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CREAM: 1967

Cream: of the Crop

BUZZ Newspaper Article: (Mar 2017 #72-eC)

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0

I am sure like everyone else my 1st expose to CREAM was “Sunshine Of Your Love” but the one that really captured my attention was “White Room” so when I lived in Az. I asked my Uncle Brad about CREAM, he looked at me puzzled & said “You mean the 1st super-group ever?”  He then handed me his copy of ‘Disraeli Gears’ & I was hooked, I spent hours listening to that record & staring at the cover … so their tale goes like this.


> Wrapping Paper: 1966<

It starts with one,  “Ginger” Baker (Peter Edward Baker: 19 Aug 1939; Lewisham, S. London) in the early ’60s Baker was the Drummer in the band ‘Blues Incorporated’ where he would 1st meet Bassist Jack Bruce (John Symon Asher Bruce: 14 May 1943 Bishopbriggs, Lanarkshire, Scotland – 25 Oct 2014), the 2 later worked together in the ‘Graham Bond Organization’ even back then the pair were known to quarrel often. Baker had the idea to form a new band & asked Guitarist Eric “Slowhand” Patrick Clapton: CBE (30 Mar 1945; Ripley, Surrey, England) who had been with ‘The Yardbirds’  from Oct 1963 to Mar 1965 & then in ‘John Mayall & Bluesbreakers’ from Apr – June ’65, a well known talent in the UK, to join this new musical project where all members would contribute equally. Clapton accepted under the condition that Jack Bruce be the Bassist in this new project, Baker was less than enthusiastic, about this idea, but for the sake of the new band “The Cream Of The Crop In The UK” Baker put aside his differences. When Bruce agreed to join he brought along the Un-offical member of ‘CREAM’ the Lyricist Pete Brown: (Peter Ronald Brown: 25 Dec 1940; Ashtead, Surrey, England).

The interesting dynamic of the band was though; Clapton was the most well known musician at the time & was using a red 1964 Gibson ES-335, & a 1960 Les Paul Standard in Tobacco Sunburst & a 1964 SG custom painted by: ‘The Fool’ & a 1959 Black Triple Pickup Custom Reverse Firebird, & Bruce who played Gibson EB-3 Fool Fender Bass VI   wrote & sang most of the songs, it was Baker who got all of the attention for his unique drumming skills, he used Ludwig Drums & was the 1st “Rock” drummer to use a “Double Kick Drum”
The 1st release from the band was the Non-LP 45 SingleWrapping Paper b/w Cat’s Squirrel” in Oct 1966, back in the 60s; it was very common place for a band to release a single well in advance of the album, & then not use one or both songs from the single on the following LP. Their 2nd Non-LP single “I Feel Free b/w N.S.U.” is released in Dec ’66, to promote the new single the band appear on the TV show “Ready, Steady, Go” in Nov ’66. Their 1st LP (long player) ‘Fresh Cream’  is released in Dec 1966, on this LP Bruce sings 8 songs & Clapton only 1, & as with most British Bands releases in the early to mid 60s, the UK pressing & the USA pressing differ by 2 songs. In Europe there were so few places to play many bands appeared on TV to promote their new records, Cream made 2 appearances on “Beat Club” in Feb & May ’67.


> Strange Sunshine Tales: 1967 <

The Summer of “Love” is here & the band’s 2nd album is released ‘Disraeli Gears’ is released in Nov 1967, with Clapton singing 3 songs & Baker singing 1 & Bruce sings 6 songs & a final song by all 3. The singles “Strange Brew b/w Tales Of Brave Ulysses” is released in Jun ’67, to promote this single the band appears on the European TV Show “Hör hin, schau zu!” in Aug ’67, the single “Spoonful: Part 1 & 2”is released

To cement how important Cream was to the mid 60s, a rabid fan spray-painted the now legendary slogan “Clapton is God”  in Autumn of ’67 on a wall in the Islington Underground rail station. The band makes an unprecedented 4 appearances on the TV Series “Bouton Rouge” from 1967- 68, & is featured in the Danish film: “Det var en lørdag aften” in ’68 their 5th single “Sunshine Of Your Love b/w SWLABR” hits #5 on the Billboard Charts in Aug 1968.


> Deserted Cities Of The Heart: 1968 <  

The 1st release for ’68 is yet another Non-LP 45 Single from the film “Savage Seven” the song ”Anyone For Tennis b/w Pressed Rat And  A Warthog” hit #64 on the charts in Jun ’68. The bands 3rd album ‘Wheels Of Fire’ is released in Jul 1968 & is the 1st ever double LP to go Platinum (1 million copies in sales certified by the RIAA) the 1st LP is a studio recording with Baker singing just 1 song with Clapton singing 2 & Bruce singing 6 songs. The 2nd LP is a “Live” recording from 3 different concerts in ’68. There were 2 singles released from this album “White Room b/w Those Were The Days” which rose to #6 on the charts in Nov 1968 & “Crossroads b/w Passing The Time” which hit #28 in Mar 1969, on “Crossroads” Bruce announces “Eric Clapton on vocals” because Clapton sang so few songs compared to Bruce himself. Pertaining to their Live Concerts, the band performed Concerts from; 6 Aug 1966: Torquay to 30 Nov 1968: London.  Cream did in fact make a stop in Minneapolis & here is the Date & the Set-list:

5 May 1968 at the New City Opera House
Tales of Brave Ulysses
Sunshine of Your Love
I’m So Glad
Sitting on Top of the World
Steppin’ Out
Train Time

I myself was able to see Jack Bruce in concert with the “Ringo All-Starr Band” on Fri 30 Jun 2000 in St. Paul at the State Capitol, Bruce performed “Sunshine Of Your Love” “Theme For An Imaginary Western” “I Feel Free” “White Room”

> Swans In The Park: 1969 <

The band’s 4th & final album ‘Goodbye’ is released in  Feb 1969 with Bruce singing 5 songs  & Clapton singing only 1 song, of the 6 songs, 3 were studio & 3 were “live” from Oct ’68,  the 45 single released was “Badge b/w What A Bringdown” which hit #60 on the charts in May 1969. “Badge” was written with BEATLES: Harrison & Starr (though Starr remains un-credited). It is said “The candle that burns twice as bright, burns twice as fast” with this “Super-Group” that much was certainly true. CREAM only lasted only from Jun 1966 to Nov 1968, due to the constant bickering between Baker & Bruce, Clapton just could not cope & wanted out, unfortunately, since Clapton & Baker became ‘Blind Faith’ in Winter ’69, it seems the blame must fall on Bruce.

There were several other releases after the band dissolved, “The Hits” packages containing “Non-LP Cuts” & the “Live” Packages representing this great “Live Band”

‘Best Of Cream’ Jul ’69

‘Live Cream’ Apr ’70

‘Live Cream II’ Mar ’72

‘Heavy Cream’ Oct ’72

‘Farewell Concert (VHS) (26 Nov 1968 Royal Albert Hall) 1977

‘Fresh Cream Live’ (DVD) 1993

‘BBC Sessions’ (CD) Mar 2003


Legends never die, Gene Simmons of: KISS, said when they were trying to come up with a name for his band he suggested”COFFEE” & their 1st LP could be called “Instant” like his 2nd favorite band; CREAM & they were a big enough influence on Simmons, that one of the few cover songs KISS ever played in concert & the only one Gene ever sang lead on was; “Sunshine Of Your Love” in Oct 1984 on the “Animalize” Tour.

Happy Bday “Slowhand”

Until the next time …. MrZerr0

Blue Cheer: 1967 -1972

Blue Cheer: “Louder than God?”

BUZZ  Newspaper Article: Feb 2017 (#71-bC)

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0
There were a a lot of odd-named bands in the mid-60s, ‘Strawberry Alarm Clock’ with the song “Incense & Peppermints”‘Blues Magoos’ with “We Ain’t Got Nothin Yet” & ‘Atomic Rooster’ with “Devil’s Answer” & ‘Chocolate Watchband’ with “Are You Gonna Be There” & ‘Electric Prunes’ with “Too Much To Dream” & ‘Soft Machine’ with “Love Makes Sweet Music” & ‘Iron Butterfly’ with “In A Gadda Da Vida” & ‘Moby Grape’ with “Omaha” & ‘Bubble Puppy’ with “Hot Smoke & Sassafras” & ‘Fever Tree’ with “San Francisco Girls” & ‘Electric Flag’ with “Flash, Bam, Pow”,  however today we are going to cover the one band that got its start here in the upper-mid-west: ‘BLUE CHEER’ with the song “Summertime Blues”

> Grand Forks East: 1946 <

“Dickie” Peterson (Richard Allan: 12 Sep 1946; Grand Forks, ND – 12 Oct 2009; Erkelenz, Germany) though born in N. Dakota, he grew up in East Grand Forks, MN. (in ’83 the band I was with ‘HIGH FEVER’ played this town many times at a club called “Shenanigans” it was there I got my nickname “Ace” for being so clumsy) initially starting out on Drums & switching to Bass around age 13, he cited Otis Redding as his major musical influence. Dickie graduated from Grand Forks Central High in 1965, then moved to the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco, starting out in the band ‘Oxford Circle’ he came together with Leigh Stephens & Eric Albronda on Guitar & Drums respectively to form the “original” ‘BLUE CHEER’ thus began a revolving door of 10 other & different band members up to 1972 when the band split up for a time. For a very brief period of time in ’67 the band had 6 members with Dickie’s bother Jerre on Guitar, Vale Hamanaka on Keyboards & Jere Whiting on Harmonica, & the 2nd drummer (but 2nd longest member of the band) Paul Whaley: (14 Jan 1946; Davis CA) who played with Dickie in ‘Oxford Circle’ who released the 45 Single “Foolish Woman b/w Mind Destruction” in 1966. Neil Peart: RUSH has listed Whaley as one of the Top 3 drummers who influence him.  It was about this time that the band appeared in the Jerry Abrams short film “Be-In” in Summer ’67.

