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“Music History Class 101”

From: Dr. Rox Remember When? (for WDGY)

Jan- 2018: (Article #82- Wrs) 

By: RLSchwinden aka MrZerr0

   In Oct 2012 my friend (Nancy) DJ Liberty Finch asked me to be a guest host on her radio show “The PopShop”with her partner DJ Izzy, on the KFAI radio station. I responded with a resounding “Yes! Only all my life” I asked“What would you like me to do?” she responded “What would you like to do, you have any ideas?” I said “Why, yes I do, I’d like to focus on the Psychedelic years 1965 to 1969 & call my Show “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Radio Show” I appeared 6 times, annually over the next 6 years. until April 2017 Keith, the lead singer of the local “Bad Company” tribute band (turns out I met the Lead Guitarist Kenny R. way back in ’83 in Moorehead, when I was on Tour with “High Fever” Kenny gave me the strap off of KISS’ Paul Stanley’s 1974 Doc Petillo White Flying V with the stars up the neck, Kenny traded Paul a Gibson Tobacco Reverse Firebird for the “V” in Nov ’74) came into Mr. Zero’s 55113 RecordStore & asked if I would be interested in advertising on his WDGY radio show“Groundbreakers”.

After 5 weeks of negotiations, 3 Mr. Zero’s Commercials & a Demo CD (on The Monkees) of my proposed radio show, Keith was kind enough to give me my own “Music History Show”. The idea for this show was one I had developed with my friends John J. & Lew C. way back in 1992 in Des Moines, Iowa for the local station “KIOA”.My original idea was a 1 hour show on a different artist each week, the 1st show I put together back then was on“Boyce & Hart: 1967-69” (Bobby Hart & their Drummer Billy Lewis being new friends of mine at the time & Boyce being an acquaintance). Due to lack of a Producer & Sponsor & the long standing FCC rule of “A DJ may not play more than 3 songs by one artist in a single hour’s time” I could not get this show off the ground untilJune 2017 on WDGY 740 am & 92.1 fm & Streaming 103.7 Sunday’s 10:30am.

In Jun 2017Keith J. & “Groundbreakers” show gave me a 1/2 hour slot on Sunday’s from 10:30am to 11am, with  2 commercial breaks (1 having been written & recorded by me & my Studio Band “PsychoGello” the song being “Nerd is the Word” the other “Mr. Zero’s in St. Paul” by my friends Amy F. Terry & Paul). As I own a RecordStore (since 2009) I decided to call my radio show “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show” both names are taken from The Monkees TV Show, “Mr. Zero’s” from Episode #52 (Feb’68) “Devil & Peter Tork” Mr. Zero ran the pawnshop & “PsychoGello” from Episode #58 “Frodis Caper” (Mar ’68) Nesmith’s spoof on the “60s Psychedelic Movement”. The premise of my show is; 1 artist per week playing 1 song off of each LP release in order from beginning to end, the best I can, as some artists have more than 7 LPs & some only have 2 or 3, or sometimes I might do a part 1 & part 2 later or I may focus on a certain time period. I  usually record  my shows at “Wishing Star Studios” in St. Paul, I have done some post-production at “A440 Studios” in New Hope, my show is sponsored by “Mr. Zero’s 55113” & Jambots; “Railroad Train” for Android & IOS (it’s a train track building game, there is even a “Mr. Zero’s” boxcar in the game). Here is a breakdown of the first 28 shows I have produced & the airing dates.

  1. The Monkees: 25 Jun 2017

The very 1st show I produced, boy, have I come along way & learned so much since this 1st show. According to my Mom I was a fan of The Monkees from the beginning in 1966. I have written many articles on The Monkees over the years, & for a moment in time I was an acquaintance of David Jones. This show I play 1 song from each of their 9 LPs: 1966 -1970.

  1. KISS; Alive: 9 July 2017

Undoubtedly, my 2nd favorite band, as I am in “KISSin Time” a KISS tribute band, we had a huge show coming up at “RockFest” at the time so I played 1 song from each side of “Alive 1 & 2” to help promote the show.

