Year #5 Mr. Zero’s PsychoGello Radio Show

Mr. Zero’s 55113 “PsychoGello Radio Show”: In Year #5
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By: RLSchwinden aka: MrZerr0

In Oct 2012 DJ Liberty Finch asked me (MrZerr0) to guest on her Radio Show “The Pop Shop” KFAI 90.3 FM & 106.7 AM with herself & DJ Izzy. Well last month (April 2017) for Mr. Zero’s 55113 (Records & Games Shop) 8th Anniversary, I hosted my 5th Years Appearance. So here’s what I played & why ….

  1. “Nerd Is The Word” By: PsychoGello

This is my own 60s Cover Band with a few originals tossed in for fun. Every year for the past 8 years Mr. Zero’s 55113 gets a local band to record a new theme song for the Shop. This year My Band recorded one!

Written By: RLSchwinden recorded in Oct 2016 & released in Jan 2017 Rikka Serro: Lead Vocals & Double Rhythm Guitars, Terrance S. Bass & Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals, & Paul on Drums.


  1. “Mr. Zero” Keith Relf- Yardbirds
    A Solo 45 Single b/w “Knowing” released in May1966 on Columbia Records, while Relf was still in the band. This song charted in UK at #50. Relf (1943-1976),the Lead Vocalist, died by electrocution in his basement playing electric guitar which was not properly grounded. This was the 1st theme song we used back in 2009. Local St. Paul band ‘Jesus Chrysler’ recorded the 1st “Original” Theme song in 2010.


  1. “Alice Long” Boyce & Hart

A&M 45 Single b/w P.O.Box 9847 (a Monkees Cover) hit #27 in Aug ’68 from ‘It’s All Happening’ many baby girls were named “Alison” because their parents thought that’s what they were hearing vs “Alice Long” My friend Joann heard this song & commented “My favorite girlfriend, how about my ONLY girlfriend”


  1. “A Certain Girl” Yardbirds w/ Eric Clapton
    This song was the flipside to “I Wish You Would” from the LP ‘For Your Love’ released in May 1964 on Epic Records. The YARDBIRDS produced 3 famous Guitarists: Eric Clapton: 1963-65 & Jeff Beck: 1965 -66 & Jimmy Page: 1966 -68.
  2. “Love To Love” The Monkees

Recorded in Jan ’67, this is the 1969 re-mix version, & 1 of 5 Neil Diamond compositions “I’m A Believer” “Little Bit Me, Little Bit You” “Look Out” & “Black & Blue” from the LP ‘Monkee Business’ 1982 Rhino Records. De Dee & I just saw Dolenz & Tork a couple weeks ago.


  1. “I Me Mine” The Beatles

From the CD “Let It Be; Naked” released in Nov 2003, this is the very last song recorded by The Beatles in Jan ’70 without John Lennon as he had privately quit the band nearly a year earlier. This is also the title of Harrison’s Book.


  1. “Fire Brigade” The Move
    Written by: Roy Wood from 1967 on Regal Zonophone Records. This band contained: Roy Wood, Bev Bevan & Ace Kefford. Paul Stanley of KISS got his inspiration for his song “Firehouse” from this song. The MOVE eventually evolved into ‘ELO’.


  1. “Love Her All I Can” Wicked Lester- KISS

An unreleased recording from Paul & Gene’s 1972 band ‘Wicked Lester’ this song was re-recorded in ’75 for KISS’ 3rd LP ‘Dressed To Kill’ In my KISS Tribute (KISSin Time: St. Cloud) band I introduce this song: “This goes out to my future ex-girlfriend” You can catch us live 10 Jun 2017 Sat @ LEE’s in MPLS. Paul Stanley wrote this one based off of “Open My Eyes” by: The NAZZ.


  1. “Rebel Rebel” Bay City Rollers

From 1978 on Arista Records from the LP ‘It’s A Game’ this is where I 1st heard this song on Sat. Morning TV. There was a girl in Jr High I had a crush on (B.A.) who liked this band at the time, so I used to watch their show to see what they about.


  1. “You Got Me Floatin” Joan Jett

This was the 1st Joan Jett record I worked when I started in the Record Biz (RecordShop W. DSM, IA.), back in ’86, this was her 1st LP on CBS records, like a lot of Joan’s material this is a cover, by; Jimi Hendrix from 1968.


  1. “The Core” Eric Clapton & Marcy Levy

Now this one, I was just turned onto by (my GF) De Dee from Nov 1977 on RSO Records. I love the riff in this song & the duel Lead Vocals. If I heard this one before, I do not remember it.


  1. “Jezabel” Herman’s Hermits

From Feb 1967 on the LP ‘There’s A Kind Of Hush’ on MGM Records, this is a cover of the 1951 song by: Frankie Lanie, I picked up this LP because it has a Boyce & Hart song on there “If You’re Thinking” & The Monkees cover “Saturday’s Child”, I met 3 of the original 5 Hermits back in the 90s.


  1. “Your Body Not Your Soul” Cuby & the Buzzards

This band is from the Netherlands from the Decca single in 1966. I just love the guitar sound in it.