> Out Of Focus: 1967 <

One thing I have learned in writing this article for almost 6 years & over 70 issues is that by-in -large, most bands have or had about 18 months of real success at their zenith, usually with a year or 2 to get to that point & several years on the downhill slide. The band was signed to Phillips Records for 6 LPs & the 1st album & by far most acclaimed, was recorded in late ’67 in N. Hollywood, by: Peterson, Stephens & Whaley, on quote “Large amounts of LSD”, ‘Vincebus Eruptum’ was released in Jan ’68 with the with the 45 Single “Summertime Blues b/w Out Of Focus” a #14 Billboard Hit on 4 May 1968. Ironically “Summertime Blues” was already a hit (#8 on 4 Oct ’58) by Minnesota native “Eddie” Cochran ( Edward Raymond; 3 Oct 1938; Albert Lea, MN.– 17 April 1960; Bath, Somerset, UK) Cochran also had these other hits;  “Somthin Else” “C’mon Everybody” “Teenage Heaven” &  “Twenty Flight Rock” &  releasing 20 Single 45s  from 1954- 1960 & releasing just 2 LPs, which were  ‘Singin To My Baby’ in Nov 1957 & ‘Eddie Cochran Memorial Album’ in Jan 1960, before his untimely death on tour in the UK.

> Rock Me Baby: 1968 <

Blue Cheer were lucky enough & probably different enough to land a few TV appearances, on “American Bandstand” on 10 Feb 1968, followed by the “Steve Allen Show” on 19 Mar ’68 performing a whopping 3 songs live on TV, back then the talk shows were about 1 & 1/2 hours & the bands got to play more than 1 song per appearance. & here’s what Steve Allen had to say about the band on his show. “The name is Blue Cheer, you put that in your underwear, your unmentionables as we say, well these guys are stronger than dirt” Their Band Manager Gut Turk once said about their performances  “They turn the air into cottage-cheese” here is the set list from their 1st Twin Cities concert
Wed. 17 April 1968 in Minneapolis, MN. @ The Armory
Summertime Blues (4min)
Parchment Farm (7min)
Rock Me Baby (5min)
Satisfaction (5min)
Out Of Focus (4min)
Doctor Please (9min)
(35min total)

The average BEATLES Concert was 22min. so playing over a half hour was a long show (my band “KISSin Time”, (find US on ‘fb’) prefers to play 75min as to not overdose the audience)

The band’s 2nd album ‘Outsideinside’ was released in Aug 1968, the cover was designed by their manager “Gut” the single “Just A Little Bit b/w Gypsy Ball” hit #92 on the charts on 20 July ’68, then 2 other 45 singles were released from this album including “Feathers From Your Tree b/w Sun Cycle” “The Hunter b/w Come And Get It” (many current music fans simply do not realize what a driving force the 45 single was until 1988). The band appeared on WHC-17 performing “Feathers From Your Tree” the host’s introduction was “This band is so loud went to New York to record their new album they went to the pier, because the acoustics were better” referring to the fact the band was kicked out of the studio for being too loud so the 2nd half of the album was recorded outside.


> Aces N’ Eights: 1969 <

The band’s 3rd album ‘New! Improved!’ was released in Apr ’69 & rose to #84 on the charts, with the 45 single “West Coast Child Of Sunshine b/w When It All Gets Old” on this LP; Randy Holden (2 Jul 1945 Penn.) replaces Leigh Stephens on guitar as Leigh leaves the band due to its musical direction & then Bruce Stephens & Ralph Burns Kellogg (2 Aug 1945- 19 Jun 2003: from the ‘Emeralds’ on Guitar & Keyboards respectively join the band making it a 4 piece. This LP marks the beginning of the band’s Psychedelic era & the end of the “Power Trio” era. Between the 2 albums released in 1969, the Non-LP 45 Single” All Night Long b/w Fortunes” was released Summer of ’69. (once again confirming the strength of the 45 Single in the 1960s). The band plays St. Paul in Early Nov ’69 with ‘King Crimson’ for the tour of “In The Court Of The Crimson King”.

The band releases its 4th album titled ‘Blue Cheer’ in Dec ’69 with the 45 Singles “Hello L.A. Bye, Bye Birmingham b/w Natural Man” &  “Fool b/w Ain’t That The Way” long time drummer Paul Whaley leaves the band & is replaced with Norman Mayell, while Bruce Stephens ends up singing Lead on 4 of the 10 tracks & Gary Lee Yoder contributes Guitar on 2 of the tracks.

> Ecological Blues: 1970s <

As the 60s turned into 1970 many of the 60s bands began to break up or start off the year with some major changes, Blue Cheer now has its final line-up of: Peterson, Kellogg, Mayell &  Yoder, as Bruce Stephens has left the band, their 5th LP ‘The Original Human Being’ is released in Sep ’70 & only climbs to #188 on the charts, the single from this album is “Pilot b/w Babaji (Twilight Raga)” on this LP Yoder sings all but 3 of the 11 tracks a trend that had been starting on their last LP.

The band’s 6th & final LP for Phillips is ‘Oh! Pleasant Hope’ released in Apr ’71 amazingly or not, there are no singles for this album, & once again Yoder sings 6 of the 9 tracks leaving founder Peterson with only 3 lead vocals, just like the last LP, this final album is a far cry from the ’68 “Summertime Blues” that the band began with, this one is consider to be more of a Yoder based Folk album. All good things must come to an end, it seems the band was too outspoken about the Viet-Nam War & living an excessive lifestyle including drugs, & in a dispute over their record contact, Phillips dropped them & the band broke up in 1972.

Perhaps you are old enough to remember the old TV Commercial “All Temp O’ Cheer” I know I am … Until next moth …RLS

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Blue Cheer in 1969

KISS: At Midnight ’75


BUZZ Newspaper Article Jan- Feb 2017 (#70-kD)

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0
When I was a kid in Jackson, MS. my childhood friends Spencer & Chris came to visit from Iowa & for my 14th birthday they gave me the LP “KISS: Dressed To Kill” now I was a little confused by the cover photo, but as I recall my friend Spencer loved it. I do vividly remember my favorite songs were: “Anything For My Baby” & “Love Her All I Can” So here is another except from My Book on ‘KISS’ “Send In The Klowns”.

> Down To Kill<

In New York “DTK” on the streets, was any acronym for “Down To Kill”. KISS’ 3rd album was originally titled “KISS: At Midnight” but due to Bob Gruen’s (NYC 1945) photo shoot for “Creem” magazine (April ’75 Vol.6 #11) where the band are “Wall Street” types on their way to work when they read in the “Journal” that “Rock & Roll” record sales are at an all-time-low, & KISS is called into action to save Rock & Roll from John Denver. The location was on the southwest corner 23rd St & 8th Ave in front of Port Authority Subway station, Peter had his own suit form his wedding (to Lydia in ’70), however the other 3 had to use Bill Aucoin’s (29 Dec 1943- Ayer, MA. 28 Jun 2010) suits.

Neil Bogart (1943 -1982) owner of KISS’ Record Label, being a record producer himself in the late 60s, decided to let go of Kerner & Wise, the duo that produced the 1st 2 KISS LPs, in order to cut costs,  Bogart decided to produced the LP with the band. Criss: “We smoked a lot of pot for those sessions & would mix the songs at night & the next day when we came into the studio straight we would think what the hell, this sounds like S***”. Stanley: “Ace was playing an Amp he made himself housed in a cardboard box, & he borrowed a riff form ‘The Doors’ song “Five To One”, we used acoustic guitars for the rhythm tracks to fill out the sound, we borrowed that Idea from ‘BTO’ , “Love Her All I Can” was a song I wrote in the early 70s derived form 2 other songs “Can’t Explain” & “Open My Eyes” 

It was on this, their 3rd LP that the band members started playing other roles, Paul Lead On “C’mon & Love Me”, Gene rhythm guitar on “Ladies In Waiting” & Ace played Bass on “Getaway” because, as the legend goes; “Gene wasn’t quite gettin the hang of of the song & would rather have been with this groupie that was hangin around the studio, anyways”.