  1. Tommy Bolin; Part 1: 23 July 2017

Being from Sioux City, Iowa it’s somewhat mandatory to be a Tommy Bolin fan, as he was born there too & played in 4 bands in that town; Mirserlou’s, Patch Of Blue, Chateux & Gassers. Tommy played on 11 LPs from 1969-1976, so for this show I played 1 song off of the 1st LP released from the pair he did with each band he was in: Zephyr, Billy Cobham, James Gang, Alphonse Mouzon, Deep Purple & Tommy Bolin Band. 

  1. Harry Nilsson: 6 Aug 2017

My 1st experience with Nilsson was the cartoon TV movie “The Point” in Feb 1971, turns out The Monkees as a band and- or solo recorded some 21 Nilsson songs, so I sought out all of his albums. I played one song off of each of his LPs.

  1. George Harrison: 20 Aug 2017

By the time I really started buying albums the Beatles had been broken up for 3 years, & Harrison was all over the charts. I always loved his voice. I played 1 song off of his solo LPs including the 1st 2 before “All Things Must Pass”, in the 60s.

  1. BYRDS: 3 Sep 2017

Strangely enough I discovered the Byrds from watching a TV Special on remembering the 60s in 1979; my memory is the folks from “Three’s Company” hosted it. I used to correspond with McGuinn back in the 90s. I did the usual format here, 1 song off of each release.

  1. Boyce & Hart: 27 Aug 2017

Now when I was a kid I used to read all of my records, the front cover the back cover the label itself & the inner sleeve, IF they had one, I used to see Boyce & Hart’s name on all of the Monkees record labels, one day after school I saw the Duo on “I Dream Of Jeanie” after that I was on the hunt for B&H records. Eventually I met Tommy & Bobby in Chicago at a Re-Union Concert in 1990, I became friends with Bobby Hart & put together a “Behind The Music” in 1996, on “B&H”, sadly it was never picked up.

  1. Bobby Hart: 3 Sep 2017

I was able to get Bobby Hart to do an extensive interview for Keith J.’s radio show “Groundbreakers” which was cut into 2 episodes, so out of respect I made the “Bobby Hart Solo 45 Show” playing many of Bobby’s solo 45 singles.

  1. YES: Solo: 24 Sep 2017

The Producer at “Wishing Star Studios” & I are huge “YES” fans, since “YES’s” songs are so long, & their solo material, largely ignored, I decided to cover 1974 the year of “YES” solo recordings.

  1. Bad Company: 8 Oct 2017

As Keith (the show’s Producer) is the Lead Singer in the Bad Company Tribute Band “Madd Co.” I thought it only fitting to do a show on Bad Company. I 1st discovered the band on the show “Midnight Special” in 1976.

  1. Tommy Bolin: Part 2: 15 Oct 2017

We are planning on doing a “Groundbreakers” show on Johnnie Bolin, who played drums with Tommy in the“Gassers” in ‘75 on Tour in ’76, & discussing his older brother Tommy, so I did a Tommy Bolin Part #2, playing a song off of the 2nd releases of the bands Tommy was with; Zephyr, James Gang, Alphonse Mouzon, Moxy, Deep Purple & Tommy Bolin Band.

  1. New York Dolls: 22 Oct 2017

I read about the New York Dolls in the Robert Duncan paperback book on “KISS” that came out in 1978, my friend Eric showed me the 1st album a few year later, I was hooked, though they only released 2 LPs while they were together, I used post releases to make a whole show. I plan to make a NY Dolls solo (Johansen, Thunders & Sylvain) show later this year.

  1. Black Sabbath: 29 Oct 2017

My Halloween show, my plan here was to give the listeners a side of Black Sabbath they had never heard before, from the feedback I received, I know I succeeded. My Uncle John turned me onto Black Sabbath Summer ’72, this show is dedicated to my Dad, a sub member of “The Trashmen”.

