied with Promo Video of the “A-side” to be played on TV. The song “Fluff” was played at Iommi’s 1st wedding, when they walked down the aisle, interesting trivia; John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) was his best man.


The band made a festival appearance which was broadcast on ABC TV at the

“California Jam” Sat 6 April 1974 in Ontario, CA. with:

Rare Earth
Earth, Wind & Fire
Seals and Crofts
Black Oak Arkansas
Black Sabbath
Deep Purple
Emerson, Lake & Palmer


> Feel It Slipping Away: 1975 -76 <

The band’s 6th & has been quoted by: Ozzy as his favorite LP recorded by this band, ‘Sabotage’ is released in Jul 1975, rises to #28, (recorded in the key of “E”) with the 45 Single “Am I Going Insane b/w Hole In The Sky” The band leaves the ‘Vertigo Label’ in the UK & signs with NEMS & also parts ways with their 2nd Manager Patrick Meehan & signs with Don Arden. KISS has the honor of being the opener” on 4 shows for Black Sabbath in early Aug ’75 & the band makes a another televised appearance on;

“Don Kirsnsher’s Rock Concert”

4 Sep 1975 Thurs Santa Monica, CA. (Broadcast date: 25 Oct 1975)

Killing Yourself To Live
Hole In The Sky
War Pigs

They make their 4th Twin Cities appearance on 20 Jul 1975 Sun; Minneapolis @ Parade Stadium. 


The 1st of many “Best Of” compilations is released in Feb 1976 ‘We Sold Our Souls For Rock N Roll’ when the band signed with NEMS in the UK, the NEMS Label acquired the first 6 LPs & former manger Meehan takes control of the band’s catalog & puts out re-issues of the first 6 LPs a ‘Best Of’ a ‘Greatest Hits’ & a “Live’ release, without the band’s permission.


The band’s 7th studio LP ‘Technical Ecstasy’ is released in Sep 1976 (recorded in the key of “E”) the LP hits #51 on the charts, Promo Videos for “Rock N Roll Doctor” & “It’s Alright” (Ward singing lead) are released to TV. On the LP cover, Ozzy had this to say “It’s 2 robots having sex, get it?” the promo ad was a cartoon version of the band, which was far more cool than the art used in the LP. I own about 8min of some Color 8mm Film of Black Sabbath playing Des Moines, Iowa Tues 28 Oct 1976 @ Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium with Opener ‘Boston’ & a copy of the ticket stub.


> All The Songs Are History Now: 1977, 78 & 80 <

NEMS & Meehan release ‘Greatest Hits’ in 1977, while the band is on hiatus & Ozzy quits the band sometime in ’77 & formed the 1st ‘Blizzard Of Ozz’ with 3 members of ‘Necromandus’. The band hires Dave Walker (25 Jan 1945: UK) former Vocalist of ‘Savoy Brown’, ‘Fleetwood Mac’ & ‘Mistress’ the “New” Lineup appear on  the TV Show “Look Hear” in Jan ’78 & perform “War Pigs” & (the early version of) “Junior’s Eyes”. Within a few months Osbourne returns to the fold & appears on “Top Of Pops” Jun 1978 to promote new single. The band’s 8th & final LP with Ozzy is released in Sep 1978, ‘Never Say Die’ (recorded in the key of “E”) their lowest charting LP at #69, the single released is “Never Say Die b/w She’s Gone”. The band’s first concert video ‘Never Say Die: Live- 1978’ is released on Beta,VHS, Laserdisc & DVD. Van Halen opened for the band on 30 some USA dates.


Live Video

11 June 1978 Sun London @ Hammersmith Oden

Symptom of the Universe
War Pigs
Never Say Die
Black Sabbath
Dirty Women
Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor
Electric Funeral

Children of the Grave

(Iron Man, Fairies Wear Boots, Hand of Doom, N.I.B.,Gypsy were performed, but not released)


A full year after Ozzy is fired from the band ‘Live At Last’ is released in 1980 (recorded in “Eb”) recorded from 2 concert dates; 11 Mar 1973 @ Manchester Free Trade Hall & 16 Mar 1973 @ The Rainbow, London, on the “Vol.4 Tour” this contains the un-released song “I Love My Woman” the band would often try out new materiel live in concert & then mold them in the studio for release. Worth checking out: ‘History Volume 1’ released in 1991 & ‘History Volume 2’ released in 1992 & Ozzy’s (with Bill Ward) ‘Don’t Blame Me’ released in 1991 on VHS & DVD. 


This article is dedicated to my Uncle Johnnie Urby who turned me onto ‘Black Sabbath’ the summer of ’72 & my Dad Dr. Wm Schwinden, who, though he was hard up for cash X-mas ’78, found it in his wallet to buy me 3 ‘Black Sabbath’ LPs for Christmas that year, all 3, I still own to this day. I cannot listen to “Junior’s Eyes” & not think of you Dad … R.I.P. & to De Dee because this is the greatest “Tragedy To Triumph” story I know. You can catch my Black Sabbath Tribute Band” Never Say Die” live coming up in 2018. & make sure to catch The Black Sabbath” Show on  Mr. Zeros PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show on Sunday 29 Oct 2017 @ 10am  on WDGY 740am & 92.1fm & Streaming 103.7 playing 1 song off of each Black Sabbath LP.If you are into  Horror & Sci-Fi & Tribute Bands like:  KISS, Dio, Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, AC/DC., GnR & MPLS ‘s Own MORTICIA check out CRYPTICON: 3-5 Nov 2017 in Bloomington @ MSP Hilton & Happy 9th Halloween from Mr. Zero’s Roseville 55113 on 1744 Lexington Ave. N. www.MrZeroS.Com

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath 1970

George Harrison: Apple Years: 1968 -75

“I am unlimited, and I am more in control”

George Harrison: 1968 -1975; The Apple Years

WDGY Article #3-GH Sep 2017

By:RLSchwinden aka: MrZerr0


The quiet Beatle, Harrison disliked the public eye, enjoyed creating music, he felt LSD (in 1967) opened his eyes to his love of God, began writing songs about -for God as early as 1968, he was a life-long devotee to Hare Krishna, was married twice Pattie Boyd: (17 Mar 1944;UK) from 1966 -1977, George was Brother-In-Law to Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac) as they both married a Boyd sister, & then to Olivia Arias: 1978 -2001 with 1 son Dhani: (Aug 1978) & was closely associated to Monty Python.  Born on 24 or 25 (depending on his legal Birth Certificate) Feb 1943 Liverpool, UK – Died; 29 Nov 2001 at Paul McCartney’s house in Los Angeles, Ca.


Harrison was member of the most famous band in history from 1962: – 1970. Songs he wrote when he was in The Beatles: “Cry For A Shadow” “Don’t Bother Me” “You Know What You Do” “I Need You” “You Like Me Too Much” “Think For Yourself” “If I Needed Someone”  “Taxman” “Love You To” “I Want To Tell You” “Within You Without You” “Blue Jay Way” “Inner Light” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” “Piggies” “Savoy Truffle” “Long Long Long” “Not Guilty” “Only  A Northern Song” “It’s All Too Much” “Old Brown Shoe” “Something” Here Comes The Sun” “All Things Must Pass”  “For You Blue” “I Me Mine”. He worked with many other artists such as: Cream, James Taylor, Jackie Lomax, Plastic Ono Band, Doris Troy, Badfinger, Nilsson, Splinter & Monty Python, as well as he was a session player on almost 100 recordings by other artists. George released 18 LPs & CDs, & 28 Singles from 1968 -2002 as well as a member of ‘The Traveling Wilburys’ 1988 -1990.


