KISSin Time: MPLS & Mn Pete Cambell

KISSin Time: MPLS & Mn Pete Cambell

BUZZ Newspaper Article (#69-kT) Dec- Jan 2017

By: Tony C. Richards; for MrZerr0


   KISSin Time is a local St. Paul-Minneapolis-St.Cloud, MN. “Early” KISS Tribute Band. Covering; only the 1st few years of KISS & up to their 4th album. Consisting of; MN. Pete Campbell from St. Cloud as “Catman” on Drums &  Rikka Serro (his stage name) from Fridley as “Star Child” Vocalist & Guitarist & Vocals & Anthony Wright from Woodbury as “Space Ace” on Lead Guitar & Christian McGuire from St. Paul as the “Demon on Bass & Vocals. This particular “KISS Tribute” band is a long time favorite of Tommy Sommers from “3 Sides Of The Coin” an Internet Podcast Show about KISS.

>Genesis <

The band was formed in Oct 2013 when Serro & Campbell came together with a bass player who left the band in Fall 2014. They added Wright, to replace the Original “Space Ace” Paul Helms, just as the 1st Bass Player was leaving too, Wright’s childhood friend Joe Masanz (he used a Simmons Punisher Bass & Ampeg amp) from the Local Original Band ‘The River High’ (who has a CD out)  filled the “Demon” spot until McGuire was hired on, in the Summer 2016, recently Campbell had broken his foot on tour in Gothenburg, so their long time sub-drummer Robyn Krystal (of: ‘Never Say Die’) has been brought in while MN Pete is on the mend, worth mentioning is the band’s crew who keep the show rolling;  Perry Lensing, Kyle Johnson, & Paul Lundstrom.

The idea was, when starting out, there are so many “KISS Tribute” bands out & the Actual KISS is still touring to this day, that this band would take it from a different perspective wanting to perform a recreation of KISS’ 1973, 1st tour. Using this actual set-list as a guideline.


Deuce (Gene)

Watchin You (Gene)

Love Her All I Can (Paul)

She (Gene)

*Simple Type (Paul & Gene)

*Keep Me Waiting (Paul)

*Life In the Woods (Paul, Gene & Peter)
*Acrobat  -Much Too Young

Baby, Let Me Go (rock & roll) (Gene)

Firehouse (Paul)

Black Diamond (Paul & Peter)
100,000 Years
Little Lady (Goin Blind)
Let Me Know
(Gene & Paul)
*Go Now (Moody Blues) (Paul & Gene)

Eventually, it was decided not to delve too deep (as 5 of these have Not been released by KISS)  & the band ended up covering most of the 1st album, half of the 2nd, 1/3 of the 3rd & 1/3 of the 4th albums, however Serro is always pushing the band to perform the still un-released “Life In The Woods (want you beside me)”.

>Mn Pete Campbell<

   MN Pete (23 Aug: St. Cloud) uses a Silver Gretsch & Black Pearl & has an endorsement with Promark Sticks & Evans Heads. Campbell essentially being the star of the show with the largest catalog of album releases as well as being the present Drummer (since 2015) with international touring band ‘PENTAGRAM’ which started in 1971 in Alexandria Virginia, & a pending new recording by a famous 80s Metal Band  (TBA). So we took the time to interview MN Pete about his 2 decade career.

TR:Who were your 3 main influences on playing drums?

  1. It’s hard to pick 3! I love all kinds of players. If I have to pick 3 I’d go with Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Sandy Nelson, and Tony Williams (who played with Tommy Bolin)! Honorable mentions to Cozy Powell, Max Roach, and Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy).TR:When did you start playing Drums?
    2. I got my first little kit when I was 4 or 5 for Christmas. My mom said I was constantly banging on things and kept the beat so she put pots and pans in front of me and I was a happy baby.

    TR: When was your 1st band performance?
    3. I would play all the time in middle school on my science teachers kit, Mr. Dan Allan! He was a huge influence in me playing. Along with Ryan Inselman who sold me my 1st real drum kit! I thought I was the man because I finally had a Pearl (Peter Criss played Pearl) haha.

    TR:What & when was your 1st successful performing band ?
    4. I joined my 1st professional gigging band ‘Hevy Levy’ when I was 15. We gigged all over Minnesota back when the ballrooms were still a thing every week. Grew me up real fast and learned a lot about how the music industry works.

    TR:How many CDs & Records with what bands do you have out?
    5.  Hmm let me think and remember haha
    Sixty Watt Shaman -“Reason to Live”
    The Mighty Nimbus-” self titled”, “Chronicals of the Northern Beast”, “Meat, Blood, Focus”
    Victor Griffins In-Graved -“self titled”
    Sly McGee – “Astrogasem”
    Buzzard – ” Sonic Renaissance
    Vulgaari/Powermad – split album
    Demonicus – “self titled”
    Pentagram – “Curious Volume”
    KISSin Time – “Live at the Pickled Loon”
    And a few more in the works for 2017

    TR:How did you land the Drummer gig in PENTAGRAM?
    6. I’ve been playing with Victor Griffin (Pentagram guitarist) for around 13 years in his band ‘Place of Skulls’ out of Knoxville TN as well as writing and recording our ‘In-Graved’ project together. After the recording of “Curious Volume” was finished their drummer quit. Victor called me and said “Wanna come save the day again?” Haha. So I flew to Baltimore and re-recorded all the drum tracks in 2 days over the music. It was a challenge because you almost always start with drums and work around them…this was backwards. Trying to lay groove to pre-recorded music is tricky to say the least. But after I was finished the guys re-did some of their parts to my tracks. Love the album and in my opinion the best ‘Pentagram’ album to date! We have plans on doing a new one spring 2017 before the European festival season starts.