>Are You Ready To Rock<

While Gene & Paul were prolific song writers & Ace had a stash of unused songs too, KISS very rarely recorded more songs than were used on any specific album, there were several demo songs recorded at that time including”Drive Me Wild” which did evolve into “Rock & Roll All Nite” as well as”Burning Up With Fever””Man Of A Thousand Faces” by Gene & “Mistake” by Paul, these songs did not find their way onto this album. Strangely they did re-use 2 ‘Wicked Lester’ songs Simmons: “We had been playing “She” since the 1st KISS tour, so we thought we should put it on an album”
‘Dressed To Kill’ was released on 19 Mar 1975 on Vinyl & 8-Track & Charted at #32 in Jun ’75. 2 singles were released “Rock And Roll All Nite” on 2 Apr ’75 & charted at #68 on 14 Jun ’75 & then “C’mon And Love Me” 10 Jul ’75, again in order to cut costs (as they would only have to master 1 side of the new single) both 45s had “Getaway” as the B-Side. Back in the “olden days” most people bought vinyl LPs but the older kids with money & cars bought “8 Tracks” which always had a different running order so some of us remember the tracks in a completely different order & are kind of hard to come by these days, so here is the

8- Track listing:

*CAB F-87016 (Mnfr. By: AMPEX)

Ladies In Waiting

Anything For My Baby

Love Her All I Can

Two Timer


Rock Bottom

C’mon And Love Me

Rock And Roll All Nite

Room Service


>Are You Ready to Roll<

The Tour for “DTK” started on 19 Mar & ran through to 28 Aug 1975 for 72 concerts, the band ‘RUSH’ has the unique distinction  of being the band  that toured most with KISS in the 70s, a total of 51 shows together. What some fans do not realize that the Band wore; what is considered to be the ‘Hotter Than Hell’ suits for the 1st part of the tour up until 11 May ’75. Frehley: “I remember the 1st time we sold out 2 nights at the Beekman (Beacon Mar ’75) Theatre in New York, now that was a thrill; I really felt we had made it”


On 1 April 1975 the band filmed 4 songs for NBC’s ‘Midnight Special’ TV Show they were: “Deuce” “C’mon And Love Me” “She-Ace Solo” “Black Diamond” 2 of these were aired in July & 1 other in Sep ’75. There is some 8mm footage filmed in Milwaukee on 6 may ’75 showing the band still wearing what is commonly known as “HTH” Suits. In May a company developed the suits commonly referred to as the “Alive” suits, with the new suits the band filmed “Promo Video’s” for “C’mon And Love Me” & “Rock And Roll All Nite” on 15 May for the new costumes debut.

>Put Your 2 Lips Together & KISS<

The very 1st time KISS played St. Paul my friend Mike (Taco) V. was in attendance; here is the set-list (to the best of our knowledge)


Monday May 19 1975

St. Paul Civic Ctr. Theatre




Got To Choose

Hotter Than Hell


She/Jam #49

Ace’s Solo
C’mon And Love Me
Room Service
Nothin To Lose
100,000 Years

Peter’s Solo

Black Diamond

Cold Gin

Let Me Go Rock N Roll

Rock And Roll All Nite

>Tour Tribute<

If you’re wondering what it would have been like to see KISS back then, Local St.Paul Tribute Band “KISSin Time”  (check them out on “fb”) re-creates the 1st Tours up to May ’75. They will be appearing locally;

14 Jan @ Lee’s in MPLS

18 Feb @ Pickled Loon in St. Cloud

19 Feb @ Dugout in Mahtomedi

18 Mar @ Mayslack’s in MPLS

24 Mar @ Dugout in Mahtomedi

24 June @ Neisen’s in Savage

So there you have it what was happening a mere 42 years ago today … until the next time.

Have a Rock & Roll Ball … MrZerr0

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KISS: At Midnight

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KISSin Time: MPLS & Mn Pete Cambell

KISSin Time: MPLS & Mn Pete Cambell

BUZZ Newspaper Article (#69-kT) Dec- Jan 2017

By: Tony C. Richards; for MrZerr0


   KISSin Time is a local St. Paul-Minneapolis-St.Cloud, MN. “Early” KISS Tribute Band. Covering; only the 1st few years of KISS & up to their 4th album. Consisting of; MN. Pete Campbell from St. Cloud as “Catman” on Drums &  Rikka Serro (his stage name) from Fridley as “Star Child” Vocalist & Guitarist & Vocals & Anthony Wright from Woodbury as “Space Ace” on Lead Guitar & Christian McGuire from St. Paul as the “Demon on Bass & Vocals. This particular “KISS Tribute” band is a long time favorite of Tommy Sommers from “3 Sides Of The Coin” an Internet Podcast Show about KISS.

>Genesis <

The band was formed in Oct 2013 when Serro & Campbell came together with a bass player who left the band in Fall 2014. They added Wright, to replace the Original “Space Ace” Paul Helms, just as the 1st Bass Player was leaving too, Wright’s childhood friend Joe Masanz (he used a Simmons Punisher Bass & Ampeg amp) from the Local Original Band ‘The River High’ (who has a CD out)  filled the “Demon” spot until McGuire was hired on, in the Summer 2016, recently Campbell had broken his foot on tour in Gothenburg, so their long time sub-drummer Robyn Krystal (of: ‘Never Say Die’) has been brought in while MN Pete is on the mend, worth mentioning is the band’s crew who keep the show rolling;  Perry Lensing, Kyle Johnson, & Paul Lundstrom.

The idea was, when starting out, there are so many “KISS Tribute” bands out & the Actual KISS is still touring to this day, that this band would take it from a different perspective wanting to perform a recreation of KISS’ 1973, 1st tour. Using this actual set-list as a guideline.


Deuce (Gene)

Watchin You (Gene)

Love Her All I Can (Paul)

She (Gene)

*Simple Type (Paul & Gene)

*Keep Me Waiting (Paul)

*Life In the Woods (Paul, Gene & Peter)
*Acrobat  -Much Too Young

Baby, Let Me Go (rock & roll) (Gene)

Firehouse (Paul)

Black Diamond (Paul & Peter)
100,000 Years
Little Lady (Goin Blind)
Let Me Know
(Gene & Paul)
*Go Now (Moody Blues) (Paul & Gene)

Eventually, it was decided not to delve too deep (as 5 of these have Not been released by KISS)  & the band ended up covering most of the 1st album, half of the 2nd, 1/3 of the 3rd & 1/3 of the 4th albums, however Serro is always pushing the band to perform the still un-released “Life In The Woods (want you beside me)”.

>Mn Pete Campbell<

   MN Pete (23 Aug: St. Cloud) uses a Silver Gretsch & Black Pearl & has an endorsement with Promark Sticks & Evans Heads. Campbell essentially being the star of the show with the largest catalog of album releases as well as being the present Drummer (since 2015) with international touring band ‘PENTAGRAM’ which started in 1971 in Alexandria Virginia, & a pending new recording by a famous 80s Metal Band  (TBA). So we took the time to interview MN Pete about his 2 decade career.

TR:Who were your 3 main influences on playing drums?

  1. It’s hard to pick 3! I love all kinds of players. If I have to pick 3 I’d go with Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Sandy Nelson, and Tony Williams (who played with Tommy Bolin)! Honorable mentions to Cozy Powell, Max Roach, and Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy).TR:When did you start playing Drums?
    2. I got my first little kit when I was 4 or 5 for Christmas. My mom said I was constantly banging on things and kept the beat so she put pots and pans in front of me and I was a happy baby.

    TR: When was your 1st band performance?
    3. I would play all the time in middle school on my science teachers kit, Mr. Dan Allan! He was a huge influence in me playing. Along with Ryan Inselman who sold me my 1st real drum kit! I thought I was the man because I finally had a Pearl (Peter Criss played Pearl) haha.

    TR:What & when was your 1st successful performing band ?
    4. I joined my 1st professional gigging band ‘Hevy Levy’ when I was 15. We gigged all over Minnesota back when the ballrooms were still a thing every week. Grew me up real fast and learned a lot about how the music industry works.

    TR:How many CDs & Records with what bands do you have out?
    5.  Hmm let me think and remember haha
    Sixty Watt Shaman -“Reason to Live”
    The Mighty Nimbus-” self titled”, “Chronicals of the Northern Beast”, “Meat, Blood, Focus”
    Victor Griffins In-Graved -“self titled”
    Sly McGee – “Astrogasem”
    Buzzard – ” Sonic Renaissance
    Vulgaari/Powermad – split album
    Demonicus – “self titled”
    Pentagram – “Curious Volume”
    KISSin Time – “Live at the Pickled Loon”
    And a few more in the works for 2017

    TR:How did you land the Drummer gig in PENTAGRAM?
    6. I’ve been playing with Victor Griffin (Pentagram guitarist) for around 13 years in his band ‘Place of Skulls’ out of Knoxville TN as well as writing and recording our ‘In-Graved’ project together. After the recording of “Curious Volume” was finished their drummer quit. Victor called me and said “Wanna come save the day again?” Haha. So I flew to Baltimore and re-recorded all the drum tracks in 2 days over the music. It was a challenge because you almost always start with drums and work around them…this was backwards. Trying to lay groove to pre-recorded music is tricky to say the least. But after I was finished the guys re-did some of their parts to my tracks. Love the album and in my opinion the best ‘Pentagram’ album to date! We have plans on doing a new one spring 2017 before the European festival season starts.

    TR:How does it feel after so many years of hard work to now tour the world as your job?
    7. Wheeeeew! It’s been a long road of paying dues and breaking bones! I’m proud of my accomplishments and all I’ve done in the past to get to this point. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns trust me but I have the best job in the world! I get to travel the world and get paid to play drums!

    TR:What do your parents think & feel about your success?
    8. My parents are my biggest fans!!! They have supported me for 28 years on my silly little dream! They have probably been in every bar in central Minnesota watching me grow and they will continue….best fans ever!

    TR:Did you ever have doubts the “Music Thing” was not going to pay off ?
    9. Oh yes many times! We use to pay to play…or bust your butt for a pitcher of beer and a pizza, haha. I remember making my 1st $20 and being so happy, haha. But it’s always been about the music to me…i’d do this for free!

    TR:What do you want to add ?
    10. Thanks to Mr. Zero for your friendship and support! And thank you to everyone who supported me thru the years. Support you local music scene!!! Get out and see shows, buy merchandise, and support the kids!!! See y’all soon!

