SlipKnot; DSM: 515.666.7448

“The Heretic Anthem”
SlipKnot: Des Moines, Iowa: 515- 666 -7448
“BUZZ” Newspaper Article: Jun- Jul 2015 (#47-sK)

While I was born in Sioux City, IA. in the 60s (home of Tommy Bolin), went to Jr. High in Jackson, MS. in the 70s (home of Tommy Aldridge), right out of High School I moved to Phoenix in the 80s (home of Stevie Nicks), I worked for 3 major CD Store Chains in Des Moines, Iowa from 1985- 1999; the Home of ‘Slipknot’

I have told this story a 1000 times, so I thought it’s time I write about it … This My recollection of the events that lead up to, the formation of one of the most popular bands in the entire world. Please bare with me as it’s a little jumbled & skips around a bit, because that is how intertwined the Music Scene was in Des Moines, back then …

> Scepter to Black Diamond: 1985<
I moved to Des Moines, Fall of ’83, after I was staying Shakopee, just after, having moved from Bemidji. I was on tour with ‘High Fever’ (Pat, Frank, Rodney & Kurt) who reign from McAlester, OK. in 1983, I quit because “Road Life” did not agree with me, specifically the “Alcohol & Drugs” & lack of regular food & sleep. My plan was to hookup with my friend’s “Strat” (Brett Rogers: 1965) & Kelly’s band in Des Moines, but by the time I got there they had broken up.

I did manage to join a local band ‘Scepter’ in Summer ’85 with Guitarist John T, Vocalist Mike Allen (11 Aug 1967) & Drummer Tony (Shannon) Post (1967). John left in 1986 & The Drummer Tony & I formed an “Early KISS Tribute Band” called ‘Black Diamond’ with Bob Tyler (as Gene) playing mostly songs off of KISS’ 1st & 2nd LPs (Much like I do today, 30 years later in ‘KISSin Time’).

While we were running ads for a guitarist to play ‘ACE’ My Ex. Girlfriend Cathy, found one Ryan Thorton, (This is really where this story begins) Ryan was fantastic & thought Tony was a great Drummer, but he did not care much for my lack of ability.

One day Ryan brought in some musicians he knew from before; Vocalist: Matt Biegger & his cousin a Bassist:Doran Lindsey. Tony & I jammed with the other 3; Ryan, Matt & Doran a few times in the Summer ’86, before they decided I needed to be replaced with a better guitar player & they wanted Biegger to sing full time & not trade off Lead Vocals with me. I lost track of those guys as I started jamming with some other local musicians, until dropped out of the scene all together in Winter of ’88.

> Atomic Opera: 1991<
The 1st member of ‘SlipKnot’ I met was Jim Root (2 Oct 1971 Las Vegas), in the summer of 1987, I was the Asst. Mgr. of ‘RecordShop’ @ Valley West Mall & Jim used to come in & buy ‘Iron Maiden’ & ‘Yngwie Malmsteen’ Cassettes (as I recall). I heard he was a great guitarist so I sized him up & approached him one day; Me “Say, were looking for a new ACE in my KISS tribute band, wondering if you’re interested in trying out?” as I recall Jim said something to the effect of: “KISS music is beneath me, & I would never wear makeup”.

Back then I used to buy most of my ’60s Gibson Guitars from Paul Wilson’s (who is the transcriber for Christopher Parkening’s TAB books) ‘Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe’ in Urbandale, 1 of the guys who used to work there was a friend of mine; Jared H. (& then eventually Mick Thompson worked there too) who was good friends with Jim Root, it was here about, ’92 or so, I found out Root was in ‘Atomic Opera’ with none other than; Matt Biegger & Doran Lindsey & another ‘Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe’ Instructor; Michael Curry (1 Jun 1965) from Santa Monica, CA. who was also a friend of mine. When Jared left “Ye Olde” about ’94 his replacement was none other than Mick Thompson (1973 Iowa) #7, I used to by vintage guitar parts from Mick @ “Ye Olde”.

However by this time Post had been replaced by Drummer Danny Spain (5 Mar 1969: DSM), who happened to be a friend, of my friend Aaron H. I am not sure as to when Thorton dropped out of the band. I 1st saw ‘Atomic Opera’ at the Botanical Center in Des Moines, the Lineup was; Biegger, Lindsey, Curry, Root & Spain, they were phenomenal, to my memory it was roughly the melding of the music of ‘Metallica’ with the Vocals of ‘Queensryche’ & insanely tight & heavy, it was like nothing I had heard at the time & I was in the music business. Biegger was replaced by Vocalist: Scott Andreas before the band started recording original material.
Curry eventually left the band (he told me the reasons why but I will not reveal them) & was replaced by Bruce Swink.

‘Atomic Opera’ recorded & released a Cassette in 1992, as Vinyl was DEAD & CDs cost a lot of money to produce back then, released under the title “The Judgement” with the title song & these 3 others: “Soldier” “Coupe De La King” “Across The Sea Of Doom” I seem to remember Root had recorded over Lindsey’s Bass tracks, suggested by the Producer, while Doran was a great Bass Player live, there was some inconsistencies with his playing in the studio. I was told Doran didn’t find out until after the release came out & he was given his copy. Sometime 1992, the band had to change their name because of Texas based band of the same name. I was also told there was a 2nd Demo Cassette recorded by the band, there is a 10 min “Live” video of the band, from 1993 @ Clear Water Beach outside of Des Moines, Iowa.

> Voices Again: 1993<

Back in ’88 there was guy who used to hang out in the ‘RecordShop’ I worked @ in Valley West Mall, he was a guitarist named Denny Harvey (5 Apr 1972: DSM) here’s an excerpt from an interview I did with him recently.

*Denny 2015: “The band (Stone Sour) started with Corey, Joel Ekman and myself (Denny H.). I was a rhythm guitarist and it was my second band. We settled on the name Freakshow and practiced for a few months, while Joel and Corey wrote a half dozen songs. Eventually I quit, took the name Freakshow with me, and Joel and Corey kept the material they had written with them. They came up with Stone Sour after the drink. I rejoined about a year later, but it never panned out. I would occasionally jam with the band as a special guest at gigs, or just jam for fun. Corey and I had a punk cover group called the Dumfux that would play parties. About a decade later, Corey and I started doing the Dumfux for fun again, and that lasted 6 or seven years, essentially I am the “Stephen Coronel” (KISS reference) of that band.”

In ’92 I was working at ‘RecordShop’ @ Southridge Mall & I used to see this young guy who worked at the local porn shop, with long blonde hair with a Green streak down the left side of his hair & a purple one down the other side, hanging out in the mall & occasionally hanging out in our store, that would be Corey Taylor (8 Dec 1973: DSM) #8, at the time he was in ‘Stone Sour’ who I knew was around, but I didn’t think they were all that great (I thought I was a better vocalist, let me clue you in, I wasn’t).

Years later in 2000, I was transferred to Burnsville Center, MN. & the word had gotten around, I had known some of the guys in ‘SlipKnot’ back in the day, a lot of young people would come to me & say “I heard you knew ‘SlipKnot’ back in Des Moines, What do they look like without their masks?” Now for me this was Really cool, & had come full circle, because about 15 years earlier that was me, asking guys I met, who either met members of KISS or knew them like: Jay “Hot Sam” Barth: Soundman for KISS 1976.

My long time friend Rob Kuhn was getting married & he had his bachelor party in a restaurant in downtown DSM (Des Moines) on 27 Jul 2000, as I walked into the restaurant I saw Taylor & Crahan were up front eating. I told my friend Ace (a local record dealer), who was there, I passed them as I came in, he asked “How do you know it’s them” I said “I have known Corey for years” Ace asked “Did you know SlipKnot is playing in town tonight @ Waterworks Park?” I replied “No, I just got in town right now, walked in here & passed them walking back here to met you guys ” Ace said “You’re probably right then”

Unbelievably, one time in 2001, one young man (Nat) who worked down the hall from us @ Schmidt Music, came in & asked the now famous question. I stopped what I was doing & looked up, blinked a couple times, then responded … “Well, Corey, looks a lot like you” I thought it may have been a cousin or another relative. He replied “Screw you man, I was being serious” & I said “So am I” about a year later the 1st ‘Stone Sour’ CD came out in Aug 2002, so I tracked down Nat @ the guitar store where he worked, went in & asked him “So did you get the new CD?” He responded “Yea, I did, & you weren’t kidding, I do look like Corey!” I said ”I told ya so” some years later in Nov 2011, I was able to tell Corey this story, when I went backstage to see him @ the Varsity in MPLS. I started to walk backstage & his manager asked “Excuse me, where’s your pass?” I said, “Let’s ask Corey & see what he says” I then said “Corey Taylor, we go back a long ways” he said “We do?” I said “RecordShop, Southridge” he said “Rik, get in here how have you been, I haven’t seen you in years, I heard you have your own Music Shop (Mr. Zero’s Inc. 2009), I gotta stop in there?” I looked at is manager & said “See, I Told ya”

>Dressed to Depress: 1994<
Joey Jordison (26 Apr 1975: DSM) #1 worked for our local competitor ‘Musicland’ so I had seen him around, & probably met him through my friends Keith S. or Lewis, who were managers for that chain, at some point I saw Jordison play in a local band ‘Modifidious’ about ’94 & possibly ‘The Rejects’ in ’95, but how was I to know that one day he was going to be JOEY JORDISON of: SLIPKNOT at the time he was just another one of the local musicians on the scene. So I did not pay much attention to him at the time.

> Killers Are Quiet: 1995<
I lived on 35th & University for 8 years, down the street on 2307 University, was a dive bar or also known as a reggae club called “The Safari” I was told sometime in about ’94 Shawn Crahan purchased the club & turned it into a “Rock Venue” (I saw ACE Frehley of: KISS there Nov’94) & renamed it “Hairy Mary’s” I believe ‘SlipKnot’ became pretty much the house band for the club at this time, while I saw many other bands there back then & probably saw ‘SlipKnot’ with other bands on the bill, it didn’t dawn on me to go see ‘SlipKnot’ by themselves because they were always playing there, & besides who knew they would become the world wide phenomenon, that they did. Back then I had see many Local Iowa bands work hard to make it, get signed to a Record Deal & then break up, EX. ‘Peter Lorre’ got signed released a record under the name ‘Saint’ then broke up, ‘White Hot’ about the same deal, ‘Barney Fife’ or ’35 Inch Mudders’ the list goes on & on ….

In the Winter of ’95 I was working @ Best Buy South DSM, I used to make this joke that I was going to start a punk band named “Children From Hell” that would have 3 drummers & a Lead Bassoon Player, my Co-Worker Todd B. Maxfield of ‘Joker’s Poem’ responded “Naw, too late SlipKnot now has 3 drummers”

>Frail Limb Nursery: Purity: 2001 <

I 1st saw ‘SlipKnot’ @ OZZfest on 16 Jun 2001 in Sommerest, WI. as the band took the stage I asked my friend Darin M. “How long has Jim Root been in ‘SlipKnot’ ?” he replied “Since just after the Road Runner CD, why?” me “I just saw him walk on stage is all” he asked “Well how did you know it was Jim, he’s wearing a mask?” I replied “I have know that guy since he was 16 I know the way he walks & stands on stage” he said “Unbelievable”.

The 2nd time I saw ‘SlipKnot’ was with ‘Rammstein’ on 11 Oct 2001 @ Xcel Center in St. Paul, I worked for “fye” which ran the merchandise table for that tour, I remember thinking there was not of people there, but then it was only a month after the “911 Attacks” even so they put on an awesome concert, & that’s saying a lot if you have ever seen ‘Rammstein’.

I get asked all the time, “So if you knew the guys from ‘SlipKnot’ in the very beginning did they always wear the masks? the answer “I am uncertain, as I never bothered to go see them, on their own, as they were always playing down the street, from where I lived, or so it seemed back then, anyway” I do know they dropped out of sight for a while in ’97 or so, then reemerged with “The Look, Image & Sound” this about the time that supposedly, ‘SlipKnot’ “Stole” the image from ‘MushroomHead’ from Cleveland, OH in 1993, however when I asked several members of ‘MushroomHead’ in Nov 2010, about this accusation, @ least 2 of the band members responded “That was all for media hype & publicity, it’s all cool, there is no problem between us & them, there never was, that was solely to draw more attention to both bands @ the time”

>I Am Hated: 2002<
I was visiting my buddy Crazy Rob in the Winter of 2002 in DSM & on this particular day the producer for the documentary “Behind The Masks: The Unauthorized DVD” By: Music Video Distributors which was released in Mar 2002, was stopping by to pick up actual photographs to be used in the DVD video & cover art. I remember they were from the UK while Rob was pulling the photos, I sat & talked with the Producer & the cameraman about my experiences with the band, the Producer did take a few notes, but I do not recall the Camera being turned on, I do remember her saying they had more than enough footage for the DVD, so I am sure my interview was not used.

