Last City In The East

“Let it be known, I am cheap & durable”


(Last City In The East: 2011)

Dr. Rox Time Machine Article #16 May 2016


I opened Mr. Zero’s 55113 in Roseville in 2009, when we opened I met a lot of interesting people, one being; “Paul the Bookman” turns out he was a real jack of all trades he has played in bands, reads at poetry slams, & as it turned out he is an actor. There was a local film made, based on his poetry “Last City In The East” in 2011 by: Erik Hammen. It’s a short film (about 7 min. total) with Dickinson reading some of his poems, over some stark black & white imagery, filmed in various in, locations here in St. Paul (Dickinson’s home town). Dickinson weaves a tapestry of descriptive words, I find intensely humorous, on the world we truly live in, a really great art piece, so much so, when it was over I found myself wishing it were a longer film.

I really enjoyed it, perhaps I am a little biased as I have known Paul for some time & seen him perform with 2 different local bands, as well as shared the same stage with him at a couple poetry slams, so I am very familiar with his humor, & fortunately (for you) on the DVD of this film, it contains a recording of Dickinson live at St. Paul’s Turf Club! Paul is also in another film “Tired Moonlight” (2015) the scene where he is driving a truck holding his melting ice-cream cone, out of the window of his truck on the way to his next destination is hysterical ! Dickinson will be featured in another film, being shot here in the Twin Cities, this summer “Lake Street Detective” (I myself will be in a very small scene of this same film). So if you’re into intelligent humor & “film noir” you should check  out this little gem.

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