>The Rest Of The Cast<

   Rikka (21 Jun: Mesa, AZ.) formerly of the cover band ‘MrZERo’ uses a Purple Solid State Marshall Full Stack & a Black ’75 Gibson L6-S (modified), & a White 90s Ibanez Iceman (modified) & a Black-Sparkle 2000s Epiphone “Slasher” (fully modified) & a Black-Sparkle 2003 PS Sovereign  (stock) & a White 2015 Epiphone LP jr (modified By: VIG Guitars) & breaks Epiphone LP Jrs usually during “Rock And Roll All Nite” and has an endorsement with “Impact Picks” out of St. Croix Falls WI.

Anthony Wright (19 Oct: St. Paul) formerly of the ‘Mill City Devils’ (who has a CD out) uses an original 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom, and White Marshall JCM 900 50th anniversary limited release. & he says “While there are times in the show that other effects are used, the combination and power of a 1974 Les Paul Custom coupled with a 50th anniversary Marshall 100 watt head is something effects tend to by and large water down.”  as well as a Black Burst 2000’s Epiphone Les Paul (fully modified) that has a strobe light & emits smoke (Designed & Built By: RLSchwinden, T. Schubring & the J & K. Johnson Bros.) during his solo on “Jam #49”

Christian “Xn” McGuire (17 Feb: Hudosn, IA.) a Session bassist (& collage music teacher) & formerly of ‘Green Pyramids’ & ‘Nero’s House Band’. As veteran of Prog-Rock and Biker Bands, Xn (as he likes to be called) has earned a reputation as a Master of Monstrous Tone- regardless of whichever instrument he happens to pick up. His fearless sound begins with super heavy stainless steel round wound strings (known for tearing up both fingers & fretboards) & Charges basslines through an all tube Mesa-Boogie Buster 200 head and an Ampeg 8×10 cabinet.


>For The Record<

The band does have 1 CD out; recorded live (Mar 2016) in MN Pete’s hometown of St. Cloud on “Immure Records” (Blaine 55449) @ “The Pickled Loon -Nest”, (released in May 2016) as well as being Sponsored By: Mr. Zero’s 55113, a St. Paul Recordstore of the last 8 years specializing in KISS Merchandise.


The band has played places such as  “(pickle) Park” in Fridley, “The Nest” in St. Cloud, the “Thunderbird Ballroom” in Bloomington, the “Hi-Fi Music Room” in Loring Park, “POVs on 65″ in Spring Lake Park,”Busters” in Mankato, Lee’s in MPLS,  “Neisen’s” in Savage,  Serro in the “Starchild” costume is a regular as the Encore for local Band “ROUGH HOUSE” (in a “HAIRBALL” style set of 3 to 4 songs), appearing at places like “Half Time Rec” “Dugout” “Inn Kahoots” “Bayside Grill” “Sherwood” “Out Takes”. KISSin Time has 2 gigs coming up with “ROUGH HOUSE” @ Lee’s also in MPLS & Dugout Bar in Mahtomedi in Mar 2017, but you can catch them Alive In Concert Friday 16 Dec 2016 @ Mayslack’s in Mpls.

So let me go … rock n roll …. T.R.
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year … MrZerr0 will be back next month in 2017

Mr. Zero’s *Est. 2009

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Peter Campbell


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Bobby Vee: 1943 – 2016

Bobby Vee: 1943 -2016

“BUZZ Newspaper Article” (#68-bV) Nov- Dec 2016

By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZerr0

Recently I was contacted by KARE 11 NBC Evening News, about the death of Early 60s Teen Idol Bobby Vee, as he lived near St. Cloud. Before I go into a brief history of Bobby Vee, here are some things I pointed out the Reporter who interviewed me. Since “Rock And Roll” has been around for over 6 Decades, there are some historical facts most music fans are unaware of; for example from 1954 to 1964 most musical artists recordings sold on 7″ Singles (45rpm), which retailed for about $0.99 cents (+ Tax) Bobby fell strait in line with this category. Then in ’64 The Beatles came to the USA & the 12″ LP  (Long Player) or Album began to pick up more in sales, the “33 1/3” retailed for about $3.98, Vinyl was the main format until about 1984 when the (4 Track) Cassette took over the market, retailing for about $8.98, this was the dominant format until 1991 when CD (Compact Disc) took over (the USA stopped 99% of all of its Vinyl production in Dec ’87), then the 2nd wave of Vinyl began in 2008 (which is why Mr. Zero’s opened in 2009) & the 180 Gram Vinyl LP pushed CD out of the predominant format. I pointed out to the News Reporter (Brian) that Vee’s original Fans would be wanting to purchase Vee’s music on CD, as they have all the vinyl they need, but newer fans would be looking for his music on Vinyl, well, they are in luck because Bobby Vee is a “Vinyl Artist”. You see some artists are simply not available on certain formats.


On with our story…

>The Shadows: 1959 -1960<

   Bobby Vee (Robert Thomas Velline: 30 Apr 1943: Fargo, ND – 24 Oct 2016) released some 44 Singles from 1959 -1971
& roughly 25 Albums from 1960 -1975 & over 15 CDs (re-releases) in the 90s & 2000s & over 26 TV Shows, Films & Documentary’s. Vee was thrust into the spotlight as a fill-in for the “Winter Dace Party” after the plane crash that killed “Valens, Big Bopper & Holly” Bobby & his brother Bill formed ‘The Shadows’ to play the Tues 3 Feb 1959 show at the Armory in Moorehead, MN. Vee’s 1st 45 Single was on SOMA Records (Trashmen, Castaways & Gestures) in 1959 “Suzie Baby b/w Flyin High” (Soma #1110), which was the record label’s 1st big hit as well, the record was popular enough locally that Vee was signed to the national Record Label Liberty in 1960 until 1970. Vee’s 2nd 45 Single “Devil Or Angel b/w Hey Doll Baby” hit #6 on the Billboard Charts in Oct ’60, followed by his 1st LP  ‘Sings Your Favorites’ While on tour in 1960 his guitar player was a young man named “Elston Gunn” from Duluth, MN.  Who later moved to NYC & became: Bob Dylan. Vee made a whopping 8 appearances on the ABC TV Show “American Bandstand” between Aug 1960 & Dec 1970.


>International Teen Idol: 1961 -1963<

In the early 60s the top of the charts were dominated with young Italian boys from New York City, Vee was one of the 1st to buck this trend. Starting in ’61 Vee began releasing records at an alarming rate so I will only be able to cover his “Top 40 Hits” & Album releases; beginning with; “Rubber Ball b/w Everyday” a #6 hit in Jan ’61, followed by “Stayin In b/w More Than I Can Say” in Mar ’61 became a #33 hit. Then a song The Beatles recorded in 1962, “Take Good Care Of My Baby b/w Bashful Bob”  Vee’s 1st #1 Hit in Sep ’61, followed by “Run To Him b/w Walkin With My Angel” a #2 hit in Dec ’61. Vee released 4 “Long Players” this year ‘Self Titled’ & then ‘With Strings & Things’ followed by ‘Hits Of The Rockin 50s’ & ‘Golden Greats’ & appeared in his 1st film “Swingin Along”. 

The next year proved to be as good as the last year for Vee, making 3 appearances on the TV Show “Juke Box Jury” stating in Mar ’62 to Nov. His 11th 45 Single “Please Don’t Ask About Barbara b/w I Can’t Say Goodbye” hits #15 in Apr ’62, followed by “Sharing You b/w In My Baby’s Eyes” in Jul ’62 which goes to #15 & the follow up “Punish Her b/w Someday (when I’m gone from you)” charting at #20 in Oct ’62. Vee releases 4 albums this year ‘Take Good Care Of My Baby’ & then ‘Meets The Crickets’ Vee performed many different tours with the original “Crickets” followed by ‘Recording Session’ & then ‘Merry Christmas’ & his 2nd film “Play It Cool” & Vee also appeared in 2 TV episodes of “Here’s Hollywood” in ‘62 where he was interviewed in his own home, also Vee beginning in Feb ‘62 made 6 appearances on the TV Show “Thank Your Lucky Stars” leading up to Mar ‘65.

On a 3 year roll, Vee has “Charms b/w Bobby Tomorrow” hit #13 in May ’63, & following this is “Be True To Yourself b/w Letter From Betty” in Jul ’63 which goes to #34, then his monster hit “Night Has A Thousand Eyes b/w Anonymous Phone Call” charts at #3 in Dec ’63, this same month Bobby marries his 1 & only wife Karen.

Vee releases 3 albums in ’63 starting with; ‘Night Has A Thousand Eyes’ followed by ‘Meets The Ventures’ & his tribute to the man who launched his career an entire album of Buddy Holly Covers on Liberty Records ‘I Remember Buddy’. This year Vee performed almost 20 shows with Dick Clark’s “Caravan Of The Stars” (check out the Film “That Thing You Do”).