My co-worker Steve M. & I went to see the new re-make of “Rollerball” for his birthday in Feb 2002. So we’re watching the film & lo & behold ‘SlipKnot’ is in this film, as a kid in Jackson this was 1 of my favorite films & now the band I knew from DSM is in the new version … unreal.

One time while visiting my Mom in Phoenix in Sep 2002 we were at her home on a Friday (6 Sep 02) night, the TV was on in the background when ‘Slipknot’ was on the ‘Jay Leno Show’. I stopped talking & walked over to the TV. MY Mom asked “What’s wrong?” I replied “I knew those guys back in Des Moines” she said “Yea, so…” I responded, “Well, let’s see, I am sitting home on a Friday night with my Mom & they are playing the Jay Leno Show … I wonder who is doing better for themselves?” she responded “So, what what you want to look like those guys?” I said “For that kind of fame & money they’re bringing in, YEA! I would”

Rob K. (owner of WayBack Records) & I went to see Corey & Denny Harvey in ‘The Dumfux’ @ “House Bricks” in Des Moines, in Jan 2005, while I was talking to Corey & getting a CD signed he said “Let me introduce you a guy I know, & he can sign that (CD) for you too” that would be Josh “Gnar” Brainard (6 Aug: DSM) #4, when I went up to him to ask him to sign the CD he said “Who told you this was me?” I replied “Corey, over there” he then responded “Oh, then its ok” & he signed it, his wife offered “That S&M mask in the photo is on our fireplace in the living-room”

> Hero Poet: 2007 <
On 27 Jul 2007 I met Shawn Crahan (26 Sep 1969: DSM) #6 & Stella Katsoudas (3 Nov 1971: Chicago) Of: ‘Sister Soleil’ when I saw ’Dirty Little Rabbits’ play the ‘7th Street Entry’ in MPLS, Crahan was playing a 4 piece jazz kit, I was impressed by what a great drummer he is, Stella responded “I know right, so few know what a great drummer he really is”.
I went to see ‘DANZIG’ with my buddy Perry L. on 17 Aug 2013 @ the Myth in Maplewood & the band ’Scar The Martyr’ was opening, I thought to myself while they were performing “That drummer plays a lot like Joey Jordison, but, can’t be he’s busy with ‘SlipKnot’ & ‘Murder Dolls’ lately” turns out it was Jordison’s new band, & Jordison was no longer in ‘SlipKnot’.

So recently my friend Josey obtained 2 tickets to “Northern Invasion” on 9 May 2015 in Somerset, WI. so we went to go see them … another friend asked me “I didn’t think you were into that kind of music?” I replied “I’m not, but I knew a couple of those guys back in the day in Des Moines, & I am very proud of how far they have come & how far they have gone”
So there you have it, my personal tale, memories & connection to Iowa’s most famous band ‘SlipKnot’ I would like to point out these are my memories from events that happened up to 28 years ago, while I have recalled them to the best of my ability, any corrections are welcomed.

*Corey Taylor will be appearing 12 Jul 2015 Sun @ the ‘Turf Club’ in St. Paul, MN.

Until the next time … RLSchwinden: MrZer0
Mr. Zero’s Inc. 2009
1744 Lexington Ave. N.
Roseville, MN. 55113

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Ringo Starr: 1970- 1978

“As of Sep 1980 Ringo Starr had more “Top 40 Hits” than John Lennon” J. Jayne 1991: Billboard Historian

Ringo Starr: 1970- 1978

“BUZZ” Newspaper Article (#46-RnSt) May-Jun 2015
By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZer0

When I was a little boy way back in Sioux City, my favorite BEATLE was Ringo, as I thought my Godfather Uncle Jim, looked like a reddish brown haired version of Ringo, (incidentally Jim’s wife at the time (Colleen) looked a lot like Cynthia Myers), & Ringo had hits like “Photograph” & “Back Off Boogaloo” & “It Don’t Come Easy”

He was born Richard Starkey Jr: on 7 July 1940 in the Dingle section of Liverpool UK, he was raised by his Mother Elsie & Step-Father Harry Graves. Twice in his youth he became deathly ill contracting peritonitis @ age 6 & tuberculosis @age 13. Ritchie was born left handed at birth was trained to write & drum right handed which lead to his unique style of drumming; late on in ’67 while recording “A Day In The Life” Producer George Martin wanted a certain sound for Ringo’s drums, Starr came back the next day with “Tea Towels” from his kitchen put them over the drum heads & created the muffled drum sound.

> Drumming Is My Madness: 1956<

Young Ritchie co-founded ‘The Clayton Squares’ in 1956, named after a Liverpool landmark, Starkey was on “Washboard & Dancing” in 1959 ‘Rory Storm & Hurricanes’ hired Starkey on Drums, it is about this time Ritchie obtained his nickname “Ringo Starr” because he wore so many rings & for his love of country music. Starr 1st met The BEATLES in Oct 1960 @ the Kaiserkeller in Hamburg, Germany. In Jan 1962 Starr left the ‘Hurricanes’ & joined Tony Sheridan: (1940-2013 UK) as one of “The Beat Brothers”.

The BEATLES unhappy with current drummer Pete Best: (1941 India), it was Lennon who asked Starr to join The BEATLES in Aug 1962, Starr accepted.

Ringo sang many & wrote some songs with The BEATLES; Including “Boys” “I Wanna Be Your Man” “Honey Don’t” “Matchbox” “If You’ve Got Trouble” “Act Naturally” “What Goes On” “Yellow Submarine” “With A Little Help From My Friends” “Don’t Pass Me By” “Goodnight” & “Octopus’s Garden”. Ringo embarked on his Solo Career as an actor while still a member of The BEATLES, 1st with the Film ‘Candy’ in Dec 1968 he plays “Emmanuel” followed by ‘Magic Christian’ in Dec 1969 where he plays “Youngman Grand”. Starr was a member of The BEATLES until they disbanded in Dec 1970, however he released 2 Solo Albums while still a member of The BEATLES.

>I’m A Fool To Care: 1970<

Ringo’s 1st solo LP was ‘Sentimental Journey’ released in Apr 1970, Starr being the 3rd member of the band to release a Solo LP, the LP consists of Easy Listening Vocal Standards, that meant something to Ringo & his Mom & Step-Dad, 1 song, “Stardust” was arranged by: McCartney. Followed by: ‘Beaucoup Of Blues’ released in Sep 1970 the 2nd while Starr was still a BEATLE, with the 45 single “Boupcoup Of Blues b/w Choochy Choochy” in Oct 1970 a reaching #87 on the charts, the also contained a Non-LP song.

For the next 3 years Ringo will work on films & release Non-LP singles only, starting with “It Don’t Come Easy b/w Early 1970″ in Apr 1971 a #4 Hit on the Billboard Charts, he did make a Promo Video for this song. There is a complete George Harrison version of this song, recorded before Starr’s version. Ringo also appears in 2 films released this year; ‘Blindman’ in early 1971, Starr plays “Candy” followed by Zappa’s ‘200 Motels’ released in Nov 1971 Ringo plays “Larry the Dwarf”

Ringo’s 3rd single is “Back Off Boogaloo b/w Blindman” released in Mar 1972 a #9 hit on the charts, the title came from; Marc Bolan of ‘T-Rex’ this one is also recorded with Harrison, a Video was filmed with a Frankenstein playing opposite of Starr.

>Sunshine Life For Me: 1973<

While Ringo had much success previously it is 1973 that will be his year, the film ‘That’ll Be The Day’ released in May 1973 Ringo plays “Mike” followed by his 1st “#1 Hit” the single “Photograph b/w Down & Out” (the Flip-Side is a Non-LP song) is released in Oct 1973 a Video is also filmed where Ringo covers his mouth to get around the Musicians Union Lip Syncing Rules. His LP ‘Ringo’ is released in Nov 1973 with All 3 other BEATLES contributing Lennon with “I’m The Greatest” McCartney with “Six O’Clock” & Harrison with “Sunshine Life For Me” & “You & Me Babe” & Marc Bolan of ‘T-Rex’, & ‘The Band’ as well as Nilsson. The 2nd 45 single is released “You’re Sixteen b/w Devil Woman” another #1 hit in Feb 1974. The 3rd 45 from this LP is “Oh My My b/w Step Lightly” the “B- Side” is also a Non-LP song, released in Feb 1974 a #5 hit on the charts.

In Apr 1974 the film “Son Of Dracula” is released, Ringo plays “Merlin” followed by Starr’s next LP ‘Goodnight Vienna’ released in Nov 1974 with only Lennon & Nilsson contributing this time round. The 1st single is at Lennon’s suggestion “Only You (& You Alone) b/w Call Me” reaches #6 on the charts a Video is filmed with Ringo & Lennon. The 2nd single is “No No Song b/w Snookeroo” in Jan 1975 & hitting #3 on the charts, the Flip-Side is an Elton John song. The 3rd single is the 2nd Lennon song for Ringo “It’s All Down To Goodnight Vienna b/w Oo- Wee” released in Jun 1975 & reaches #31 on the charts.

Ringo’s final LP for EMI is a “Hits- Best Of”in the form of “Blast From Your Past” released in Nov 1975 with 3 songs only found on this LP as they were released as “Non-LP” songs (he had 6 non-lp songs all together) this same year the film ‘Lisztomaina’ is released, Starr plays “The Pope”.

>Spooky Weirdness: 1976<

In a strange move Ringo signs with Atlantic Records, as it’s hard to believe EMI would let him go as he had such a successful Top 40 run the last 5 years, his next LP “Rotogravure” is released in Sep 1976 & came with a free magnifying glass to read graffiti on the back door from the photo on the back cover. Ringo’s 2nd LP with songs provided by Harrison with “I Still Love You” & Lennon with “Cookin” & McCartney with “Pure Gold” 2 single 45s are released & “Dose Of Rock N Roll b/w Cryin” hits #26 on the charts in Sep ’76, the other being “Hey Baby b/w Lady Gaye” in Nov. ‘76 There were 4 other songs recorded, but left off the LP “All Right” “It’s Hard to Be Lovers” “Party” “Where Are You Going”.

Starr’s 2nd & final LP for Atlantic is ‘The 4th’ released in Sep 1977 with 2 single 45s released from the LP “Wings b/w Just A Dream” in Aug ’77 followed by “Drowning In The Sea Of Love” in Sep ’77 also there were 3 out-takes recorded: “Birmingham””Just a Dream (alt)” “This Party” My favorite track off this LP is; “Can She Do It Like She Dances” which was later covered by David Jones (Monkees) in 1981

While Ringo was Atlantic in the USA he was on Polydor in Europe in Dec 1977 he was part of the Soundtrack “Scouse The Mouse” on Polydor.

In Apr 1978 the film ‘Ringo’ is aired, he plays “Ognir Rrats”. Ringo fed up with Super Stardom changes places with “Ognir” he sings 7 songs in the film including “Hard Times” “Heart On My Sleeve” & “You’re Sixteen” with Carrie Fisher. Then to coincide with the film the LP ‘Bad Boy’ was released in Jun ’78 with 2 singles released from the LP”Lipstick Traces b/w Old Time Relovin” in Apr ’78 & “Heart On My Sleeve b/w Who Needs A Heart” in Jul ‘78.

This is the end of part #1-A on Ringo, it is worth noting he did appear with McCartney in ‘Give My Regards To Broadstreet’ in 1984 & re-recorded the voice over for ‘The Point’ in 1985 for the VHS Only Version. In Oct 1988 he & his wife Babara Bach (Goldbach: 27 Aug 1947 NYC) went into detox, when he emerged he really went to work. Ringo had not toured since The BEATLES in ’66, but since he got clean & sober he & Joe Walsh formed the “All-Starr Band” & started Touring in Aug 1989. I myself have seen Ringo several times, listed below:

22 Aug 1992 Des Moines, @ Iowa State Fair: Ringo’s setlist
I’m The Greatest
No No Song
Don’t Go Where The Road Don’t Go
Yellow Submarine
You’re Sixteen
Weight Of The World
Act Naturally
With A Little Help From My Friends

24 April 1993 Ames, IA. @ Cyclone Stadium
4 Jul 1995 Bloomington, MN. @ MOA
30 Jun 2000 St. Paul, MN. @ State Capitol
23 Aug 2001 St. Paul, MN. @ State Fair

My long time friend Crazy Rob who owns “WayBack Records” in E. Des Moines, Iowa, was able to meet Ringo in Omaha, 5 Oct 2014 when he hooked Ringo up with a 1965 Revell Model Kit of “Ringo” set up through Ringo’s Nephew.

