Month: December 2013

What came first the music or the misery

“High Fidelity” 2000 Dogstar/ Touchstone John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Todd Louiso, Jack Black, Catherine Zeta-Jones “What came first the music or the misery” www.LostMyStub.Com Review 23 Nov 2011 (MZ: #A-1) Now as this is my first official film review, I

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Butcher Cover Album Trivia

“Patch.Com; Roseville Edition” 7 May 2013 Beatles’ Butcher Album Cover a Trivia Favorite of Roseville Record Shop Owner Rik Schwinden, owner of Mr. Zero’s, says there are plenty of myths about the Fab Four’s controversial 1966 Butcher album cover. With

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MrZERo’s PsychoGello Radio

The Pop Shop: KFAI Radio 9 Oct 2012 BIG THANK YOU to everyone who pledged to the Pop Shop and KFAI during the fall pledge drive! We raised more than $66,000 for the station! This week, Liberty Finch and DJ

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Stepping Back on to The Music Stage

A Roseville Rocker, Rik Schwinden Stepping Back on to The Music Stage “Patch.Com; Rosville Edition” 28 June 2013 Roseville retailer Rik Schwinden will take his love of rock n’ roll and step back onto the music stage tonight (Friday) as

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Still National Release Dates

“Patch.Com; Roseville Edition” 14 Sep 2013 Why “Yes There Are Still National Release Dates” Ok, most do not realize or want to accept that the Precious Internet has permanently damaged our great country. How? Eliminating entire industries forever, “On-Line” Dealers

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Cheap Trick cartoon rock

“You didn’t know what you were looking for” “BUZZ: Newspaper Article” Apr- May 2011 (#2-B) Cheap Trick, what do you think of when you hear that name ? A magic act, the cartoonish band with the 2 good lookin rock

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New York Dolls looking for a KISS

“I got a personality crisis, I’m just looking for a kiss” “BUZZ: Newspaper Article” May- Jun 2011 (#3-C) Recently the “New York Dolls” opened for Motley Crue & Poison at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. My friend Tommy S.

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HANOI ROCKS 2 steps from the Move

“I Am Two Steps From The Move” Hanoi Rocks “BUZZ: Newspaper Article” Sep- Oct 2011 (#7-G) Ok fans, let us see if you have been paying attention…I mentioned this months Band installment in last months article. I was talking about

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RUSH something for nothing

“You Don’t Get Something For Nothing” “RUSH: 1968- 1981” “BUZZ Newspaper” Article Dec- Jan 2011 (#10-J) Hello there fans, This month I would like cover another one of the biggest inspirations in my life, my Aunt Cat turned me onto

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The Bloody U2

“The Bloody U2: 1976- 1992” “BUZZ: Newspaper Article” Feb- Mar 2012 (#12-L) As St.Patrick’s Day (Ireland is 1 of 4 countries without snakes ie; the legend of St. Patty’s Day) is upon us I decided to cover the most successful

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