Ringo Starr: 1970- 1978

Ringo Starr: 1970

Ringo Starr: 1970

“As of Sep 1980 Ringo Starr had more “Top 40 Hits” than John Lennon” J. Jayne 1991: Billboard Historian

Ringo Starr: 1970- 1978

“BUZZ” Newspaper Article (#50-RnSt) May-Jun 2015
By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZer0

When I was a little boy way back in Sioux City, my favorite BEATLE was Ringo, as I thought my Godfather Uncle Jim, looked like a reddish brown haired version of Ringo, (incidentally Jim’s wife at the time (Colleen) looked a lot like Cynthia Myers), & Ringo had hits like “Photograph” & “Back Off Boogaloo” & “It Don’t Come Easy”

He was born Richard Starkey Jr: on 7 July 1940 in the Dingle section of Liverpool UK, he was raised by his Mother Elsie & Step-Father Harry Graves. Twice in his youth he became deathly ill contracting peritonitis @ age 6 & tuberculosis @age 13. Ritchie was born left handed at birth was trained to write & drum right handed which lead to his unique style of drumming; late on in ’67 while recording “A Day In The Life” Producer George Martin wanted a certain sound for Ringo’s drums, Starr came back the next day with “Tea Towels” from his kitchen put them over the drum heads & created the muffled drum sound.

> Drumming Is My Madness: 1956<

Young Ritchie co-founded ‘The Clayton Squares’ in 1956, named after a Liverpool landmark, Starkey was on “Washboard & Dancing” in 1959 ‘Rory Storm & Hurricanes’ hired Starkey on Drums, it is about this time Ritchie obtained his nickname “Ringo Starr” because he wore so many rings & for his love of country music. Starr 1st met The BEATLES in Oct 1960 @ the Kaiserkeller in Hamburg, Germany. In Jan 1962 Starr left the ‘Hurricanes’ & joined Tony Sheridan: (1940-2013 UK) as one of “The Beat Brothers”.

The BEATLES unhappy with current drummer Pete Best: (1941 India), it was Lennon who asked Starr to join The BEATLES in Aug 1962, Starr accepted.

Ringo sang many & wrote some songs with The BEATLES; Including “Boys” “I Wanna Be Your Man” “Honey Don’t” “Matchbox” “If You’ve Got Trouble” “Act Naturally” “What Goes On” “Yellow Submarine” “With A Little Help From My Friends” “Don’t Pass Me By” “Goodnight” & “Octopus’s Garden”. Ringo embarked on his Solo Career as an actor while still a member of The BEATLES, 1st with the Film ‘Candy’ in Dec 1968 he plays “Emmanuel” followed by ‘Magic Christian’ in Dec 1969 where he plays “Youngman Grand”. Starr was a member of The BEATLES until they disbanded in Dec 1970, however he released 2 Solo Albums while still a member of The BEATLES.

>I’m A Fool To Care: 1970<

Ringo’s 1st solo LP was ‘Sentimental Journey’ released in Apr 1970, Starr being the 3rd member of the band to release a Solo LP, the LP consists of Easy Listening Vocal Standards, that meant something to Ringo & his Mom & Step-Dad, 1 song, “Stardust” was arranged by: McCartney. Followed by: ‘Beaucoup Of Blues’ released in Sep 1970 the 2nd while Starr was still a BEATLE, with the 45 single “Boupcoup Of Blues b/w Choochy Choochy” in Oct 1970 a reaching #87 on the charts, the also contained a Non-LP song.

For the next 3 years Ringo will work on films & release Non-LP singles only, starting with “It Don’t Come Easy b/w Early 1970″ in Apr 1971 a #4 Hit on the Billboard Charts, he did make a Promo Video for this song. There is a complete George Harrison version of this song, recorded before Starr’s version. Ringo also appears in 2 films released this year; ‘Blindman’ in early 1971, Starr plays “Candy” followed by Zappa’s ‘200 Motels’ released in Nov 1971 Ringo plays “Larry the Dwarf”

Ringo’s 3rd single is “Back Off Boogaloo b/w Blindman” released in Mar 1972 a #9 hit on the charts, the title came from; Marc Bolan of ‘T-Rex’ this one is also recorded with Harrison, a Video was filmed with a Frankenstein playing opposite of Starr.

>Sunshine Life For Me: 1973<

While Ringo had much success previously it is 1973 that will be his year, the film ‘That’ll Be The Day’ released in May 1973 Ringo plays “Mike” followed by his 1st “#1 Hit” the single “Photograph b/w Down & Out” (the Flip-Side is a Non-LP song) is released in Oct 1973 a Video is also filmed where Ringo covers his mouth to get around the Musicians Union Lip Syncing Rules. His LP ‘Ringo’ is released in Nov 1973 with All 3 other BEATLES contributing Lennon with “I’m The Greatest” McCartney with “Six O’Clock” & Harrison with “Sunshine Life For Me” & “You & Me Babe” & Marc Bolan of ‘T-Rex’, & ‘The Band’ as well as Nilsson. The 2nd 45 single is released “You’re Sixteen b/w Devil Woman” another #1 hit in Feb 1974. The 3rd 45 from this LP is “Oh My My b/w Step Lightly” the “B- Side” is also a Non-LP song, released in Feb 1974 a #5 hit on the charts.