While Ringo had quite a recording career himself; he has worked & recorded with: Jackie Lomax, Cilia Black, Plastic Ono Band, Leon Russell, Doris Troy, George Harrison, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Peter Frampton, T-Rex, Nilsson, Bobby Keys, Derrek Van Eaton, Keith Moon, Stephan Stills, Carly Simon, & Paul McCartney. Ringo has released 19 Studio Albums, 12 Live Albums, 5 Compilation Albums, & 32 Singles. This year he is inducted into the “Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame” & he will be in concert 16 Oct 2015 Fri In MPLS @ State Theatre.

You think you’re a groove standing there with your wallpaper shoes … MrZer0

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Mr. Zero’s 6th Anniversary Radio Show on KFAI 90.3

Greetings, As it was Mr. Zero’s 6th Anniversary on 14 April 2015 Tues, I was able to perform my annual Guest DJ Spot “PsychoGello Radio Show” on KFAI 90.3fm & 106.7am on the Show “The Pop Shop” with DJ Izzy (Liberty Finch was out due to injury)

Since most of you missed it, I am posting the ““PsychGellO: 2015”
Mon 13 April 2015 KFAI “PopShop” Setlist & The Web-Link should you be curious what I chose to play this year

“PsychGellO: 2015”
Mon 13 April 2015 KFAI “PopShop”

1. Hello I’m Back Again: Gary Glitter -1973 “Touch Me”
The Monkees used this song to open with in 1989

2. Don’t Be Taken In: Dave Clark 5 -1965 “Having A Wild Weekend”
For my Yellow Lemon Girl

3. For Your Love: Yardbirds -1965 “For Your Love”
Clapton left after this song

4. Just Like Me: Paul Revere Raiders -1966 “Just Like Us”
One of DJ Izzy’s favorite tunes.

5. Pictures Of Lily: Who -1967 “Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy”
From my favorite “WHO” LP

6. Comon Now: Kinks -1965 “Kinks Size”
I met Dave Davies @ “1st Ave” many years ago

7. Lady Friend: Byrds -1967 “20 Tracks from Boxed Set”
The song that let David Crosby know I was a true fan.

8. You’re Gonna Miss Me: 13th Floor Elevators -1966 “High Fidelity” The story of my life

9. Child Of The Moon: Rolling Stones -1968 “More Hot Rocks”
For their 2015 Tour

10. Inner Light: Beatles -1968 “Past Masters Vol. 2”
A Non-LP song

11. Two Heads: Jefferson Airplane -1967 “After Bathing At Baxter’s” I love Grace Slick’s Vocal delivery on this track

12. Love Is All Around: Troggs -1968 “Love Is All Around”
I think I prefer the 1994 Version by: Wet, Wet, Wet

13. Love Is Only Sleeping: Monkees -1967 “Pisces Aquarius Capricorn & Jones Ltd” For a red-head I know

14. Goodbye Baby: Boyce & Hart -1968 “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonite” I was acquaintances of 3 members of this Band

15. You Showed Me: Turtles-1968 “Battle Of The Bands”
Originally written by the BYRDS

16. Indian Giver: 1910 Fruitgum Co. -1969 “Indian Giver”
My favorite song when I was a kid in 1969

17. Come On Up: Rascals -1967 “Collections”
This is one of my all time favorite songs

18. Open My Eyes: Nazz -1968 “NAZZ”
As Todd Rundgren’s Godson Wil was in our Shop last week.

19. Ode To Billie Joe: Bobby Gentry -1967 “Ode To Billie Joe”
Though I was born in Sioux City, I went to school in Mississippi, she is from MS.

20. Mr. Zero’s: TS & Norell -2014 “Nerd Is The Word”
I am currently the Rhythm Guitarist in this band

21. Anna: Arthur Alexander -1963 “Greatest”
Trivia Question: Al Bundy

22. Ain’t No Sunshine: Bill Withers -1971 “Just As I Am”
Tommy Bolin used to play this riff in his extended jam solos

23. Papa Was A Rollin Stone: Temptations -1972 “All Directions”
Great song & restroom break

24. 20th Century Boy: T-Rex -1973 “Greatest Hits”
Another Non-LP track & oddly one of his most famous

25. Kissin Time: KISS- 1974 “KISS”
For the guys in my ’74 KISS Tribute Band “KISSin Time”

26. Train Kept A Rollin: Aerosmith- 1974 “Get Your Wings”
Dedicated to Missy Marrs for being a “Super Trooper”

27. Sweet Burgundy: Tommy Bolin -1976 “Private Eyes”
For my Home Town Hero from Sioux City, Iowa

28. Wichita Lineman: Glen Campbell -1968 “Wichita Lineman”
If this song doesn’t move you, you have no soul.

Here’s the Web-Link:

So, Listen for me next year on “The Pop Shop” on KFAI MPLS-SP

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The MONKEES: 1965- 1971

“Folk & Roll”
The Monkees: 1965 -1971
“BUZZ” Newspaper Article Mar- Apr 2015 (#45-MoN)
By: RLSchwinden aka MrZer0

When I was a toddler back on W. 18th St. in Sioux City, Iowa my 3 favorite shows were (according to my mother) were “Batman” “Lost In Space” & “The Monkees” now I didn’t much care for the slapstick comedy of the show but I did LOVE the Music, “Last Train To Clarksville” “Steppin Stone” “Words” “Love Is Only Sleeping” & “Valleri” 1 of my very 1st 45 Singles was “Steppin Stone” so here’s a brief history & an excerpt from my for coming book on ‘The MONKEES’ so for my 4th Anniversary Article I will cover my 1st Favorite group: The MONKEES.

> 1965: Madness; Spirited Ben Franks Types <

It all started with ‘The BEATLES’ film “Hard Day’s Night” producers Bert Schneider (Berton; 5 May 1933, NYC – 12 Dec 2011) & Bob Rafelson ( Robert; 21 Feb 1933 NYC) ran ads in 2 Hollywood papers for a casting call for new TV show with the working title of “The Inevitables” ultimately it came down to these 4 guys (in this order) Davy Jones (David Thomas Jones; 30 Dec1945: Manchester UK – 29 Feb 2012: Stuart, FL) on Lead Vocals, Percussion & Guitar, Jones was signed to “Colpix Records” & released 3 singles & 1 LP before this project,

Micky Dolenz (George Michael Dolenz; Jr. 8 Mar 1945 LA. CA.) on Drums & Lead Vocals, who had recorded a single with ‘The Missing Links’, Michael Nesmith (Robert Michael Nesmith; 30 Dec 1942: Houston, TX.) on Guitar & Vocals, who was also signed to ‘Colpix’ & released 5 singles before becoming a member & finally Peter Tork (Peter Halsten Thorkelson; 13 Feb 1942 Washington D.C.) on Bass, Keyboards & Guitar, Tork was a member of ‘The Mugwumps’ in NYC, there was a 5th runner up, Bill Chadwick (10 May 1942 L.A. CA) who did stay on with the “Monkees” project until sometime in 1969, Chadwick played with Nesmith in ‘The Survivors’ in 1965.

> 1966: Gonna Make Me A Brand New Start <
Back in the olden days a 45 Single was released before the full LP was released, The Monkees’ 1st single was “Last Train To Clarksville b/w Take A Giant Step” with a Picture Sleeve released in Aug ’66 & was a #1 Billboard Hit, followed by the 1st LP ‘(Meet) The Monkees’ in Oct ’66, primarily a “Boyce & Hart” LP with their band the “Candy Store Profits” none the less this stands as 1 of my Top 10 Records. Boyce in my 1986 Interview: “Yes, it’s true, but I had a 20 year gag contract”

Their 2nd single was the “Double A- Side” “I’m A Believer b/w (I.N.Y.) Steppin Stone” also with a Picture Sleeve & another #1 hit in Nov ’66 & also received “Record of the Year” the 1st of 5 songs written by: Neil Diamond, “Steppin Stone” hit #20 on the charts. In the studio the boys leave around 8 unreleased songs in addition to many alternate recordings of some other songs.

As far as the TV Show they released 16 Episodes from: Sep- Dec ’66, my favorite being Episode #3 “Monkee Vs. Machine” from 26 Sep ’66 as it discuss’ future change, just for the sake of changing. The group (as they were hired for the cast of a TV show that actually became a performing “Live” band) performed 8 Concerts from Sep -Dec ’66, here is the Setlist from:

26 Dec ’66 Mon.
in Denver, CO. @ The Colisuem
Last Train to Clarksville
She’s So Far Out She’s In (Non-LP Nesmith on Vocal)
You Just May Be the One
I Wanna Be Free
Mary, Mary
(I Prithee) Do Not Ask For Love (Non-LP Dolenz Vocal)
Sweet Young Thing
I Can’t Get Her Off My Mind
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone
East Virginia (Tork’s Solo Folk Spot)
You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover (Nesmith coving Bo Diddly)
The Joker (Jones Solo Broadway Spot)
I Got a Woman (Dolenz covering James Brown)
If I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate (Non-LP Tork Vocal)
Take a Giant Step
I’m a Believer

> 1967: Through The Endless Days & Nights <
While on tour, Musical Director of the band, Don Kirschner released their 2nd LP without the knowledge of the band, ‘More Of The Monkees’ was released in Jan ’67, a real Hodgepodge of songs geared solely @ 12 year old girls. Nesmith especially & to a lesser extent Tork were outraged by this move, to make matters worse Kirschner released The 3rd single also without their consent, the Non-LP 45 “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You b/w Girl I Knew Somewhere” the “A-Side” another N. Diamond song, hit #2 on the charts in Mar ’67, however the “B-Side” was written & performed by the band, & hit #39 on the charts.

The band revolted against Kirschner, & lead by Nesmith began to record & write their own material for their 3rd LP ‘Headquarters’ & is released in May ’67, although no 45 Single was released in the USA, in Europe “Alternate Title (Randy Scouse Git b/w Forget That Girl” was released in May ’67 & hit #2 on the charts. The band’s next single another double “A -Side” was “Pleasant Valley Sunday b/w Words” released in Jul ’67 both songs hit the charts @ #3 & #11 respectively, followed by their 4th LP ‘Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.’ In Nov ’67, a play on the members zodiac signs, this one followed in the same vein as the last one where most of the songs were performed by the band, only this time augmented by some studio musicians.

This has to be my 2nd favorite MONKEES LP. The next single is “Daydream Believer b/w Goin Down” with Picture Sleeve & again, another #1 hit on the charts, in fact in 1966 & 1967 most of the #1 Spots on the chart were dominated by ‘The Rascals’ & ‘The Monkees’ it’s worth noting “Goin Down” is one of the few songs credited to the whole band, & strangely a Non-LP song? Even though they released 3 LPs in ’67 they leave around 13 songs unreleased, even more alternate recordings of songs they did release.

Even though ‘The Beatles’ released “Sgt. Pepper’s” in ’67, the year belonged to ‘The Monkees’ with 3 LPs & filming & releasing 31 Episodes of the TV Show, from Jan- Dec ’67 my favorite from (season #1) being Episode #26 “Monkees Get Out More Dirt” from 3 Apr ’67, why you may ask, are you kidding me, Julie Newmar (Catwoman) & from later that year (season #2) Episode #47 “Christmas Show” 25 Dec ’67 as a kid I used to love Christmas time. The band finished up the 1st tour & went on their “Summer Of Love Tour” performing 42 Concerts from: Jan- Aug ’67, they made a stop here in St. Paul & the guys did 2 different guest DJ stints on KDWB – AM. Here’s the Setlist from;

4 Aug 1967 Fri.
St. Paul, MN @ Auditorium Arena

Last Train to Clarksville
You Just May Be the One
The Girl I Knew Somewhere
I Wanna Be Free
Sunny Girlfriend
Your Auntie Grizelda
Forget That Girl
Sweet Young Thing
Mary, Mary
Cripple Creek (Tork Folk Solo)
You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover (Nesmith)
Gonna Build a Mountain (Jones Solo Spot)
I Got a Woman (Dolenz)
I’m a Believer
Randy Scouse Git
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

Tork from a 1994 Interview I conducted: “Why, didn’t I do more folk songs back then, I don’t know,I’m not sure why”

> 1968: Have You Noticed The Color Of The Sun <
Having had a banner year in ’67 things started to cool in ’68, I have speculated for a long time, artists that become this popular have about an 18 month lifespan. They release 11 TV Episodes of the TV show, before being canceled in Mar ’68, my favorite being Episode #52 “Devil & Peter Tork” where Tork accidently sells his soul to the Mr.Zer0 for the ability to play the harp. The 1st 45 Single of the year is “Valleri b/w Tapioca Tundra”on 17 Feb ’68 charting @ #3 & #34 for the “A & B” sides, followed by their 5th LP ‘Birds, Bees & Monkees’ in Apr ’68,

the last 1 to be released in “Mono” & a shift for this release is it has “The Monkees” as producers, as the guys are primarily back to performing “Lead Vocals” & picking their own songs & essentially producing them. Having way more time to record in the studio & the proposal of a the album to be 2 LPs with 1 side per MONKEE singing up to 6 or 7 songs in Tork’s case they leave 27 songs unreleased & even more alternate recordings left unreleased. Nesmith was the 1st to release a Solo LP while still in the band ‘Wichita Train Whistle Sings’ in Jul ’68 with the single “Don’t Cry Now b/w Tapioca Tundra”.