> Party Seacombe: 1968 -69<

While still a member of the Beatles, Harrison was the 1st member to actually release a Solo LP outside the band ‘Wonderwall’ was released in Nov 1968 on Apple Records & hit #49 on the Billboard Charts. This is an instrumental soundtrack to the film of the same name released in Jan ’69, due to Musician’s Union Rules (at the time) the music used in films (or TV) could NOT Be the same music released on an LP, it had to be re- recorded, when Harrison was recording the film’s music he had ‘The Monkees’ Peter Tork play banjo in the film score.


Harrison released a 2nd Solo LP while in the Beatles ‘Electronic Sound’ released in May 1969 on Zapple this reached #191 on the charts. Harrison bought one of the 1st Moogs available in ’68, he was so impressed with the instrument recorded an entire LP with it & was 2nd & last LP released on Zapple Records.


>Awaiting On You All: 1970 -72<

With Lennon announcing his leaving The Beatles in Sep ’70 & McCartney filing papers to do so in Dec’ 70, Harrison releases his 3rd & by far most successful Solo LP ‘All Things Must Pass’ (a 3 LP set) in Nov 1970 & hits #1 on the Billboard Charts, using his usual back-up band, being: Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Klaus Voormann, Gary Wright & Jim Keltner. 2 singles are released: “My Sweet Lord b/w Isn’t It A Pity (ver 1)” which hits #1 on the charts in Dec’ 70, followed by “What Is Life b/w Apple Scruffs” which rises to #10 in Mar ’71.


In Nov ’71 the film “Raga”  (with Ravi Shankar & Harrison) is released, the unusually shy George makes 2 TV appearances to promote the film; 23 Nov ’71 on the ‘Dick Cavett Show’ & followed by the ‘David Frost Show’ on 10 Dec 1971 in the UK.


Being a devout Hindu & concerned with the conditions in Pakistan, he releases the Non-LP single “Bangla Desh b/w Deep Blue” released in Jul ’71 & hitting #23 in Sep ’71, he releases his 1st “live” album (recorded from 2 shows in NYC Madison Square Garden on 1 Aug ’71 & another 3 LP set) ‘Concert For Bangladesh’ is released in Dec 1971 & reaches #2 on the charts. A film for the event was released in May 1972, also appearing with Harrison was Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Ravi Shankar, Leon Russell, Badfinger & Bob Dylan for this charity event the very first of its kind.


> Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long: 1973<
Harrison’s 5th Solo LP ‘Living In The Material World’ is very nearly a straight up Christian Rock album, released in May 1973 his second #1 album on the charts, with the #1 single “Give Me Love b/w Miss O’Dell (3rd non-lp track)” in Jun ’73. In the Spring of ’73, Harrison worked on Ringo Starr’s 3rd Solo LP “Ringo”,  (released in Nov ’73) Harrison wrote “Photograph” (#1 on charts) “Sunshine Life For Me” & “You And Me Babe”, he played on these as well as “I’m The Greatest” (written by Lennon). Harrison had previously worked on 2 other 45 singles by Starr “It Don’t Come Easy b/w Early 1970”  #4 in Apr ’71, Harrison actually wrote “It Don’t Come Easy” but did not take credit, & then “Back Off Boogaloo b/w Blindman” #9 in Mar ’72.


>Hari’s On Tour Express: 1974<

So George is a roll, ‘Dark Horse’ (released with 2 covers, the 2nd a later re-issue) is released in Dec 1974, however missing the #1 spot & landing at #4  on the charts, which is why he probably released 2 singles for this LP, the 1st being “Dark Horse b/w I Don’t Care Anymore (4th non-lp)” hitting #15 on the charts in Jan ’75 followed by: “Ding Dong b/w Hari’s On Tour Express” which rose to #36 in Feb ’75 accompanied by Harrison’s 1st ever Video Clip for this song (Musician Union Rules dictated filmed appearances such as this, if not recorded “live” had to clearly appear that they are staged, therefore a  “music video”). Harrison appears on the Music-TV Show “Rock On With 45” on 15 Feb 1975 Music TV Show, to promote his ‘Dark Horse’ LP.


As Apple Records dissolved (The Beatles were officially & legally dissolved in Dec ’74) Harrison founded his own record label “Dark Horse Records” (a total of 7 artists were released on this label) in May ’74, it was distributed by A&M Records, while recording this LP, Harrison met his 2nd wife Olivia (18 May 1948 Mexico City) at the A&M Studios in L.A. To  help launch his new record label, Harrison embarked on his 1st & only USA Tour & the 1st Beatle to Tour The US since 1966, he played about 30 dates from 2 Nov to 20 Dec 1974, with: Billy Preston & Ravi Shankar & Tom Scott.


(*My band “PsychoGello” will be  releasing a cover version of the song “Dark Horse” on our upcoming CD “Sounds From Another Planet” due later this year)



Sat 16 Nov 1974
(While Harrison sang these songs in concert, 10 other songs were performed by;

Shankar who played 7, Preston played 3 & Scott 1, songs at these shows)


Hari’s On Tour Express (instrumental)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Sue Me Sue You Blues
For You Blue

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

Sound Stage of Mind (Non-LP Instrumental)
In My Life
Māya Love
Dark Horse
What Is Life
My Sweet Lord


(I have a Vinyl “Bootleg” LP of one of these concerts from Largo, MD.)


>1975 -76: The Answer’s At The End <

Now at the end of his “EMI” contract Harrison releases his final LP for Apple ‘Extra Texture’ released in Sep 1975 & it did chart as high as #8 on the charts again with 2 singles for the album “You b/w World Of Stone” which rose to #20 in Nov ’75, followed by “This Guitar Can’t Keep from Crying b/w Maya Love”. Harrison appeared (along with New York Dolls & David Bowie) in the 1975 film “Night Lunch” about the Glam & Punk music scene.


At the end of the year Harrison started his long -time association with “Monty Python” cast, he appeared on “Rutland Weekend Television” on 26 Dec 75 with Eric Idle performing ”Pirate Song”. In Nov 1976 his ‘Best Of’ released to fill out his EMI contract (with 2 different covers) & rises to #31on the charts, in a then strange move, 1 side is his “Beatles” songs & the other side is his “Solo” songs, then reason being, based on the dismal sales of “Lennon” & “Starr” “Best Of” LPs, EMI did not want that to happen with  Harrison’s ‘Best of’, which failed to produce better sales result. This also launched the 2nd half of George’s solo career … more on that latter.


Stay Tuned on Sundays !