In Apr 1974 the film “Son Of Dracula” is released, Ringo plays “Merlin” followed by Starr’s next LP ‘Goodnight Vienna’ released in Nov 1974 with only Lennon & Nilsson contributing this time round. The 1st single is at Lennon’s suggestion “Only You (& You Alone) b/w Call Me” reaches #6 on the charts a Video is filmed with Ringo & Lennon. The 2nd single is “No No Song b/w Snookeroo” in Jan 1975 & hitting #3 on the charts, the Flip-Side is an Elton John song. The 3rd single is the 2nd Lennon song for Ringo “It’s All Down To Goodnight Vienna b/w Oo- Wee” released in Jun 1975 & reaches #31 on the charts.

Ringo’s final LP for EMI is a “Hits- Best Of”in the form of “Blast From Your Past” released in Nov 1975 with 3 songs only found on this LP as they were released as “Non-LP” songs (he had 6 non-lp songs all together) this same year the film ‘Lisztomaina’ is released, Starr plays “The Pope”.

>Spooky Weirdness: 1976<

In a strange move Ringo signs with Atlantic Records, as it’s hard to believe EMI would let him go as he had such a successful Top 40 run the last 5 years, his next LP “Rotogravure” is released in Sep 1976 & came with a free magnifying glass to read graffiti on the back door from the photo on the back cover. Ringo’s 2nd LP with songs provided by Harrison with “I Still Love You” & Lennon with “Cookin” & McCartney with “Pure Gold” 2 single 45s are released & “Dose Of Rock N Roll b/w Cryin” hits #26 on the charts in Sep ’76, the other being “Hey Baby b/w Lady Gaye” in Nov. ‘76 There were 4 other songs recorded, but left off the LP “All Right” “It’s Hard to Be Lovers” “Party” “Where Are You Going”.

Starr’s 2nd & final LP for Atlantic is ‘The 4th’ released in Sep 1977 with 2 single 45s released from the LP “Wings b/w Just A Dream” in Aug ’77 followed by “Drowning In The Sea Of Love” in Sep ’77 also there were 3 out-takes recorded: “Birmingham””Just a Dream (alt)” “This Party” My favorite track off this LP is; “Can She Do It Like She Dances” which was later covered by David Jones (Monkees) in 1981

While Ringo was Atlantic in the USA he was on Polydor in Europe in Dec 1977 he was part of the Soundtrack “Scouse The Mouse” on Polydor.

In Apr 1978 the film ‘Ringo’ is aired, he plays “Ognir Rrats”. Ringo fed up with Super Stardom changes places with “Ognir” he sings 7 songs in the film including “Hard Times” “Heart On My Sleeve” & “You’re Sixteen” with Carrie Fisher. Then to coincide with the film the LP ‘Bad Boy’ was released in Jun ’78 with 2 singles released from the LP”Lipstick Traces b/w Old Time Relovin” in Apr ’78 & “Heart On My Sleeve b/w Who Needs A Heart” in Jul ‘78.

This is the end of part #1-A on Ringo, it is worth noting he did appear with McCartney in ‘Give My Regards To Broadstreet’ in 1984 & re-recorded the voice over for ‘The Point’ in 1985 for the VHS Only Version. In Oct 1988 he & his wife Babara Bach (Goldbach: 27 Aug 1947 NYC) went into detox, when he emerged he really went to work. Ringo had not toured since The BEATLES in ’66, but since he got clean & sober he & Joe Walsh formed the “All-Starr Band” & started Touring in Aug 1989. I myself have seen Ringo several times, listed below:

22 Aug 1992 Des Moines, @ Iowa State Fair: Ringo’s setlist
I’m The Greatest
No No Song
Don’t Go Where The Road Don’t Go
Yellow Submarine
You’re Sixteen
Weight Of The World
Act Naturally
With A Little Help From My Friends

24 April 1993 Ames, IA. @ Cyclone Stadium
4 Jul 1995 Bloomington, MN. @ MOA
30 Jun 2000 St. Paul, MN. @ State Capitol
23 Aug 2001 St. Paul, MN. @ State Fair

My long time friend Crazy Rob who owns “WayBack Records” in E. Des Moines, Iowa, was able to meet Ringo in Omaha, 5 Oct 2014 when he hooked Ringo up with a 1965 Revell Model Kit of “Ringo” set up through Ringo’s Nephew.

While Ringo had quite a recording career himself; he has worked & recorded with: Jackie Lomax, Cilia Black, Plastic Ono Band, Leon Russell, Doris Troy, George Harrison, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Peter Frampton, T-Rex, Nilsson, Bobby Keys, Derrek Van Eaton, Keith Moon, Stephan Stills, Carly Simon, & Paul McCartney. Ringo has released 19 Studio Albums, 12 Live Albums, 5 Compilation Albums, & 32 Singles. This year he is inducted into the “Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame” & he will be in concert 16 Oct 2015 Fri In MPLS @ State Theatre.

You think you’re a groove standing there with your wallpaper shoes … MrZer0

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