Hart from a 1993 Interview I conducted “We had some good songs we wrote for them, so even when they got control of the project, they still fell back on our material” The TV Show is not renewed for a 3rd season by both the band & the network. Strangely they release the Non-LP single “D.W. Washburn b/w It’s Nice To Be With You” with a Picture Sleeve, charting @ #19 & #51 respectively. I feel this song was chosen as it was similar in style to the ‘Lovin Spoonful’. The band do not tour the US in ’68 instead to look to the east & perform 13 Concerts from May- Oct ’68 with a full concert being videotaped in Tokyo & broadcast on television, an audio (only) recording still survives.

3 Oct ’68 Thurs
in Tokyo, Japan @ Budokan Hall
Last Train to Clarksville
I Wanna Be Free
D.W. Washburn
Sunny Girlfriend
Daydream Believer
Cuddly Toy
It’s Nice To Be With You
Mary, Mary
Cindy (Tork Folk Solo)
Peter Percival Patterson’s Pet Pig Porky
Johnny B. Goode (Nesmith covering Chuck Berry)
Gonna Build a Mountain (Jones solo)
I Got a Woman (Dolenz solo)
I’m a Believer
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

With the TV Show over & little touring in ’68 the guys shift focus to film their 1st & only motion picture; titled “Changes” Jones wrote a “Theme” song for it, but ultimately it went unused. The film released as “Head” on 6 Nov 1968, the film itself is a psychedelic trip poking fun at ‘The Monkees’ themselves for being a manufactured band. Their 6th LP ‘Head (soundtrack)’ in Dec ’68, many do realize it was the common practice in ’68 & ’69 to interlope dialog from the film in between the music or songs for films of that time,

this being 1 of them as there are only 7 songs on the LP, a single is released “Porpoise Song b/w As We Go Along” with Picture Sleeve, this happened to only chart @ #62 the “A” side is a full minute & a half shorter than the LP version. Jones recorded a “Felxi Disc” with picture sleeve to promote the film; however this was only released in Japan.

The group signed up for a 3 TV Special deal in fall of ’68, & so they started filming the 1st special in Dec , once again this hour long show is a psychedelic trip poking fun at the group for being manufactured, perhaps because their film fared so poorly, they thought they should give another stab it the theme. However this 1 is made up, largely from UN-released songs some performed live in the TV studio, no soundtrack would be released from this show, this would be the last time the 4 members would perform together until 18 years later, their last song … “Listen To The Band”.
Tork has decided he has had enough & leaves his contract 4 years early in Dec ‘68; he has formed the band ‘Release’ with his then girlfriend Ren Stewart, Riley Wildflower & Wendy Erdman.

The “Trio” of Jones, Dolenz & Nesmith makes their 1st public appearance on the TV Show “Hollywood Squares” in Dec ’68 to finish out the year.

> 1969: In A Year Or Two <
Starting off the new year as a “Trio” I might point out this is how I have the clearest memory of them, on TV & on Records, the trio appear on “Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour” on 5 Feb ’69 performing their new release a 3 year old song “Teardrop City b/w Man Without A Dream” with Picture Sleeve, released on 8 Feb ’69, this song only charted @ #56, a week later their 7th LP ‘Instant Replay’ was also released in Feb ’69, this LP was done much in the same style as the 1st LP, a ‘Boyce & Hart with Nesmith’ production. A little later on 22 Mar ’69 the “Trio” appeared on ‘The Raiders’ TV show”Happening’69”.

Due to post production & television scheduling ’33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee’ was aired on 14 April 1969 up against the “Academy Awards” so much like “Head” it was largely ignored. The show had the now “Not Current Quartet” as Tork left just after filming finished, performing about 13 unreleased songs, with almost no real dialog from the band members themselves, to drive the point home they were merely “Puppets” in the “Music Machine” Dolenz & Nesmith have said “We got it, it was the rest of the world that didn’t”

With a new single about to be released the “Trio” appear on the “Joey Bishop Show” on 24 April ’69 the next 45 “Someday Man b/w Listen To The Band” with picture sleeve is released 26 Apr ’69, the songs chart @ #81 & #63 respectively. The Label feeling interest in the band is now waning, a ’Greatest Hits’ LP is released on 9 Jun ’69. The guys appear on the “Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson” on 16 Jun ’69 to plug the LP, during the day Dolenz & Jones are interviewed on a local TV show “Walking In New York” sometime in Jun ’69 Later on19 Jul ’69 they appear on the”Johnny Cash Show” plugging the new “Hits” LP by performing the unreleased song “Nine Times Blue”?

In an interview I conducted with Jones in 1991 “Towards the end, I wrote & recorded a lot of songs with William (Chadwick,) to be used on our records, they (producers) ended up passing them over for other ones that had been done before”

The group starts filming ads for “Kool- Aid” “Nerf” & “Post Cereals” in Sep ’69 for the upcoming return of the TV show in reruns. The next 45 “Mommy & Daddy b/w Good Clean Fun” with Picture Sleeve, is released 6 Sep ’69, to coincide with the CBS re-runs on 13 Sep ’69. Their 8th LP ‘Present’ (2nd as a trio) is released on 1 Oct ’69, to promote the LP they appear on “Laugh In” on 6 Oct ’69, so it seems they were really good about timing TV appearances with their recent releases. It appears Jones love to work the most as he made many solo appearances without the other 2, such as “Music Scene” on 22 Dec ’69 with their backing back ‘The Goodtimers’ performing another unreleased Nilsson song “Together” the ’69 tour consisted of 37 Concerts from Mar- Dec ’69. Very little documentation exists from this tour so here is the Setlist from 1 of 2 known 1969 tour recordings this 1 is from:

10 May ’69 Sat.
in Wichita, KS @ Convention Hall

I’m a Believer
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Tapioca Tundra
I Wanna Be Free
Show Me (Dolenz covering Joe Tex)
A Man Without a Dream
Daydream Believer
Goin’ Down
Someday Man
Listen to the Band
Don’t Wait For Me
Get On Up (Dolenz covering The Esquires)
For Once in My Life (Jones covering Stevie Wonder)
Johnny B. Goode (Nesmith)
Believer Blues (Dolenz & Jones singing lead)

From an Interview I conducted with Dolenz in 1992 “We were doing a lot of R&B on that last tour, because we really dug that music scene at the time … So HOW old were you, to know that?”
A 2nd year of no TV show leaves plenty of time for the studio so some 21 recorded songs go unreleased, as well as many alternate recordings of released songs. After the final show of the tour in Dec ’69 Nesmith let it be known he was leaving the group & the rest of the 3 years left on his contract.

> 1970: Do You Believe This Is Forever <
As the new decade kicks off the LP ‘Golden Hits’ is released through “Mail Order Only” from Post Cereals in Jan ’70, this is the “Rarest” of all the original Monkees’ LPs, comprised from 12 Cardboard Singles taken off the backs of Post Cereal boxes. The guys do their final work as a “Trio” on 14 Apr ’70 they film some “Kool-Aid” commercials to air with the reruns on CBS, then Nesmith is no longer a MONKEE.

In Apr ’70 Jones was on the show “Evening With …” where he perform several unreleased Chadwick songs including “Talking To The Wall” & “Something To Show For It All” from an interview I conducted with Chadwick in 1990; “I was chosen to write, record & produce a TV show for David in ’69, I think it was called “An Evening With … David Jones” it aired on syndicated TV in Spring ’70 he sang 6 or 7 of my songs” The following week Dolenz was on the same syndicated show “Evening With …”

where Jones came out at the end to plug their new record. Jones: “Micky & I have a new record coming out soon called “Monkees Two” because The Monkees are just Micky & myself now, get it? Monkees Two, as in 2 of us” The final 45 single”Oh My My b/w I Love You Better” with Picture Sleeve is released
in Apr ’70. Not having much time in the studio in ’70 only 3 songs go unreleased.

The new “Duo” manage to make a few appearances on being 15- 17 May ’70 in Philadelphia, Pen. @ Roosevelt Mall for the “Free Rock Concert” a 2nd was on 13 Jun ’70 in Cleveland, OH, where they also appeared on the local TV Show “Upbeat” they showed their new “Music Video” “Oh My, My” directed by Dolenz. The 9th & final LP ‘Changes’ is released in Jun ’70, essentially an Andy Kim record with Dolenz’s Lead Vocals dubbed in. Jones did a interview for Australian TV in Summer ‘70, announcing the end of ‘The Monkees’ as a group. Ironically the final concert appearance of The Monkees happened again as a “Trio” of Jones, Dolenz & Tork, who performed on 21 Nov ’70 in Van Nyes, CA. @ Valley REC Center for the “Freaky, Foxy, Funky Revival” & then the group was no more …

> 1971: All Through The Darkness <

To mark the end of the group ‘Barrel Full Of Monkees’ a double hits LP was released in Jan ’71, followed by the ‘Dolenz & Jones’ 45 Single “Do It In The Name Of Love b/w Lady Jane” released in Apr ’71. The final marker per se. In Feb 1986 the “Trio” of Jones, Dolenz & Tork reunited, recorded & toured until Sep ’89. There were several CDs released at this time worth mentioning:

“Live ’67” 1987 a “Live Concert” recording from the 1967 US Tour
“Missing Links” 1987 16 Unreleased or Alternate Recordings from 1966- 69
“Missing Links 2″ 1990 19 Unreleased or Alternate Recordings from 1966- 69
“Missing Links 3″ 1996 24 Unreleased or Alternate Recordings from 1966- 69

I feel it’s worth mentioning I some involvement with 2 other books on ‘The Monkees’ & 1 on ‘Michael Nesmith’ & this is an excerpt from my (unreleased) book “Here We Come” so there it is, my celebration of my 4th year in writing Articles for “BUZZ” & “Mr. Zero’s Inc”
We’ll be back, in a minute … MrZer0

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American Rock N Roll National Anthem: SteppenWolf

The American Rock N Roll National Anthem
Was written by a Canadian & Sung by a German. That would be “Born To Be Wild”
“BUZZ” Newspaper Article (#44- sW) Feb- Mar 2015
By: RLSchwinden aka MrZer0

When I was a kid in Sioux City, my Dad finally got a newer car a 1968 VW Beetle, white with a red interior & an 8Track Player, I think he had all of 3 tapes, one I do not remember,the other ‘Savoy Brown’ “Lookin In” & one of my all time favorite albums “7” by: SteppenWolf.

>Meet Me After Four: 1965<

It all started in in Sep ’65 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada as ‘The Sparrow’ with brothers Dennis Edmonton: (Dennis Eugene McCrohan: aka Mars Bonfire: 21 Apr 1943) on Guitar & Jerry Edmonton: (Gerald McCrohan: 24 Oct 1945; Ontario – 28 Nov 1993 ) on Drums & Nick St. Nicholas: ( Klaus Karl Kassbaum: 28 Sep 1943; Plon, Germany ) on Bass & Goldy McJohn: (John Raymond Goadsby: 2 May 1945; Toronto) on Keyboards, these 4 added one John Kay: (Joachim Fritz Krauledat: 12 Apr 1944; Tilsit Germany) on Lead Vocals, Guitar & Harmonica, a posthumous LP is released of this lineup.

Soon the band relocate to San Fransisco, Ca. now renamed “Steppenwolf” from the 1927 novel “Der Steppenwolf” by German Author Hermann Hesse, As Kay is German born. So there you have it a 3/5 Canadian & 2/5 German Rock Band from Calif. They released their 1st 45 Single “A Girl I Knew/ The Ostrich” in late 1967.

> Everybody’s Next One: 1968 <

The band’s “1st” full LP came out in Jan 1968 in Mono & Stereo with 3 Singles the 2nd being “Born To Be Wild” a #2 in Jun ’68. Also 2 songs from this LP were used in the 1969 film “Easy Rider” with new members Michael Monarch: (5 Jul 1950; L.A. CA.) on Guitar & Rushton Moreve: (John Rushton Morey; 6 Nov 1948- 1 Jul 1981) the Bassist for the 1st 2 LPs died in a car cash as did Drummer Jerry Edmonton years later.