    TR:How does it feel after so many years of hard work to now tour the world as your job?
    7. Wheeeeew! It’s been a long road of paying dues and breaking bones! I’m proud of my accomplishments and all I’ve done in the past to get to this point. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns trust me but I have the best job in the world! I get to travel the world and get paid to play drums!

    TR:What do your parents think & feel about your success?
    8. My parents are my biggest fans!!! They have supported me for 28 years on my silly little dream! They have probably been in every bar in central Minnesota watching me grow and they will continue….best fans ever!

    TR:Did you ever have doubts the “Music Thing” was not going to pay off ?
    9. Oh yes many times! We use to pay to play…or bust your butt for a pitcher of beer and a pizza, haha. I remember making my 1st $20 and being so happy, haha. But it’s always been about the music to me…i’d do this for free!

    TR:What do you want to add ?
    10. Thanks to Mr. Zero for your friendship and support! And thank you to everyone who supported me thru the years. Support you local music scene!!! Get out and see shows, buy merchandise, and support the kids!!! See y’all soon!

>The Rest Of The Cast<

   Rikka (21 Jun: Mesa, AZ.) formerly of the cover band ‘MrZERo’ uses a Purple Solid State Marshall Full Stack & a Black ’75 Gibson L6-S (modified), & a White 90s Ibanez Iceman (modified) & a Black-Sparkle 2000s Epiphone “Slasher” (fully modified) & a Black-Sparkle 2003 PS Sovereign  (stock) & a White 2015 Epiphone LP jr (modified By: VIG Guitars) & breaks Epiphone LP Jrs usually during “Rock And Roll All Nite” and has an endorsement with “Impact Picks” out of St. Croix Falls WI.

Anthony Wright (19 Oct: St. Paul) formerly of the ‘Mill City Devils’ (who has a CD out) uses an original 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom, and White Marshall JCM 900 50th anniversary limited release. & he says “While there are times in the show that other effects are used, the combination and power of a 1974 Les Paul Custom coupled with a 50th anniversary Marshall 100 watt head is something effects tend to by and large water down.”  as well as a Black Burst 2000’s Epiphone Les Paul (fully modified) that has a strobe light & emits smoke (Designed & Built By: RLSchwinden, T. Schubring & the J & K. Johnson Bros.) during his solo on “Jam #49”

Christian “Xn” McGuire (17 Feb: Hudosn, IA.) a Session bassist (& collage music teacher) & formerly of ‘Green Pyramids’ & ‘Nero’s House Band’. As veteran of Prog-Rock and Biker Bands, Xn (as he likes to be called) has earned a reputation as a Master of Monstrous Tone- regardless of whichever instrument he happens to pick up. His fearless sound begins with super heavy stainless steel round wound strings (known for tearing up both fingers & fretboards) & Charges basslines through an all tube Mesa-Boogie Buster 200 head and an Ampeg 8×10 cabinet.


>For The Record<

The band does have 1 CD out; recorded live (Mar 2016) in MN Pete’s hometown of St. Cloud on “Immure Records” (Blaine 55449) @ “The Pickled Loon -Nest”, (released in May 2016) as well as being Sponsored By: Mr. Zero’s 55113, a St. Paul Recordstore of the last 8 years specializing in KISS Merchandise.


The band has played places such as  “(pickle) Park” in Fridley, “The Nest” in St. Cloud, the “Thunderbird Ballroom” in Bloomington, the “Hi-Fi Music Room” in Loring Park, “POVs on 65″ in Spring Lake Park,”Busters” in Mankato, Lee’s in MPLS,  “Neisen’s” in Savage,  Serro in the “Starchild” costume is a regular as the Encore for local Band “ROUGH HOUSE” (in a “HAIRBALL” style set of 3 to 4 songs), appearing at places like “Half Time Rec” “Dugout” “Inn Kahoots” “Bayside Grill” “Sherwood” “Out Takes”. KISSin Time has 2 gigs coming up with “ROUGH HOUSE” @ Lee’s also in MPLS & Dugout Bar in Mahtomedi in Mar 2017, but you can catch them Alive In Concert Friday 16 Dec 2016 @ Mayslack’s in Mpls.

So let me go … rock n roll …. T.R.
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year … MrZerr0 will be back next month in 2017

Mr. Zero’s *Est. 2009

1744 Lexington Ave. N.

Roseville, Mn. 55113


Peter Campbell


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