  1. “I Can Only Give You Everything” Van Morrison- THEM

Released in 1966 from the LP ’Them Again’ on Decca. Morrison being from Belfast, Ireland, somehow he is now re-classified as “Americana” along with Neil Young (Canadian) Elvis Costello (Irish), who decides this “non-Sense”? I 1st heard this song by the ‘MC5’


  1. “Question Of Temperature” Balloon Farm

From Oct ’67 on Laurie Records this song hit #34 on the charts. Mike Appel was in this band & wrote this song & then went on to be a song writer for The Partridge Family TV Show.  This one I played for my buddy Franco (MGR), who constantly refers to me as “The Balloon Man”


  1. “Double Yellow Line” Music Machine

Late last year I bought an LP in a customer’s collection, thinking it was this band … it wasn’t, however it just happened to be the album, De Dee (my GF) was looking for, & so it worked out after all, released in Apr 1967 on Original Sound Records.


  1. “Love Hate Revenge” Episode 6

Released in 1967 on Pye Records, just  2 years later the Singer Ian Gillian & the Bass player Roger Glover would join ‘Deep Purple’ making DP Mk2: 3/5 Deep Purple & 2/5 Episode 6.

  1. “14 Hour Technicolor Dream” The Syn

Released on Deram Records from 1967 ‘The Syn’ features 2 future members of ‘YES’ Bassist: Chris Squire & Guitarist: Peter Banks who formed ‘YES’ only a year later. At the same time future ‘YES’ Guitarist Steve Howe was in the band  ‘Tomorrow’ & had a hit with “My White Bicycle” I met  Squire & Anderson in Nov ’02, Squire signed his Solo LP for me, awesome.


  1. “Mid-Summer’s Night Scene” John’s Children

Since we opened Mr. Zero’s in 2009, every single day we get requests for “T-Rex” well, here is his origins from 1967 on Track Records this song is written by: Marc Bolan (1947-1977) the guitarist is this band.


  1. “Stoned Is” Listening

From Folk Label Vanguard in 1968, this band hails from Boston, Walter Powers went on to be the Bass Player in ’Velvet Underground’ from 1970 -72 & their Guitarist formed the ‘Peter Malick Group’ which was Norah Jones, 1st gig.


  1. “Life Is Hard Enough Without Goodbyes” Osmond Bros.

From ‘Crazy Horses’ one of my Top 10 favorite Albums of all time, released in 1972 on MGM Records. In Mar 2001, I saw the ‘Osmonds’ & Wayne made a joke about taking requests, after the show I said to Wayne “My request is “Life Is Hard Enough Without Goodbyes” Osmond responded “Oh, you remember that one do you?” That night I got 3 of the 5 to sign my LP & in Jul ’05 I was able to get the other 2 to sign my LP, mission accomplished.


  1. “Mandocello” Cheap Trick

I love this band, but not for their hits. This song is from their 1st LP in 1977 on Epic Records the song is named after unusual instrument it was recorded with. Zander’s voice is fantastic in his delivery. I 1st met the band in Omaha in Jul ’94. I found 3 of them to be sarcastically funny, except the drummer Carols, he was just Very Quiet.


  1. “Dreamer” Energy- Tommy Bolin

This band had 4 members that went onto bigger and better things beginning with Bolin in Deep Purple, this original recording from the then: un-released LP recorded in 1972 ‘Energy: featuring Tommy Bolin’ the  CD was released on the Tommy Bolin Archives Series in 2000. Unbelievably at this year’s annual “Tommy Bolin Fest” on  Sat 5 Aug 2017 in Sioux City, Iowa, 3 of the 5 members of ‘ENERGY’ : Jeff Cook, Stanley Sheldon (Peter Frampton Band) & Bobby Berge (Buddy Miles Express) will re-unite 1st time since 1996 hopefully they can get the 4th member Tom Stephenson (Barnstorm)  to attend. I know I will be there. This song was re-recorded by: Bolin & Glenn Hughes for Bolin’s 1st Solo  LP ‘Teaser’ released in 1975.


  1. “Hello Again” Tommy Bolin

Being from Sioux City & Bolin being from 2740 Clark St. the  Northside of Sioux City: born 1 Aug 1951 (4 Dec 1976: Miami) I can’t, not play a Tommy R. Bolin song from the 1976 Columbia LP ‘Private Eyes’ which is Certified Gold. A beautiful ballad most likely written for his long time girlfriend Karen U.


  1. “Moonlight Mile” Rolling Stones

My buddy Perry took me to see the ‘Stones’ in Jun ’15 & I got to see them do this song live from 1971’s ‘Sticky Fingers’ it was a moving experience, to say the least.

  1. Alphonese Mouzons’ ‘Morning Sun’
    During the breaks we played this CD from 1981 as incidental music. My friend Alphonse passed was on Christmas Day last year. R.I.P. Alphonse (Nov 1948 -Dec 2016).

So there you have my 5th Annual Radio Show …. you can listen to previous broadcasts on KFAI.Org under “The Pop Shop” link. A Huge Thank You to DJ Izzy ! Until then …. RLS

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