The band’s next LP “The 2nd” was released in Oct 1968, with the 45 Single “Magic Carpet Ride” a #3 hit in Sep ’68, as was a common practice in those days, the 45 version is almost a minute & half shorter & is very different from the LP version. 2 songs from the band are used in the Dec. 1968 film “Candy” I personally like the 2nd LP much better than the 1st, even though the 1st is more critically acclaimed.

>Jupiter’s Child: 1969 <

This is where things begin to be ever changing for the band, as they start a constantly changing lineup with almost every other album. Moreve’s out & St. Nicholas is back in the band & they release their 3rd LP “At Your Birthday Party” in Mar 1969 with 2 Singles one being ”Rock Me” a #10 hit in ’69. The band’s 1st “Live” LP is released although it is a recording of a 1967 concert; this was put out as way to buy time to record the next LP. The band makes their only appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show” in 17 Aug 1969, when St. Nicholas steals the spotlight with his now infamous “The Fuggs” comment.

Nick was very nearly as popular as Kay the lead singer simply for this reason, The Frank Zappa all girl band “The GTOs” had a song on their 1969 LP titled “I’m In Love With The Ooh Ooh Man” which was in fact Nick St. Nicholas, as he made one of the “GTOs” go “Ooh Ooh” If you don’t know Nick lived in Minneapolis for many years playing with his band “StarWolf” who did release a 45 Single.

At this point Monarch quits the band & they get their 2nd & one of my favorite guitarists of all time Larry Byrom: (Lawrence Clifton Byrom; 27 Dec 1948; Huntsville, AL.) & then release their 4th studio LP “Monster” was released in Nov 1969 with 2 Singles one being “Move Over” that hit #31 on the charts & the other the title song “Monster” @ #39, as before the single version is different @ 4min & LP version is at 9 min. This LP is politically charged & another of my personal favorites, even though panned by the critics. ‘Steppenwolf’ being Hugh Hefner’s favorite band at the time appeared on his local TV show”Playboy After Dark” on 17 Dec 1969.

> Foggy Mental Breakdown: 1970 <

After a World Tour the band releases a 2nd “Live” LP from this World Tour, in Apr ’70 buying more time as St. Nicholas is fired for wearing only his underwear & Bunny Ears @ the Easter Concert, they release 2 singles “Hey Lawdy Mama” & the Non-LP “Screamin Night Hog” clearly geared towards the biker crowd.

Now with 3rd Bassist George Michael Biondo (3 Sep 1945; Brooklyn) on board, the band record, what I feel is one of the greatest Rock Records of all time “7” is released Nov 1970 with 2 Singles “Who Needs Ya” & “Snowblind Friend”. This is the 2nd LP where Kay exchanges Lead Vocals with another member this time it’s Biondo, instead of Jerry. I know this album best as the ‘8Track Version’ so I listed the song order here (as it is in a different running order than the LP)

Ball Crusher
Hippo Stomp*
40 Days 40 Nights
Snowblind Friend*
Who Needs Ya
Foggy Mental Breakdown*
Fat jack

4 of these songs* are filmed for a live TV broadcast.

> Shackles & Chains: 1971- 72 <

The 1st of 5 Hits- Best LPs is put out in the form of “Gold” in Mar 1971. More personal changes as Byrom leaves the band to quote “Well, Goldy took off with my wife & Jerry wasn’t a very nice guy” now Kent Henry; (K.H. Plischke: 5 Apr 1948; Hollywood – 18 Mar 2009) is the band’s 4th Guitarist & “For Ladies Only” is released in Nov 1971 with 2 Singles “Ride With Me b/w For Madmen Only” the B-side is a Non-LP, & the title song “For Ladies Only” once again the single version is 4min & the LP version is at 9 min to comply with FCC Radio guidelines. Interesting note at the end of the 1st run of the band the DC Comic Character “Steppenwolf” 1st appears in Feb 1972. The band embark on a “Farewell Tour” here is the setlist to a show I am lucky enough to own;

15 Sep 1972 Fri
London, UK @ Edmonton Sundown
Sookie Sookie
Ride With Me
Foggy Mental Breakdown
Tighten Up Your Wig
Ball Crusher
Shackles and Chains
Monster / Suicide / America
The Pusher
Magic Carpet Ride
Born to Be Wild
Hoochie Coochie Man
Berry Rides Again

After this tour the band call it quits, well, for the time being, they will reform in just 2 years for 3 studio LPs. To mark the end the band releases a 2nd “Best” compilation “Rest In Peace” sometime in 1972.

So this is the brief history of the1st part of ‘Steppenwolf’ the Canadian- German Rock band who Wrote & Sang America’s Rock N Roll Biker National Anthem.
Until the next installment …. MrZer0

Mr. Zero’s Inc. *Est. 2009
1744 Lexington Ave N
Roseveille- St. Paul, MN. 55113

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Topaz & Sazzafraz: AEROSMITH; 1973 -1979

“Topaz & Sazzafraz”
-Aerosmith: 1971- 79-
“BUZZ” Newspaper Article (#46-aS) Jan-Feb 2015
By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZer0

When I was a kid in Jackson, Mississippi, I was more or less forced to go to Catholic Church Dances, which I did not care for, it wasn’t the Church aspect I didn’t care for, more so, the social segregation, Girls from the Boys, the Nerds from the Jocks etc. I had a crush on our neighbor Laurie A. & she couldn’t care less if I was alive or dead … so when I was in misery watching her dance with some Jock from Pearl High (home of Tommy Aldridge: BOA), I heard a sound sent from Heaven “Walk This Way” by ‘AEROSMITH’ I loved it, it was then I realized going to these dances wasn’t so bad, as I could hear new music, I couldn’t afford to buy. I asked my other neighbor Keith McC. about this ‘AEROSMITH’ & he said “You gotta hear this one; Train Kept a Rollin” I was hooked, finally a band I could put up next to ‘KISS’ as a favorite.

>You Should Have Been There Yesterday: 1970<
A kid from NYC one, Steven Victor Tallarico: (26 Mar 1948; Yonkers, NYC) was the Drummer & Vocalist in the band “The Strangeurs” from NYC, later renamed ‘Chain Reaction’ from 1964- 68, this band released 4 Single 45s on Date & Verve Records those being “When I Needed You” “The Sun” “You Should Have Been Here Yesterday” & “Ever Lovin Man”. It’s Summertime in 1970 Tallarico, now going by the name Steven Tyler & he saw a band out of New Hampshire @ “The Barn” they were ‘Jam Band’ with Joe Perry (Anthony Joseph Perry: 10 Sep 1950; Lawrence, MA) on Guitar & Tom Hamilton (Thomas William Hamilton: 31 Dec 1951; Colorado Springs, CO) on Bass, Tyler was impressed by the funk & swagger of the music the ‘Jam Band’ performed.

In Sep the ‘Jam Band’ moved to Boston & hired Joey Kramer (Joseph Michael Kramer: 21 Jun 1950; Bronx NYC) who knew Tyler back in NYC, on Drums. Perry in Oct ’70 went to Tyler’s Mother’s house to talk to Tyler about joining the ‘Jam Band’ Tyler agreed under the condition Tyler would be the Vocalist- Frontman. The band relocated to Boston & was christened ‘Aerosmith’ (after a Harry Nilsson LP ‘Aerial Ballet’) & recruited Ray Tabano: (23 Dec 1946 Bronx, NYC) a childhood friend of Tyler’s on Guitar. Sometime in 1971 Brad Ernest Whitford: (23 Feb 1952; Winchester, MA) took Tabano’s spot in ‘Aerosmith’

>Major Barbara: 1972<
The lineup of: Tyler, Perry, Hamilton, Kramer & Whitford remained unchanged until Jul ’79, the band performed a showcase gig @ ‘Max’s Kansas City’ their management Leber – Krebs landed a record deal with Columbia Records in Summer ’72. The band’s 1st LP #32005 was released in Jan ’73 & hit #21 on the charts, (the original cover for the 1st version of this LP, the band photo was much smaller & in the center of the LP cover, the re-issue was dubbed “Dream On”) with 2 Singles released one being “Dream On” in Jun ‘73, this hit #59 on the charts, later in ’76 the re-issue 45 would make the Top 10. There is 1 out-take from this LP session “Major Barbara”. The band’s 2nd LP “Get Your Wings” was released in Mar ’74 & would hit #74 on the charts, & this is the 1st produced by; Jack Douglas (who would produce the next 4 LPs for the band) 3 singles were released & thus far the band’s 45s would have edited versions of the songs, also there was a “Quad” version pressed of this LP.

>Big Ten Inch: 1975 <
Aerosmith’s big break comes in the form of their 3rd LP “Toys In The Attic” released in Apr ’75 hitting #11 on the charts with 3 singles released “Sweet Emotion” in May ’75 & hit #36 on the charts followed by “Walk This Way” in Aug ‘75, but then re-issued in Nov ’76 then hitting #10 on the charts (the Run D.M.C. version hit #4 in Jul ’86). Then releasing the single “Last Child” in Mar ’76 & hitting #21 on the charts, months before the LP. The band scores again with “Rocks” (my 2nd favorite LP) in May ’76 hitting the charts @ #3, then the 45 “Back In The Saddle” in Mar ’77 hitting #38 on the Charts, there is also a “Quad” version of this LP as well #CAQ-34165. David JoHansen of the ‘New York Dolls’ stared working with Aerosmith beginning with this LP, as well as Joe Perry stared playing on JoHansen’s LPs

AEROSMITH performed @ the St. Paul Civic Center on;
Sat 1 May 1976 (here’s the Setlist)
Mama Kin
Write Me A Letter
SOS too bad
Walkin The Dog
Same Old Song & Dance
One Way Street
Walk This Way
Sick As A Dog
Big 10 Inch Record
Lick & Promise
No More, No More
Dream On
Sweet Emotion
Train Kept A Rollin
Toys In The Attic

The band’s next single “Draw The Line” is released in Oct ’77 hitting the charts @ #42, then 2 months later their 5th LP “Draw The Line” was release (my favorite LP) in Dec ’77 charting @ #11 with the follow up single “Kings & Queens” in Feb ’78 hitting #70 on the charts.

> Chip Away The Stone: 1978<
The Rock N Roll Lifestyle must have taken its toll on the band as in 1978 they do not release a studio LP, instead 3 songs on “Cal Jam II” LP recorded “Live” on 18 Mar 1978 Ontario, CA. On 4 Jul 1978 in Dallas, TX @ The Cotton Bowl the band performed @ the “TeXXas Jam” & in 1988 a 12 song VHS was released of the show titled “TeXXas Jam ‘78” followed by a Soundtrack Single “Come Together” in Jul’ ’78 from “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.

Then their 1st “Live” LP with “Live ! Bootleg!” (recorded from 1973-78) released in Oct ’78 coming in @ #13 on the charts & the 45 single release for this LP is the Studio Version of “Chip Away At The Stone (studio)” hitting #77 on the charts which was written by session man Richie Supa (Richard Goodman: Massapequa Park, NY) the 6th member of Aerosmith; who played Keys, Sax & Guitar for the band, & who temporarily replaced Perry, before Crespo did. This LP came with a concert poster inside the LP. It was also in this LP I saw a photo of Joe Perry playing a “Tele-Strat” just like the one Tommy Bolin used in the ‘James Gang’. I feel it’s worth noting almost all of AEROSMITHs 22 Single 45 Releases from 1973- 1979, Are Alternate Versions of the LPs songs. Did you know the ‘Spinal Tap’ scene with the “Cold Cuts” was about an incident Tyler had backstage in the late 70’s. Tyler: “I saw the film; I have to tell ya, I didn’t get it”

> Cheescake: 1979<
This marks the end of the “Original” Lineup of AEROSMITH as Joe Perry leaves the band in Jul ‘79 he did record half of “Night In The Ruts” released in Nov ’79 with the other half finished by: Jimmy Crespo: (5 Jul 1954 Brooklyn) of ‘FLAME’ the single for this release was “Remember (walking in the sand)” which hit #67 on the charts in 1980.

Perry did form the ‘Joe Perry Project’ & in Mar ’80 he released “Let The Music Do The Talking” with the title song that would be re-recorded by ‘Aerosmith’ in Nov ’85, followed by his 2nd & final release on Columbia Records “I’ve Got The Rock N Rolls Again” in 1981, his 3rd LP “Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker” would be released in Sep 1983 on MCA Records , In Sep 1999, Raven Records released a CD “Best Of Joe Perry Project”.

Whitford left the band in early 1981 to record the “Whitford-St. Holmes” LP #37365 on Columbia Records with former Ted Nugent singer Derek St. Holmes (both were still managed by: Leber- Krebs). AEROSMITH did eventually reunite in Jun ’84 but that’s part of another tale. So there you go Missy M. a brief history of your favorite band. Worth noting Jack Douglas was just in town, last summer working on ‘The ODDFathers’ new record.