Catch my Music History Radio Show on WDGY 740am, 92.1fm & Streaming 103.7 “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show” Episode #5 was on George Harrison


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George Harrison
Apple Year

Bad Company: 1974 -1982

“Always On The Run”

>Bad Company: 1974 -1982<

PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show
Article 2-B August 2017

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0



This time round we’re going to cover one of De Dee’s favorite bands; BAD COMPANY.  A British Super-Group Managed by Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin’s Manager & on the L.Z. ‘Swan Song’ label, it’s rumored  they took their name from the (Oct) 1972 Jeff Bridges film “Bad Company”


The band was born out of 3 other British bands starting with the band ‘FREE’ who released 7 LPs from Mar 1969 to Jan 1973 when the band split, Vocalist Paul Bernard Rodgers (17 Dec 1949; Middlesbrough UK) & Drummer Simon Kirke (Simon Frederick St George Kirke (28 Jul 1949: London UK).

*Trivia Time: Tommy Bolin liked ‘FREE’ so much he frequently covered 2 of their songs “Walk In My Shadow” & “I’m A Mover”. Paul Stanley: KISS (& to a lesser extent Ace Frehley) sited ‘FREE’ Guitarist Paul Kossoff (1950 -1976) as one of his favorites, Frehley & Stanley together, recorded a cover of “Fire & Water” in 2016 & one of the few cover songs Paul Stanley jammed on with any regularity was “All Right Now”.
And with Guitarist Mick Ralphs (Michael Geoffrey Ralphs 31 Mar 1944; Herefordshire UK) from the band ‘Mott the Hoople’ who played on 7 LPs for the band from 1969-1973 , and with Bassist/ Vocalist “Boz” Raymond Burrell (1 Aug 1946:  Lincolnshire UK – 21 Sep 2006) from the band ‘King Crimson’ 1971 -1973 he toured with the band & played on1 LP in ’71.

>Turn On Your Light: 1974 -1975<

The 4 came together in Fall of ’73, to start recording their 1st LP & performed their 1st concert in Apr ’74. The band released 6 albums from 1974 to 1982 & 13 Single 45s with 3 Non-LP songs. beginning with ‘Bad Co.’ in Jun 1974, a #1 album on the Billboard Charts, most of the songs were written by Rodgers & or Ralphs. They released 2 singles ”Can’t Get Enough b/w Little Miss Fortune (Non-LP B-Side)” a #5 hit in Nov ’74, followed by the next 45 single “Movin On b/w Easy On My Soul (Non-LP B-Side)” a #19 hit in Mar ’75. Here is a set list from a show they performed in the Mid-west on the 1st album tour:


26 Aug 1974 Monday in Des Moines, Iowa @ Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium

Deal With The Preacher

Rock Steady
Little Miss Fortune

Ready For Love

Easy on My Soul

Don’t Let Me Down

Bad Company

Palace Of The King

Movin On

Can’t Get Enough

The Stealer
Oddly enough just like Grant’s other clients ‘Led Zeppelin’ there were almost no TV appearances, by this band, however they did make an appearance on: (video footage exists of this show) 


“Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert” (Season 2 Episode 4) Fall 1974 (29min)
Bad Company
Ready For Love
Little Miss Fortune (Non-LP B-Side)
Rock Steady

Can’t Get Enough

The Stealer (FREE)


The band’s 2nd LP ‘Straight Shooter’ is released in Apr 1975 a #3 album on the Billboard Charts with 6 of the songs being written again by Rodgers & or Ralphs, the other 2 were written by Kirke. They  release 2 singles “Good Lovin Gone Bad b/w Whiskey Bottle (Non-LP B-Side)” a #36 hit in May ’75, followed by one of their most well known songs; “Feel Like Makin Love b/w Little Miss Fortune” a #10 hit in Oct ’75. Strangely, one of their most famous songs (in my area of the country anyway), was not even a single, that being “Shooting Star”.

> Color OF The Sky, I’m Told: 1976 – 1977<
The band is on a roll with their first 2 LPS, however they are considerably more popular in the USA than in the UK, where they are from, their 3rd LP ‘Run With The Pack’ is released in Jan 1976 a #5 album on the Billboard Charts once again the main song writers are Rodgers & or Ralphs. They release the 45 Single; “Young Blood b/w Do Right By Your Woman”#20 hit in May ’76. In an unusual move the song they promote on TV is not even a single, in the summer of ’76 I saw a video montage of photos, to the song “Run With The Pack” on the TV Show “In Concert”, well it worked it got me to spend my hard earned allowance on this LP.


I vividly remember their 4th LP ‘Burnin Sky’ coming out in Mar 1977, as I lived in Jackson, MS. that summer of ’77 it seemed like the sky was burning, not doing as well as their other releases this one goes to #15 on the Billboard Charts, this LP has a major shift in song writing as Rodgers wrote most of the material on this album. About this same time Boz Burrell performs backing vocals on Ted Nugent’s album ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ recorded in Mar ’77.

>Painted Horses Riding Up & Down: 1979 -1982<

After a major tour the band takes 2 years off, something most artists dare not do at the time for fear of falling off the listener’s radar. Their 5th LP ‘Desolation Angels’ is released in Mar 1979 & ends up being their 2nd #3 album on the Billboard Charts this album is back to most of the songs being written by Rodgers & or Ralphs, however Burrell beings to contribute more to the song writing team with 2 contributions. The 45 Single “Rock N Roll Fantasy b/w Crazy Circles” hits #13 on the charts in Jun ’79.


The 6th & final LP ‘Rough Diamonds’ is released in Aug 1982 with the single “Electricland b/w Untie The Knot” & ends up being their lowest charting album at #26, for this final album from the original line-up, all 4 members contribute equally, I read an article at the time that stated “A fight erupted between Kirke & Rodgers, & Rogers being a black belt, came out on top” leading up the Rodgers leaving the band & releasing a Solo LP “Cut Loose” in Oct ’83.

Their Manager Peter Grant despised “Live” & “Compilation” releases therefore no “Live” albums were released during their hey-day in the 70s. However noteworthy are 4 CDs that were released a “Hits” collection ’10 From 6′ in Dec1985, & ‘Anthology’ in Mar 1999 with 6 B-Sides & Out-Takes & 4 New Tracks, eventually 2 “Live” CDs were released from the 70s heyday; ‘Albuquerque ’76’ (recorded 10 Mar 1976 in New  Mexico) 2 CDs @ 16 Tracks released in 2006, & later ‘In Concert 1977 & 1979’ (recorded on 23 May 1977 in Houston @ the Summit & 9 Mar 1979 in London @ Wembley& 29 Jun 1979 in Largo,DC @ Capitol Centre) 2 CDs @ 30 Tracks, released in 2016. I never got to see the “Original Bad Company, I did see “Version 2” with Brian Howe in 1989 & I saw Simon Kirke in Ringo’s “All-Starr Band” in Jul 2000 where he sang “All Right Now” & “Shooting Star”.  I also saw & met Rodgers Solo in 2002, & when I asked him to sign my “Run With The Pack” LP he said “For me, no thanks, I already have one” & handed it back.

*Be sure to tune into my Vinyl Radio on WDGY  740AM & 92.1FM & Streaming 103.7 Sunday mornings at 10am for my upcoming “Bad Company Show” featuring 1 song from each of Bad Company’s Vinyl Releases.

