Twisted Sister: 1982 -87

“What you don’t know (sure can hurt you)”

Twisted Sister: 1982 -1987

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By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0

For Mr. Zero’s 7th Anniversary & My 5th Anniversary of writing this Article, I am going to cover one of my favorite “unsung” bands: Twisted Sister. My good buddy Eric used to work at our local recordshop “Uncle John” one time when I was hanging out in there, I saw strange looking album by a band called “Twisted Sister” I asked Eric “So what’s with these guys” he said “Oh, they’re great, here I’ll put it on” & then “What You Don’t Know” “Shoot ‘Em Down” & “Under The Blade” came blasting through the P.A. & I was hooked …


> Sliver Star: 1972 <

The band started out as ‘Silver Star’ in 1972, essentially the New Jersey version of the ‘New York Dolls’ when their new guitarist John Segall later known as; Jay Jay French (20 Jul 1952; NYC)  who; was earlier passed over for joining ‘Rainbow- Wicked Lester’ (KISS) recommend a name change  to ‘Twister Sister’ in Feb ’73, after the current “Glam Rock Scene” happening in New York City, to compete with the local heroes like: ‘The Brats’ & “Harlots Of 42nd Street’ & ‘Teenage Lust’ well, that list goes on & on. There was no less than 10 different members of the band, before French recruited Eddie “Fingers” O’Jeda (5  Aug 1955; NYC) on Guitar in ’75, followed by Danial “Dee” Snider (15 Mar 1955; Astoria, NY) on Vocals, in ’76 & Mark “Animal” Mendoza (Glickman: 13 Jul 1955; W. Hampstead, NY) the Bassist from ‘The Dictators’ who joined in ’78  & finally  A.J. Pero (Anthony Jude Pero: 14 Oct 1959; Staten Island, NY – 20 Mar 2015) on Drums in ’81, there were 6 other members in the band from 1977 to ‘81 but this is what is commonly referred to as the classic lineup.

> Shoot ‘Em Down: 1982 <

The band released an Independent 45 Single in ‘79I’ll Never Grow Up, Now” on their own before their 1st official release ‘Ruff Cuts’ on Secret Records in 1982. Starting in Summer ’82 MTV started broadcasting “Music Videos” which by Dec ’84 had essentially replaced the 45 RPM, 7″ Vinyl Single as a viable marketing medium. ‘Twisted Sister’ released the 1st full LP on Secret Records  ‘Under The Blade’ in Sep ’82 (later re-issued on Atlantic) taking full advantage of the “Promo Music Video” the band released 2 videos for this LP; “Bad Boys” & “Under The Blade”.

> We’re Gonna Make It: 1983 <

The band gained some notoriety on the BBC program “The Tube” & was soon signed to Atlantic Records, releasing their 2nd LP ‘You Can’t Stop Rock & Roll’ in Jun ’83 with these 3 videos; “I Am , I’m Me” “Kids Are Back” & “You Can’t Stop R & R”. In the UK 12″ Vinyl Singles were more popular than traditional “Full Length Albums” & especially 45 singles. Since Twisted Sister was way more popular in the UK they released several 12″ Singles, on the “A-Side” was the featured song & on the “B-Side” they included up to 3 “Live” tracks from a 1983 Concert, so if you had all of the 12″ Singles (like I did) “I  Am, I’m Me” & “Kids Are Back” & “We’re Not Gonna Take It” you could assemble the “Live Show” that the band was so famous for! Here is the track list:

*1983 Mar 5 & 6 Marquee Club UK
What You Don’t Know

Bad Boys Of Rock N Roll

Run For Your Life

Tear It Loose
It’s Only Rock N Roll (Dee’s Rap)
Kid’s Are Back
Sin After Sin

Shoot Em Down


>  The Price: 1984 <

In 1984 MTV was at its zenith & so was ‘Twisted Sister’ they released their 3rd LP  ‘Stay Hungry’ in May ’84 with the videos; “I Wanna Rock” “We’re Not Gonna Take It” “SMF” & “The Price” & made an appearance in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” film with “Burn In Hell”. In the mid 80s MTV was the driving force in the music industry (they could make you or break you) 1 of the unique programs they broadcast was the “MTV Saturday Night Concert” which, the band appeared; here’s the track list from the 19 May 1984 in San Bernardino @ the Orange Show Pavilion


Kids Are Back

We’re Not

I Wanna Rock

Under Blade


You Can’t Stop


Stay Hungry

Burn In Hell



> King Of Fools: 1985 <

With the band’s 4th LP ‘Come Out & Play’ released in Nov ’85 they also released 3 videos; “Leader Of The Pack” “Be Crool to Your Scuel” & “You Want What We Got”, unfortunately, the very thing that made the band so popular, was the very same thing that effectively ended their popularity, after 18 months (which is the average zenith of any Pop Star or Band) of humorous MTV videos, the band was now seen as a one trick pony, this LP did not do well at all, compared to the previous LPs sales. They did release 1 final LP under the ‘Twisted Sister’ name: ‘Love Is For Suckers’ which came out in Aug ’87 with the accompanying videos”Hot Love” & “Tonight” a departure from sound & image, just wasn’t enough, as the LP didn’t do anything for the band or the tour that followed for this LP, their final show was in MPLS: 10 Oct 1987 @ Orpheum, when, after the show Dee quit the band. They did reunite for a”911 Tribute” in 2001, but that’s another story. I do have a 45 Picture Disc signed by the classic lineup & I was able to catch them live in 2007 & 2015.

So until the next time Fans … Happy Anniversary to Mr. Zero’s


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Twisted Sister: 1984

Twisted Sister: 1984

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