Until the next time … MrZer0

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Wicked Lester: The Beginning Of KISS

The beginning of KISS:
“BUZZ” Newspaper Article (#45-eK) Dec- Jan 2015
By: RLSchwinden

-Please, Remember Me Now: 1970-
A young man named Eugene Klein (Chaim Witz: 25 Aug 1949 Haifa, Israel) started off in a band the ‘Long Island Sounds’ he had some songs like “Stanley The Parrot” “Eskimo Sun” “Suitor” & “Leeta” at the same time another young man Stanley Eisen (Stanley Harvey Eisen: 20 Jan 1952; Manhattan, NYC) was in a band ‘Uncle Joe’ & he had some songs like “Stop, Look To Listen” & “Sunday Driver” through a mutual friend, Guitarist Stephen Coronel (21 Mar 1951 NYC) the 2 met & in 1970 & formed the band ‘Rainbow’ with Brooke Ostrander (R.I.P. 2011) on Keyboards & originally Joe Davidson on drums, but he was soon replaced by Tony Zarrella, this band performed live in the winter 1971.

-Long Road To Somewhere: 1971-
Soon after their 1st gig, they found out there was another local band called ‘Rainbow’ so they changed the band name to ‘Wicked Lester’ (with a “Bowery Boys Street Kid” as a mascot), by late ’71. Gene Klein & Stanley Eisen, Coronel, Ostrander & Zarrella stabilized, this line-up performed live in Apr through Aug ’71. The band also recorded a 3 song demo in the winter of ’71 @ Electric Lady Studios with Ron Johnsen producing.

In early 1972 Eisen & Klein sang background vocals for Lyn Christopher, for 2 songs on her 1973 Paramount LP #PAS-6051, the songs were: “Celebrate II” & “Wedding” unbelievably a local drummer named Peter Criscoula (George Peter John Criscuola: 20 Dec 1945; Brookyn, NYC) added hand claps to the song “Celebrate II” later in Sep ’72, we’ll hear more about Peter later. ‘Wicked Lester’ had been working on recordings in early ’72, soon after in Feb. ‘Wicked Lester’ was picked up by Epic Records under the condition Coronel be replaced by Ron Leejack. Epic gave the band an advance to finish up the record which looks like this according to the Tape Reel Box.

-Side- 1-A
“Keep Me Waiting” Stanley (sung by: Paul)
“Molly” (aka “Some Other Guy”) Stanley (sung by: Paul)
“Sweet Ophelia” Mann- Goffin 1971 (sung by: Paul)
“Simple Type” Simmons (sung by: Gene & Paul)
“Too Many Mondays” Mann- Weil 1971 (ver 1 sung by: Gene & Ver 2 by: Paul)
– Side 2-B
“Love Her All I Can” Stanley (sung by: Paul)
“When The Bell Rings” Roberts- Welch 1970 (sung by: Paul & Gene)
“She” Coronel- Simmons (sung by: Gene)
“What Happens In the Darkness” Tami Lester Smith 1972 (sung by: Paul & Gene)
“We Want To Shout It Out Loud” The Hollies 1970 (sung by: Gene)

There are several originals on this recording 2 would show up later on ‘Dressed To Kill’ & 2 others would be “Live Staples” throughout 1973, as well as 2 Barry Mann songs, a ‘Hollies’ song, a song by ‘Griffin’ & a song by Austin Roberts. There is 1 out-take known to exist titled “Long Long Road” sung by: Paul. The original cover art intended for the LP can be found on ‘The Laughing Dogs’ 1979 Columbia LP #JC-36033. Upon hearing the finished record, Don Ellis @ Epic Records, announced he “Hated the record & had no intention of releasing it” Klein & Eisen, decided it was time to move in a “New” direction, so the 2 changed their names to Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley respectively, then on 31 Aug 1972, Peter Cris (the drummer mentioned before) ran an ad in the “East Coast” edition of “Rolling Stone” which caught the eye of Gene & Paul. There was a meeting @ Electric Lady Studios & 2 auditions, before Cris was hired.

-Give It To You Easy: 1972-
Then in Dec ’72 the newly formed trio ran an ad in the “Village Voice” looking for a “Lead Guitarist with Flash & Ability” it came down to 2 people Bob Kulick (Robert J. Kulick: 16 Jan 1950; Brooklyn, NYC) & one Paul Daniel Frehley (27 April 1951; Bronx, NYC) the later landed the gig, being taller & the fact that he had hair, a little later he would go by his newer nickname “Ace” The quartet now known as ‘KISS’ Paul came up with the name after Peter mentioned he was in a band called ‘LIPS’ & Ace designed the now famous logo. After about 6 weeks of intense rehearsals ‘KISS’ was ready to debut their show, here is the set list from that 1st concert:

Concert Setlist: 30 Jan 1973 Tues
Queens, NYC @ Coventry
Deuce (Gene)
Watchin You (Gene)
Love Her All I Can (Paul)
She (Gene)
Simple Type (Gene & Paul)
Keep Me Waiting (Paul)
Want You Beside Me (aka: Life In The Woods) (Paul & Peter)
Baby Let Me Go (aka: Let Me Go Rock N Roll) (Gene)
Firehouse (Paul)
Black Diamond (Paul & Peter)
Little Lady (aka: Goin Blind) (Gene)

Only a few months later the band records a 5 song demo, of these 1st versions of these songs, most notably different is “Cold Gin” & “Strutter” both clocking in @ the 5min mark. Many years ago I heard an early recording (maybe 1972-73) of “Black Diamond” where Paul sang the entire song himself without Peter, however I cannot seem to locate this version as of late. Here’s the track list for the demo:

13 Mar 1973 Tues
Electric Lady Studios; NYC
Produced By: Eddie Kramer
Cold Gin
Watchin You
Black Diamond

-Come Along With Us: 1973-
Now with a demo to shop around ‘KISS’ begin to do shows in the NYC area with other bands like ‘The Brats’ ‘Harlots Of 42nd Street’ ‘Planets’ ‘Street Punk’ ‘Luger’ ‘Wild Honey’ ‘Queen Elizabeth’ ‘ISIS’ & ‘Rags’. Here’s a setlist from 1 of those early shows.

Concert Setlist: 16 June 1973
Amityville, NY @ The Daisy
2 Shows
Nothin To Lose (Gene & Peter)
Firehouse (Paul)
Life In The Woods (Paul & Peter)
Simple Type (Paul & Gene, yes reversed parts)
Acrobat: (Love Theme From KISS- Much Too Young) (Gene)
Deuce (Gene)
100,000 Years- Do Ya Feel Right (Paul)
Black Diamond (Paul & Peter)

*Other songs performed in concert at this time
for the 2nd show this evening were:
She (Gene)
Cold Gin (Gene)
Strutter (Paul)
Watchin You (Gene)
Let Me Know (Gene & Paul)
Go Now (Moody Blues: 1964) (Gene & Paul)

I feel it’s worth noting, “Nothin To Lose” has different lyrics & clocks in @ 6min while “Firehouse” has a totally different arrangement & clocks in @ the 5min mark as well, “Life In The Woods” runs almost 8min & will never be recorded in the studio, “Acrobat” is a 3 part song containing parts of “Love Theme From KISS” the intro to “Detroit Rock City” & “Much Too Young” the song is by & large written by Simmons, & “She” is being performed live but will not see release until 2 years later in ’75 & remarkably “Go Now” a cover tune the band used to perform as far back as their ‘Rainbow’ days.

‘KISS’ sign a management deal with Bill Aucoin (29 Dec 1943; Ayer, MA. – 28 Jun 2010 Aventura, FL) in Oct ’73, Aucoin then gets the band a record deal with Neil Bogart’s newly formed ‘Casablanca Records’ the band’s 1st LP out on 18 Feb 1974 on Casablanca Dist. By: WB with 9 songs. In an unusual move full song writing credits were not given, for example: “Cold Gin” was actually Frehley- Simmons, for the song “Let Me Know” the ending Coda was written by: Frehley but not given credit & “Deuce” was Simmons- Stanley, while “Black Diamond” was actually Simmons- Stanley. A total of 3 singles were released from this LP “Nothin To Lose b/w Love Theme From KISS” in Feb ’74, followed by: “Kissin Time” (a 1959 Bobby Rydell song which is recorded in Apr ’74) in May ’74 & the 3rd was “Strutter b/w 100,000 Years” in Aug ’74.

If you did not know I was a staff member on a book published on “KISS: Alive Forever” 2002 Billboard Books & you may or may not know I am in a “KISS Tribute Band” which covers the 1st & 2nd ‘KISS’ Tours thus I am writing this article, to help those understand what it is we are portraying, should you decide come to see us “Live”. By the way the is a Brand New Book out titled “Out On The Streets” by ‘KISS’s’ Original Road Crew: JR Smalling, Peter Oreckinto, Rick Munroe& the late Mick Campise, I haven’t read it yet, but I do hope to get 1 from Santa Claus (hint hint)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year … MrZer0
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A History of what ACE did Outside of KISS

“It’s like a told you, I came from outer space”
Ace Frehley: Solo

“BUZZ” Newspaper Article (#44-aF Nov- Dec 2014) By:RLSchwinden

>Hatched: 1951<

He was born Paul Daniel Frehley on Fri 27 April 1951 in Bronx NYC, he like everyone else saw ‘The Beatles’ on Ed Sullivan in Feb ’64 this combined with his love for ‘The Ventures’ took up playing guitar & promptly leaving his street gang ‘The Ducky Boys’ behind, he was initially dubbed “Punky” in the ‘Jr. Duckies’. Punky’s 1st real band was ‘The Exterminators’ an instrumental band in 1965. Punky’s neighbor was Peppy Castro (Emil Theilhelm:16 Jun 1949) Guitarist in the ‘Blues Magoos’ who had a #5 hit in Nov 1966 with “We Ain’t Got Nothin Yet”. Punky said “If Peppy can make so can I, I’m as good as he is”

Punky’s 2nd band in 1967 was a power trio named ‘King Kong’. Sometime in 1967 Punky hooked up his buddy Chris on a date with the girl Chris had his eye on. Chris in return gave “Punky” his new nickname “Ace” for being a real “Ace” for hooking him up on that date. Ace’s 3rd band was ‘Magic People’ in 1968 with Larry Kelly: Vocals, Chris Camiolo: Drums & Tom Stella: Bass. At this time Ace played a Japanese Tele cut into a “Teardrop” shape. Larry co-wrote the song “Rip It Out” that would come out on Ace’s 1st solo LP in Sep ’78.

>Pygmie Musical Instrument: 1971<

Ace seemed to drift from band to band, like the ‘Muff Divers’ in 1969, then ‘Cathedral’ in 1970. Ace’s 1st recording experience was with the band ‘Molimo’ a 6 member band; Christine Murphy: Vocals,Tom Ellis: Vocals & Guitar, Roy Singer: Piano & Keyboards, Paul Frehley: Guitar, Barry Dempsey: Bass, Dave Polinski: Drums. which was signed to RCA Records. At this time Ace was playing a a Japanese Strat cut into a “Curved Flying V”. On 22 Mar 1971 on the radio show “Rock Stars” with Richard Robinson their song “East Of Yesterday” was played with an interview of 4 band members including Ace. On 7 Dec 1971 they recorded a 3 song demo
RCA #7-0265-2: 1. Golden Age 2. Wash My Sins Away 3. Look
Interesting to note: in 1974 Murphy, Ellis & Singer had a band “Tomorrow Morning” that was signed to Casablanca Records & Produced By: Kerner & Wise.

>Flash & Ability: 1972<

In Dec 1972 Ace’s best friend Bobby McAdams saw an ad in ‘The Village Voice’ which lead to Ace joining ‘KISS’ from; Jan 1973 to Nov 1982 & returning from Aug 1995 to Oct 2001. The 1st recording (that I know of) Ace did outside of ‘KISS’ was ‘Crazy Joe Renda’ a song titled “Eugene” in 1981 with John Regan & Rob Sabino. Ace did record with ‘KISS’ in a manner of speaking on the LP “WOW” by: Wendy O. Williams in 1984 on the song”Bump And Grind” with Gene $immon$.