Don’t you know you are a shooting star …. MrZerr0

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BAD Co 74

Bad Company: 1974

Tommy Bolin’s ENERGY: 1972

Tommy Bolin’s Energy:

“Jazz Metal Fusion Blues” 1971 -1973

Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Radio Show (#2-B July- 2017)

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0

As August is approaching, it is time once again to honor my home town Hero Tommy R. Bolin (1 Aug 1951 – 4 Dec 1976) from 2740 Clark St. in Sioux City, Iowa. I remember hearing a Radio Show on Tommy Bolin in Aug ’86 on the local station KSEZ 97.9fm, where Tommy mentions that his favorite band that he was part of was ‘Energy’.
‘Energy’ well, they kind of, sound like Santana meets Pink Floyd, vastly varied, & very interesting music, however with no real commercial appeal, too soon for its time … (Pink Floyd fans would love this material). With the Guitar of Tommy Bolin & Drums of Bobby Berge (21 Jun 1948; Sioux Falls, SD) of ‘ZEPHYR’ & the Terry Kath (Chicago) style Vocals of Jeff Cook who also played Harmonica (April 1948; KS), Bolin & Cook played together in Denver in ‘American Standard’ in ’68, & the celestial Keyboard playing of Tommy Stephenson (21 Oct; Kansas City), Stephenson & Bolin met through Bolin’s long time friend John Bartle (also from Sioux City), & the rock bottom Bass lines of Stephenson’s Cousin Stanley Sheldon (15 Sep 1950; Ottwa KS). While this is the most well known line-up of the band the Original line-up was; Vocalist Gary Wilson (who was compared to James Brown in his stage performance) Bassist Kenny Passaerlli & Violinist Jeremy Steig & a later version had Max Gronenthal on Vocals & Keyboards.

BOBBY BERGE: “The first version of ‘ENERGY’ really was Tommy, myself, Jeremy Steig & Kenny Passerlli on Bass. Jeremy had an album on Capitol called ‘Energy’ & we backed him on that tour. I guess Tommy really liked the name so that’s what we came to be called, Jeremy (Steig) flat out says Tommy ripped off the name from him.”

‘Energy’ did not get a record deal back in ’72, however the Tommy Bolin Archives CD Label did release 5 CDs (NO Vinyl or Cassette) from 1996-2003 of the band’s music. Several of the songs ‘Energy’ wrote ended up being released through other bands Bolin ended up playing with, later on in his career. This is the track list for the CD that could have been the ‘Energy’ album back in 1972.
“Energy” CD 1999 Tommy Bolin Archives

“Red Skies”* (Vocal; Gary Wilson)  (released: James Gang: Miami ’74)



“Got No Time For Trouble” (released: James Gang: Bang ’73)

“Limits”* (Vocal by: Stephenson)

“Eyes Of Blue”

“Dreamer” (released: Tommy Bolin: Teaser ’75)

“Miss Christmas”

“Naked Edge” (from the Film “Break On Through”)

“Sky Sail”

Bobby Berge: “3 songs were recorded with (Vocalist) Gary Wilson at Jackson Sound* in Denver , Winter ’72 & the other 6 were with Cook at Western Cine Studios in Summer ’72 & the last one was a film soundtrack”


Back in the “olden days” there were radio shows that would broadcast live performances of bands, when they first released a record or on a big tour, sometimes when they were only starting out. TBA released a 2 CD set of 2 such radio broadcasts of the band, 1 from April & the other from October. Here is the set list for the October Show:

‘Radio Broadcasts’ CD 1998 TBA
KFML fm in Denver, CO.
October 1972 Set-list (Disc 2B)

Hok-O-Hey (Bolin)

Checkin Up On My Baby (Sonny Boy Williamson)

Loop Garoo (Dr. John)

Lady Luck (released: Deep Purple: Come Taste The Band ’75)

Dreamer (Teaser ’75)

Whiskey Headed Blues (Sonny boy Williamson)

Meat Shakin On Your Bones (Blind Boy Fuller)

Messin With The Kid (Junior Wells)

Boogie Chillin (John Lee Hooker)


There is a long time fan who now owns Bolin’s Original touring gear, used up until Dec ’76 on Tommy’s Hi Watt Amp Head stenciled in gold spray paint it says “Energy” a testament to Bolin’s love for this band, on the front of the head in white letters “The Kid” (some argue this is where Prince took the name for the character in “Purple Rain”) he played a “coffee brown” strat with a maple tele neck created by long time roadie Dave Brown. Bolin & Berge left ‘Zephyr’ in May ’71 & by  November ’71, the original ‘Energy’ were opening for such acts as; John Lee Hooker, Albert King, Chuck Berry, Big Mama Thorton, Sugarcane Harris, It’s A Beautiful Day, King Crimson, Ten Years After, Mason Profit & Zero Ted, in fact my Dentist Dr. Ballard saw ‘Energy’ at USD at Lacotah Hall in ’72 ! Tommy Bolin Archives (CDs Only) released a “Live” taken from 2 such concerts.

‘Energy Live ’72’ CD 2003 TBA

Taken from 2 concerts; Tulagi, Boulder CO. 1972 & Sioux City, IA. in Dec 1972 at Rooftop Ballroom.

Rock Me Baby

Country Stomp

Gimme Some

Berge’s Drum Solo

Ostinada (J.C. Carrero)

I’m A Mover (Free: Rodgers- Fraser, they also covered “Walkin My Shadow” by: FREE)

Down Stretch (Jan Hammer from Jeremy Steig’s album “Energy”)


Prelude- Red Skies with Tommy Bolin on Vocals !!!


Bolin’s Guitar Solo


There is one out-take not on this CD, the song “Free Spirit” written by: Bolin- Cook

Johnnie Bolin: “I’ll never forget the address of The Rooftop. I was playing in group called ‘SAILING’. My brother was billed as ‘TOM BOLIN & ENERGY’ You know in the summer it was hotter than hell & in the winter it was colder than…but you know people came and no matter what they stayed, whether they were sweating or freezing they stayed for the bands”

‘Energy’ was together from roughly Fall ’71 to Spring ’73, although by this time Stephenson had left for Joe Walsh’s ‘Barnstorm’ & was replaced by native Nebraskan Max Carl Gronenthal (29 Jan 1950: who would later rejoin Bolin in ’76) & Bolin himself dissolved the band when he was asked to play on former Mahavishnu Orchestra Drummer Billy Cobham’s 1973 album ‘Spectrum’ in May ’73. Strangely, all of the members of the band found fame in their next projects…


The Break-Up:

Tommy Bolin went to ‘James Gang’ Aug ’73 to Aug ’74 for 2 Albums

Stanley Sheldon: Peter Frampton 1976 -80 for 3 Albums

Tom Stephenson: Barnstorm/Joe Walsh: ’73 for 2 Albums

Bobby Berge: Buddy Miles Express ’75 -76 for 2 Albums

Jeff Cook; Capricorn Records Label VP

After ‘James Gang’ Tommy would try to re-form ‘Energy’ with Berge, Cook, Sheldon & Russell Bizet on Drums & Archie Shelby on Percussion & Vocals (both also from Sioux City), throughout the end of ’74. TBA released a 2 CD set ‘Live Ebbets Field 1974’  CD 1996 TBA, as well as another 2 CD set of 2 & 1/2 hours of Studio Jams from Bolin, Sheldon & Berge held at the Glen Holly Studios in Hollywood, CA. titled  ‘After Hours’ CD 2002 TBA, but alas ‘Energy’ was just not meant to be & never got off the ground, however these songs & sessions did lead to Bolin’s 1st Solo LP ‘Teaser’ released in Fall of ’75. Bolin & Stephenson were united briefly in early ’75 when the 2 recorded (ghost) sessions on 6 songs for the Canadian band ‘MOXY’s 1st album, shortly before Bolin was asked to join ‘Deep Purple’.