  1. Buddy Miles: 5 Nov 2017

I found out about Buddy from the “Band Of Gypsys” LP, I loved his voice mixed with Hendrix’s voice, many years later I would become friends with one Bobby Berge who was Buddy’s childhood friend in Sioux Falls, SD. I had to skip over many releases for this show as Buddy was also with “Electric Flag” & “The Express” & the fact most of his songs run between 7 to 12 minutes.

  1. Thin Lizzy: 19 Nov 2017

One of the few bands I discovered all on my own, I heard the name on the radio & ended up purchasing several titles from the “Cut-Out Bins” at Woolco in the late 70s, I then found out the hailed from Dublin, Ireland as my Great Grandfather Charles was from Ireland I felt a certain kinship to this band.

  1. Journey: (part #1) 26 Nov 2017

My buddy Greg saw Journey & Van Halen on tour in Mississippi in Jul ’78, he sent me a cassette he recorded with “Journey-Infinity” on one side & “Van Halen 1” on the other side, I was hooked, On BOTH Bands. The Producer & I love Journey so much, we decided to do a 2-parter like the Bolin show.

  1. Journey: (part #2) 26 Nov 2017

On this part 2 show we played a 2nd song off of each album, playing a 45 Single by Robert Flieschman, left off of “Infinity” & visiting “Dream After Dream” (1980) twice.

  1. Partridge Family: 3 Dec 2017

As I am a huge Monkees fan, when the Monkees project came to a close, many of those involved moved over to“The Partridge Family” project, still the same great music, just a new singer & it was on prime time when I was old enough to watch current TV. I included a track from David Cassidy’s 1st solo LP. I plan to do a David Cassidy Solo Show later this year, as he released 16 solo LPs & 24 Singles on his own.

  1. Little Richard: 10 Dec 2017

I went out & bought a Little Richard (at Uncle John) LP after reading how Little Richard inspired Paul McCartney, I wanted to see what he was all about, turns out I love his music, I had to skip around on this show as I covered1951 to 1986, that’s over 4 decades of recordings folks.

  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd: 17 Dec 2017

I lived in the South for several years in the 70s (my youngest sister was born there), this band was huge there & they died in my home state, as my Gal; De Dee, is a huge Southern Rock Fan, I thought I’d let her interview me on this show.

  1. Xmas Show: 24 Dec 2017

So far the only Various Artist Show, I have done, for her Xmas present I let De Dee Co-Host this one with me. We played some of my favorite Pop Rock & Country Xmas songs.

  1. T-Rex: 31 Dec 2017

When I was young (back in ’72) the Glam movement was in full swing, I remember hearing “T-Rex” on the radio, when I opened Mr. Zero’s in 2009, immediately, customers were asking us for “T-Rex” so I thought I better do a show on them, to expose to the world what they are REALLY like …. Surprise !

  1. Michael Nesmith: RCA Years: 7 Jan 2018

I am not a big country fan, but I am a huge Monkees fan, therefore I am a huge Michael Nesmith fan, & he was on tour at this very time, promoting these 6 County-Western releases, so I made my 1st Country show. I plan to do a Part 2-B on Nesmith covering his later years from 1974- 1980, where he had some of his bigger hits like“Rio” & “Crusin”.

  1. Mamas & Papas: 14 Jan 2018

It was my Mom (Carol) who actually turned me onto these folks, as in Dec ’67, she played “Farewell To The First Golden Era” (fall 1967) over & over. I just love this LP.

  1. Queen: Early Years: 21 Jan 2018

I did this one for my old Drummer in “Palace Guard” Pat C. ‘s Bday, he is a huge “QUEEN” fan, as am I but I, wanted to drive home, how different they were for their 1st; 3 LPs. I will be making a Part 2-B: QUEEN: 1975- 1977, show later this year.

  1. David Bowie: 28 Jan 2018

I discovered Bowie on the TV show “In Concert” in 1974 I saw him perform “Time” live, I thought it was magnificent, later I heard the “Bay City Rollers” cover “Rebel Rebel” in 1978, that’s when I sought out  Bowie’s LPs. My (covers) Band “MrZERo” performed “Moonage Daydream” (there’s a video of it on-line somewhere), this show I had to skip over about every other LP to make the show work, I am planning on a “Part 2-B” show later this year to fill in the gaps.