>Yankee Go Home: 1964 – 1968<

Many remember “The Day The Music Died” (3 Feb ’59 Don McLean’s “American Pie”) which help launch Bobby Vee’s career, however not many recognize that the same thing happened to American Music, about 5 years to the day on 8 Feb ’64 The Beatles appeared on the “Ed Sullivan Show” because this ushered in the “British Invasion” (Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks, Yardbirds, Animals & Hermits, etc) & the American Music Scene was forever changed, many of the present artists (Bobby Darin, Dion, Roy Orbison, Lou Christie, Ricky Nelson, & even Elvis)  found themselves pushed to the wayside in the wake of the new British movement, unfortunately Vee was no exception. Vee did not have another “Top 40 Hit” for the next 4 years, when Elvis broke the trend in his (Dec) ’68 Comeback Special, (Vee did have 19 other songs in the Top 100 up to Dec ’68), Vee did release 2 LPs in ’64; ‘Sings New Sounds From England’ & ’30 Big Hits Of The 60s’ & the following year he released ‘Live On Tour’ after performing some 33 Shows in 1965 with “Dick Clark’s Caravan Of The Stars”. Vee seemed to be as active on television as he was in music; making 3 appearances on “Hollywood A Go Go” starting in Jan ’65 to Jul the same year. Bobby made 6 appearances on the ABC TV Show “Where The Action Is” from Oct 1965 to Sep 1966  

>Turn Down Day: 1966 – 1970<

From 1966 to 1967 Bobby released 4 LPs: ’30 Big Hits Off The 60s Vol 2′ & ‘Look At Me Girl’ & ‘Golden Greats Vol.2’ followed by ‘Come Back When You Grow Up’ in ’67 & also this same year starred in the film “C’mon Lets Live A Little” as “Jesse Crawford”. Vee became a semi-regular the ABC talk-show “Joey Bishop Show” appearing on 4 broadcasts from Nov 1967 – Feb 1968. Vee returned to the top of the charts in May ‘68 with “My Girl-Hey Girl b/w Just Keep It Up” a #35 hit, & released 2 LPs in ‘68; ‘Just Today’, In Summer 1993 I had Bobby autograph my copy of “Just Today” LP because Vee covered The MONKEES song “Girl I Left Behind Me”, followed by the LP ‘Do What You Gotta Do’ & the Non-LP Single “Let’s Call It A Day Girl”. Vee’s last release in the 60s was, the 1969 LP ‘Gates, Grills & Railings’ with 2 Non-LP Singles in ‘70In And Out Of Love” & “Sweet Sweetheart”. Vee was signed to United Artists in 1971 -75 his 1st single was “Signs b/w Something To Say” & releasing 3 LPs ‘Nothin Like A Sunny Day’ in ‘72 & in ‘73 ‘Legendary Masters Series’ & finally ‘Best Of’ in ‘75.


>Never Be Anyone Else<

The 80s were not too kind to the “Old School” musicians, Vee only had the ‘Singles Album’ released in 1980. The 1st time I saw Vee was at the Iowa State Fair in Aug ’93 on a  Double Bill with Tommy Roe & Bobby’s sons: “The Vees” Robby, Tom & Jeff.  My memory is they performed 2 sets of 45 min each twice nightly (here is a partial set-list from the night)

One Last Kiss
Rubber Ball
Come Back When You Grow Up Girl
Run to Him
More Than I Can Say (Crickets cover)
Devil or Angel
Take Good Care of My Baby
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Walkin’ With My Angel

Almost 10 years after his last LP, Vee releases ‘Down The Line’ in 1999, & ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’ in 2002.
The last time I saw Bobby was in Feb 2005 in Des Moines at the Surf Ballroom for the annual “KIOA Sweet Hearts Dance” Vee was on tour again with the Original Crickets: Alison, Mauldin & Curtis.  The CD ‘Very Best’ is released in 2008 with ‘Rarites’ coming out in 2011 as Vee retired from touring due to Alzheimer’s in 2012. Vee’s final release was ‘Adobe Sessions’ in 2014. Bobby Vee dies in Rogers, MN. on Mon 24 Oct 2016 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.

Truly a forgotten Hero, Vee had a tremendous musical career with an impressive catalog. I am honored I got the opportunity to meet him, be interviewed about him & write this article … MrZerr0

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Promo Photo 1960



50s Sci-Fi Alive and Well in Twin Cities

“Weresquito: Nazi Hunter”

Nazi Hunter


28 Sep 2016: All For George Productions

By: Christopher R. Mihm

“BUZZ Newspaper Article” (#67-cM) Oct 2016

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0


This is the 11th film released by: Christopher R. Mihm: (25 Apr 1976: MPLS,MN) in 10 years,”Weresquito” premiered on Wed. 28 Sep 2016 @ the Heights Theatre in Columbia Heights, MN. Now I am a little biased as my favorite shows are “Outer Limits” (1963 -65), “Twilight Zone” (1959 -64), “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” (1955 -62), “Tales Of Tomorrow” (1952 -53) & “Suspense” (1949 -54). Along with being filmed in black & white, & the low budget notwithstanding, these older shows relied heavily on story, dialog & suspense & the anticipation, rather than just action & explosions. This film is most like the “Outer Limits” out of Mihm’s; 11 film catalog. It also doesn’t hurt that I am in 2 of these films (#6 & #8). I portrayed “Zombie #5” in my 1st scene & also “Zombie #2” in my 3rd scene as well as “Workman Schneider” in my 2nd scene in “Attack Of The Moon Zombies” which was filmed in 2010 & 2011 but released in May 2011, I also appeared in “The Giant Spider” as “Farmer #2” (which I nicknamed my character “Nesmith”) the special features on this film are worth watching, because for this film I had just been released from the hospital for emergency foot surgery, so they had to film me from the waist up, because I was still using  a walker to get around, & they had to block it out of the shot! Also Mr. Zero’s supplied props to 2 other (#5 & #7) films. (Mr. Zero’s 55113 has been a partner of Mihm’s Films since 2010). Mr. Zero’s does carry most of Mihm’s DVDs, if you’re looking to score one Now!
Filmed in black & white to add a bit of outré & consistency, (to his other films), this film has a great idea, in that it starts off with a mad- Nazi Scientist conducting experiments on U.S. soldiers to create a super soldier, then jumps  ahead a few years when one of the victims (Sidney) seeks out his tormentor (Norgard), & winds up in a small town (New Berlin) & meets the local beauty of the town (Grubb & she is Not hard on the eyes) & the plot unfolds, I am not going to spoil it, because it is worth seeing for the 50s B&W style & effects & the plot twists.

The big 3 in this film are: Rachel Grubb: (3 Jun 1976; Springfield, OH) with a work history of over 65 films & TV (since 2004) as “Leisl Schmidt” &  Douglas Sidney: (22 Aug; Mpls, MN)  with over 30 film & TV credits, as “Cpl. John Baker”  & James Norgard: (24 Nov; Albert Lea, MN) (a dead ringer for Bun E. Carlos of CHEAP TRICK) with almost 20 film & TV credits, as “Schramm” along with Mihm’s host of regular re-occurring cast members; Mitch Gonzales, Mark Haider, Michael Cook, Daniel Sjerven & Michael G. Kasier.
Like all of Mihm’s films they are  filmed locally in Minnesota & Wisconsin on a shoestring budget & it is worth addressing Mitch Gonzales (a veteran of Mihm’s last 7 films) is a genius when it comes to these 50s style props, effects & costumes (some of which have been used in Mr. Zero’s Ads). If you watch the special features at the end of the DVDs  (that would be the format you can own & watch anytime you wish, without fear that it will magically disappear without notice from “On-Line Streaming” or your digital device)  you can see how Mihm is able to film so much with so little, his main sound stage is about 10 x 12 feet, he also has all of actors dub in all of their dialog & this film like the last 6  films are dubbed in Esperanto; a universal language developed by the U.N.

Mihm has several other great films like this; including “Attack Of  The Moon Zombies” A scientist on a space station finds a pod on the moon & the pod blooms & turns the crew into, well you guessed it, moon-zombies.  “X: Fiend From Beyond Space” The crew of a spaceship find the body of an outer-space being & mistakenly bring it on board.  “Destination Outer Space” The adventures of Capt. Jackson trying to find his way home after a mishap with a test rocket. And a great one for the kids, last year’s “Danny Johnson Saves The World” This one being very different than Mihm’s other films, this one is fun for the whole family (his daughter Alice Mihm steals the show!) a old man tells a story about when he was a boy & saved the world form aliens & a killer robot.

Although released out of order, Mihm’s 11 (12 really) films do create a chronological story when played in order:

“Monster Of Phantom Lake” 2006 (story-line #2)

“It Came From Another World” 2007 (story-line #3)

“Cave Women On Mars” 2008 (story-line #10)

“Terror From Beneath The Earth” 2009 (story-line #4)

“Destination Outer Space” 2010 (story-line #11)

“Attack Of The Moon Zombies” 2011 (story-line #9)

“House Of Ghosts” 2012 (story-line #5)

“The Giant Spider” 2013 (story-line #6)

“Late Night Double Feature: X Fiend From Beyond Space & The Wall People”  2014 (story-line #12 & 7)

“Danny Johnson Saves The World” 2015 (story-line #8)

“Weresquito: Nazi Hunter” 2016 (story-line #1)

“Weresquito: Nazi Hunter” will be show again at “Crypticon” in Bloomington on Fri 14 Oct 2016 @ 11pm, where Writer, Director, Producer Mihm himself & usually several of the other actors, will be on hand to sign your copy of his DVDs, that he sells at his merchandise booth along with many other memorabilia items from his 12 films. Mr. Zero’s (Movie & Music Shop) always puts Mihm’s newest film in heavy rotation on the “In-Store- Play” for 60 days after the release date, so stop by if you want to catch a scene or 2.