Ending on a good note; 3 Members of ENERGY: Jeff Cook, Bobby Berge & Stanley Sheldon will be re-uniting @ The Annual Tommy Bolin-Fest in Sioux City, Iowa @ The Icky Nickel on Sat 5 Aug 2017 @ 7pm, performing many of the songs of ‘Energy’ Dean Christopher (a Bolin impersonator from NYC) will be filling in for Bolin. Be sure to tune in to my Bi-Weekly Radio Show “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show” on WDGY 740am &  92.1fm & Streaming on 103.7, this week’s Show will cover 6 phases of Tommy Bolin’s Career.

See you on the other side …. MrZerr0


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Energy 1972

Berge, Cook, Bolin, Sheldon & Stephenson



MONKEES Albums: 1966 -70

Monkees Albums: 1966 -70

BUZZ Newspaper Article June 2017 (#75-mA)

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0

In May of this year I was lucky enough to get my own Radio Show “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Radio Show” (Bi-Weekly) on WDGY 740 AM & 92.1 FM & Streaming 103.7 starting Sun 18 Jun 2017 @ 10am, I will be play a half hour of music from my favorite bands & providing a little history on them throughout the show. For my very 1st show I thought I would cover the band dearest to me “The Monkees” the point of my new radio show is to play my favorite track from each of the albums the released, or sometimes from a certain period of their career, but definitely songs that do NOT get played on the usual radio stations, to give the listener a chance to experience other songs by an artist they are not that familiar with. Enjoy …

> 1966 <

‘(Meet) The Monkees: (first LP)’ released in Oct ’66 & hit #1 on the Billboard Charts. I chose “Saturday’s Child” a great song written by: David Gates of ‘BREAD’ sung by: Dolenz this is one of the very first songs recorded by the group. This song was also covered by ‘Herman’s Hermit’s in Feb 1967. This album & the next 5 “Original” Albums were released in “Mono” with slightly different mixes.
> 1967 <

‘More Of’ released in Jan ’67 & a 2nd #1 on the charts for the group, this LP is more or less of a hodge-podge  of songs collected by Musical Supervisor Don Kirsnher (1934-2011) in an effort to cover all the bases. I chose “Look Out (here comes tomorrow)” 1 of 5 Neil Diamond compositions recorded by the band, sung by: Jones, Note: there is a version with Tork on the bridge, not released on Vinyl.

‘Headquarters’ their 3rd #1 LP on the charts, released in May ’67. The first album performed primarily by only the 4 members of the group, I chose “You Told Me” written & sung By: Nesmith, with a nod to The Beatles: “Taxman”, Nesmith wrote & recorded some 46 songs for the band (although about half went unreleased while the band was together).


‘Live ’67’ released in Jul 1987 for The Monkees’ 20th Anniversary Tour, (this was the very first album I had the band sign for me). I chose “(I’m not your) SteppinStone” a real live jam for the group, sung by: Dolenz, (a #20 hit on the charts in Nov ’66). ‘Live’ though not an original album from the 60s, the producer of the radio show wanted me to play a live track, to prove the band did play their own music in concert, while they are not the best live band, you can compare, this recording to the “Beatles Live in Japan 1966” and see that the 2 bands, live are relatively close in a concert setting. The track was performed in Seattle in Aug ’67


‘Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.’ released  in  Nov ’67 is the 4th & final #1 album on the charts, for the band, I chose one of my all time favorites recordings of all time; “Words” by: Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart (who wrote 26 songs for the band & has at least 1 song on every single LP) sung By; Dolenz & Tork a hit #11 on the Billboard charts in Jul ’67 this is the last album consisting of mainly only the 4 members of the band.
> 1968 <

‘Birds, Bees’ released in Apr ’68, is their first LP not to hit the #1 spot, coming in at #3, despite having 3 Top 40 songs on this LP. I chose “The Poster” written & sung By: David Jones, (who wrote 16 songs for the band, though only half were released in the 60s) this was his own version of “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite” By: The Beatles. This was the last album mixed in Mono therefore the rarest of the 5 Mono versions.


‘Head (soundtrack)’ released in Dec ’68 (a month after the film) & only rises to  #50 on the charts, not bad for a soundtrack with only 7 songs by the band & dialog & sound effects from the film (a popular trend for soundtrack records in 1968) I chose “Circle Sky” written & sung By Nesmith, this is the studio version is used on the LP, (but a “Live’ version is used in the film) At the conclusion of their first & only TV Special “33 1/3 RPMs” in Dec ’68 Tork leaves the group.
> 1969 <

‘Instant Replay’ the first LP as a “Trio” is released in Feb ’69 & reaches #32 on the charts, I chose “You & I” sung & written by: David Jones with Bill Chadwick (who wrote 10 songs for the band) with Lead Guitar By: Neil Young who had left the ‘Buffalo Springfield’ a few months earlier. For some reason the head of the music division at RCA decided that releasing songs that had been recorded years earlier was the way to go, so this LP contains half new material & the other half is older material.


‘Present’ the final album as a “Trio” is released in Oct ’69 & hits #100 on the charts. I chose “Oklahoma Backroom Dancer” By: Michael Martin Murphy (of the song “Wildfire”) sung by Nesmith. In Nov ’69 while on tour, Nesmith announced he would be leaving the group & did so in Apr ’70

> 1970 <

‘Changes’ the first & only album by the “Duo” is released in Jun ’70, initially it did not chart, later upon it’s re-release in 1986 hit #152 on the charts. I chose “Tell Me Love” written by Jeff Barry & sung by Dolenz, a rather down beat song to reflect the end of an era.

So there you have it folks, 1 song from every single MONKEES LP 1966- 70. Catch me next time when I cover “KISS: Alive” to promote our KISSin Time (Tribute) shows on 24 June @ Neisen’s in Savage & 13 July for Rock-Fest in Cadott, WI.

Signing Off … MrZerr0


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Year #5 Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Radio Show

Mr. Zero’s 55113 “PsychoGello Radio Show”: In Year #5
BUZZ Newspaper Article May-Jun 2017 (#74-pG5)

By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZerr0

In Oct 2012 DJ Liberty Finch asked me (MrZerr0) to guest on her Radio Show “The Pop Shop” KFAI 90.3 FM & 106.7 AM with herself & DJ Izzy. Well last month (April 2017) for Mr. Zero’s 55113 (Records & Games Shop) 8th Anniversary, I hosted my 5th Years Appearance. So here’s what I played & why ….

  1. “Nerd Is The Word” By: PsychoGello

This is my own 60s Cover Band with a few originals tossed in for fun. Every year for the past 8 years Mr. Zero’s 55113 gets a local band to record a new theme song for the Shop. This year My Band recorded one!

Written By: RLSchwinden recorded in Oct 2016 & released in Jan 2017 Rikka Serro: Lead Vocals & Double Rhythm Guitars, Terrance S. Bass & Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals, & Paul on Drums.