  1. Black Oak Arkansas: 4 Feb 2018

Another band I saw on “Rock Concert” TV Show, in ’73, at the time I thought Jim Dandy (Mangrum) & Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad) were thee coolest looking dudes on Earth. Again living in the South years later, they were a local favorite.

  1. Cheap Trick: 11 Feb 2018

I have my friend “Strat”  (Grandma Marge used to call him “Stuff”) to thank for changing my mind on these guys, I had heard the hits & thought “Wow, what crap” then Brett started playing the Album-Cuts for me, I was hooked, I have seen them at least a dozen times & met all 4 members, going to use this show to promote the next“KISSin Time” gig on 16 Feb 2018 Fri @ Opinion Brewing Co. in Newport, MN. 

Upcoming Shows in 2018: Jimi Hendrix, Ringo Starr, RUSH, Linda Ronstadt, AC/DC, GYPSY, Steppenwolf, PRINCE (Non-LP), ELP, RASCALS, Bay City Rollers, Stevie Wonder, OSMOND Bros, Santana, Hanoi Rocks, Paul Revere & Raiders, Dolly Parton, David Jones (solo), Four Tops … this article is Dedicated to my Grandma Marjorie Ione, who passed away as I was writing this article, I lived with my Grandma many times throughout the years, one of my favorite memories was Xmas-time ’78, it was just she & I home at the time, she was baking Xmas cookies in the kitchen, while I sat in the living room in her rocking chair, we were listening to KSOU on the radio together “Emerson Lake & Palmer” were on, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagine 40 years later I would be on the radio, myself.

As I was writing this article I was contacted by a publication about my Recordstore, & would I do a brief interview. I thought sure why not. So I decided to include the interview with my latest article.

Greetings, Chris Lou of FiveStars in San Francisco

C.L. 1.Why did you start your business?

MZ: I started collecting Vinyl Records in 1969, I started working in the Record Business in 1985, I loved it, I loved working with music & music history. In 1994 Best Buy, made their mission to drive every other CD Store out of business, by 2006 they had succeeded. I worked at a “Used CD Store” in 2006 & I learned the ropes, so to speak. I had a desire to keep Physical Recorded Music, sales alive. So in 2009 myself, with the help of a few other people opened “Mr. Zero’s Inc” in April 2009. We will have our 10th Xmas this year in this very location. 

C.L. 2.What are you most proud of?

MZ: I have been able to keep Mr. Zero’s open for 9 years despite “Cell Phones, Amazon, Craigslist & Ebay”. From Mr. Zero’s I have launched, 3 Bands: “MrZERo”: Cover band, “KISSin Time”: KISS Tribute Band & “Never Say Die”: A Black Sabbath Tribute Band. I have worked on a few Recordings with other local musicians & wrote & recorded my OWN Original Radio commercial for my Store,  which is played on the radio every week since Jun 2017. I have written a Local Music History Column since Apr 2011 for “St. Cloud BUZZ” “Roseville Patch.com” & “Lost My Stub” I have a Local Radio Show “Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Vinyl Radio Show” on WDGY going a on a year now & previously it was on KFAI for for 5 years albeit only annually. I have also been on TV several times, including interviewed on the deaths of Monkees: David Jones & Bobby Vee & in a few Local Films. I was able to get famous DC Artist Jose Delbo to create of Mascot in the style of Beatles “Yellow Submarine” which he also worked on.   

C.L. 3.What do your customers find most unique about Mr Zeros ?

MZ: The amazing variety of Inventory we carry, & the unbelievably Rare Items we have for sale. So much Inventory that most Customers have not seen in decades, & how we allow Customers to re-live their childhood. 


So here’s to 10 more years ! 

RLSchwinden: MrZerr0   

Mr. Zero’s *Est. 2009

Classic Music, Retro Toys, Vintage Video Games & Movies too


1744 Lexington Ave. N.

Rosville, MN. 55113

“Where Nerd Is The Word” 


92.1 fm

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