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The MONKEES: 1965- 1971

“Folk & Roll” The Monkees: 1965 -1971 “BUZZ” Newspaper Article Mar- Apr 2015 (#48-MoN) By: RLSchwinden aka MrZer0 When I was a toddler back on W. 18th St. in Sioux City, Iowa my 3 favorite shows were (according to my

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Monkees HEAD 1968

The Monkees: “Head” 1968 Columbia Pictures Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, David Jones & Peter Tork For “Lost My Stub.Com” review March 2012 (MZ: #H-8) By: Rik ‘MrZero’ Schwinden Ok fans, as you may have heard David Jones just passed away

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The MONKEES in 2012

The MONKEES: 2012 Nesmith, Dolenz & Tork: Thurs 15 Nov 2012 @ State Theatre in MPLS. MN. “BUZZ” Newspaper Article” Dec- Jan 2013 (#21-U) (By: Mr.ZERo) First of all this combination has never toured together before. The 2012 Trio performed

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