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*Est. 2009

*Est. 2009

“Patch.Com; Roseville Edition”
14 Sep 2013
Why “Yes There Are Still National Release Dates”

Ok, most do not realize or want to accept that the Precious Internet has permanently damaged our great country. How? Eliminating entire industries forever, “On-Line” Dealers & Business’ who operate completely “TAX- Free” taking away money from our City & State Governments, eliminating Jobs with no real viable replacements.

Much worse giving everyone the impression Everything, Everywhere Is “FREE” on the Internet.

While the Music Industry, that once was a huge driving force in this great nation is all but in ruins. And the Video Gaming & Movie Film Industry in decline, losing sales year after year.

“Why are concert tickets so high priced ?” Well, when is the last time you actually purchased some music from your favorite artist or their New CD/LP ?

Well, There are still some New Releases Fans desire, with those New Releases come “National Street Dates” weather it be CD, Blu-Ray, Video Games or LP.

Public Service Announcement !!!

“Grand Theft Auto V” All Formats
Release Date:17 September 2013 Tuesday
Nation Wide !!!

*Any Retail Business
Including “Mr. Zero’s”
(We Are A Retail Business That Pays TAXES)
Caught Selling ANY Video Games Before Release Date
Is A Violation and will lose their Ability to receive Any New Release Titles On Time In the Future …

Grand Theft Auto V, Release Date 17 SEP 2013

Sorry, folks … Everything Is Not “Free” on the Internet, it cost our Great Country Billions of Dollars …

By: RLSchwinden aka: Mr. Zero’s Roseville 55113

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