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“Weresquito: Nazi Hunter”

Nazi Hunter


28 Sep 2016: All For George Productions

By: Christopher R. Mihm

“BUZZ Newspaper Article” (#67-cM) Oct 2016

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0


This is the 11th film released by: Christopher R. Mihm: (25 Apr 1976: MPLS,MN) in 10 years,”Weresquito” premiered on Wed. 28 Sep 2016 @ the Heights Theatre in Columbia Heights, MN. Now I am a little biased as my favorite shows are “Outer Limits” (1963 -65), “Twilight Zone” (1959 -64), “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” (1955 -62), “Tales Of Tomorrow” (1952 -53) & “Suspense” (1949 -54). Along with being filmed in black & white, & the low budget notwithstanding, these older shows relied heavily on story, dialog & suspense & the anticipation, rather than just action & explosions. This film is most like the “Outer Limits” out of Mihm’s; 11 film catalog. It also doesn’t hurt that I am in 2 of these films (#6 & #8). I portrayed “Zombie #5” in my 1st scene & also “Zombie #2” in my 3rd scene as well as “Workman Schneider” in my 2nd scene in “Attack Of The Moon Zombies” which was filmed in 2010 & 2011 but released in May 2011, I also appeared in “The Giant Spider” as “Farmer #2” (which I nicknamed my character “Nesmith”) the special features on this film are worth watching, because for this film I had just been released from the hospital for emergency foot surgery, so they had to film me from the waist up, because I was still using  a walker to get around, & they had to block it out of the shot! Also Mr. Zero’s supplied props to 2 other (#5 & #7) films. (Mr. Zero’s 55113 has been a partner of Mihm’s Films since 2010). Mr. Zero’s does carry most of Mihm’s DVDs, if you’re looking to score one Now!
Filmed in black & white to add a bit of outré & consistency, (to his other films), this film has a great idea, in that it starts off with a mad- Nazi Scientist conducting experiments on U.S. soldiers to create a super soldier, then jumps  ahead a few years when one of the victims (Sidney) seeks out his tormentor (Norgard), & winds up in a small town (New Berlin) & meets the local beauty of the town (Grubb & she is Not hard on the eyes) & the plot unfolds, I am not going to spoil it, because it is worth seeing for the 50s B&W style & effects & the plot twists.

The big 3 in this film are: Rachel Grubb: (3 Jun 1976; Springfield, OH) with a work history of over 65 films & TV (since 2004) as “Leisl Schmidt” &  Douglas Sidney: (22 Aug; Mpls, MN)  with over 30 film & TV credits, as “Cpl. John Baker”  & James Norgard: (24 Nov; Albert Lea, MN) (a dead ringer for Bun E. Carlos of CHEAP TRICK) with almost 20 film & TV credits, as “Schramm” along with Mihm’s host of regular re-occurring cast members; Mitch Gonzales, Mark Haider, Michael Cook, Daniel Sjerven & Michael G. Kasier.
Like all of Mihm’s films they are  filmed locally in Minnesota & Wisconsin on a shoestring budget & it is worth addressing Mitch Gonzales (a veteran of Mihm’s last 7 films) is a genius when it comes to these 50s style props, effects & costumes (some of which have been used in Mr. Zero’s Ads). If you watch the special features at the end of the DVDs  (that would be the format you can own & watch anytime you wish, without fear that it will magically disappear without notice from “On-Line Streaming” or your digital device)  you can see how Mihm is able to film so much with so little, his main sound stage is about 10 x 12 feet, he also has all of actors dub in all of their dialog & this film like the last 6  films are dubbed in Esperanto; a universal language developed by the U.N.

Mihm has several other great films like this; including “Attack Of  The Moon Zombies” A scientist on a space station finds a pod on the moon & the pod blooms & turns the crew into, well you guessed it, moon-zombies.  “X: Fiend From Beyond Space” The crew of a spaceship find the body of an outer-space being & mistakenly bring it on board.  “Destination Outer Space” The adventures of Capt. Jackson trying to find his way home after a mishap with a test rocket. And a great one for the kids, last year’s “Danny Johnson Saves The World” This one being very different than Mihm’s other films, this one is fun for the whole family (his daughter Alice Mihm steals the show!) a old man tells a story about when he was a boy & saved the world form aliens & a killer robot.

Although released out of order, Mihm’s 11 (12 really) films do create a chronological story when played in order:

“Monster Of Phantom Lake” 2006 (story-line #2)

“It Came From Another World” 2007 (story-line #3)

“Cave Women On Mars” 2008 (story-line #10)

“Terror From Beneath The Earth” 2009 (story-line #4)

“Destination Outer Space” 2010 (story-line #11)

“Attack Of The Moon Zombies” 2011 (story-line #9)

“House Of Ghosts” 2012 (story-line #5)

“The Giant Spider” 2013 (story-line #6)

“Late Night Double Feature: X Fiend From Beyond Space & The Wall People”  2014 (story-line #12 & 7)

“Danny Johnson Saves The World” 2015 (story-line #8)

“Weresquito: Nazi Hunter” 2016 (story-line #1)

“Weresquito: Nazi Hunter” will be show again at “Crypticon” in Bloomington on Fri 14 Oct 2016 @ 11pm, where Writer, Director, Producer Mihm himself & usually several of the other actors, will be on hand to sign your copy of his DVDs, that he sells at his merchandise booth along with many other memorabilia items from his 12 films. Mr. Zero’s (Movie & Music Shop) always puts Mihm’s newest film in heavy rotation on the “In-Store- Play” for 60 days after the release date, so stop by if you want to catch a scene or 2.

If you don’t know;

“Crypticon: Horror- Sci-Fi” Convention will be held on; 14-16 Oct 2016 Fri- Sun. in Bloomington @ the Crowne Plaza Aire, there will be over 15 Film & TV Actors: such as Verne Troyer, George Wilber & Local St. Paul native Chris Mulkey who appeared in “Rambo” & “Twin Peaks” (Mr. Zero’s sells his Music CDs) there signing autographs & selling merchandise, there will be  a Costume Party & Dance, (Mr. Zero’s has also been a partner with this Crypticon since 2010).

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