Mr. Zero’s 6th Anniversary Radio Show on KFAI 90.3

Mr. Zero's Inc. *Est. 2009

Mr. Zero’s Inc.
*Est. 2009

Mr. Zero's Psycho- Gello

Mr. Zero’s Psycho- Gello

Greetings, As it was Mr. Zero’s 6th Anniversary on 14 April 2015 Tues, I was able to perform my annual Guest DJ Spot “PsychoGello Radio Show” on KFAI 90.3fm & 106.7am on the Show “The Pop Shop” with DJ Izzy (Liberty Finch was out due to injury)

Since most of you missed it, I am posting the ““PsychGellO: 2015”
Mon 13 April 2015 KFAI “PopShop” Setlist & The Web-Link should you be curious what I chose to play this year

“PsychGellO: 2015”
Mon 13 April 2015 KFAI “PopShop”

1. Hello I’m Back Again: Gary Glitter -1973 “Touch Me”
The Monkees used this song to open with in 1989

2. Don’t Be Taken In: Dave Clark 5 -1965 “Having A Wild Weekend”
For my Yellow Lemon Girl

3. For Your Love: Yardbirds -1965 “For Your Love”
Clapton left after this song

4. Just Like Me: Paul Revere Raiders -1966 “Just Like Us”
One of DJ Izzy’s favorite tunes.

5. Pictures Of Lily: Who -1967 “Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy”
From my favorite “WHO” LP

6. Comon Now: Kinks -1965 “Kinks Size”
I met Dave Davies @ “1st Ave” many years ago

7. Lady Friend: Byrds -1967 “20 Tracks from Boxed Set”
The song that let David Crosby know I was a true fan.

8. You’re Gonna Miss Me: 13th Floor Elevators -1966 “High Fidelity” The story of my life

9. Child Of The Moon: Rolling Stones -1968 “More Hot Rocks”
For their 2015 Tour

10. Inner Light: Beatles -1968 “Past Masters Vol. 2”
A Non-LP song

11. Two Heads: Jefferson Airplane -1967 “After Bathing At Baxter’s” I love Grace Slick’s Vocal delivery on this track

12. Love Is All Around: Troggs -1968 “Love Is All Around”
I think I prefer the 1994 Version by: Wet, Wet, Wet

13. Love Is Only Sleeping: Monkees -1967 “Pisces Aquarius Capricorn & Jones Ltd” For a red-head I know

14. Goodbye Baby: Boyce & Hart -1968 “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonite” I was acquaintances of 3 members of this Band

15. You Showed Me: Turtles-1968 “Battle Of The Bands”
Originally written by the BYRDS

16. Indian Giver: 1910 Fruitgum Co. -1969 “Indian Giver”
My favorite song when I was a kid in 1969

17. Come On Up: Rascals -1967 “Collections”
This is one of my all time favorite songs

18. Open My Eyes: Nazz -1968 “NAZZ”
As Todd Rundgren’s Godson Wil was in our Shop last week.

19. Ode To Billie Joe: Bobby Gentry -1967 “Ode To Billie Joe”
Though I was born in Sioux City, I went to school in Mississippi, she is from MS.

20. Mr. Zero’s: TS & Norell -2014 “Nerd Is The Word”
I am currently the Rhythm Guitarist in this band

21. Anna: Arthur Alexander -1963 “Greatest”
Trivia Question: Al Bundy

22. Ain’t No Sunshine: Bill Withers -1971 “Just As I Am”
Tommy Bolin used to play this riff in his extended jam solos

23. Papa Was A Rollin Stone: Temptations -1972 “All Directions”
Great song & restroom break

24. 20th Century Boy: T-Rex -1973 “Greatest Hits”
Another Non-LP track & oddly one of his most famous

25. Kissin Time: KISS- 1974 “KISS”
For the guys in my ’74 KISS Tribute Band “KISSin Time”

26. Train Kept A Rollin: Aerosmith- 1974 “Get Your Wings”
Dedicated to Missy Marrs for being a “Super Trooper”

27. Sweet Burgundy: Tommy Bolin -1976 “Private Eyes”
For my Home Town Hero from Sioux City, Iowa

28. Wichita Lineman: Glen Campbell -1968 “Wichita Lineman”
If this song doesn’t move you, you have no soul.

Here’s the Web-Link:

So, Listen for me next year on “The Pop Shop” on KFAI MPLS-SP

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