>Better Get To The Recordstore: 1984<

Ace’s post ‘KISS’ band was ‘Frehley’s Comet’ formed sometime in 1984, with Anton Fig: Drums, John Regan: Bass, Richie Scarlet: Guitar & Vocals & Arthur Stead: Keyboards. The band recorded a demo for Bronze Records:
1. Angel (Scarlet)
2. Rock Or Be Rocked (Frehley)
3. Back On The Streets (Scarlet: also recorded by: Vinnie Vincent: 1982)
4. Stranger In A Strange Land (Frehley: 1969)

With Ace’s ‘KISS’ contract expiring his band released their 1st LP on 7 Jul 1987 “Frehley’s Comet”. There were several other songs recorded as demos for consideration for the 1st LP some of those being:
I Will Survive
I Got The Touch
I’m an Animal
Back In My Arms Again
Audio/ Video (Catch My Fall)
Wired Up
The Hurt Is On
Girl Can’t Dance
You Make It Hard For Me

>Year Of The Comet: 1988<

The next release was an EP “Live +1″ on 2 Feb 1988, recorded on 4 Sep 1987 in Chicago @ Aragon Ballroom a *VHS “Live + 4″ was released around Summer 1988, but recorded on 19 Mar 1988 in London UK @ Hammersmith Odeon. The Band’s 2nd LP “Second Sighting” came out on 24 May 1988, this was Frehley’s most prolific year. For the 3rd LP Ace dropped the band name & went solo for “Trouble Walkin” released on 13 Oct 1989, thus fulfilling his Megaforce contract.

The 1st time I heard Ace “Live” was a radio broadcast of the 29 Jun 1987 show in Milwaukee, WI. @ Summerfest, where Todd Howarth sang “Love Me Right” instead of Ace. The 1st time I met him was at an “In-Store: Meet & Greet” @ ‘Zia Records’ in Tempe, AZ.

I was able to ask him a few questions:
RLS: “Do you still have your massive guitar collection?”
AF: “No, I sold a lot of them off years ago, it just got to be too much”
AF: “Where did you get these ’73 photos with the Spider Web backdrop? Do you know I still own my 1st set of leathers (the Charlie Brown ones)”
RLS: “Do you ever miss playing with the other 3?”
AF: “I just played with Paul & Gene in New York (26 Jun 1988 @ Limelight) & Criss joined me on Drums in L.A. (23 Aug 1987 in L.A. @ Wiltern)
RLS: “Did you have a good time? Do you think you’ll ever rejoin them?”
AF: “Yea, you know, I did, but, I’m not sure about that”
RLS: “Do you think your 1st lead vocal for KISS “Queen For A Day” from ‘Rock And Roll Over’ will ever be released?”
AF: “How do you know about that? no comment”
RLS: “Read in a magazine at the time, back in ’77”
AF: “Where’d you get this promo video (for “DoYa”)?”
RLS: “I work in the biz, you’re wearing a leather jacket on the beach wasn’t it hot?”
AF: No, it was winter, it was freezing out”
AF: “Do you have my new album (on Vinyl)?”
RLS: I have the vinyl back home; I just brought the cassette today”
AF: “Some girl asked me to sign her dog, I’ve never done that before (laughing)”
RLS: “You seem to play Phoenix every tour”
AF: “Regan & I like to catch some holes (of golf) when we tour”

Ace picked out a couple ‘Cheap Trick’ CDs & my sister Michelle took my photo with him. We then saw him that night, so here’s the set list:

2 April 1990 Phoenix, AZ @ “After The Gold Rush”
Shot Full of Rock
Trouble Walkin’
Cold Gin
New York Groove
Rock Soldiers
Lost In Limbo
Do Ya
Shock Me
Ace’s Guitar Solo
2 Young 2 Die
Rip It Out
Rocket Ride
Remember Me

>Cherokee Boogie: 1994<

It would be a while before Ace released anything, the next title was a *VHS “Ace Vision “Vol 1″ in 1994, put out by Ace himself sold only at his concerts. The next time I saw Ace was for 2 shows in a row on 31 Oct 1994 Mon in Minneapolis @ Mirage & then again on 2 Nov 1994 Wed in Des Moines @ Safari Club. While Ace was back in ‘KISS’ 2 different tribute CDs were put out “Spacewalk” on 21 May 1996 with “Take Me To The City” by: Ace from his

Mar 1995 Demos: 1. Sister 2. Don’t Wanna Lose You 3. Take Me To The City 4. Too Far Gone from the album Ace was working on before the KISS Reunion Tours

Then followed by; “Return Of The Comet” in 1997 with the songs “Animal” & “Back On The Streets” by: Richie Scarlet from the 1984 Demos. Also while Ace was still in ‘KISS’ Regan took the opportunity to release 2 different compilations, the 1st being “12 Picks” on 8 Apr 1997, followed by; “Loaded Deck” on 20 Jan 1998, & sometime later “Greatest Hits Live” on 24 Jan 2006. Ace took some time off so the next time I was able to see him was 8 May 2008 Thurs in Minneapolis @ 1st Ave. not quite a year later he released his 5th solo album “Anomaly” on 15 Sep 2009.

Ace’s next release was a *DVD “Behind The Player” in 2010, followed by his 6th solo album “Space Invader” on 19 Aug 2014. By the way Ace started his new solo tour on 13 Nov 2014 in Brunswick, NJ.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving … It’s our 6th one in this location MrZer0

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David Bowie: Changes 1962- 79

Ch-ch-ch Changes …
Time may change me; David Bowie: 1962- 1979
“BUZZ” Newspaper Article: #43-dB Oct- Nov 2014
By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZer0

When I 1st heard David Bowie, I saw him on The “Midnight Special” in Aug 1973 performing the “1980 Floor Show” & singing “Time” I just loved the chorus, though I thought Bowie looked really unusual. Then I heard “Fame” just like everybody else did, because Lennon wrote the lyrics & played guitar on the record, but when I heard the ‘Bay City Rollers’ play “Rebel Rebel” on TV one Sat. Morning on a Kroft TV show. I decided I had to get on the case.

He was Born David Robert Jones 8 Jan 1947 in Brixton UK. In 1962 while in school he was punched in the left eye leaving the pupil permanently dilated, adding to his unusual look. In 1956 His Father Heywood brought home some American R&R 45s, which inspired young Davie to take up piano, guitar & saxophone & was a member of 6 different bands these being ’Konrads’ ‘King Bees’ ‘Manish Boys’ ‘Lower Third’ ‘Riot Squad’ ‘The Buzz’ releasing some 9 singles from 1962- 67

Sometime in 1964 he formed the “Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Long Haired Men” & appeared on the BBC show “Tonight” in Nov of that year. Tired of being confused with the most popular Monkee, Davy Jones, in early ’67 changes his name to David Bowie, to set himself apart from the other famous Jones.

Bowie’s big break comes in ”Space Oddity” a #15 Billboard Hit, that was released on 15 Jul 1969 just 5 days prior to the ‘Apollo 11′ launch. Followed by 4 other Top Billboard Hits; “Changes” #41 in Jan ’72, “Young Americans” #28 in Feb ’75, “Fame” #1 in Jul ’75, “Golden Years” #10 in Nov ’75, Bowie released a whooping 37 singles from 1969-79.

Bowie released 13 albums from 1967-79 starting with “David Bowie” in Jun’67 on Deram, then “Space Oddity” on Mercury in Nov’69, followed by “Man Who Sold The World” in Nov’70, his 4th LP & my personal favorite “Hunky Dory” in Dec’71 & his 1st on RCA, with “Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust” in Jun’72, where upon he announces his retirement on tour for this LP on stage in London in Jul’73. Here is the setlist from a show on that same tour.

Fri 18 May 1973
Glasgow, Scotland @ Green’s Playhouse

Hang On to Yourself
Ziggy Stardust
Watch That Man
Life on Mars?
Memory of a Free Festival
The Prettiest Star
Moonage Daydream*
Space Oddity
The Jean Genie
The Width of a Circle
Let’s Spend the Night Together
Suffragette City
Drive-In Saturday
Cracked Actor
Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

(My band ‘MrZERo’ performs “Moonage Daydream” in their live set to this day)

In 1973 he releases 2 LPs “Aladdin Sane” in Apr & “Pin-Ups” in Oct. In Apr’74 he releases “Diamond Dogs” I spoke to Ansley Dunbar (Aynsley Thomas Dunbar: 10 Jan 1946; Liverpool UK) the Drummer for this LP in the Fall of ’97. Dunbar: “We never really knew what song we working on, ‘til the album came out & we read the credits, David would constantly change things from day to day & change arrangements, from session to session” Bowie’s 9th LP is “Young Americans” released in Mar’75, followed by “Station To Station” in Jan’76, & then “Low” a year later in Jan’77 with “Heroes” later the same year in Oct. his last LP of the 70s is “Lodger” in May’79.

Not just confined to music he also appeared in these films; “Man Who Fell To Earth” 1976, “Just A Gigolo” 1978, “The Hunger” 1983, “Into The Night” 1985, “Absolute Beginners” 1986, & “Labyrinth” 1986.

So there you have it folks a brief history of David Bowie in a quick read from MrZer0. Stay tuned for the next installment, until then…

Mr. Zero’s *Est. 2009
1744 Lexington Ave. N.
Roseville, MN. 55113
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The TRASHMEN: Nerd Is The Word

“Nerd Is The Word”

“BUZZ Newspaper Article
Sep- Oct 2014 (#42-tM) By: RLSchwinden aKa: MrZer0

It’s sad to me that something as great as the local Minneapolis legends ‘The Trashmen’ has to be remembered from something as inane as ‘The Family Guy’ TV cartoon…

> Discovering The Bird: 1972 <
How I found out about “The Bird” was I was looking through my Dad’s record collection, in our Band/ Music room in our basement, in Sioux City, Iowa, the summer 1972, my Dad had just returned to playing drums in the Sioux City, Iowa based band ‘The Boyz (from Sioux City)’ which evolved into ‘Bonesteel’ not long after that. My Dad had not played drums since 1967, when his left arm was shattered by Vietnamese bullet on his 2nd tour of Nam. I was looking through my Dad’s records & found the 1st Trashmen vinyl record with Steve Wahrer’s face scribbled out & my Dad’s name signed over Steve’s head with an arrow pointing to his (Steve’s) body. I asked my Dad “Why did you do this” My Dad responded “Because, once that was me … ”

I asked “How was that ?” he replied “Well I went to Brooklyn Center & those guys went to the next school over, the band I was in used to open for them at the local Sock-Hops when I was a teenybopper, then one day their drummer (Steve) hurt his hand or something like that, so they asked me to play the drums while he would come out & sing “Surfin Bird” & some other songs like that, so I played the drums for them” I then asked “Are you on this album” he replied “No, not that one , but I am on some live shows, someone recorded for them (Trashmen) at the time, well, that’s what they told me anyway, I don’t know if that stuff ever got released or not, as I was shipped to Viet Nam not long after that, & lost track of that kind of thing” Unfortunately when my Dad & Mom split one time in 1974, my Dad sold his drums & guitar & threw out much of his stuff he owned from before he was married, including His ‘Trashmen’ record.

When I moved to Phoenix in 1981, to follow my musical dream, I moved in with my Dad’s brother Mike Schwinden (3 years younger than Billy). My Uncle Mike, suggested “You might consider getting a real job in the meantime, while you’re waiting for your music career to take off” I asked “Why” he said ”Well look at your Dad he was in the real deal, playing in bands with the big leagues like The Trashmen, back when they were big & he chose to pursue the Psychotherapy field, because so few actually make in the music business” So my Uncle Mike verified what my Dad had said several years earlier.

> Cyclone: 1957 <
Anthony ‘Tony’ Andreason (b.1943 a Henry High School student) from Minneapolis, on Guitar & Vocals, meets Steven ‘Steve’ Wahrer (1942: Iowa- 23 Jan 1989) from Robbinsdale on Drums & Vocals @ the Crystal Coliseum sometime around 1957 then the duo join ‘Jim Thaxter & The Travelers’ in 1961 this band contained the members Jim Thaxter: Vocals & Bass, Tom Diehl: Piano with Andreason & Wahrer, with Dallas “Dal” Winslow from Robbinsdale on Guitar. The band is based out of Brooklyn Center, playing venues such as Bill’s Roller Rink in Anoka & Theodore Wirth Golf Course in Golden Valley bringing in about $8.oo per performance in 1960. This band records a 45 Single on Arill Records #73065, “Cyclone b/w Sally Jo” about 200 copies are pressed.

> Trashmen Blues: 1962 <
The trio of Wahrer, Andreason & Winslow branch off in early 1962 due to differences in musical direction with Thaxter. They get Don Woody on Bass, rehearsing in Winslow’s garage. The local artist; Tony Kyray had a 45 single out at the time “Trashmen Blues” while practicing in Winslow’s garage one time Wahrer offers “This is what we should call ourselves” Then at the next gig in Mar ’62 @ Brooklyn Center High, Wahrer shows up with ‘The Trashmen’ painted on his kick-drum head, & ‘The Trashmen’ are born, later in ’62 Woody decides to leave to join his brother’s band ‘The Startones’ An audition is held in late ’62, Bob Reed from Oaks, North Dakota shows up & is hired to play Bass. In the summer of ’63 the band take a trip to So. Cal. & get hooked on “Surf Music”

> Funniest Sound I Ever Heard: 1963 <
The band’s Drummer/ Vocalist Wahrer combined 2 songs He had heard ‘The Sorensen Brothers’ a California band, play at a gig they both performed in Amery,WI. @ Woodley’s Country Dam, the songs being “The Bird’s The Word” & “Pa Pa Ooh Mow Mow” by the California doo-wop group ‘The Rivingtons’, who in 1962 released an album on Liberty Records called “Doin’ The Bird” which was a type of dance at the time, although the song “Bird Is The Word b/w I’m Losing My Grip” is not on this LP but was a 45 single released sometime after the LP was released.