  1. “Mr. Zero” Keith Relf- Yardbirds
    A Solo 45 Single b/w “Knowing” released in May1966 on Columbia Records, while Relf was still in the band. This song charted in UK at #50. Relf (1943-1976),the Lead Vocalist, died by electrocution in his basement playing electric guitar which was not properly grounded. This was the 1st theme song we used back in 2009. Local St. Paul band ‘Jesus Chrysler’ recorded the 1st “Original” Theme song in 2010.


  1. “Alice Long” Boyce & Hart

A&M 45 Single b/w P.O.Box 9847 (a Monkees Cover) hit #27 in Aug ’68 from ‘It’s All Happening’ many baby girls were named “Alison” because their parents thought that’s what they were hearing vs “Alice Long” My friend Joann heard this song & commented “My favorite girlfriend, how about my ONLY girlfriend”


  1. “A Certain Girl” Yardbirds w/ Eric Clapton
    This song was the flipside to “I Wish You Would” from the LP ‘For Your Love’ released in May 1964 on Epic Records. The YARDBIRDS produced 3 famous Guitarists: Eric Clapton: 1963-65 & Jeff Beck: 1965 -66 & Jimmy Page: 1966 -68.
  2. “Love To Love” The Monkees

Recorded in Jan ’67, this is the 1969 re-mix version, & 1 of 5 Neil Diamond compositions “I’m A Believer” “Little Bit Me, Little Bit You” “Look Out” & “Black & Blue” from the LP ‘Monkee Business’ 1982 Rhino Records. De Dee & I just saw Dolenz & Tork a couple weeks ago.


  1. “I Me Mine” The Beatles

From the CD “Let It Be; Naked” released in Nov 2003, this is the very last song recorded by The Beatles in Jan ’70 without John Lennon as he had privately quit the band nearly a year earlier. This is also the title of Harrison’s Book.


  1. “Fire Brigade” The Move
    Written by: Roy Wood from 1967 on Regal Zonophone Records. This band contained: Roy Wood, Bev Bevan & Ace Kefford. Paul Stanley of KISS got his inspiration for his song “Firehouse” from this song. The MOVE eventually evolved into ‘ELO’.


  1. “Love Her All I Can” Wicked Lester- KISS

An unreleased recording from Paul & Gene’s 1972 band ‘Wicked Lester’ this song was re-recorded in ’75 for KISS’ 3rd LP ‘Dressed To Kill’ In my KISS Tribute (KISSin Time: St. Cloud) band I introduce this song: “This goes out to my future ex-girlfriend” You can catch us live 10 Jun 2017 Sat @ LEE’s in MPLS. Paul Stanley wrote this one based off of “Open My Eyes” by: The NAZZ.


  1. “Rebel Rebel” Bay City Rollers

From 1978 on Arista Records from the LP ‘It’s A Game’ this is where I 1st heard this song on Sat. Morning TV. There was a girl in Jr High I had a crush on (B.A.) who liked this band at the time, so I used to watch their show to see what they about.


  1. “You Got Me Floatin” Joan Jett

This was the 1st Joan Jett record I worked when I started in the Record Biz (RecordShop W. DSM, IA.), back in ’86, this was her 1st LP on CBS records, like a lot of Joan’s material this is a cover, by; Jimi Hendrix from 1968.


  1. “The Core” Eric Clapton & Marcy Levy

Now this one, I was just turned onto by (my GF) De Dee from Nov 1977 on RSO Records. I love the riff in this song & the duel Lead Vocals. If I heard this one before, I do not remember it.


  1. “Jezabel” Herman’s Hermits

From Feb 1967 on the LP ‘There’s A Kind Of Hush’ on MGM Records, this is a cover of the 1951 song by: Frankie Lanie, I picked up this LP because it has a Boyce & Hart song on there “If You’re Thinking” & The Monkees cover “Saturday’s Child”, I met 3 of the original 5 Hermits back in the 90s.


  1. “Your Body Not Your Soul” Cuby & the Buzzards

This band is from the Netherlands from the Decca single in 1966. I just love the guitar sound in it.


  1. “I Can Only Give You Everything” Van Morrison- THEM

Released in 1966 from the LP ’Them Again’ on Decca. Morrison being from Belfast, Ireland, somehow he is now re-classified as “Americana” along with Neil Young (Canadian) Elvis Costello (Irish), who decides this “non-Sense”? I 1st heard this song by the ‘MC5’


  1. “Question Of Temperature” Balloon Farm

From Oct ’67 on Laurie Records this song hit #34 on the charts. Mike Appel was in this band & wrote this song & then went on to be a song writer for The Partridge Family TV Show.  This one I played for my buddy Franco (MGR), who constantly refers to me as “The Balloon Man”


  1. “Double Yellow Line” Music Machine

Late last year I bought an LP in a customer’s collection, thinking it was this band … it wasn’t, however it just happened to be the album, De Dee (my GF) was looking for, & so it worked out after all, released in Apr 1967 on Original Sound Records.


  1. “Love Hate Revenge” Episode 6

Released in 1967 on Pye Records, just  2 years later the Singer Ian Gillian & the Bass player Roger Glover would join ‘Deep Purple’ making DP Mk2: 3/5 Deep Purple & 2/5 Episode 6.

  1. “14 Hour Technicolor Dream” The Syn

Released on Deram Records from 1967 ‘The Syn’ features 2 future members of ‘YES’ Bassist: Chris Squire & Guitarist: Peter Banks who formed ‘YES’ only a year later. At the same time future ‘YES’ Guitarist Steve Howe was in the band  ‘Tomorrow’ & had a hit with “My White Bicycle” I met  Squire & Anderson in Nov ’02, Squire signed his Solo LP for me, awesome.


  1. “Mid-Summer’s Night Scene” John’s Children

Since we opened Mr. Zero’s in 2009, every single day we get requests for “T-Rex” well, here is his origins from 1967 on Track Records this song is written by: Marc Bolan (1947-1977) the guitarist is this band.


  1. “Stoned Is” Listening

From Folk Label Vanguard in 1968, this band hails from Boston, Walter Powers went on to be the Bass Player in ’Velvet Underground’ from 1970 -72 & their Guitarist formed the ‘Peter Malick Group’ which was Norah Jones, 1st gig.


  1. “Life Is Hard Enough Without Goodbyes” Osmond Bros.

From ‘Crazy Horses’ one of my Top 10 favorite Albums of all time, released in 1972 on MGM Records. In Mar 2001, I saw the ‘Osmonds’ & Wayne made a joke about taking requests, after the show I said to Wayne “My request is “Life Is Hard Enough Without Goodbyes” Osmond responded “Oh, you remember that one do you?” That night I got 3 of the 5 to sign my LP & in Jul ’05 I was able to get the other 2 to sign my LP, mission accomplished.


  1. “Mandocello” Cheap Trick

I love this band, but not for their hits. This song is from their 1st LP in 1977 on Epic Records the song is named after unusual instrument it was recorded with. Zander’s voice is fantastic in his delivery. I 1st met the band in Omaha in Jul ’94. I found 3 of them to be sarcastically funny, except the drummer Carols, he was just Very Quiet.