If you don’t know;

“Crypticon: Horror- Sci-Fi” Convention will be held on; 14-16 Oct 2016 Fri- Sun. in Bloomington @ the Crowne Plaza Aire, there will be over 15 Film & TV Actors: such as Verne Troyer, George Wilber & Local St. Paul native Chris Mulkey who appeared in “Rambo” & “Twin Peaks” (Mr. Zero’s sells his Music CDs) there signing autographs & selling merchandise, there will be  a Costume Party & Dance, (Mr. Zero’s has also been a partner with this Crypticon since 2010).

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Star Trek Vinyl Records

Star Trek’s Recording Artists:

BUZZ Newspaper Article: Sep 2016 (#66-sT)

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0
When I was a toddler in Sioux City my favorite TV Shows were: ‘Batman’ ‘Lost In Space’ ‘The Monkees’ & ‘Star Trek’ I was too young to know what was considered good, I just knew I like the beautiful colors & images & pretty girls & the music on those shows. Well this year 3 of these TV Shows turn 50.  ‘Star Trek’ Created by Gene Roddenberry, (Eugene Wesley Roddenberry: 19 Aug 1921 El Paso, TX. – 24 Oct 1991) the 1st pilot was filmed in 1964 & the 2nd Pilot in 1965, the show aired from 8 Sep 1966 to 3 Jun 1969, for 3 seasons, with 79 Episodes on; CBS. Strangely, though ‘Star Trek’ was a Science-Fiction Show there were several Records released by the actors on the show! As ‘Star Trek’ reruns, took on a huge cult following in the Mid-70s into the 80s, these same artists released their own Cassettes & some records. Later when the CD extinguished Vinyl in Fall ’87, GNP Crescendo released 4 CDs from the series:  ‘Original Sound Effects’ & ’Vol.1: Cage & No Man Has Gone Before’ & ‘Vol.2: Doomsday Machine & Amok Time’ & ‘Vol.3: Shore Leave & Naked Time’ from 1987 -1996, respectively.

This part of history <

Nichelle Nichols (Grace Dell Nichols 28 Dec 1932 Robbins, ILL.) having toured with Duke Ellington & Lionel Hampton long before her stint as “Lieutenant Nyota Uhura” in 70 episodes of the show, it just made sense to have her release records too, the 1st being ’Down to Earth’ in 1967 on Epic Records (BN 26351) followed by a 45 single in 1968”Know What I Mean / Why Don’t You Do Right!” (Epic 5-10131) & just like her co-stars, she began releasing albums in the re-run days of the 70s, starting with ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ in 1974 on  Americana Records (EP-1) followed by the 45 single “Beyond Antares / Uhura’s Theme” in 1979 on ‎aR-way Prod. (RE-1001). In 1986 she released the Cassette ‘Uhura Sings’. Her last release was the CD ‘Out Of This World’ in 1991 on GNP Crescendo.
> What’s in the box? <

Next to release a record was the star of the show William Shatner (22 Mar 1931 Montreal Quebec, Can. of Jewish faith & Austrian descent) as “Captain James Tiberius Kirk” in 79 episodes. Bill released  ‘Transformed Man’ on Decca (DL 75043) in 1968, his only release while the show was running, this recording gets lambasted quite a lot, because people isolate individual parts, rather than reviewing the recording in its entirety, like the concept album  that it is. Shatner’s next release was in 1976 “Foundation: The Psychohistorians” By: Issac Asimov, a spoken word, was released on Caedmon Records (TC 1508). His 3rd LP was a 1971 “Live” recording of his one-man-show, released in ’77 on Lemli Records (L 00001). In 1978 ‘Captain of the Starship’ (a re-release) on K-Tel Records (NC 494) hit the market. Much later he released ’Fear Of Pop’ on Giant 550 Records in 1998 with Ben Folds. Taking some more time off  ‘Has Been’ was released in 2004 on Shout Factory, in the last few years ‘Seeking Major Tom’ was released in 2011 on Cleopatra  & most recently ‘Ponder The Mystery’ in 2013.


> Music: the final frontier <

Though the next 2 actors we discuss only appeared in the 2nd pilot of the show filmed in 1965, they still released records; Paul Carr (Paul Wallace Carr: 31 Jan 1934 Marreo, LA. -17 Feb 2006) was also a musician in the late 50s & early 60s appearing on ’77 Sunset Strip’ (in 1961) before getting into the acting field & eventually portraying “Lieutenant Lee Kelso” in “Where no man has gone before”. I met Carr at the “Creation Star Trek Convention” in Mar ’02 he had a table next to Gary Lockwood, Carr was selling some trading cards & two 45 singles he had recorded prior to ‘Star Trek’ Carr: “My mother saved a bunch of these, just after they came out, I didn’t know what to do with them so I thought I would try to sell them here” I only wish I had bought one of each or at least written down what the titles were, as now I can find no information on them.
Also in the same episode Sally Kellerman (2 Jun 1937 Long Beach, CA.) riding high on her ‘M*A*S*H” (1970) fame released an album ‘Roll With The Feelin’ in 1972 on Decca/Verve (DL-75359) followed by the 45 single “Triad” (produced by: Barry Manilow) in 1973 on Bell Records (#45-381), her last release was ‘Sally’ in 2009.


>Yeoman Star X <

And finally from the original series run; Grace Lee Whitney (Mary Ann Chase: 1 Apr 1930 Ann Arbor, MI. -1 May 2015) sang with the ‘Keith Williams Orchestra’ in the 60s before becoming famous for portraying ‘Yeoman Janice Rand’ for 8 episodes in the original series, & then later in the 70s she sang with the band ‘STAR’ & released a 45 Single “Disco Trekin b/w Star Child” in 1976 on Star Enterprises (#Stardate 2001) these songs were also written by Whitney. After taking to DeForest Kelley, she began appearing at ‘Trek Conventions’ & selling herself produced Cassettes, in 1980 she released ‘USS Enterprise’ later in 1991 she released ‘Yo, Yeoman’ followed by ‘Light At End Of The Tunnel’ in 1996. When I met her in ’02, her latest release was ’Yeoman Rand Sings’ from ‘99. I had several questions her Whitney, I asked if she was from Minnesota she answered “No, Michigan, but I was adopted & I am trying to locate my birth parents” the other thing we discuss was “AA” as she was a huge supporter of “Addition Recovery” at the time I was on my 15th year of recovery (at the time of this article I just celebrated my 29th year) Grace advised me “You really should attend more AA Meetings, as you do not want to “Fall Off” after all the work you have put into your Recovery”

So there you are fans, Star Trek in Music, some of these recordings are not great material by any stretch, however they are nostalgic & fun, however good luck in finding them, they are ultra rare &  even though I am a huge fan, I only have about 1/4 of these & some I have never even heard before !

Live Long & Prosper … MrZerrO

Mr. Zero’s

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651. 489.0207

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SOn Of Sarek

Spock Jams

ZEPHYR and Tommy Bolin

“See My People Come Together”

Tommy Bolin’s: ZEPHYR 1968 -73

BUZZ Newspaper Article Aug 2016 #65-tbZ

An Excerpt From The Forth Coming Book:

“Post Toastee” By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0 (w/ Johnnie Bolin)
When I was a little kid living on 34th & Douglas, my Uncle Jeff, moved in with us for awhile, & he used to hang with the local musicians on “The Scene” in Sioux City, one of which was, Tommy Bolin, so one day he says “You know that guy Tommy I used to hang out with? Well, he put out a record” I thought “A record? A guy from Sioux City, no, Beatles & Monkees put out records, not a guy from Sioux City”

So this time round I will be covering ‘ZEPHYR’ Tommy R. Bolin’s 1st Official release.


> Cross The River: 1967 -1968 <

A 16 year old Tom Bolin (Barry Fey added the “Tommy” later on) drops out of Sioux City Central High to take off to Cincinnati, OH. to join up with Guitar Legend Lonnie Mack (1941-2016) it was here Bolin met Keyboardist John Faris: (15 July 1947 -2006 Cincinnati), things didn’t work out in Ohio, so Bolin & Faris move out to Boulder, CO. the burgeoning “Hippy Scene” of the Mid-West, the pair joined up with Jeff Cook (1948) to form the band ‘American Standard’, by ’68, Bolin & Faris formed a new band ‘Ethereal Zephyr’ heavy organ based blues music not unlike like ‘Crabby Appleton’ & ‘Steppenwolf’. Also on the local music scene was a band ‘Brown Sugar’ with Bassist David Givens (4 Oct 1948: Detroit) & his wife Vocalist; Candy (Candace Ramey: 9 Dec 1946; Des Moines, IA. -27 Jan 1984). The 2 bands were urged to join forces, as many thought Bolin played so much like “Hendrix” & Candy sang much like “Joplin” this would be a band to be reckoned with, they added Drummer Robby Chamberlin (R.I.P. 17 Feb 2016) to round out the band. This line-up was so good they were the opening act both days to the “Denver Pop Festival” featuring head-liner Jimi Hendrix on 28-29 Jun 1968.