Andreason: “We were backstage at a ballroom called ‘Chub’s’ in Maple Grove, Steve used to do these funny voices & had come up with this song, he kind of taught it to us on the spot, we didn’t really rehearse the song much more than that, on stage he would nod to us for the chord changes, we played live that very night 3 maybe 4 times, once in each set”.

A local DJ from WDGY Radio “Wizard Of Wax” Bill Diehl was the Emcee at a show where he heard The Trashmen perform Wahrer’s new song, Diehl was positive this would be a hit & convinced the band the record a demo of the song with George Garrett (who was the engineer on most SOMA recordings) in his recording studio in the basement of his recordshop “Nic’o’lake Records”, a 2nd shorter version was recorded @ Kay Bank Studios on 2541 Nicollet Ave MPLS. Wahrer once said “I could not drum fast enough in the studio for that song, so we recorded it, speed it up, & then I sang over that”, & then 50 one sided promo copies were pressed & sent out to local radio stations, in addition too, Diehl entered the song into local “The Battle of the Bands” & The Trashmen won!

> Susie Baby: 1963 <
The band signed with SOMA Records, a local Record Label started by: Amos Heilicher (1921- Aug 2011) & his brother Danny in 1954, by 1959 the label had Bobby Vee, & later many other local artists like: “The Fendermen” “The Castaways” “The Gestures” “The Del Counts” “Dave Dudley” & “The Underbeats” (who evolved into GYPSY) Amos eventually sold/closed SOMA in 1967 to focus on his “Musicland” chain of recordstores, a friend of mine worked with Amos he had this to say “He was a shrewd businessman & sometimes not a very nice guy”

The band’s 1st Single 45 was “Surfin Bird b/w King Of The Surf” the “B-Side” written by Larry LaPole who worked for the ‘Star Tribune’ the local newspaper & had written a number of country songs & is now the new Co-Writer for the band. “Surfin Bird” spent 13 weeks on the chart, then it hit #4 on 25 Jan 1964, this Single 45 sold 38,000 copies in the 1st week alone! There is a rare version on ‘Lana Records’ #137. “Surfin Bird” was later bumped by “She Loves You” from those newcomers ‘The Beatles’.

> Tube City: 1964 <

The band’s 1st & only Vinyl LP “The Trashmen” #GA-200 was released on13 Nov 1963 on Garrett Records Dist. By SOMA & retailing for $2.88, back then 45 singles were .98 cents. This LP contains 12 tracks while the CD version contains 16 tracks @ 30:39 min. The back cover of the LP shows the band playing ‘Mr. Lucky’s’ in MPLS. Tony: “Back then we were paid .03 cents per album sold, but we didn’t always get that payment, that’s the music biz, for you”

When I asked Dal Winslow about My Dad Billy Schwinden: from St. Cloud (30 Oct 1944- 30 Apr 2003), but went to Brooklyn Center High School, who said he played with The TRASHMEN back in 1961- 62, before My Dad went to Viet Nam in ’64, Dal said “Well it’s possible, we went through so many people back then when Steve & I went to Robbinsdale High, so if he (My Dad) says he did,well then he probably did, what is his name again? What was the opening band he played with back then?”

As “Surfin Bird” was in the Top 10 on the charts, the TV Show ‘American Bandstand’ wanted them on the their show, odd thing is the show would only pay for 1 plane ticket to Philadelphia where the TV show was filmed, since Wahrer sang lead on the hit, even though he was the drummer, he was chosen to go. Steve was the only 1 to appear on the TV show on 4 Jan 1964 performing the “Bird Dance” & singing to a Toucan prop with lighted flashing eyes, followed by a 2 minute interview with Dick Clark at the end of the performance. The Rivingtons’ managers informed them of the Top 10 song that seemed to be written from 2 of their own songs, after a successful lawsuit, later pressings changed the writer credit from Wahrer to “Al Frazier, Carl White, Sonny Harris, and Turner Wilson Jr.”

> A-Bone: 1964-65 <

The band’s 2nd 45 single to be released, which Steve refers to on ‘American Band Stand’ is “Bird Dance Beat b/w A-Bone” GA-4003 the “B” side again written by LaPole, this 45 spent 7 weeks on the charts reaching #30 in 7 Mar 1964. This 45 was released on ‘Stateside Records’ overseas. Bob Reed: “I believe our 2nd single went to #30 on the national charts”. Followed by their 3rd single “Bad News b/w On The Move” GA-4005, which reached #124 on the charts in the Summer of 1964. Followed by these also released in 1964: “Peppermint Man b/w New Generation” GA-4010 & “Whoa Dad b/w Walking My Baby” GA- 4012 & “Dancing With Santa b/w Real Live Doll” GA-4013, released with a Picture Sleeve & the last 45 on the Garrett Record Label. Winslow: “I kept the booking records; we did 292 one-nighters in 1964 & almost as many in 1965 at 270 shows”

Things begin to slow down for The Trashmen in 1965 the 7th 45 Single to be released by the band is now on ‘Tribe Records’ #8315 “Hanging On Me b/w Same Lines” followed by the 8th single now ‘Bear Records’
by Lieberman Ent. out of Bloomington, MN “Keep Your Hands Off My Baby b/w Lost Angel” Bear #1966. Their 9th 45 single is on yet a different label than before “Bird ’65 b/w Ubangi Stomp” Argo Records #5516. A “Hard Rock Casino” opened in Sioux City, Iowa in Aug 2014, in the entry way, there is a giant concert poster for The Trashmen on Sat 29 May 1965 admission $1.50, when I told Dal about this he was very excited to see a photo of it, so I sent him one, later the next day.

In 2002 Sundazed released “Teen Trot” This CD contains 25 tracks @ 1hr & 13min recorded live on Sun 22 Aug 1965 in Ellsworth, WI @ Proch’s Popular Ballroom with about 700 people in attendance paying a ticket price of $1.50, to see 3 sets of 40min each

> Lost Angel: 1966- 67 <

As The Beatles continue to forever change the music scene of the 60’s, there is not as much demand for Pre-Beatles “Surf Music” The Trashman release no records the year of 1966, as well as their live performances drop 24% to 200 shows this year, still considered quite successful for a regional surf band from the Twin Cities, it’s just not the same as their “heyday” just 2 years earlier. They did manage to record several live shows for a possible “Live” LP, but these recordings remained in the can for over 2 decades.

“Live Bird ’65- ’67” 1990 Sundazed this CD contains 17 tracks @45:59 min
Recorded from several shows; those being
8 Aug 1965 in Ellsworth,WI, @ Proaches Popular Ballroom,
17 Sep 1966 in Sauk Centre, MN, @ The Home School For Girls,
20 & 26 Sep 1966 in St. Paul, MN @ the Whiskey A Go-Go
1 Jan 1967 in Marshfield, WI @ Airway Bar

A concert program from the time reads: “Here come The Exciting Trashmen Presenting Sensational Sounds of Past & Present” 3848 2nd Street N.E. Minneapolis 21 Minn. Phone: 788-2040

My friend Larry S. saw The Trashmen in concert the summer of ’66 “I used to drive a 50 Suzuki motorbike, I wore a Sonny & Cher type hat & vest, with Beatle boots, man, we thought we were something back then, The Trashmen played the Paradise Ballroom in Wiconia, MN. it was a really nice day, there was a really big crowd there to see them , there was so many people there you couldn’t really walk around, they were really good, as I recall, the band wore collarless suits like the Beatles had wore a couple years earlier, I remember being surprised the drummer sang most of the hits, although he seemed to pause to catch his breath, during the big hit, someone told me that’s the way the song goes, also the drummer was blond, the other 3 up front weren’t”

In 1967 the band release their 10th & final 45 Single “Green, Green Backs Back Home b/w Address Enclosed” now on the Metrobeat Label #7927, their 5th record label in just 2 years. On Fri 28 April 1967 they play in Renville @ Palms Ballroom for $1.50 per ticket. The band finish up the year playing several weekend shows @ The Gables on Lyndale & Franklin in MPLS. Finally 1967 sees the end of The Trashmen, as they disband to pursue other interests, as “Sgt. Pepper” is released in June ’67 & forever changes the music business.

> The Sleeper: 1982 <

In 1982 the band reform & start to play selected local shows, including some recording up to 1988, unfortunately Wahrer dies in 1989, Tony’s brother Mark takes over on Drums followed by Reed’s son Robin to take over for Mark.

At some point this album is released “Trashmen 20 Biggest Hits” Garrett #300 on blue vinyl LP, more than likely in the mid 90s. Andreason: “We were lucky enough to own our own Master Tapes so in 1990 we made a deal with Sundazed to put out our recordings on CD” These 2 CDs are released “Great Lost Trashmen Album” 1990 Sundazed with 16 tracks @ 35:55min followed by: “Tube City: The Best Of The Trashmen” 1992 Sundazed contains 20 tracks @ 46:46 min. In 1994 on NPR Records “Comicbook Collector” is released, this album is recorded from 1988, this being the last recordings with Wahrer through 1993 with Andreason’s brother on drums, this CD contains 11 tracks @ 37:55min: featuring the title song along with “Love’s Made A Fool Of You” & “Keep Your Hands Off My Baby” as well as several other re-recordings of mid 60s standards.

Sundazed continues to release CD & Vinyl for the band, “Bird Call” a 4 CD Boxset in 1998 contains 80 tracks total recorded from May 1961 to Jan 1967. A vinyl release, (highly unusual for the time period) “Bird Dance Beat” 1999 LPGA- 300 contains 14 tracks that could have been the band’s 2nd LP release

> Whoa Dad: 1999 <

When I moved to St. Paul in 1999 I saw The Trashmen were out playing again, so I called my Dad & asked him about his days as a drummer back in the early 60s in the Twin Cities, he said “Ah yes, the music of my youth, what a fun time that was growing up during the origins of Rock N Roll, I have a lot of fond memories from that time”

However he never spoke of this subject much beyond that. Perplexed I asked my Mom “Why is it Dad would not speak of anything specific from when he played drums in bands in his youth” My Mom answered “Your Dad graduated from High School early to enlist in the Marines to go and fight for his country in the Viet Nam war, he was wounded 4 times during his 2 tours of fighting over there, & saw many atrocities, he does not care to remember, or to even think back to anything past what he is doing today, which is working on his Doctorate”

However as I mentioned back in 1972 my Dad did play drums for ‘The Boyz (from Sioux City)’ Then in1977 my Dad played drums with the Jackson, Mississippi based ‘Baker’s Dozen’ who had a 45 single out at the time. The last time my Dad showed any interest in music was in 1980 he started learning guitar & lastly in 1981 he played percussion a couple times with his co-worker, Tim a Bass player.

My Dad passed away in ’03. In 2013 The Trashmen release this Vinyl EP “I’m A Trashman b/w Torture”/”Bop A Lena”/”Brewski” in Jun 2013 the band play the “Back To The 50’s” Show near my shop. This year they release their 1st new album in years “Bringing Back The Trash” By: Deke Dickerson & The Trashmen 2014 Major Label has 16 tracks of new & covers songs on this CD & LP. I finally was able to see (setlist below) & meet The Trashmen in person on:

Wed 27 Aug 2014
St. Paul, MN @ State Fair on Schell’s Stage

Tube City
Bad News
Do The Bird
It’s So Easy
Lotta Lovin
Bird Dance Beat
Think Link
Flippin The Bird
Bird Bath
A- Bone
White Lighnin
Red 55
Good News
My Woodie
Be Bop A Lena
Goofy Foot
Slow Down
Ubangi Stomp
Surfin Bird
High School Confidential
Bucket T

They were a great band to see & hear perform live, they were great guys in person too, before & after the show, & they signed several items for me & my Shop ‘Mr. Zero’s’ in Roseville, & took the time to pose for photos. Back in 2011 a Customer came into our shop wearing a T-Shirt that read “Nerd Is The Word” we adopted that as our tag line right there & then. In closing if you’re into Twin Cities Local Music, Dick Dale, Beach Boys, Ventures, Jan & Dean, Link Wray etc. check out The Trashmen.

Here’s the link to another Article I wrote on Local MPLS Music:

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