  1. “Dreamer” Energy- Tommy Bolin

This band had 4 members that went onto bigger and better things beginning with Bolin in Deep Purple, this original recording from the then: un-released LP recorded in 1972 ‘Energy: featuring Tommy Bolin’ the  CD was released on the Tommy Bolin Archives Series in 2000. Unbelievably at this year’s annual “Tommy Bolin Fest” on  Sat 5 Aug 2017 in Sioux City, Iowa, 3 of the 5 members of ‘ENERGY’ : Jeff Cook, Stanley Sheldon (Peter Frampton Band) & Bobby Berge (Buddy Miles Express) will re-unite 1st time since 1996 hopefully they can get the 4th member Tom Stephenson (Barnstorm)  to attend. I know I will be there. This song was re-recorded by: Bolin & Glenn Hughes for Bolin’s 1st Solo  LP ‘Teaser’ released in 1975.


  1. “Hello Again” Tommy Bolin

Being from Sioux City & Bolin being from 2740 Clark St. the  Northside of Sioux City: born 1 Aug 1951 (4 Dec 1976: Miami) I can’t, not play a Tommy R. Bolin song from the 1976 Columbia LP ‘Private Eyes’ which is Certified Gold. A beautiful ballad most likely written for his long time girlfriend Karen U.


  1. “Moonlight Mile” Rolling Stones

My buddy Perry took me to see the ‘Stones’ in Jun ’15 & I got to see them do this song live from 1971’s ‘Sticky Fingers’ it was a moving experience, to say the least.

  1. Alphonese Mouzons’ ‘Morning Sun’
    During the breaks we played this CD from 1981 as incidental music. My friend Alphonse passed was on Christmas Day last year. R.I.P. Alphonse (Nov 1948 -Dec 2016).

So there you have my 5th Annual Radio Show …. you can listen to previous broadcasts on KFAI.Org under “The Pop Shop” link. A Huge Thank You to DJ Izzy ! Until then …. RLS

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LED Zeppelin: 1968 -1980

“Heavy Air”

Led Zeppelin: 1968 – 1980

“BUZZ” Newspaper Article (#73-Lz) April- May 2017

By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZerr0

Back in the day, when I was going to West High (Wolverines) in Sioux City, Iowa, Disco & The Bee Gees, were all the rage in 1978 -79, now me, myself, I hated that stuff, I was digging a band my Aunt Cat turned me onto “LED ZEPPELIN” with songs like “Out On The Tiles” “D’yer Mak’er” “Immigrant Song” “Four Sticks” “No Quarter” “Misty Mountain Hop” “Bring It On Home” & most of my friends could not understand why I was listening to this kind of music, that their older brothers & sisters liked. Now I have been collecting records since 1969 &  started in the music business in 1982 & started in the record business in 1986 & have owned my own recordshop (Mr. Zero’s) for the last 8 years so for my 6th anniversary of writing this particular article I thought I would cover by far the most popular band of all time … LED ZEPPELIN, a close 2nd would be PINK FLOYD & 3rd The BEATLES, now bear in mind, I did not decide this, it is 29 years of Customer requests that decided this factor …


>Think About It: 1968 <

This story starts when Session Guitarist Jimmy Page: (James Patrick Page: 9 Jan 1944; Middlesex, England) & Session Musician; John Paul Jones: (John Richard Baldwin: 3 Jan 1946; Kent England) recorded “Beck’s Bolero” with Jeff Beck & Keith Moon in May ’66. Page then joins ‘The YARDBIRDS’ in Jun ‘66 & records the LP ‘Little Games’ released in July 1967 with the 5 Singles “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago b/w Psycho Daisies” in Oct ’66 ”Little Games b/w Puzzles” in Mar ’67 “Ha Ha Said The Clown b/w Tinker Taylor Solder Sailor” in Jul ’67 “Ten Little Indians b/w Drinking Muddy Water” in Oct ’67 & “Goodnight Sweet Josephine b/w Think About It” in Mar ’68. Page gets the idea to form a “Super Group” with himself, Jeff Beck with Entwistle & Moon; to which Moon recommends the name “Lead Zeppelin” & Entwistle comments to the effect “This would take off like a Lead Balloon”


> New Yardbirds: 1968 <

The “Original” Yardbirds dis-banded in Jul ’68 leaving Page in control of the name “Yardbirds” originally Page wanted Singer Terry Reid (13 Nov 1949 UK), to be the new vocalist of the band, however Reid declined for a solo career, Reid however did recommend the singer from ‘Hobstweedle’ one Robert Plant: (Robert Anthony Plant: 20 Aug 1948; Staffordshire, England), Plant brought along his old drummer from ‘Band Of Joy’ John Bonham: (John Henry “Bonzo” Bonham; 31 May 1948: Worchestershire, England -25 Sep 1980 Berkshire), both joined in Aug ’68 with John-Paul Jones on Bass. Page took his new band out on tour to fill 9 concert dates in Scandinavia in Sep ’68 as the “New Yardbirds”. Then page received a cease and desist order from Guitarist Chris Dreja. The bands manage Peter Grant (Peter James Grant: 5 April 1935; London – 21 Nov 1995) for the past 2 years suggested they now use the name ‘Led Zeppelin’ replacing “Led” for “Lead” as to avoid miss-pronunciation.

> Lead Balloon: 1968 -69 <

The band’s 1st LP “LZ1” (Hindenburg) was released on 12 Jan 1969 with the 45 Single “Good Times Bad Times b/w Communication Breakdown” this LP contains 4 Cover Songs: “Dazed & Confused” “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” “I Can’t Quit You Baby” & “You Shook Me”, the band appear on Danish TV BYEN sometime in 1969 for 32min performing 4 songs from “LZ1” @ Gladsaxe Teen Club.

The band’s 2nd LP “LZ2” (group photo) is released on 22 Oct 1969, the very 1st pressings are mixed by; Robert Ludwig & can be identified by a tiny little “RL” in the run-off groove, these pressings are very rare & Very sought after. This LP contains the cover songs: “Lemon Song” “Bring I ton Home” & “Whole Lotta Love”.  The 45 single “Whole Lotta Love b/w Living Loving Maid” is the band’s highest charting song at #4 on the Billboard Charts in Jan ’70. The band make their (for all intensive purposes) last TV appearance on “Beat Club” on 28 Mar 1970 performing “You Shook Me” & “Whole Lotta Love”, later, on 16 Sep 1970, Plant & Bonham are interviewed on the “Nation Wide” TV Show. Manager Grant decided the concert venue is the way for his band to get optimum exposure; the band performs roughly 530 concerts from 4 Oct 1968 to 7 Jul 1980. Led Zeppelin’s 1st Minn. appearance is on:

18 May 1969 Sunday Guthrie Theatre:
Train Kept A-Rollin’
I Can’t Quit You Baby
Dazed & Confused
As Long As I Have You
Killing Floor
White Summer/Black Mountain Side
Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You
You Shook Me
How Many More Times
Communication Breakdown
Moby Dick