> Hard Chargin Woman: 1969

Manager Barry Fey was able to get the band signed to (ABC) Probe & their 1st LP was released in Oct ’69, commonly referred to as “The Bathtub” (#CPLP-4510-S @ $4.98), Produced By: Bill Halverson  9 songs (2 covers) Recorded At Wally Heider Studios Los Angeles. There was one 45 Single released “Sail On (3:35 edit)  b/w Cross The River” (#CP-475), a “Promo Clip” was released for “Hard Chargin Woman” the band made at least 3 TV appearances performing “St. James Infirmary” on the ‘Barry Richards Show’ & appeared ‘Music Scene’ & ‘American Bandstand’ in Jan ’70 performing “Cross The River”. There have been 3 versions of the 1st CD; on ‘Beat Goes On’ & ‘One Way’ & a 3-CD Deluxe Box-Set on Purple Pyramid, including 2 “Live” discs; CD2 “Live Cuts: ’69-73 & CD3 is the 2nd reunion show on 19 Jun ’73 @ Tulagi’s (released in May 2014). *David Givens: “I think our 3 song demo turned out to be a better recording than the LP recording, Tommy was playing a rented ’63 Gibson Mahogany SG: Les Paul Version, to get that sound everyone was going for at the time” *Jeff Schwinden: “When Tommy’s first ‘ZEPHYR’ record came out, It was a big deal among us guys, in that crowd, that hung with Tommy. I still have my first copy of that ‘Bathtub’ album. I went out & bought it right when it was released”

> Somebody Listen: 1970 <

While touring for the 1st LP, some tensions grew in the band as the members got to know each other better (according to Bolin). Chamberlin began to become less motivated than the other 4. At Bolin’s recommendation; Bobby Berge: (21 June 1948 In Sioux Falls, South Dakota) Drummer for the Iowa Band ‘The Velaires’ was brought in as a 2nd drummer, in May ’70 however in a very short time Berge was to become the Only Drummer in ‘ZEPHYR’ *Berge: “I always liked Tommy’s playing & ZEPHYR was touring behind a record, so I thought this was a great opportunity” It was also about this time (Jun ’70) Bolin began his song writing partnership with John Tesar, who he had meet in South Dakota sometime in ’67 when Bolin was playing in ‘CHATEAU’. Unfortunately not a lot of Video exists on ‘ZEPHYR’ there is one for the song: “Goin Home” from the”Day of Joy Festival” in Houston, TX. on Sun 19 Jul 1970. Tommy liked to tape record his shows onto reel-to-reel, so here is a set-list from one of Tommy’s personal reels;

Tuesday 11 August 1970 Santa Monica, California @ Santa Monica Civic Center (61:33 min Audio Recording Exists)
Cross The River
Going Back To Colorado/Blues Jam
Sail On
Hard Chargin Woman/Echoplex Solo
Under My Thumb/Gimme Shelter
The Creator Has A Master Plan/Tommy Bolin On Guitar
Hard Chargin Woman: Reprise

*Johnnie Bolin: “I was in ‘ZEPHYR’ for 1 show (Sep 1970 Sioux Falls, S.D. @ Empire Fairgrounds), I guess ‘Ides Of March’ was to go on last because they had the hit ‘Vehicle’ at the time. But Candy & David had missed their flight. So “Ides” went on 1st. Then ‘Zephyr’ didn’t know what to do, so Tommy asked me to go up with them, with just the 3 of them (Tommy, Berge, & John Ferris) to play percussion & do an “Instrumental Set”. So the 4 of us just went up & jammed. Later that same year, My Mom, Pudge & I took a bus up to Minneapolis (Fall ’70 @ Magoo’s New City Opera House w/ Headliner ‘SPIRIT’ w/ Opener “LIGHTNING’)to see them I remember it was quite a big complex. We ended up staying in a real nice hotel downtown, I’m not sure how that happened?”

> Showbizzy: 1971 <

When ‘ZEPHYR’ opened for LED ZEPPELIN (for 4 shows) 23-26 Jan ’69 (in Boston @ The Tea Party), Jimmy Page recommended Eddie Kramer to produce the band’s next album & it was Kramer that helped the band get signed to WB Records as ‘Probe’ had been folded by ‘ABC’ in Apr ’70. The band’s 2nd album ‘Going back to Colorado’ was released in Jan 1971 on  Warner Brothers Records WB-1897, 10 original songs, with one 45 single released “Going Back To Colorado (edit) b/w Radio Song”  (#WB-7444), 2 CD versions have been released of this title, the newest; a 2 CD set (in July 2016) with 10 bonus tracks! There is a Video to be found from 5 Mar ’71 @ Santa Monica Civic Center for “Cross The River” It was about this time the band began to split into 2 parts; the Bolin-Berge duo, into experimentalism & Candy, David & Feris; the musical hippies. According to David, “Bolin wanted to be the star, & he Berge wanted to do more “Fusion Jazz” based music”, so the pair left in May ’71, to form ‘ENERGY’ with Jeremy Steig & Kenny Passarelli

> Moving Too Fast: 1972 -73 <
The band replaces Bolin with Jock Bartley & their 3rd LP ‘Sunset Ride’ is released on WB in ’72. By the Summer of ’73 both ‘ZEPHYR’ & ‘ENERGY’ had wound down & Candy, David, Feris & Bolin with Harold “Marty” Fielden: (Flash Cadillac), Otis Taylor, Mick Manressa & Dave Brown (Bolin’s friend & roadie) were playing “Tulagi’s” on Monday Nights as ‘The Legendary 4Nikators’ ,to make some extra money. The 4 had the idea to contact Berge & do 3 ZEPHYR Reunions starting on 2 May ’73 @ Art’s Bar & Grill; there is a CD of this show released by: Tommy Bolin Archives in 1997 & 2 other shows one more in Boulder & 1 in Denver in Jun ’73. David & Candy released a 4th LP in ’82 ‘Heartbeat’ on Red Sneakers Records & a ‘compilation’ CD released in 2002.

There you have it, Tommy R. Bolin’s 1st Recordings …

*The Annual “Tommy Bolin Festival” will be held on Sat 6 Aug 2016 in Sioux City @ The Icky Nickle & for the 7th year in a row Mr. Zero’s 55113 will be a sponsor & will have a booth there, so stop by & say “Hello”

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Zephyr on Probe 1970

Osmonds: 1970 -75; MGM Years

“What Is The Matter”

The OSMONDS: 1970 -1975 MGM Records

BUZZ Newspaper Article (#64-oS) July 2016

By: RLSchwinden aka: Mr.Zerr0
Growing up in Sioux City, my Uncle John was the Drummer in a band, out of Riverside “Freedom Of Wild Water II” with our family friend Rich T. who was the guitar player, I remember them playing songs like: Paranoid, Sweet Leaf, China Grove, Jesus Is Just Alright, Proud Mary, Down On The Corner & 2 of my favorites were Crazy Horses & Hold Her Tight by this newer group (to me, anyways) “The OSMONDS” though my Uncle John was the Drummer he did sing “Crazy Horses” I can still remember him bringing his girlfriend’s (Ruth S.) copy of the album over & practice singing that song, in my Dad’s office upstairs in our house on W. 17th St. & asking me “if I thought he sounded like the record”. In this installment I am only going to cover; The OSMONDS MGM years 1970 -75.

> Home Grown: 1958 <

Originally 4 of the brothers started out as a Barber-Shop Quartet in 1958 out of Salt Lake City, Utah, they began performing on the “Andy Williams Show” later they added a 5th brother & became a “Pop Group” (despite their devout Mormon upbringing) now called “The Osmonds” with their sound being developed by Mike Curb & Don Costa with Rick Hall. More or less coming off as a ‘Caucasian’ version of the “Jackson 5” Over a span of some 50 years they released: 27 Albums & 43 Singles, a Cartoon of 17 Episodes from Sep – Dec 1972 on ABC, with memorabilia such as Trading Cards, Lunchbox w/ Thermos & countless magazines.


> Meet The Osmonds: 1970 <

The entire band was born in Ogden, UT. Alan (22 Jun 1949) was the Rhythm Guitarist & Song Writer, each member had an accent color to their usual white outfits, Alan’s was: Blue & later Red. Wayne’s (28 Aug 1951) color was Orange & he was the Lead Guitarist & Co-Song Writer. Merrill’s (30 Apr 1953) color was Black; he was the Lead Vocalist & Bass Player & Song Writer. Jay’s (2 Mar 1955) color was Green & he was the Drummer & 3rd Lead Vocalist with Donny’s (9 Dec 1957) color being Purple, he was the 2nd Lead Vocalist & Keyboard & Theremin Player.

> Sho Would Be Nice: 1970 -71<

Their 1st “LP” was released in Nov 1970 with the 45 single “One Bad Apple b/w He Ain’t Heavy” hitting #1 on the Billboard Charts on 13 Feb 1971. UNI Records re-released a 45 Single they had cut in ’67 “I Can’t Stop b/w Flower Music”. The groups 2nd LP for MGM ‘Homemade’ was released in Jun 1971 with the #14 charting hit “Double Lovin b/w Chilly Winds” on 3 July 1971. The first; 2 records being aimed at a younger audience, the group started moving in a new direction of their own choosing; henceforth ‘Phase III’ was released in Jan 1972, with 2 singles, the #3 hit “Yo Yo b/w Keep On My Side” from 16 Oct 1971 & “Down By The Lazy River b/w He’s The Light Of The World” which rose to #4 on 4 Mar 1972.

