What came first the music or the misery

"High Fidelity"

“High Fidelity”

“High Fidelity” 2000 Dogstar/ Touchstone
John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Todd Louiso, Jack Black, Catherine Zeta-Jones

“What came first the music or the misery”

www.LostMyStub.Com Review 23 Nov 2011 (MZ: #A-1)

Now as this is my first official film review, I thought I would tackle the “Real Life” Story of Me !!!
“Championship Vinyl” would be ‘Mr. Zero’s’. I would be Rob Gordon. Laura would be someone we shall call “Kay” Charlie would be someone we will refer to as “Naomi” Dick would be a person we will call “Scooter” and Barry would be “Funzie”.

This story takes place in a record-shop as the owner Rob recalls, his Top 5 failed relationships and why they happened. Though the film takes place in Chicago (me: St. Paul) the book was written by a British Novelist: Nick Hornby in 1995. Rob like many people Used To…gets through life, love & pain though music. It’s a very realistic look at the people who work in this environment as well as shop in these now dying breed type shops. Rob likes to make lists and alphabetize and categorize things, music, books, dreams and so forth. I recently showed this film to my now “EX-GF” and explained this is a documentary on “What not to do, not an instructional video on how to do” I don’t think she understood my meaning.

Rob takes us through a musical journey through his life and current goings on. The soundtrack to this film is really good too: stand out tracks are: “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone” ’13th Floor Elevators’ “I’m Wrong about Everything” ‘John Wesley Harding’ & “I Believe” ‘Stevie Wonder’ Many of the events in this film Actually Mirror My Very Own Life, you can ask “Kay” she can verify this. There are some incredibly memorable scenes like what Rob does when her has a 9% chance of getting back with Laura. Rob’s very logical reaction to Charlie when left standing in the rain. When Ray comes to resolve the conflict between he, Laura & Rob (note: watch for the teeth flying) When Dick finds Anna Moss. Rob explaining how to make a great “Mix Tape” for the one you love…

For those of us who were or still are in the business, this is a roller coaster of emotions. Another really cool thing about this film is it’s cool & funny enough for guys yet enough emotion for the ladies too….I have heard one person say it’s about “Fear of commitment” and most recently “About an Audiophile, obsessive compulsive personality” so I find differnet people come away with different things

In my book a must see…..MrZero: aka RLSchwinden

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