> What Can I Do: 1970 <
   The band’s 3rd LP “LZ3” (pinwheel) is released on 5 Oct 1970, with the single “Immigrant Song b/w Hey What Can I Do”, the bands only “Non-LP Song” this song their 3rd highest charting 45 hits #16 on the charts in Jan ’71. This LP finds the band moving in a new “Folk” direction, & is one of my personal favorites. This LP contains the cover songs; “Hats Off To Roy Harper” & “Gallow’s Pole”. Their 2nd Minn. appearance is on;
12 April 1970 Sunday Met Center Bloomington
We’re Gonna Groove
Dazed & Confused
Bring It On Home
White Summer/Black Mountain Side
Since I’ve Been Loving You
Thank You
Jones’ Organ Solo)
What Is & What Should Never Be
Moby Dick
How Many More Times
Whole Lotta Love

> Not A Hit Single: 1971 <
   The band’s 4th LP has no number, but instead has “Four Symbols” one for each member of the band, is released on 8 Nov 1971 with the single “Black Dog b/w Misty Mountain Hop” which is the band’s 2nd highest charting single at #15 in Feb ’72 in another 1st for the band a 2nd single off the same LP is released; “Rock & Roll b/w Four Sticks”, ironically, their most famous song “Stairway To Heaven”, is on this LP & was Never a single therefore it was Never a Hit on The Billboard Charts however it does hold the distinction of one of the biggest FM Radio Tracks of all time & being based on the ‘SPIRIT’ song “Taurus” from Jan ’68. This LP contains, by far my favorite “LZ” song “Battle Of Evermore” written from the book “Lord Of The Rings” with the 1st & only outside guest artist, ‘Fairport Convention’ singer Sandy Denny (1947 -1978; UK) singing opposite of Plant, in concert Jones performed Denny’ part.

> Take You To The Movies: 1973 <
   The band’s 5th LP ‘Houses Of The Holy’ is released on 28 Mar 1973, with the single “Over The Hills & Far Away b/w Dancin Days” once again releasing a 2nd single from the same LP,”D’yer Mak’er b/w The Crunge” is released in Dec ’73 & hits #20 on the charts, the band’s 4th highest charting single ever. Strangely the title track is left off of this release & will be saved for the following LP.  The band’s 3rd Minn. Appearance is on:


9 Jul 1973 Monday St. Paul Civic Center:
Rock and Roll
Celebration Day
Black Dog
Over The Hills & Far Away
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I’ve Been Loving You
No Quarter
Song Remains The Same
Rain Song
Dazed and Confused
Stairway To Heaven
Moby Dick
Whole Lotta Love
Communication Breakdown

> Swan Song: 1975 <

The band took some time off & opened their own Record Label “Swan Song” (with the image of Robert Plant as a Pegasus for the label) ‘Physical Graffiti’ their 1st double LP, is released on 24 Feb 1975 with 7 out-takes from: 1970 -73 & 8 new tracks with the cover song “Boogie With Stu” the single from this LP is “Trampled Under Foot b/w Black Country Woman “ which hits #38 on the charts in May ’75. From early on Manager Grant struck a deal that the band could have the most extravagant covers & the label would cover the cost, this one is no exception, a die-cut cover with a 6 page inner sleeve.  Since the band has been away for over a year, Plant does an interview on the TV Show “Midnight Special” on 14 Nov 1975. The band’s 4th Minn. appearance was on:

18 Jan 1975 Friday Met Center Bloomington:
Rock and Roll
Sick Again
Over The Hills & Far Away
When the Levee Breaks

Song Remains the Same
Rain Song
No Quarter
Trampled Under Foot
Moby Dick
Stairway To Heaven
Whole Lotta Love
Black Dog

> When We Last Return Again: 1976 <

The band’s 7th LP (& my personal favorite) ‘Presence’ is released on 31 Mar 1976, it is the 1st Led Zeppelin album to contain No Cover songs, there was one out-take “10 Ribs & All-Carrot Pod” the single released from the LP is “Candy Store Rock b/w Royal Orleans” to promote this LP there was an actual “The Object” made & sent out to promoters, Radio Stations & Recordshops, & as far as I know the 1st Promo-Video made for a “LZ” song is aired on the TV Show “Whistle Test” on 17 Jan 1976 , the song “Achilles Last Stand”. An interesting & little know fact while this LP was being recorded, Deep Purple’s ‘Come Taste The Band’ was also being recorded at the same time in the same studio &  Plant & Tommy Bolin (1951-1976) put together a Pub-band performing old stands in the area of W. Germany & Switzerland to pass their time in Europe.


Deciding not to tour in ’76 the band release tier 1st “Live” album ‘Song Remains The Same’  is released on 22 Oct 1976, (But recorded on 27-29 July 1973 in NYC @ Madison Square Garden) now this LP is essential to the fans, for the simple fact of how vastly different the band played their music live vs. their studio recorded versions. This title also saw a Theatrical Film Release (also on VHS & then DVD) containing 5 songs NOT on the LP, however the album contained 1 song Not found in the Film & 2 songs  in the film were shorter versions . The band makes its 5th & then their final appearances in Minn. on;


12 April 1977 Tuesday Met Center Bloomington

13 April 1977 Wednesday  St. Paul Civic Center:
Song Remains the Same
Sick Again
Nobody’s Fault But Mine
In My Time Of Dying
Since I’ve Been Loving You
No Quarter
Ten Years Gone
Battle Of Evermore
Going To California
Black Country Woman
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
White Summer/Black Mountain Side
Moby Dick
Page’s Guitar Solo
Achilles Last Stand
Stairway to Heaven
Rock and Roll
Black Dog
Trampled Under Foot


> In Seconds Of Release: 1979 <

After a 2 year sabbatical, the band return with a new LP,  ‘In Through The Out Door’ is released on 15 Aug 1979 with their 5th highest charting single “Fool In The Rain b/w Hot Dog “ which reaches #21 in Feb ’80. However due to Bonham’s struggle with alcoholism & Page’s heroin addiction, this final studio LP is primarily a Jones & Plant album (evidence to this can be heard on Plant’s 1st solo effort in Jun ’82). In another cool LP cover event, this particular album has 6 different covers, concealed in a brown paper bag (a view of the perspective of each person pictured in the bar) some covers were only sent to certain areas of the country, ex. New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver & Minneapolis all received different amounts of certain covers, which were identified by the letters A-F on the spine of the LP & a colored dot on the outside of the brown paper bag, the inside sleeve was-is a water color art like a children’s book. The last concert for Led Zeppelin was on 7 July 1980 in W. Germany, as John Bonham choked on his own vomit in his sleep on early on Thurs. 25 Sep 1980. The band held a press conference in Dec ’80 to announce they would no longer continue as a band.

The final original release from the band is ‘Coda’ on 19 Nov 1982, however this is essentially a “Contractual Obligation” record to fulfill their record contract to Atlantic & pay on their Tax debts, it contains 3 songs from ’70 & ’78 & 1 each from ’72 & ’76 including 2 cover songs “We’re Gonna Groove” & “I Can’t Quit You Baby”

So there it was … The Legend that Is LED ZEPPELIN.

Celebrating my 6th year of writing this Column for “BUZZ” & 8 years of Mr. Zero’s 55113 on 14 April.

Tune into my Guest DJ Spot on the KFAI 90.3 FM & 106.7AM Radio Show “The Pop-Shop” Thurs 20 April 2017 from 10- Midnight.

See you on the other side …. MrZerr0

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BUZZ Article #73
6th Anniversary