>Life Is Hard Enough: 1972<

In ‘72 the group is at their “Pop-Rock” zenith their 1st concert LP ‘Live’  is released in Jun ’72, recorded at various shows from their ’71 Tour. Then group appeared on the single “We Can Make It Together” with Steve & Eydie. Their new 45 Single “Hold Her Tight b/w Love Is” hits #14 on the charts on 5 Aug ’72, followed by a US Tour where they played the Met Center in Bloomington on 19 Aug ’72, & there is an hour long video of them filmed in concert at the Ohio State Fair on 28 Aug ’72, at some point I saw a photo that showed Alan playing a White Gibson SG, so for the next decade or so I sought to have one of my own, & eventually I scored one (this is what I play in my band “MrZERo”)

Then followed by, what is considered to be their best album ‘Crazy Horses’ in Oct ’72 with the #14 hit single “Crazy Horses b/w That’s My Girl” released on 9 Dec ’72. I met Jay, Wayne & Merrill in Mar 2011 at Mystic Lake Casino   I told Merrill “You guys didn’t play my request “Life Is Hard Enough (without goodbyes)” He said “Oh you’re old enough to remember that one, eh?” I asked  Wayne “How come you’re not wearing Orange” he said “Boy, you are a fan to know that” & later I met Alan & Donny in Jul 2005 in St. Paul at Xcel Ctr. & I was lucky enough to have all 5 brothers sign my copy of ‘Crazy Horses’ (one of my prized possessions) I said to Alan “In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d get to meet you” & Donny told me as he signed my LP “There you go, all 5 of us” There is a DVD “Muzik Laden” released of the group on a German TV Show from ’72; here’s the set-list:

One Bad Apple

Yo Yo

Hold Her Tight

*Band Introduction

Too Young

Sweet & Innocent


Crazy horses

Puppy Love

Down By The Lazy River


Dance To The Music
> Are You Up There: 1973<

In the Mormon faith teenagers a required to go on “A Mission” as the group were all in their early 20s or teens, it was decided, instead of going on a “Mission” they would record a “Concept Album” about “Faith” & so  ‘The Plan’ was released in Jun 1973, with the singles “Goin Home b/w Are You Up There?” on 14 July 1973 & hitting #36, followed by “Let Me In b/w One Way Ticket To Anywhere” hitting #36 on 13 Oct 1973, followed by a 3rd single “Movie Man b/w Traffic In My Mind”

The group toured for this “Concept Album” & played the Iowa State Fair, where the group also performed at the local Mormon Church in Waukee, IA. My friend Dave V. was in attendance & told me “Jay was wearing a bandage on his nose”. I was able to ask Jay about this in 2001 & he said “Yea, that’s because at a previous show Merrill broke my nose in our karate choreography, you know it was Chuck Norris who taught us all those moves, & we took the idea for the white suits from Elvis.” 

> Send A Little Love: 1974 -75<

For some reason the band started recording songs written by others, instead of using their own compositions for the last 2 MGM records, ‘Love Me For A Reason’ was released in Nov 1974 & the 45 single “Love Me For A Reason b/w Fever” hit #10 on 19 Oct 1974 followed by the single “Having A Party b/w Sun, Sun”. The last studio LP on MGM was ‘The Proud One’ released in Aug 1975 & the single “Proud One b/w Last Day Is Coming” hit #22 on 20 Sep 1975. Their last MGM LP (as MGM folded into Polydor) ’Around The World’ released in the Fall of ’75.


Well there you are I have been a fan since ’72 & this was my favorite time period of this “Pop” band, a sidenote; in 1989 a young lady moved into the Apt. next to me in Des Moines, I saw her name on the mailbox, so I stopped her in the hallway once & asked “I’m sorry to bother you, but are you relate to them?” Stephanie said “I’m sure I am, I mean how many ‘Osmond’ families can there be?”

Until the next time Readers … this has been Mr.Zerr0 for “Remember When?”

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The Osmonds: 1973

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PsychoGello Vol. #5

MrZerro’s PsychoGello Vol.5

BUZZ Newspaper Article Jun-Jul 2016 (#63-pG)
So for my birthday this year (29th) I was lucky enough to make my 5th appearance on the KFAI 90.3 fm radio show “The Pop-Shop” where host DJ Izzy allows me to take over the show, which I call “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello” my mission is to play songs by famous artists & not-so-famous artists, that dot not  usually  get air play, to give the listener something totally different, so I thought I would list my playlist & explain a little about the songs. you can listen to the link on “The Pop Shop” 23 May 2016.

Trashmen: “Goofy Foot” recorded live Jul ’64 in Wis on Sundazed, my Dad used to sit in with this band back in ’63, so I like to pay homage to these local heroes.

Roy Orbison: “Dream Baby” from 1962 on Capitol, I 1st heard this song done by The Beatles on the BBC, McCartney sang it beautifully.
WHO: “Daddy Rollin Stone” from  1965 on Brunswick an out-take from ‘Sing My Generation’ I 1st heard this song from the ‘New York Dolls’ on their ’75 Live LP, so far I like every version I have heard of this song.


Rolling Stones: “I’m Free” 1965 Decca Sep 1965 ‘Out Of Our Heads’ from Sep ’65 on Decca, I always loved the mid-60s Stones, too bad it was ruined by being used in a car commercial.

Kinks: “Sunny Afternoon” from Jun 1966 ’Face To Face’ on PYE a fairly dark & downbeat tune from the usually upbeat Brothers Davis, I wish they could have agreed on doing the re-union tour.

Beatles: “And Your Bird Can Sing” from the ill-fated “Butcher Cover” also known as “Yesterday & Today” from Aug ’66 the 1 Beatles LP that cost Capitol a lot of money.

We The People: “By The Rule” from 1966 on Challenge Records a 45 Single only, no full full LP from this great band.

Byrds: “World Turns All Around Her” from ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ on Columbia from Dec ’65 a beautiful love song by Gene Clark, reportedly one of the reason McGuinn began to write more songs as Clark was making more money than rest because of royalties.

Rascals: “Find Somebody” from Jul ’67 from the Atlantic LP ‘Groovin’ one of the few lead vocals form Eddie Brigati, in 1966- 67 most of the Billboard #1 Spots were held by The Monkees or this band.

Boyce & Hart: “Where Angels Go” released in Mar 1968 on A&M from the film of the same name the 2nd soundtrack for B&H. I told Hart’s Grandson I’d play this for him that night.

Nilsson: “Together” from ’Ariel Ballet’ in Jul ’68 on RCA, Jones & Co. performed this song live  in ’69 & there are 2 other Monkees’ related songs on this 1 LP, “Mr. Richland’s Favorite Song” & “Daddy’s Song”

Monkees: “Time & Time Again” an out-take from ‘Changes’ written by Bill Chadwick who wrote 10 other songs for the Band, recorded in May ’69 from LP ‘Missing Links’.

David Bowie: “Oh You Pretty Things” found on ‘Hunky Dory’ from  Dec ’71 on RCA, I 1st heard this one from Peter Noone of ‘The Hermits’ I believe it was his 1st solo 45.

George Harrison: “Wah Wah” from ‘All Things Must Pass’ on Capitol from Nov ’70 Capitol, George was always my favorite Beatle, he wrote this one about the headache he received from McCartney, who constantly was telling him how to play on Paul’s songs.

T -Rex: “Jeepster” from Sep ’71 found on “Electric Warrior” on Reprise, thanks to the intronetts, Mark Bolan is more popular now than he ever was when he was when he was alive (Feld died on 16 Sep 1977) & my home town hero Tommy Bolin is usually confused with Marc.

Jorma Kaukonen: “Genesis” from ’74 on Grunt, ‘Quah’ is his 1st Solo LP after ‘Jefferson Airplane’ this one is dedicated to Mr. Zero’s long time Model Missy Marrz.

Gypsy: “Unlock The Gates” from another Minneapolis band, released in July ’71 on Metromedia their 2nd LP ‘In The  Garden’, also this local band  has just released a DVD documentary, worth checking out. (Dedicated to Ms. Jellybeans).

Tom Jones: “I Who Have Nothing” from 1970 on Parrot, as a kid he was my Mom’s favorite (later it was Ricky Martin) I love the haunting production of his early records.

Graham Nash: “Chicago – we can save the world” released in May ’71 from “Songs For Beginners” on Atlantic, he was in ‘CSN&Y’ as well as formerly of the ‘Hollies’ I have always felt this was his best work.

Steppenwolf: “Draft Resister” from the LP ‘Monster’ on Dunhill released in Nov ’69, recently I was asked “When I was in Jr. High what was my favorite band?” thinking they knew the answer (KISS or RUSH) I informed them it was in fact this band! While all the other kids were listening to the ‘Bee Gees’ I was digging this.

Taj Mahal: “Take A Giant Step” from 1969 on Columbia, an obscure Monkees cover. He also did a great song on The Stones ‘R&R Circus’ from Dec ’68.

Curtis Mayfield: “Superfly” from the soundtrack released in Jul on ’72 Curtom, I just  love this type of early 70’s R&B, reminds me of when I used to work with Garius & Zack back in 2007.

Stevie Wonder: “I Wish” from “Songs In The Key Of Life” on Tamla   released in Dec ’76, probably the last great song released before Disco & “Urban Cowboy” ruined music for me.

Blues Magoos: There’s A Chance We Can Make It” from Apr ’67 on Mercury the LP “Electric Comic Book” hailing from The Bronx, Pepe’ Castro was KISS’ Ace Frehley’s neighbor in the Bronx, I sent Pepe’ a message I’d play this for him that night (he did thank me).

Boston Tea Party: “Straighten Up & Fly Right” released in 1968 on Flick Disc, I found  out about this  band as they did the original version of B&H’s “Words” in ’66.

So there you have it my 5th stint “On The Air” hopefully I will do my 6th guest spot  this fall. You can listen to the whole show at this link below….

Peace & Love & everything else…. MrZerr0


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Pop Shop: KFAI

MrZerr0 On The Air