Year: 2017

Christmas Radio Show 2017 on WDGY

Xmas Show 2017 on WDGY (#6) Sun 24 Dec 2017 @ 10:30am 740am Dr. Rox Remember When? (Article: Dec 2017 #81-xM) By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerro     When I was a kid growing up in Sioux City, Iowa in the

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Dec 1987 USA Halts Vinyl Production

“What Makes An Expert In Vinyl Records?” WDGY’s Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show Article #5-vE: Nov 2017 (MZI #80) By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0   I once read an article that stated “Once a person has logged 10,000 hours in

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Iommi: Tragedy To Triumph

“Tragedy To Triumph” The Story of Tony Iommi & his band Black Sabbath: 1969 – 1978 By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZerr0 for WDGY Article #4-BS Oct. 2017 (Mr. Zero’s Article #79-TI)   The hero of this story is one; Tony Iommi, he

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George Harrison: Apple Years: 1968 -75

“I am unlimited, and I am more in control” George Harrison: 1968 -1975; The Apple Years WDGY Article #3-GH Sep 2017 By:RLSchwinden aka: MrZerr0   The quiet Beatle, Harrison disliked the public eye, enjoyed creating music, he felt LSD (in

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Bad Company: 1974 -1982

“Always On The Run” >Bad Company: 1974 -1982< PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show Article 2-B August 2017 By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0     This time round we’re going to cover one of De Dee’s favorite bands; BAD COMPANY.  A British Super-Group

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Tommy Bolin’s ENERGY: 1972

Tommy Bolin’s Energy: “Jazz Metal Fusion Blues” 1971 -1973 Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Radio Show (#2-B July- 2017) By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0 As August is approaching, it is time once again to honor my home town Hero Tommy R. Bolin (1

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MONKEES Albums: 1966 -70

Monkees Albums: 1966 -70 BUZZ Newspaper Article June 2017 (#75-mA) By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0 In May of this year I was lucky enough to get my own Radio Show “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Radio Show” (Bi-Weekly) on WDGY 740 AM &

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Year #5 Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Radio Show

Mr. Zero’s 55113 “PsychoGello Radio Show”: In Year #5 BUZZ Newspaper Article May-Jun 2017 (#74-pG5) By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZerr0 In Oct 2012 DJ Liberty Finch asked me (MrZerr0) to guest on her Radio Show “The Pop Shop” KFAI 90.3 FM

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LED Zeppelin: 1968 -1980

“Heavy Air” Led Zeppelin: 1968 – 1980 “BUZZ” Newspaper Article (#73-Lz) April- May 2017 By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZerr0 Back in the day, when I was going to West High (Wolverines) in Sioux City, Iowa, Disco & The Bee Gees, were

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CREAM: of the Crop 1966-68

Cream: of the Crop BUZZ Newspaper Article: (Mar 2017 #72-eC) By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0 I am sure like everyone else my 1st expose to CREAM was “Sunshine Of Your Love” but the one that really captured my attention was “White

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